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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.97, Package name: exim-html-4.97, Maintainer: abs

HTML documentation for the Exim mail transfer agent.

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   2023-11-16 09:55:38 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
exim exim-html: updated to 4.97

Exim version 4.97

JH/01 The hosts_connection_nolog main option now also controls "no MAIL in
      SMTP connection" log lines.

JH/02 Option default value updates:
        - queue_fast_ramp (main)        true (was false)
        - remote_max_parallel (main)    4 (was 2)

JH/03 Cache static regex pattern compilations, for use by ACLs.

JH/04 Bug 2903: avoid exit on an attempt to rewrite a malformed address.
      Make the rewrite never match and keep the logging.  Trust the
      admin to be using verify=header-syntax (to actually reject the message).

JH/05 Follow symlinks for placing a watch on TLS creds files.  This means
      (under Linux) we watch the dir containing the final file; previously
      it would be the dir with the first symlink.  We still do not monitor
      the entire path.

JH/06 Check for bad chars in rDNS for sender_host_name.  The OpenBSD (at least)
      dn_expand() is happy to pass them through.

JH/07 OpenSSL Fix auto-reload of changed server OCSP proof.  Previously, if
      the file with the proof had an unchanged name, the new proof(s) were
      loaded on top of the old ones (and nover used; the old ones were stapled).

JH/08 Bug 2915: Fix use-after-free for $regex<n> variables. Previously when
      more than one message arrived in a single connection a reference from
      the earlier message could be re-used.  Often a sigsegv resulted.
      These variables were introduced in Exim 4.87.
      Debug help from Graeme Fowler.

JH/09 Fix ${filter } for conditions that modify $value.  Previously the
      modified version would be used in construction the result, and a memory
      error would occur.

JH/10 GnuTLS: fix for (IOT?) clients offering no TLS extensions at all.
      Find and fix by Jasen Betts.

JH/11 OpenSSL: fix for ancient clients needing TLS support for versions earlier
      than TLSv1,2,  Previously, more-recent versions of OpenSSL were permitting
      the systemwide configuration to override the Exim config.

HS/01 Bug 2728: Introduce EDITME option "DMARC_API" to work around \ 
      API changes in libopendmarc.

JH/12 Bug 2930: Fix daemon startup.  When started from any process apart from
      pid 1, in the normal "background daemon" mode, having to drop \ 
      group leadership also lost track of needing to create listener sockets.

JH/13 Bug 2929: Fix using $recipients after ${run...}.  A change made for 4.96
      resulted in the variable appearing empty.  Find and fix by Ruben Jenster.

JH/14 Bug 2933: Fix regex substring match variables for null matches. Since 4.96
      a capture group which obtained no text (eg. "(abc)*" matching zero
      occurrences) could cause a segfault if the corresponding $<n> was

JH/15 Fix argument parsing for ${run } expansion. Previously, when an argument
      included a close-brace character (eg. it itself used an expansion) an
      error occurred.

JH/16 Move running the smtp connect ACL to before, for TLS-on-connect ports,
      starting TLS.  Previously it was after, meaning that attackers on such
      ports had to be screened using the host_reject_connection main config
      option. The new sequence aligns better with the STARTTLS behaviour, and
      permits defences against crypto-processing load attacks, even though it
      is strictly an incompatible change.
      Also, avoid sending any SMTP fail response for either the connect ACL
      or host_reject_connection, for TLS-on-connect ports.

JH/17 Permit the ACL "encrypted" condition to be used in a HELO/EHLO ACL,
      Previously this was not permitted, but it makes reasonable sense.
      While there, restore a restriction on using it from a connect ACL; given
      the change JH/16 it could only return false (and before 4.91 was not

JH/18 Fix a fencepost error in logging.  Previously (since 4.92) when a log line
      was exactly sized compared to the log buffer, a crash occurred with the
      misleading message "bad memory reference; pool not found".
      Found and traced by Jasen Betts.

JH/19 Bug 2911: Fix a recursion in DNS lookups.  Previously, if the main option
      dns_again_means_nonexist included an element causing a DNS lookup which
      itself returned DNS_AGAIN, unbounded recursion occurred.  Possible results
      included (though probably not limited to) a process crash from stack
      memory limit, or from excessive open files.  Replace this with a paniclog
      whine (as this is likely a configuration error), and returning

JH/20 Bug 2954: (OpenSSL) Fix setting of explicit EC curve/group.  Previously
      this always failed, probably leading to the usual downgrade to in-clear

JH/21 Fix TLSA lookups.  Previously dns_again_means_nonexist would affect
      SERVFAIL results, which breaks the downgrade resistance of DANE.  Change
      to not checking that list for these lookups.

