./lang/rakudo, Perl 6 reference implementation

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2024.04, Package name: rakudo-2024.04, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Rakudo Perl 6, or simply Rakudo, is a compiler for the Perl 6 programming

Required to run:
[lang/nqp] [devel/MoarVM]

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   2024-04-29 05:59:46 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/radudo) Updated 2024.02 to 2024.04

New in 2024.04:

+ Improvements:
    + Make X::Syntax::Number::LiteralType a subclass of
      X::TypeCheck::Assignment [5b7cf94c]
    + Make Rakudo up to 2x as fast on the JVM backend by using fastutil \ 

+ Additions:
    + Add Allomorph.narrow [e6a28e1c]
    + Add dispatch disambiguation via 'is item' parameter trait [70f16f63]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix "No exception handler located for catch" trying to report
      method-not-found [b61de7a9]
    + Fix naming of anonymous classes [ad12f2a9]
    + Increase JVM max heap [2d76783a]
    + Fix reporting of X::Role::Initialization errors [0eb99b8a]
    + Fix race condition in lazy deserialization on MoarVM backend [d6320eaf]
    + Fix obscure pattern bug in regex engine on MoarVM backend [f56a3973]

+ Deprecations:

+ Internal:
    * Streamline "core" (bootstrap, core, metamodel) [169b28f3][b37302cb]
    + Convert uses of `if nqp::getcomp('Raku').backend.name eq <...>` to
      `#?if <...>` [f43128bd]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + 91 commits, 142/151 (make test), and 1057/1356 (make spectest) [5c195f12]

New in 2024.03:

+ Improvements:

+ Additions:

+ Fixes:
    + Add Parameter.of method [586f32cf]
    + Unbreak the JVM build [612dd255][fa853abc][55518662]
    + Unbreak t/harness [9395af5d]

+ Deprecations:

+ Internal:
    * Streamline "core" (bootstrap, core, metamodel) [50fc7284][eea99c2b]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + Fix INIT blorsts running in wrong scope [237469d2]
    + Treat =place as a directive [b82fa83d]
    + ignore =finish if there is no code [f997c36c]
    + fix declaration after bind in ExpressionThunk [b1b4329b]
    + Replace fallback resolver with compile time lookups in BEGIN time code
    + Fix QAST::Var type of captures [9a983ff4]
    + Add a few missing set_braid_from_self calls to Grammar [4152833b]
    + Support CORE:: compile time lookups [62b89107]
    + Support CORE::v6<[cde]> compile time lookups [8467b84a]
    + fix accessing 6.e PseudoStash at compile time [196fbee6]
    + fix look up of our scoped subs in my scoped packages at compile time
   2024-03-09 08:04:37 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2024.01 to 2024.02

Rakudo compiler, Release #169 (2024.02)


On behalf of the Rakudo development team, I?m very happy to announce the
February 2024 release of Rakudo #169. Rakudo is an implementation of the Raku1

The source tarball for this release is available from https://rakudo.org/files/
rakudo. Pre-compiled archives will be available shortly.

New in 2024.02:

  * Improvements:

      + Better errors for common array parameter mistakes [47fb8c35]
      + Improve stability in heavy async situations [761153bc][5c289878]
  * Additions:

      + Add Int/Real coercing versions of infix:<div|mod> [71c0151a]
      + Implement sub form of &trans, mainly to support feed operators
      + Provide native int coercers to Int/Cool [a67842ac][1eaa9d71][dc5414d6]
  * Fixes:

      + Avoid leaking repo.lock handle [155818f4][e6207699][7ca96bbd][a723c387]
  * Deprecations:

  * Internal:

      + Document and/or streamline dispatchers and related [d176728c][78d4fbc0]
      + Streamline "core" (bootstrap, core, metamodel) [51297879][bae06a2c]
  * RakuAST Development:

      + RakuAST: some nano optimizations [9478d5c7]

	See following page for more info
   2024-02-12 15:46:56 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2023.11 to 2024.01


Rakudo compiler, Release #168 (2024.01)


On behalf of the Rakudo development team, I’m very happy to announce
the January 2024 release of Rakudo #168. Rakudo is an implementation
of the Raku1 language.

