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HTML Documentation for Python 3.8

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   2020-09-28 21:31:55 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
python38: updated to 3.8.6

Python 3.8.6 final

Core and Builtins
bpo-41525: The output of python --help contains now only ASCII characters.

bpo-41817: fix tkinter.EventType Enum so all members are strings, and none are tuples
bpo-41815: Fix SQLite3 segfault when backing up closed database. Patch \ 
contributed by Peter David McCormick.
bpo-41517: fix bug allowing Enums to be extended via multiple inheritance
bpo-39587: use the correct mix-in data type when constructing Enums
bpo-41789: Honor object overrides in Enum class creation (specifically, __str__, \ 
__repr__, __format__, and __reduce_ex__).
bpo-39651: Fix a race condition in the call_soon_threadsafe() method of \ 
asyncio.ProactorEventLoop: do nothing if the self-pipe socket has been closed.
bpo-41720: Fixed turtle.Vec2D.__rmul__() for arguments which are not int or float.
bpo-39728: fix default _missing_ so a duplicate ValueError is not set as the \ 
__context__ of the original ValueError
bpo-37479: When Enum.__str__ is overridden in a derived class, the override will \ 
be used by Enum.__format__ regardless of whether mixin classes are present.

bpo-35293: Fix RemovedInSphinx40Warning when building the documentation. Patch \ 
by Dong-hee Na.
bpo-37149: Change Shipman tkinter doc link from archive.org to TkDocs. (The doc \ 
has been removed from the NMT server.) The new link responds much faster and \ 
includes a short explanatory note.

bpo-41731: Make test_cmd_line_script pass with option ‘-vv’.

bpo-41744: Fixes automatic import of props file when using the Nuget package.

bpo-35764: Rewrite the Calltips doc section.
bpo-40181: In calltips, stop reminding that ‘/’ marks the end of \ 
positional-only arguments.

Python 3.8.6 release candidate 1

Core and Builtins
bpo-41654: Fix a crash that occurred when destroying subclasses of MemoryError. \ 
Patch by Pablo Galindo.
bpo-41533: Free the stack allocated in va_build_stack if do_mkstack fails and \ 
the stack is not a small_stack.
bpo-38156: Handle interrupts that come after EOF correctly in PyOS_StdioReadline.

bpo-41696: Fix handling of debug mode in asyncio.run(). This allows setting \ 
PYTHONASYNCIODEBUG or -X dev to enable asyncio debug mode when using \ 
bpo-39010: Restarting a ProactorEventLoop on Windows no longer logs spurious \ 
bpo-41609: The pdb whatis command correctly reports instance methods as \ 
‘Method’ rather than ‘Function’.
bpo-32751: When cancelling the task due to a timeout, asyncio.wait_for() will \ 
now wait until the cancellation is complete also in the case when timeout is \ 
<= 0, like it does with positive timeouts.
bpo-37658: asyncio.wait_for() now properly handles races between cancellation of \ 
itself and the completion of the wrapped awaitable.
bpo-40782: Change the method asyncio.AbstractEventLoop.run_in_executor to not be \ 
a coroutine.
bpo-41520: Fix codeop regression that prevented turning compile warnings into errors.
bpo-41503: Fixed a race between setTarget and flush in \ 
bpo-41497: Fix potential UnicodeDecodeError in dis module.
bpo-41490: Update ensurepip to install pip 20.2.1 and setuptools 49.2.1.
bpo-41467: On Windows, fix asyncio recv_into() return value when the socket/pipe \ 
is closed (BrokenPipeError): return 0 rather than an empty byte string (b'').
bpo-41425: Make tkinter doc example runnable.
bpo-41384: Raise TclError instead of TypeError when an unknown option is passed \ 
to tkinter.OptionMenu.
bpo-38731: Fix NameError in command-line interface of py_compile.
bpo-41364: Reduce import overhead of uuid.
bpo-41344: Prevent creating shared_memory.SharedMemory objects with size=0.
bpo-40726: Handle cases where the end_lineno is None on ast.increment_lineno().
bpo-31122: ssl.wrap_socket() now raises ssl.SSLEOFError rather than OSError when \ 
peer closes connection during TLS negotiation
bpo-33660: Fix pathlib.PosixPath to resolve a relative path located on the root \ 
directory properly.