JH/22 Bug 2434: Add connection-elapsed "D=" element to more connection
      closure log lines.

JH/23 Fix crash in string expansions. Previously, if an empty variable was
      immediately followed by an expansion operator, a null-indirection read
      was done, killing the process.

JH/24 Bug 2997: When built with EXPERIMENTAL_DSN_INFO, bounce messages can
      include an SMTP response string which is longer than that supported
      by the delivering transport.  Alleviate by wrapping such lines before
      column 80.

JH/25 Bug 2827: Restrict size of References: header in bounce messages to 998
      chars (RFC limit).  Previously a limit of 12 items was made, which with
      a not-impossible References: in the message being bounced could still
      be over-large and get stopped in the transport.

JH/26 For a ${readsocket } in TLS mode, send a TLS Close Alert before the TCP
      close.  Previously a bare socket close was done.

JH/27 Fix ${srs_encode ..}.  Previously it would give a bad result for one day
      every 1024 days.

JH/28 Bug 2996: Fix a crash in the smtp transport.  When finding that the
      message being considered for delivery was already being handled by
      another process, and having an SMTP connection already open, the function
      to close it tried to use an uninitialized variable.  This would afftect
      high-volume sites more, especially when running mailing-list-style loads.
      Pollution of logs was the major effect, as the other process delivered
      the message.  Found and partly investigated by Graeme Fowler.

JH/29 Change format of the internal ID used for message identification. The old
      version only supported 31 bits for a PID element; the new 64 (on systems
      which can use Base-62 encoding, which is all currently supported ones
      but not Darwin (MacOS) or Cygwin, which have case-insensitive filesystems
      and must use Base-36).  The new ID is 23 characters rather than 16, and is
      visible in various places - notably logs, message headers, and spool file
      names.  Various of the ancillary utilities also have to know the format.
        As well as the expanded PID portion, the sub-second part of the time
      recorded in the ID is expanded to support finer precision.  Theoretically
      this permits a receive rate from a single comms channel of better than the
      previous 2000/sec.
        The major timestamp part of the ID is not changed; at 6 characters it is
      usable until about year 3700.
        Updating from previously releases is fully supported: old-format spool
      files are still usable, and the utilities support both formats.  New
      message will use the new format.  The one hints-DB file type which uses
      message-IDs (the transport wait- DB) will be discarded if an old-format ID
      is seen; new ones will be built with only new-format IDs.
      Optionally, a utility can be used to convert spool files from old to new,
      but this is only an efficiency measure not a requirement for operation
        Downgrading from new to old requires running a provided utility, having
      first stopped all operations.  This will convert any spool files from new
      back to old (losing time-precision and PID information) and remove any
      wait- hints databases.

JH/30 Bug 3006: Fix handling of JSON strings having embedded commas. Previously
      we treated them as item separators when parsing for a list item, but they
      need to be protected by the doublequotes.  While there, add handling for

JH/31 Bug 2998: Fix ${utf8clean:...} to disallow UTF-16 surrogate codepoints.
      Found and fixed by Jasen Betts. No testcase for this as my usual text
      editor insists on emitting only valid UTF-8.

JH/32 Fix "tls_dhparam = none" under GnuTLS.  At least with 3.7.9 this gave
      a null-indirection SIGSEGV for the receive process.

JH/33 Fix free for live variable $value created by a ${run ...} expansion during
      -bh use.  Internal checking would spot this and take a panic.

JH/34 Bug 3013: Fix use of $recipients within arguments for ${run...}.
      In 4.96 this would expand to empty.

JH/35 Bug 3014: GnuTLS: fix expiry date for an auto-generated server
      certificate.  Find and fix by Andreas Metzler.

JH/36 Add ARC info to DMARC hostory records.

JH/37 Bug 3016: Avoid sending DSN when message was accepted under fakereject
      or fakedefer.  Previously the sender could discover that the message
      had in fact been accepted.

JH/38 Taint-track intermediate values from the peer in multi-stage authentation
      sequences.  Previously the input was not noted as being tainted; notably
      this resulted in behaviour of LOGIN vs. PLAIN being inconsistent under
      bad coding of authenticators.

JH/39 Bug 3023: Fix crash induced by some combinations of zero-length strings
      and ${tr...}.  Found and diagnosed by Heiko Schlichting.