The source tarball for this release is available from
https://rakudo.org/files/rakudo. Pre-compiled archives will be
available shortly.

New in 2024.01:

        Make dd show types better [57bda882]

        Make use of native unsigned integers better performant [c0340fc7]

        Add dispatchers for handling unassigned elements in hashes and
        arrays resulting in better performance in some specific idioms
        [0e2e20a4] [fa4cc823][1ef51856][70d53fb6][79728078]


        New nqp::syscall/register/delegate/track/guard ops as
        shortcuts to otherwise very verbose nqp::dispatch arguments

        Document dispatchers [9b179a55][690c6c01][93f2a8aa][bafa5ad4]

        Handle .extension("foo") on IOs without extension as if \ 
:parts(0) is specified [8cda0bc6]

        Deprecate many Distribution::Resource methods \ 
[c83eccfa][cd231798][4d797bbb] [7ac9aeab]
        Deprecate the use of PERL6LIB [47fdc20d]

        Show :auth:ver:api of module loaded (for RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG) [91a062d2] \ 
        Prevent possible recursion in archetypes dispatcher [6b61de2c]
        Move backend tests from runtime to system build time [69b8a24a]
        Use new nqp::syscall/register/delegate ops [becb682e]
        nqp::syscall is Moar specific, so protect it [b8aaffd6]
        Use new nqp::track / nqp::guard ops [13439539]
        Ensure that nqp::track/guard also have their args unboxed [5d377a12]
        Use nqp::track/guard in NativeCall dispatchers [6008a00e]

        Document and/or streamline dispatchers and related

    RakuAST Development:

        some work was done on RakuAST development, but the number of
        passing spectest files did not increase this round.

   2023-12-13 12:29:37 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2023.05 to 2023.11

New in 2023.11:

+ Improvements:
    + Don't open handles when calling Distribution.content [9db25993]
    + Use new stat-time-nanos syscall (in IO::Path) [cc15340f]

+ Additions:
    + Add :slang argument to Cool.AST [4707dc5a]
    + Add L10N::PT [d1812ff1]
    + Add "Sonoma" as known MacOS description (for v14 in Distro) \ 
    + Add Raku.legacy implementation-detail class method [a9da976e]

+ Fixes:
    + Check if requested backtrace is null (fixes jvm bug) [76bfebf5]
    + (Re-)align backtraces on JVM with MoarVM [53a79941]
    + Fix handling of dynamic containers on 6.e PseudoStash [0479e2fd]
    + Make sure that "no actions" really means it (in grammars) [bd2c719e]
    + Replace incorrect CoC report link [2846ea59]
    + Fix some aspects of using "is default" [8b800e02][c0b19bec][4b7a9bf6]
    + Fix X::Hash::Store::OddNumber message with undefined last element [f29cecfa]
    + Fix a regression where exception is thrown for a generic type [49ddf5fe]

+ Removals:
    + Remove largely unknown flags from installed raku script shims [bdd77290]

+ Internal:
    + Make sure t/13-localization tests are actually run [f3a7c045]
    + Add test for Unicode 15.1 [bd53ad25]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 100 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 975 to 981 (out of 1358).


New in 2023.10:

+ Improvements:
    + Produce fewer of LTA messages, especially when coercing [8c94fa43]
    + Don't link to docs.raku.org for non-CORE types [6050735e]

+ Fixes:
    + Make sure Rational.raku is correct [54c5682f]
    + Sort input file list for reproducible builds [34eda66c]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + Add a sigilless-variable token to the Raku grammar [7dc21fcf]
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 120 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 953 to 975 (out of 1358).