bpo-41624: Fix the signature of typing.Coroutine.
bpo-40204: Enable Sphinx 3.2 c_allow_pre_v3 option and disable \ 
c_warn_on_allowed_pre_v3 option to make the documentation compatible with Sphinx \ 
2 and Sphinx 3.
bpo-41045: Add documentation for debug feature of f-strings.
bpo-41314: Changed the release when from __future__ import annotations becomes \ 
the default from 4.0 to 3.10 (following a change in PEP 563).
bpo-39883: Make code, examples, and recipes in the Python documentation be \ 
licensed under the more permissive BSD0 license in addition to the existing \ 
Python 2.0 license.

bpo-41492: Fixes the description that appears in UAC prompts.
bpo-40741: Update Windows release to include SQLite 3.32.3.

bpo-41468: Improve IDLE run crash error message (which users should never see).
bpo-41373: Save files loaded with no line ending, as when blank, or different \ 
line endings, by setting its line ending to the system default. Fix regression \ 
in 3.8.4 and 3.9.0b4.

bpo-41524: Fix bug in PyOS_mystrnicmp and PyOS_mystricmp that incremented \ 
pointers beyond the end of a string.
   2020-07-21 18:31:15 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
python38 py38-html-docs: updated to 3.8.5

Python 3.8.5 final

bpo-41304: Fixes python3x._pth being ignored on Windows, caused by the fix for \ 
bpo-29778 (CVE-2020-15801).
bpo-39603: Prevent http header injection by rejecting control characters in \ 

Core and Builtins
bpo-41295: Resolve a regression in CPython 3.8.4 where defining \ 
“__setattr__” in a multi-inheritance setup and calling up the hierarchy \ 
chain could fail if builtins/extension types were involved in the base types.

bpo-41288: Unpickling invalid NEWOBJ_EX opcode with the C implementation raises \ 
now UnpicklingError instead of crashing.
bpo-39017: Avoid infinite loop when reading specially crafted TAR files using \ 
the tarfile module (CVE-2019-20907).

bpo-37703: Updated Documentation to comprehensively elaborate on the behaviour \ 
of gather.cancel()

bpo-41302: Enable building Python 3.8 with libmpdec-2.5.0 to ease maintenance \ 
for Linux distributions. Patch by Felix Yan.

bpo-40741: Update macOS installer to use SQLite 3.32.3.

bpo-41300: Save files with non-ascii chars. Fix regression released in 3.9.0b4 \ 
and 3.8.4.
   2020-07-14 21:12:31 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
python38 py38-html-docs: updated to 3.8.4

Python 3.8.4 final

bpo-41162: Audit hooks are now cleared later during finalization to avoid \ 
missing events.
bpo-29778: Ensure python3.dll is loaded from correct locations when Python is \ 
embedded (CVE-2020-15523).

Core and Builtins
bpo-41247: Always cache the running loop holder when running \ 
bpo-41252: Fix incorrect refcounting in _ssl.c’s _servername_callback().
bpo-41218: Python 3.8.3 had a regression where compiling with \ 
ast.PyCF_ALLOW_TOP_LEVEL_AWAIT would aggressively mark list comprehension with \ 
CO_COROUTINE. Now only list comprehension making use of async/await will tagged \ 
as so.
bpo-41175: Guard against a NULL pointer dereference within bytearrayobject \ 
triggered by the bytearray() + bytearray() operation.
bpo-39960: The “hackcheck” that prevents sneaking around a type’s \ 
__setattr__() by calling the superclass method was rewritten to allow C \ 
implemented heap types.

bpo-41235: Fix the error handling in ssl.SSLContext.load_dh_params().
bpo-41193: The write_history() atexit function of the readline completer now \ 
ignores any OSError to ignore error if the filesystem is read-only, instead of \ 
only ignoring FileNotFoundError and PermissionError.
bpo-41043: Fixed the use of glob() in the stdlib: literal part of the path is \ 
now always correctly escaped.
bpo-39384: Fixed email.contentmanager to allow set_content() to set a null string.

bpo-37765: Add keywords to module name completion list. Rewrite Completions \ 
section of IDLE doc.
bpo-41152: The encoding of stdin, stdout and stderr in IDLE is now always UTF-8.