JH/40 Bug 2999: Fix a possible OOB write in the external authenticator, which
      could be triggered by externally-supplied input.  Found by Trend Micro.

JH/41 Bug 3000: Fix a possible OOB write in the SPA authenticator, which could
      be triggered by externally-controlled input.  Found by Trend Micro.

JH/42 Bug 3001: Fix a possible OOB read in the SPA authenticator, which could
      be triggered by externally-controlled input.  Found by Trend Micro.

JH/43 Bug 2903: avoid exit on an attempt to rewrite a malformed address.
      Make the rewrite never match and keep the logging.  Trust the
      admin to be using verify=header-syntax (to actually reject the message).

JH/44 Bug 3033: Harden dnsdb lookups against crafted DNS responses.
   2022-07-02 11:24:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
exim exim-html: updated to 4.96

New stuff we've added since 4.95:

  - A new ACL condition: seen. Records/tests a timestamp against a key.
  - A variant of the "mask" expansion operator to give normalised IPv6.
  - UTC output option for exim_dumpdb, exim_fixdb.
  - An event for failing TLS connects to the daemon.
  - The ACL "debug" control gains options "stop", \ 
"pretrigger" and "trigger".
  - Query-style lookups are now checked for quoting, if the query string is
     built using untrusted data ("tainted").  For now lack of quoting \ 
is merely
     logged; a future release will upgrade this to an error.
  - The expansion conditions match_<list-type> and inlist now set $value for
     the expansion of the "true" result of the ${if}.  With a static \ 
list, this
     can be used for de-tainting.

Notable removals since 4.95:

   - the "allow_insecure_tainted_data" main config option and the
     "taint" log_selector.  These were deprecated in the 4.95 release.
   2021-11-14 21:19:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
exim exim-html: updated to 4.95

Version 4.95

 1. The fast-ramp two phase queue run support, previously experimental, is
    now supported by default.

 2. The native SRS support, previously experimental, is now supported. It is
    not built unless specified in the Local/Makefile.

 3. TLS resumption support, previously experimental, is now supported and
    included in default builds.

 4. Single-key LMDB lookups, previously experimental, are now supported.
    The support is not built unless specified in the Local/Makefile.

 5. Option "message_linelength_limit" on the smtp transport to enforce (by
    default) the RFC 998 character limit.

 6. An option to ignore the cache on a lookup.

 7. Quota checking during reception (i.e. at SMTP time) for appendfile-
    transport-managed quotas.

 8. Sqlite lookups accept a "file=<path>" option to specify a \ 
    db file, replacing the previous prefix to the SQL string (which had
    issues when the SQL used tainted values).

 9. Lsearch lookups accept a "ret=full" option, to return both the portion
    of the line matching the key, and the remainder.

10. A command-line option to have a daemon not create a notifier socket.

11. Faster TLS startup.  When various configuration options contain no
    expandable elements, the information can be preloaded and cached rather
    than the previous behaviour of always loading at startup time for every
    connection.  This helps particularly for the CA bundle.

12. Proxy Protocol Timeout is configurable via "proxy_protocol_timeout"
    main config option.

13. Option "smtp_accept_max_per_connection" is now expanded.

14. Log selector "queue_size_exclusive", enabled by default, to exclude the
    time taken for reception from QT log elements.

15. Main option "smtp_backlog_monitor", to set a level above which listen
    socket backlogs are logged.

16. Main option "hosts_require_helo", requiring HELO or EHLO before MAIL.

17. A main config option "allow_insecure_tainted_data" allows to turn

18. TLS ALPN handling.  By default, refuse TLS connections that try to specify
    a non-smtp (eg. http) use.  Options for customising.

19. Support for MacOS (darwin) has been dropped.
   2021-10-26 12:54:34 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (356)
Log message:
mail: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

The following distfiles were unfetchable (possibly fetched

./mail/qmail/distinfo netqmail-1.05-TAI-leapsecs.patch
   2021-10-07 16:25:52 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (357)
Log message:
mail: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-04-21 10:11:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
*: remove dead master site
   2020-06-01 21:42:48 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
exim exim-html: updated to 4.94

Exim version 4.94

JH/01 Avoid costly startup code when not strictly needed.  This reduces time
      for some exim process initialisations.  It does mean that the logging
      of TLS configuration problems is only done for the daemon startup.

JH/02 Early-pipelining support code is now included unless disabled in Makefile.