New in 2023.09:

+ Improvements:
    * Work on 6.e PseudoStash clarification [6f6951c0][5d1198e7][4b9679a9]
    + Make .combinations about 32% faster [f09fa022][695b9dc4]
    + Make .permutations about 20% faster [e41e823c]

+ Additions:
    + Introduce Operator class, subclass of Sub [fc8bf7c0][73d02cc0][70944f73]
    + Introduce X::QuoteWords::Missing::Closer class [b245dcbb][1eb3db77]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix setting operator properties on some operators (束>損 and \ 
束<損 and
      friends) [7f6f2512]
    + Provide a workaround for macOS Security Integrity Protection [402bcb8e]
    + Fix JVM build [1227b407]

+ Removals:
    + Remove Test.is_approx [e958040c]

+ Internal:
    + Use new stat syscalls [e258c2cf][64eb3e17][79784420][56294538][57e658c4]
    + Remove superfluous "is equiv" [92758cc5]
    + Remove "is equiv", it isn't necessary with OperatorProperties \ 
    + Move operator related trait_mods to much later in the setting [3937c862]
    + Handle operator traits with string better [16595e84]
    + Make sure OperatorProperties are set on new 6.e operators [c9eb5953]
    + Remove unused attribute in Iterator [ec207675]
    + Rename all .pm6 files to .rakumod [81d2aa6f]
    + Make X::Worry::P5::LeadingZero exception more readable [a369b57f]
    + Streamline Routine.gist [5ed482e0]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 230 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 938 to 953 (out of 1358).


New in 2023.08:

+ Improvements:
    + Re-imagine Formatter + Format updates [2cdab744][3e5a3fb6][672999fd]
    + Improve error message on iterating Ranges that can't be iterated
    + Improve null regex error message a bit [19191971]
    + Deprecate including an ambiguous .pm module file [4d5f6ff9]
    + Don't mangle with exception backtrace (related to CompUnit) [e1b5fd0b]
    + Respect CUPR.may-precomp() in CURI [41ae15a0]
    + Optimize .min/.max/.minmax/.minpairs/.maxpairs [1579da00]
    + Make reverse/unlink/rmdir complain when called w/o arguments [bfc5af69]
    + Make X::Syntax::Confused more logical [375d04e3]

+ Additions:
    + Add sprintf(Format:D) candidate for now [120d929b]
    + Add format.directives method [474ca30c]
    + Add Format.AST [9ccd3c37]
    + Add support for Version.new("1,2,3-") [73d07b4b]
    + Make v1.2 eqv v1. True [d37e6e83]
    + Implement methods `andthen` and `orelse` on Promise [acd8cc45]
    + Add support for RAKUDO_NO_PRECOMPILATION environment variable [6750ab31]
    + Implement .min|max :k :v :kv :p [ec000772]
    + Implement .(min|max)pairs(&by) + (min|max)(&by, :foo) [4645317d]
    + Implement List.sort(&by?, :k) to return result indices [53edf4e4]
    + Make sure sub versions of min/max handle adverbs [c5cc2675]
    + Make sure sub sort takes named args and passes them on [e0a882f0]
    + Add X::NoZeroArgMeaning exception class [fc11963d]
    + Add sub versions of WHERE WHICH WHO (#5336) [dbde821f]
    + Add HOW/VAR/WHAT/WHO as Mu methods [7bc98ec4]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix syntax error when building on JVM [53440ad7]
    + Backport threadsafe update of quote-lang cache from RakuAST [60a96bb6]
    + Fix thinko introduced in e6c0b5e919 (DateTime) [b58bf6db]
    + Fix stringification of v6.* [8e394fad]
    + Fix version issues when * was involved [824a500b]
    + Make Regex.gist|raku handle absence of $!source properly [924d5341]
    + Fix use of CALLERS/CALLER pseudo stashes [4cedc949][e334eb56][16ae94c5]
    + Fix a coercion in `Range` constructor [b4b77952]
    + Ensure lock is created before NativeCall role is setup [a4a2bbd2]
    + Make $*KERNEL.bits correct on ARM64 processors [5d4bb333]
    + Fix issue with uint64 Bufs and -1 [43473202]
    + Fix signatures in some Code methods [866099aa]

+ Removals:
    + Remove deprecated --nqp-lib option [55537e9b]
    + Remove deprecated Proc.status [91fdd538]

+ Internal:
    + Fix some cases of improper language revision tests [68dbf929]
    + Increase max heap space to 6G for building jvm rakudo [26e7d650]
    + Remove nqp-home/lib and rakudo-home/lib from vm search paths [4a661911]
    + Remove unused transcode compiler option [aca81e92]
    + Don't store a Whatever instance in Version, but a type object [1045f1b2]
    + Make Any.iterator-and-first an implementation detail [99a01075]
    + Introduce Range.Inf-Inf implementation detail method [dbb95d1f]
    + Abstract comparator logic [8157c033]
    + Buglet with dd [8144415a]
    + Allow "sorrows" to be specified as "sorries" [c4b68d7f]
    + Use OperatorProperties.new-compat to set %prec [5fb6d836]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 150 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 884 to 938 (out of 1358).