Python 3.8.4 release candidate 1

bpo-41004: The __hash__() methods of ipaddress.IPv4Interface and \ 
ipaddress.IPv6Interface incorrectly generated constant hash values of 32 and 128 \ 
respectively. This resulted in always causing hash collisions. The fix uses \ 
hash() to generate hash values for the tuple of (address, mask length, network \ 
bpo-39073: Disallow CR or LF in email.headerregistry.Address arguments to guard \ 
against header injection attacks.
Core and Builtins
bpo-41094: Fix decoding errors with audit when open files with non-ASCII names \ 
on non-UTF-8 locale.
bpo-41056: Fixes a reference to deallocated stack space during startup when \ 
constructing sys.path involving a relative symlink when code was supplied via \ 
-c. (discovered via Coverity)
bpo-35975: Stefan Behnel reported that cf_feature_version is used even when \ 
PyCF_ONLY_AST is not set. This is against the intention and against the \ 
documented behavior, so it’s been fixed.
bpo-40957: Fix refleak in _Py_fopen_obj() when PySys_Audit() fails
bpo-40870: Raise ValueError when validating custom AST’s where the constants \ 
True, False and None are used within a ast.Name node.
bpo-40826: Fix GIL usage in PyOS_Readline(): lock the GIL to set an exception \ 
and pass the Python thread state when checking if there is a pending signal.
bpo-40824: Unexpected errors in calling the __iter__ method are no longer masked \ 
by TypeError in the in operator and functions contains(), indexOf() and \ 
countOf() of the operator module.
bpo-40663: Correctly generate annotations where parentheses are omitted but \ 
required (e.g: Type[(str, int, *other))].