JH/03 DKIM verification defaults no long accept sha1 hashes, to conform to
      RFC 8301.  They can still be enabled, using the dkim_verify_hashes main

JH/04 Support CHUNKING from an smtp transport using a transport_filter, when
      DKIM signing is being done.  Previously a transport_filter would always
      disable CHUNKING, falling back to traditional DATA.

JH/05 Regard command-line receipients as tainted.

JH/06 Bug 340: Remove the daemon pid file on exit, whe due to SIGTERM.

JH/07 Bug 2489: Fix crash in the "pam" expansion condition.  It seems \ 
that the
      PAM library frees one of the arguments given to it, despite the
      documentation.  Therefore a plain malloc must be used.

JH/08 Bug 2491: Use tainted buffers for the transport smtp context.  Previously
      on-stack buffers were used, resulting in a taint trap when DSN information
      copied from a received message was written into the buffer.

JH/09 Bug 2493: Harden ARC verify against Outlook, whick has been seen to mix
      the ordering of its ARC headers.  This caused a crash.

JH/10 Bug 2492: Use tainted memory for retry record when needed.  Previously when
      a new record was being constructed with information from the peer, a trap
      was taken.

JH/11 Bug 2494: Unset the default for dmarc_tld_file.  Previously a naiive
      installation would get error messages from DMARC verify, when it hit the
      nonexistent file indicated by the default.  Distros wanting DMARC enabled
      should both provide the file and set the option.
      Also enforce no DMARC verification for command-line sourced messages.

JH/12 Fix an uninitialised flag in early-pipelining.  Previously connections
      could, depending on the platform, hang at the STARTTLS response.

JH/13 Bug 2498: Reset a counter used for ARC verify before handling another
      message on a connection.  Previously if one message had ARC headers and
      the following one did not, a crash could result when adding an
      Authentication-Results: header.

JH/14 Bug 2500: Rewind some of the common-coding in string handling between the
      Exim main code and Exim-related utities.  The introduction of taint
      tracking also did many adjustments to string handling.  Since then, eximon
      frequently terminated with an assert failure.

JH/15 When PIPELINING, synch after every hundred or so RCPT commands sent and
      check for 452 responses.  This slightly helps the inefficieny of doing
      a large alias-expansion into a recipient-limited target.  The max_rcpt
      transport option still applies (and at the current default, will override
      the new feature).  The check is done for either cause of synch, and forces
      a fast-retry of all 452'd recipients using a new MAIL FROM on the same
      connection.  The new facility is not tunable at this time.

JH/16 Fix the variables set by the gsasl authenticator.  Previously a pointer to
      library live data was being used, so the results became garbage.  Make
      copies while it is still usable.

JH/17 Logging: when the deliver_time selector ise set, include the DT= field
      on delivery deferred (==) and failed (**) lines (if a delivery was
      attemtped).  Previously it was only on completion (=>) lines.

JH/18 Authentication: the gsasl driver not provides the $authN variables in time
      for the expansion of the server_scram_iter and server_scram_salt options.

WB/01 SPF: DNS lookups for the obsolete SPF RR type done by the libspf2 library
      are now specifically given a NO_DATA response without hitting the system
      resolver.  The library goes on to do the now-standard TXT lookup.
      Use of dnsdb lookups is not affected.

JH/19 Bug 2507: Modules: on handling a dynamic-module (lookups) open failure,
      only retrieve the errormessage once.  Previously two calls to dlerror()
      were used, and the second one (for mainlog/paniclog) retrieved null

JH/20 Taint checking: disallow use of tainted data for
      - the appendfile transport file and directory options
      - the pipe transport command
      - the autoreply transport file, log and once options
      - file names used by the redirect router (including filter files)
      - named-queue names
      - paths used by single-key lookups
      Previously this was permitted.

JH/21 Bug 2501: Fix init call in the heimdal authenticator.  Previously it
      adjusted the size of a major service buffer; this failed because the
      buffer was in use at the time.  Change to a compile-time increase in the
      buffer size, when this authenticator is compiled into exim.

JH/22 Taint-checking: move to safe-mode taint checking on all platforms.  The
      previous fast-mode was untenable in the face of glibs using mmap to
      support larger malloc requests.