New in 2023.06:

+ Improvements:
    + Make unknown method calls on strings mention the string [563addbb]
    + Make sure format is reported with `Formatter` errors [10cc908d]
    + Provide better error message for `my %h = Callable` [65febb98]
    + Make extensions for CURFS configurable [924386f5]
    + Make `.fmt` a multi everywhere [69d570d2][a2d616a0]

+ Additions:
    + Implement `Uni.encode` [e3a74746]
    + Add `X::Temporal::OutOfRange` [83cc6e71]
    + Add `connect-path` and `listen-path` to IO::Socket::Async thereby
      implementing asynchronous Unix socket support (MoarVM only for
      now) [6f9bc5b1][c452fdbf]
    + Introduce the `Format` class in 6.e [ebe0e0b2][f3bb7a2c][5a7a2e5f]
    + Add `.fmt(Format:D)` candidates where appropriate [eceaeeae]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix role typechecking over its parent class [a4201c28]
    + Add one more level of dirs to check for .t fudging [1dc496ad]
    + Precomp Pipeline: Fix building on CentOS 7 [c0a95290]
    + Consider META6.json contents when calculating CURFS id [5ec81cad]
    + Fix copy-pasto in `Capture.Bool` [a2f71d80]

+ Removals:
    + Remove largely unknown / undocumented flags from installed raku
      script shims [73888f45]

+ Internal:
    + Re-commenced work on Formatter class [a54b99b6][67d8dc76][c3df563b]
    + Streamline X::Str::Sprintf::Directives::BadType [40aa1605]
    + Optimize CURFS startup time [77aa79ce][d30ac3e4][655ac635]
    + Optimize internal directory recursion [0ae02284][78d79112][2642bf2d]
    + Streamline List.fmt a bit, a few % faster [1617881d]
    + Combine 6.e augments and additions into single files [7d3b9d6b][3d0b3222]
    + Don't need to use _I version of nqp::radix... [efa78db6]
    + Add "rakuast" as key to filter roast on [fa9cd8ef]
    + Make CURFS extensions more idiomatic [6e8339a6][4d077623]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 100 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 825 to 884 (out of 1356).

   2023-06-10 17:57:16 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2023.04 to 2023.05


Rakudo compiler, Release #161 (2023.05)


On behalf of the Rakudo development team, I?m very happy to announce the May
2023 release of Rakudo #161. Rakudo is an implementation of the Raku1 language.

The source tarball for this release is available from https://rakudo.org/files/
rakudo. Pre-compiled archives will be available shortly.

New in 2023.05:

  * Improvements:

      + Allow Nil as payload to X::AdHoc [45b3a050]
      + Separate =input/=output from =code [6f482ca0]
      + Handle uncontainerized type objects as invocant to AT-POS better
      + Introduce Iterator.is-monotonically-increasing [149dd880][2edcaa35]
      + Give subsets their .^mro method [7e785883]
  * Additions:

      + Make Int.Str take a :superscript/:subscript named argument [01e82224]
  * Fixes:

      + Nil.Int should coerce to 0, not to "" [70dc3c8a]
  * Removals:

  * Internal:

      + Introduce Str.is-whitespace implementation detail method [fa2b9e34]
      + Make Str.naive-word-wrapper aware of ANSI escape sequences [bb4514c9]
      + Streamline X::Syntax::Number::LiteralType a bit [bc51ff46][6e20165a]
      + Generalize -0123456789 to ??????????? mapping [5d6ab03c][c33c5538]
  * RakuAST Development:

      + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 120 commits),
        raising the number of passing spectest files from 787 to 825 (out of


The following people contributed to this release:

Elizabeth Mattijsen, Stefan Seifert, Justin DeVuyst, Will Coleda, Luis F.
Uceta, Timo Paulssen, Daniel Green, Jan-Olof Hendig, Adrian, Bruce Gray, James
Cook, M?rton Polg?r, Roosemberth Palacios

This release implements 6.c and 6.d versions of the Raku specification. 6.c
version of the language is available if you use the use v6.c version pragma,
otherwise 6.d is the default.