bpo-41138: Fixed the trace module CLI for Python source files with non-UTF-8 \ 
bpo-31938: Fix default-value signatures of several functions in the select \ 
module - by Anthony Sottile.
bpo-41068: Fixed reading files with non-ASCII names from ZIP archive directly \ 
after writing them.
bpo-41058: pdb.find_function() now correctly determines the source file encoding.
bpo-41056: Fix a NULL pointer dereference within the ssl module during a \ 
MemoryError in the keylog callback. (discovered by Coverity)
bpo-41048: mimetypes.read_mime_types() function reads the rule file using UTF-8 \ 
encoding, not the locale encoding. Patch by Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy.
bpo-40448: ensurepip now disables the use of pip cache when installing the \ 
bundled versions of pip and setuptools. Patch by Krzysztof Konopko.
bpo-40855: The standard deviation and variance functions in the statistics \ 
module were ignoring their mu and xbar arguments.
bpo-40807: Stop codeop._maybe_compile, used by code.InteractiveInterpreter (and \ 
IDLE). from from emitting each warning three times.
bpo-40834: Fix truncate when sending str object with_xxsubinterpreters.channel_send.
bpo-38488: Update ensurepip to install pip 20.1.1 and setuptools 47.1.0.
bpo-40767: webbrowser now properly finds the default browser in pure Wayland \ 
systems by checking the WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment variable. Patch contributed \ 
by Jérémy Attali.
bpo-40795: ctypes module: If ctypes fails to convert the result of a callback or \ 
if a ctypes callback function raises an exception, sys.unraisablehook is now \ 
called with an exception set. Previously, the error was logged into stderr by \ 
bpo-30008: Fix ssl code to be compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.x builds that use \ 
no-deprecated and --api=1.1.0.
bpo-40614: ast.parse() will not parse self documenting expressions in f-strings \ 
when passed feature_version is less than (3, 8).
bpo-40626: Add h5 file extension as MIME Type application/x-hdf5, as per HDF \ 
Group recommendation for HDF5 formatted data files. Patch contributed by Mark \ 
bpo-25872: linecache could crash with a KeyError when accessed from multiple \ 
threads. Fix by Michael Graczyk.
bpo-40597: If text content lines are longer than policy.max_line_length, always \ 
use a content-encoding to make sure they are wrapped.
bpo-40515: The ssl and hashlib modules now actively check that OpenSSL is build \ 
with thread support. Python 3.7.0 made thread support mandatory and no longer \ 
works safely with a no-thread builds.
bpo-13097: ctypes now raises an ArgumentError when a callback is invoked with \ 
more than 1024 arguments.
bpo-40457: The ssl module now support OpenSSL builds without TLS 1.0 and 1.1 methods.
bpo-39830: Add zipfile.Path to __all__ in the zipfile module.
bpo-40025: Raise TypeError when _generate_next_value_ is defined after members. \ 
Patch by Ethan Onstott.
bpo-39244: Fixed multiprocessing.context.get_all_start_methods to properly \ 
return the default method first on macOS.
bpo-39040: Fix parsing of invalid mime headers parameters by collapsing \ 
whitespace between encoded words in a bare-quote-string.
bpo-35714: struct.error is now raised if there is a null character in a struct \ 
format string.
bpo-36290: AST nodes are now raising TypeError on conflicting keyword arguments. \ 
Patch contributed by Rémi Lapeyre.
bpo-29620: assertWarns() no longer raises a RuntimeException when accessing a \ 
module’s __warningregistry__ causes importation of a new module, or when a new \ 
module is imported in another thread. Patch by Kernc.
bpo-34226: Fix cgi.parse_multipart without content_length. Patch by Roger Duran

bpo-41085: Fix integer overflow in the array.array.index() method on 64-bit \ 
Windows for index larger than 2**31.
bpo-38377: On Linux, skip tests using multiprocessing if the current user cannot \ 
create a file in /dev/shm/ directory. Add the \ 
skip_if_broken_multiprocessing_synchronize() function to the test.support \ 
bpo-41009: Fix use of support.require_{linux|mac|freebsd}_version() decorators \ 
as class decorator.
bpo-41003: Fix test_copyreg when numpy is installed: test.pickletester now \ 
saves/restores warnings filters when importing numpy, to ignore filters \ 
installed by numpy.
bpo-40964: Disable remote imaplib tests, host cyrus.andrew.cmu.edu is blocking \ 
incoming connections.
bpo-40055: distutils.tests now saves/restores warnings filters to leave them \ 
unchanged. Importing tests imports docutils which imports pkg_resources which \ 
adds a warnings filter.
bpo-34401: Make test_gdb properly run on HP-UX. Patch by Michael Osipov.

bpo-40204: Pin Sphinx version to 2.3.1 in Doc/Makefile.
bpo-40653: Move _dirnameW out of HAVE_SYMLINK to fix a potential compiling issue.

bpo-41074: Fixed support of non-ASCII names in functions msilib.OpenDatabase() \ 
and msilib.init_database() and non-ASCII SQL in method \ 
bpo-40164: Updates Windows OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
bpo-39631: Changes the registered MIME type for .py files on Windows to \ 
text/x-python instead of text/plain.
bpo-40677: Manually define IO_REPARSE_TAG_APPEXECLINK in case some old Windows \ 
SDK doesn’t have it.
bpo-40650: Include winsock2.h in pytime.c for timeval.
bpo-39148: Add IPv6 support to asyncio datagram endpoints in ProactorEventLoop. \ 
Change the raised exception for unknown address families to ValueError as it’s \ 
not coming from Windows API.