PP/01 Update the openssl_options possible values through OpenSSL 1.1.1c.
      New values supported, if defined on system where compiled:
      allow_no_dhe_kex, cryptopro_tlsext_bug, enable_middlebox_compat,
      no_anti_replay, no_encrypt_then_mac, prioritize_chacha, tlsext_padding

JH/23 Performance improvement in the initial phase of a two-pass queue run.  By
      running a limited number of proceses in parallel, a benefit is gained. The
      amount varies with the platform hardware and load.  The use of the option
      queue_run_in_order means we cannot do this, as ordering becomes

JH/24 Bug 2524: fix the cyrus_sasl auth driver gssapi usage.  A previous fix
      had introduced a string-copy (for ensuring NUL-termination) which was not
      appropriate for that case, which can include embedded NUL bytes in the
      block of data.  Investigation showed the copy to actually be needless, the
      data being length-specified.

JH/25 Fix use of concurrent TLS connections under GnuTLS.  When a callout was
      done during a receiving connection, and both used TLS, global info was
      used rather than per-connection info for tracking the state of data
      queued for transmission.  This could result in a connection hang.

JH/26 Fix use of the SIZE parameter on MAIL commands, on continued connections.
      Previously, when delivering serveral messages down a single connection
      only the first would provide a SIZE.  This was due to the size information
      not being properly tracked.

JH/27 Bug 2530: When operating in a timezone with sub-minute offset, such as
      TAI (at 37 seconds currently), pretend to be in UTC for time-related
      expansion and logging.  Previously, spurious values such as a future
      minute could be seen.

JH/28 Bug 2533: Fix expansion of ${tr } item.  When called in some situations
      it could crash from a null-deref.  This could also affect the
      ${addresses: } operator and ${readsock } item.

JH/29 Bug 2537: Fix $mime_part_count.  When a single connection had a non-mime
      message following a mime one, the variable was not reset.

JH/30 When an pipelined-connect fails at the first response, assume incorrect
      cached capability (perhaps the peer reneged?) and immediately retry in
      non-pipelined mode.

JH/31 Fix spurious detection of timeout while writing to transport filter.

JH/32 Bug 2541: Fix segfault on bad cmdline -f (sender) argument.  Previously
      an attempt to copy the string was made before checking it.

JH/33 Fix the dsearch lookup to return an untainted result.  Previously the
      taint of the lookup key was maintained; we now regard the presence in the
      filesystem as sufficient validation.

JH/34 Fix the readsocket expansion to not segfault when an empty "options"
      argument is supplied.

JH/35 The dsearch lookup now requires that the directory is an absolute path.
      Previously this was not checked, and nonempty relative paths made an
      access under Exim's current working directory.

JH/36 Bug 2554: Fix msg:defer event for the hosts_max_try_hardlimit case.
      Previously no event was raised.

JH/37 Bug 2552: Fix the check on spool space during reception to use the SIZE
      parameter supplied by the sender MAIL FROM command.  Previously it was
      ignored, and only the check_spool_space option value for the required
      leeway checked.

JH/38 Fix $dkim_key_length.  This should, after a DKIM verification, present
      the size of the signing public-key.  Previously it was instead giving
      the size of the signature hash.

JH/39 DKIM verification: the RFC 8301 restriction on sizes of RSA keys is now
      the default.  See the (new) dkim_verify_min_keysizes option.

JH/40 Fix a memory-handling bug: when a connection carried multiple messages
      and an ACL use a lookup for checking either the local_part or domain,
      stale data could be accessed.  Ensure that variable references are
      dropped between messages.

JH/41 Bug 2571: Fix SPA authenticator.  Running as a server, an offset supplied
      by the client was not checked as pointing within response data before
      being used.  A malicious client could thus cause an out-of-bounds read and
      possibly gain authentication.  Fix by adding the check.

JH/42 Internationalisation: change the default for downconversion in the smtp
      transport to be "if needed".  Previously it was "as \ 
previously set" for
      the message, which usually meant "if needed" for \ 
message-submission but
      "no" for everything else.  However, MTAs have been seen using \ 
      even when the envelope addresses did not need it, resulting in forwarding
      failures to non-supporting MTAs.  A downconvert in such cases will be
      a no-op on the addresses, merely dropping the use of SMTPUTF8 by the
      transport.  The change does mean that addresses needing conversion will
      be converted when previously a delivery failure would occur.

JH/43 Fix possible long line in DSN.  Previously when a very long SMTP error
      response was received it would be used unchecked in a fail-DSN, violating
      standards on line-length limits.  Truncate if needed.

HS/01 Remove parameters of the link to www.open-spf.org. The linked form
      doesn't work. (Additionally add a new main config option to configure the
   2020-01-26 18:32:28 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (981)
Log message:
all: migrate homepages from http to https

pkglint -r --network --only "migrate"

As a side-effect of migrating the homepages, pkglint also fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines. These and the new homepages have been
checked manually.