Upcoming releases in 2023 will include new functionality that is not part of
6.c or 6.d specifications, available with a lexically scoped pragma. Our goal
is to ensure that anything that is tested as part of 6.c and 6.d specifications
will continue to work unchanged. There may be incremental spec releases this
year as well.
   2023-05-24 17:03:42 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2022.12 to 2023.04

(see doc/ChangeLog for full list)

New in 2023.04:

+ Improvements:
    + Make `Mu.WHY` a bit smarter, also handling CORE subroutines [faff9091]
    + Give `IO::Path.chown` more `unlink` like semantics [dde366ee]
    + `snip` now can also handle infinite lists [ec8cdd54]
    + Some exception message tweaking [331fd237]

+ Additions:
    + use v6.e.PREVIEW or v6.* implies `use experimental :rakuast` [fcdb78ce]
    + Add rotor capabilities to sub `comb` in 6.e [28a32766]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix `Range.Bool` for empty and infinite ranges in 6.e [83caae8e][188beb55]
    + Make sure `snitch` caches Seqs [61b8bee3]
    + Make prefix `//` working again [efb59f78]
    + Make `Cool.uninames` actually work [500ad5f6]
    + Make `Cool.uniname` actually match the documentation [af0c88cc]
    + Make `List.Set` work again without hanging [5a0e7a76]
    + Make `Distr.desc` correct for MacOS 11 and higher [eae02e8e]
    + Fix the git clone cmd in install docs [f79ae571]
    + Fix `IO::Path::Parts.raku` to handle type objects correctly [16924b41]
    + Fix "Unexpected named argument 'no_fallback' passed" on some \ 
meta types
    + Warn about missing perl5 mods (Configure.pl) instead of crashing
    + Make Supply.zip handle some potential deadlock situations better

+ Removals:
    + Remove support for PERL6_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER [5d7e3857]

+ Internal:
    + Use HLL comparison for floating point noise check [3bd73896]
    + Remove some unnecessary BUILD methods [1a86348a]
    + Add Str.leading/trailing-whitespace implemementation-detail [5feb7f7f]

+ RakuAST Development:
    + A lot of work was done on RakuAST development (over 300 commits), raising
      the number of passing spectest files from 694 to 787 (out of 1355).

	... (omit) ..

New in 2023.02:

+ Improvements:
    + Make use of line directive information for compile time errors [6bc209fc]
    + Improve error message on "foo".Order [665375ba]
    + Try to be more explicit when exception reporting dies [45b19784]
    + Make X::Method::NotFound more resilient [eff02440]

+ Additions:
    + Allow for .rakutest as extension of Rakudo test files [4a42b211]
    + Implement numeric coercers for Date/DateTime [72856df9]
    + Allow * to be used as identity on classify|categorize [4b264b80]
    + Introduce `$*EXIT` / `$*EXCEPTION` dynamic vars [50050866]
    + Add In Memoriam for Ben Davies [ccbf9a09][3d2f8bd9]
    + Add Complex.sign to v6.e [34cf82aa]
    + Add Unicode class to v6.c [db7ca2dd]
    + Make log and sqrt handle negative values mathematically correct
      in v6.e [760e21c1]
    + Make RakuAST:: classes available with `use experimental :rakuast`

+ Efficiency:
    + Make List.head() about 2.4x as fast [7e69a6de][615b9bf9]
    + Don't pollute PROCESS:: with failed $*FOO lookups [6ef8993f]