bpo-39580: Avoid opening Finder window if running installer from the command \ 
line. Patch contributed by Rick Heil.
bpo-41100: Fix configure error when building on macOS 11. Note that the current \ 
Python release was released shortly after the first developer preview of macOS \ 
11 (Big Sur); there are other known issues with building and running on the \ 
developer preview. Big Sur is expected to be fully supported in a future bugfix \ 
release of Python 3.8.x and with 3.9.0.
bpo-41005: fixed an XDG settings issue not allowing macos to open browser in \ 
bpo-40741: Update macOS installer to use SQLite 3.32.2.

bpo-41144: Make Open Module open a special module such as os.path.
bpo-39885: Make context menu Cut and Copy work again when right-clicking within \ 
a selection.
bpo-40723: Make test_idle pass when run after import.

bpo-40479: Update multissltest helper to test with latest OpenSSL 1.0.2, 1.1.0, \ 
1.1.1, and 3.0.0-alpha.
bpo-40163: Fix multissltest tool. OpenSSL has changed download URL for old \ 
releases. The multissltest tool now tries to download from current and old \ 
download URLs.
   2020-05-15 10:24:50 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
python38: updated to 3.8.3

Python 3.8.3 final

Core and Builtins
bpo-40527: Fix command line argument parsing: no longer write errors multiple \ 
times into stderr.
bpo-40417: Fix imp module deprecation warning when PyImport_ReloadModule is \ 
called. Patch by Robert Rouhani.
bpo-39562: The constant values of future flags in the __future__ module are \ 
updated in order to prevent collision with compiler flags. Previously \ 

bpo-40559: Fix possible memory leak in the C implementation of asyncio.Task.
bpo-40355: Improve error reporting in ast.literal_eval() in the presence of \ 
malformed ast.Dict nodes instead of silently ignoring any non-conforming \ 
elements. Patch by Curtis Bucher.
bpo-40459: platform.win32_ver() now produces correct ptype strings instead of \ 
empty strings.
bpo-40398: typing.get_args() now always returns an empty tuple for special \ 
generic aliases.

bpo-40561: Provide docstrings for webbrowser open functions.
bpo-39435: Fix an incorrect signature for pickle.loads() in the docs

bpo-40458: Increase reserved stack space to prevent overflow crash on Windows.

bpo-40412: Nullify inittab_copy during finalization, preventing future \ 
interpreter initializations in an embedded situation from crashing.
   2020-02-27 15:33:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
python38: updated to 3.8.2

Python 3.8.2 final

Core and Builtins
bpo-39382: Fix a use-after-free in the single inheritance path of issubclass(), \ 
when the __bases__ of an object has a single reference, and so does its first \ 
item. Patch by Yonatan Goldschmidt.
bpo-39427: Document all possibilities for the -X options in the command line \ 
help section. Patch by Pablo Galindo.

bpo-39649: Remove obsolete check for __args__ in bdb.Bdb.format_stack_entry.
bpo-39681: Fix a regression where the C pickle module wouldn’t allow \ 
unpickling from a file-like object that doesn’t expose a readinto() method.
bpo-39546: Fix a regression in ArgumentParser where allow_abbrev=False was \ 
ignored for long options that used a prefix character other than “-“.
bpo-39432: Implement PEP-489 algorithm for non-ascii “PyInit_…” symbol \ 
names in distutils to make it export the correct init symbol also on Windows.

bpo-17422: The language reference now specifies restrictions on class \ 
namespaces. Adapted from a patch by Ethan Furman.
bpo-39572: Updated documentation of total flag of TypeDict.
bpo-39654: In pyclbr doc, update ‘class’ to ‘module’ where appropriate \ 
and add readmodule comment. Patch by Hakan Çelik.

bpo-39663: Add tests for pyparse find_good_parse_start().
   2019-12-28 23:40:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py38-html-docs: updated to 3.8.1

Match lang/python38.
   2019-10-16 13:05:36 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
py38-html-docs: Import py38-html-docs-3.8.0 as lang/py38-html-docs

HTML Documentation for Python 3.8