./lang/qore, Embeddable multithreaded scripting language

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.19.2, Package name: qore-1.19.2, Maintainer: nros

Qore is a modular, multi-threaded, SQL-integrated dynamically typed
scripting language with optional hard typing and procedural and
object-oriented features, powerful and easy-to-use data types,
structures, and operators, a clean and easy-to-lean/read syntax.

Required to run:
[math/mpfr] [security/openssl] [devel/pcre]

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   2024-02-16 21:28:56 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update qore to version 1.19.2

Bugfix release, bugfixes from release notes:
ConnectionProvider module
    Added the encode_chars HTTP / REST connection option.
    Fixed a deadlock issue with connection updates in code using
    this module.
    Do not change the connection status based on whether or not a
    connection can be made.
    Allow connections to be added, updated, and removed while
    already holding the connection lock.
CsvUtil module
    Fixed the CSV writer to automatically detect headers.
DataProvider module
    Fixed conversion of soft binary, bool, float, int, and number
    "or nothing" types from an empty string to NOTHING.
    Fixed a bug where file rotate could result in logging
    exceptions; removed explicit atomic lock operations and
    implemented low-level atomic file handling instead
    Fixed a bug handling default values for output fields with
    required (not-null) types.
    Fixed a bug handling the trunc option in mappers when bulk
    Fixed a bug where the OAUth2 refresh token was sometimes dropped
    when an access token was acquired.
    Fixed a bug returning the token URL.
    Fixed a bug where the REST headers were not set up to accept
    JSON responses when the REST client was used with a token, this
    also caused breakage in the SalesforceRestDataProvider module.
SqlUtil module
    Set the column size in the type when creating types for VARCHAR
Swagger module
    Fixed support of nullable object properties.
Fixed bugs handling base64-URL-encoded strings.
Fixed a bug where Qore would crash if an on_error statement referred
to the active exception when erroneously called after a thread_exit
Fixed a bug setting the local time zone on macOS Sonoma.
Fixed a bug where Qore could characters with the incorrect character
encoding to strings while processing HTTP headers in HTTP calls.
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-09-30 13:02:07 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/qore: update to version 1.19.1

Changes from release notes:

New Features in Qore:

    New user modules:
    ConnectionProvider module
        added a logger interface to the abstract base connection class.
        added a connection-defined feature list to connection info.
    FileLocationHandler module
        implemented support for non-blocking I/O from file handlers.
    Logger module
        added LoggerInterface and LoggerWrapper classes.
    added the following function and methods to support base64-url
      encoding of data:
    added the following class and new methods to support OAuth2
      and non-blocking polling functionality:
        FilePollOperation class
    added the encode_chars option to the HTTPClient class

Bug Fixes in Qore:

    ConnectionProvider module
        assume connections are up until they are proven to be down
        fixed a bug where the InvalidConnection class would report an
          invalid url hash.
    RestClient module
        implemented consistent support for OAuth2 authorization flows
          including for OAuth2 with non-blocking I/O and non-blocking
          retrieval of Swagger schemas for REST clients.
        fixed a bug where polling pings did not respect connection
          options or the validator.
    fixed a bugs handling the signal mask that could cause
      hard-to-debug problems such as deadlocks in JIT in the JVM on
      macOS aarch64.
    fixed a bug handling non-blocking I/O for socket connections on
      Darwin / macOS.
    fixed a bug where function and method variants did not report
      varargs in the signature.
    fixed a bug where an access exception could be raised when a
      reference to a private member was used in a static class method.
    fixed a bug where the stack guard was not properly enforced when
      the JVM assumed enforcement responsibility; in addition, due to
      the fact that thread stacks are allocated from overcommitted
      memory, reducing the thread stack size to 512KB had no effect on
      the memory size of Qore programs but did affect Qore, Java, and
      Python programs, therefore the stack limit for all threads was
      reset to 8MB as of this release.
        allow context info to be cleared after handling each request to
        ensure that context info (like thread-local data) does not leak
        into other connections on the same thread.
        do not try to get another OAuth2 token if the token was just
    fixed a bug where user variants would not always set the varargs
      flags from ellipses.
    fixed an extraneous SOCKET-NOT-OPEN exception when running
      socket callbacks after a socket was closed.
   2023-09-22 09:10:07 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
qore: fix linking of modules on Illumos
   2023-08-21 21:28:07 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
update lang/qore to version 1.18.1

pkgsrc changes:
* don't install docs anymore, they are available on the web
  and take a lot of space

Changes from release notes:

* allow user modules included with external binary modules
  to install jar files
* ServiceNow compatibility fixes
   2023-08-13 12:38:03 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (16) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump due to lang/qore update
   2023-08-13 12:31:52 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
Update lang/qore to version 1.18.0

Changes from release notes;

* implemented options to allow some badly-formatted Swagger parsing
  that allows schemas with issues to be parsed
* HTTP connections have no default connect timeout
* implemented an initial EmpathicBuildingDataProvider module
* fixed date subtraction when the RHS is 1970-01-01Z
* Fix compilation of QoreEllipsesNode during non-scu build
* verify connection option values against allowed_values and enforce
  in the constructor
* fixed a bug where the HttpConnection scheme could not be used
   2023-08-08 21:31:04 by Niclas Rosenvik | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
Update lang/qore to version 1.17

Changes from release notes:

* added the ElasticSearchDataProvider module + tests
* fixed TID assignments after all TIds have been assigned in order in
  the initial thread list
* implemented support for ellipses in Qore to explicitly declare
  support for varargs
* fixed handling file-as-string connection option types
* allow file handler info to be returned
* added support for MS SQL Server DBs with the DataProvider API and
  the jdbc driver
* ensure that exception attributes from ping errors are serializable
* fixed a typo in the automake config
* Make more PowerPC platforms use the PowerPC macros
* added generic search capabilities to DbDataProvider
* fixed a bug in hash assignments in HashDataType with fields with
  default values
* implemented an API to receive the next web socket message with a
  WebSocket client data provider
* fixed a bug reloading certs on running listeners
* added missing transaction flag to connection info for data