+ Fixes:
    + Fix EVAL regression on symbol leakage [1ea6be79]
    + Resolve the case of CUPR auto-vivifying some dynamics [7194b1e6]
    + Fix the list of expected symbols [c6afe382]
    + Fix swapped iterators in Seq.ACCEPTS [f078896c]
    + Don't error without git, but all needed files are present [e3e962c2]
    + Fix `race` to actually race and not secretly hypering [ffc9fc74]
    + Fix defaults for typed optional @/% params [JVM] [49facdc0]
    + Fix storing of typed Hashes from a list [c9e391f0][5ed14bc4]
    + Fix type constraints on QuantHashes [03b3b13d]
    + Fix breakage with "use v6.e.PREVIEW" [JVM] [c88f50d5]
    + Hopefully fix all inheritance issues with set operators [586466e9]
    + Set Xmx4G for building Rakudo [JVM] [67ba2dfc]
    + Fix error reporting for feeds [e09f20ca]
    + Fix serialization issues with Version [9e4fa286]
    + Make Junction:D.(Int|Numeric|Real) work [1841d6d9]
    + Don't special case [+] to List.sum [5c66515d][6b6c0ec8]
    + Correct description of BUILD/TWEAK in BUILDPLAN [fbb669ae]

+ Removals:
    + Eradicate knowledge of unimplemented COMPOSE phaser [0040f813]

+ Internal:
    + Make Azure pipelines know about the `main` branch [c3e0eb7c]
    + Fix a syntax error in Perl code [ad9302d7]
    + Fix NQP version check [7cd8adfa]
    + Some minor harness6 fixes [d50a8667]
    + Upgrade Rakudo tests to Unicode 15.0 [37826798][47ec76bd]
    + (test fixes) .classify|categorize(*) no longer throw [0baf2c0e]
    + Micro-optimize ADD-PAIRS-TO-BAG|MIX [7a6c3095]
    + Fix "ctxlexpad needs an MVMContext" regression in SETTING:: \ 
    + Fix test description for unknown modifier (#5179) [69f1aa1f]
    + Warn about Unicode versioning issue wrt tests [268da12b]
    + Many, many commits related to RakuAST development:
	... (omit) ...
   2022-12-06 14:31:49 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
(lang/rakudo) Updated 2022.06 to 2022.12

New in 2022.12:

+ Improvements:
    + Improve flow of calling set-env.sh from a script [57337212]
    + Make the "needle (elem) list" message more clear [958537b1]
    + Make X::TypeCheck::Assignment message better [05d60e21]
    + Simplify X::TypeCheck::Assignment for containers [1e30b43c]

+ Additions:
    + Allow for --no-foo as alternative to --/foo when
      %SUB-MAIN-OPTS<allow-no> is set [61617b12]
    + Allow for -j2 as an alternative to --j=2 when
      %SUB-MAIN-OPTS<numeric-suffix-as-value> [388924d6]
    + Allow for .skip(produce,skip,produce,skip,...) in 6.e [2a1ace84]
    + Introduce "nano" term in 6.e [10feda11][feb97323]
    + Add IO::Path.created returning the Instant a path was created [dbf035d8]
    + Introduce // as a definedness prefix operator in 6.e [d05f7eed]
    + Add method Any.snitch in 6.e [10066021]
    + Introduce Dateish.days-in-year method [3d181c89][4d43bbf9][67513cb8]
    + Add rotor-like capability to Str.comb in 6.e [84abeb52]
    + Make sure Type.are also works [983cf3ec]
    + Implement IO::Path.chown and chown() [1e02f566]

+ Efficiency:
    + Add a lot of uint candidates for a lot of ops [47f9b286]
    + Add proper support for uint comparisons [25c76aed]

+ Fixes:
    + Make List:D.iterator a multi so that List:U.iterator works [5ad2c0c6]
    + Add missing Allomorph.words method [59a34853]
    + Revert "Add CUR::Staging.candidates method" to fix issue with
      precompiling modules for packaging [9360c650][6937da17][454752e3]
    + Implement nominalizable transparency for definites [71de2232][c915b07c]
    + Make World's `is_type` method more reliable [13f7416c]
    + Don't blindly make a Version object for vN [7ddb90ce]
    + Add missing $obj? to Perl6::Metamodel::JavaHOW.archetypes [d059921b]
    + Fix role parameterization over generics [94f3028e]
    + Get job done well for coercive nominalizeables [9e18b391]
    + Make generics work with return type in signature [a3021944][47c35cab]
    + Make (1,2,3,4,1,2).QuantHash>>-- work [63d03eb8][d0ec99a8]
    + Report deprecated subs/methods that are hidden-from-backtrace [43a6575b]
    + Feeds require .append to work, not .push [29eadbb2]
    + Make feed error message more comprehensible [2070ceeb]
    + Fix module installation writing precomp files into the wrong precomp
      store [cc7193d0]
    + Fix NEXT / LEAVE phaser interaction on JVM [ce1af0fa]
    + Fix definite type parameterization [07164fec] [8a7d84c5]
    + Fix a regression introduced by new 'dispatch' path related to
      smartmatch [35b180b8]
    + Make sure that Array.raku doesn't die on a lazy iterator [2037ffba]
    + Make sure .elems don't mention the class [3859d6cb]
    + Fix smartmatch in EVAL regression [0a9e2014][2702b001]
    + Avoid loss in precision on FatRat .Str conversion [441e71a5]
    + Revert "Simplify setting up standard handles" to fix seemingly
      unrelated issue with IO::Notifications not working [64f552f3]

+ Removals:
    + Remove nqp::p6client* ops [126aa804]

+ Internal:
    + Tune Java in response to nqp's (de)serialization rewrite [018e549b]
    + Reuse $v-how instead of calling HOW again [191964c5]
    + Change internal API of RI:Snip [feb04dbe]
    + Move the iterator logic of Str.comb(N) to RI::Ngrams [e826dbdc][d12461b0]
    + Actions: Avoid repeated $<sym> eq 'S' [bc3b5824]

New in 2022.07:

+ Changes:
    + Re-imagine DateTime.new(Str) / Str.DateTime [aa462b41]
    + Make sort() a runtime error [0c9169dc]
    + Implement coercion via new-disp and re-consider return typechecking
      dispatcher [7774c331][4ab61720][efd610cb][b4a26fbe][3e45f709][6c3cb859]
    + Make Iterable.hyper|race take Any as a default for :batch and :degree

+ Additions:
    + Implement fallback support for MRO [1128d5cf][83197e34][9710a85e]
    + Add IO::Path inode, dev, and devtype methods [5c4970c5][599a6362]
    + Add sub version of .head / .skip / .tail [af31b1df]
    + Implement Haskell's "span" as "snip" in 6.e [16ccb573]

+ Removals:

+ Efficiency:
    + Add native sub versions for .elems and .end (up to 4x speedup) [4fedb6f0]
    + Make coercions up to 1.6x as fast [5a8aa66b]
    + Add candidates for sub substr(str,int,int) for up to 2.8x speedup

+ Fixes:
    + Fix cases where we try calling methods on BOOTCode [4130846b]
    + Make PostionalBindFailover.iterator die [dd7f3eb9]
    + Fix subclasses of .Date(Time) coercion [1a7b4b1b]
    + Revert relaxation of positional bind failover binding [bb944723]
    + Fix an LTA error message on passing Seq to a List parameter [db13e402]
    + Fix copy-pasto in error message for native unsigned ints [ffdeecd1]
    + Add missing private error handling method in Buf[32a40791]
    + Consider Positional/Associative type parameters in optional defaults
    + Fix a deep recursion issue in return typecheck dispatcher [9fa76ec6]
    + Fix a regression where coercing into a role didn't work [0e09a287]
    + Implement lazy 'handles' trait application for methods [6430d41d]
    + Get around a problem where a module duplicates method objects [324adc5a]
    + Fix lone "-" in MAIN handling with :named-anywhere [3d3966b0]
    + Add ACCEPTS method for DateTime [31779f47][621d69e0]
    + Fix some cases of coercion over containerized values [fbe3acd0]
    + Make code object based delegation 6.e feature [c6c8dfee]

+ Internal:
    + Micro-opt on CoercionHOW.typecheck [41e07ab9]
    + Make coercion more easily inlineable [eceea95c]
    + Simplify $has_varname setting [378a89e6]
    + Simplify native value / container check in binder [750487c6]
    + Further simplify native binding check [fc149e22]
    + Streamline native match check [a2f92b2b]
    + Ternearize lexpad binding of natives [f2546b44]
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