./mail/fetchmail, Batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 6.4.8, Package name: fetchmail-6.4.8, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Fetchmail is a full-featured IMAP/POP2/POP3/APOP/KPOP client with easy
configuration, daemon mode, forwarding via SMTP or local MDA, superior
reply handling. Not a mail user agent, rather a pipe-fitting that
seamlessly forwards fetched mail to your local delivery system. Your
one-stop solution for intermittent email connections. This is the
lineal descendant of and replacement for the old popclient program.

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Package options: ssl

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   2020-08-27 18:05:39 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
fetchmail: Update to 6.4.8

upstream changes:
fetchmail-6.4.8 (released 2020-06-14, 27596 LoC):

## NEW TRANSLATION, with thanks to the translator:
* sr:    Мирослав Николић (Miroslav Nikolić) [Serbian]
- Sorry, this was missed earlier because my translation scripts did not properly
  report new translations.

  (This section floats upwards through the NEWS file so it stays with the
  current release information)
* Fetchmail does not handle messages without Message-ID header well
  (See sourceforge.net bug #780933)
* Fetchmail currently uses 31-bit signed integers in several places
  where unsigned and/or wider types should have been used, for instance,
  for mailbox sizes, and misreports sizes of 2 GibiB and beyond.
  Fixing this requires C89 compatibility to be relinquished.
* BSMTP is mostly untested and errors can cause corrupt output.
* Fetchmail does not track pending deletes across crashes.
* The command line interface is sometimes a bit stubborn, for instance,
  fetchmail -s doesn't work with a daemon running.
* Linux systems may return duplicates of an IP address in some circumstances if
  no or no global IPv6 addresses are configured.
  (No workaround. Ubuntu Bug#582585, Novell Bug#606980.)
* Kerberos 5 may be broken, particularly on Heimdal, and provide bogus error
  messages. This will not be fixed, because the maintainer has no Kerberos 5
  server to test against. Use GSSAPI.

fetchmail-6.4.7 (released 2020-06-14, 27596 LoC):

## TRANSLATION UPDATE, with thanks to the translator:
* sv:    Göran Uddeborg [Swedish]

fetchmail-6.4.6 (released 2020-05-29, 27596 LoC):

## TRANSLATION UPDATE, with thanks to the translator:
* eo:    Felipe Castro [Esperanto]


fetchmail-6.4.5 (released 2020-05-07, 27596 LoC):

* fetchmail 6.4.0 and 6.4.1 changed the resolution of the home directory
  in a way that requires SUSv4 semantics of realpath(), which leads to
  'Cannot find absolute path for... directory' error messages followed by aborts
  on systems where realpath() follows strict SUSv2 semantics and returns
  EINVAL if the 2nd argument is NULL.

  On such systems, for instance, Solaris 10, fetchmail requires PATH_MAX to be
  defined, and will then work again.  Regression reported by David Hough.

  On systems that neither provide auto-allocation semantics for realpath(),
  nor PATH_MAX, fetchmail will print this error and abort. Such systems
  are unsupported, see README.

* Add a test program fm_realpath, and a t.realpath script, neither to be
  installed. These will test resolution of the current working directory.

## TRANSLATION UPDATES in reverse alphabetical order of language codes,
## with my thanks to the translators:
* zh_CN: Boyuan Yang [Chinese (simplified)]
* sv:    Göran Uddeborg [Swedish]
* sq:    Besnik Bleta [Albanian]
* pl:    Jakub Bogusz [Polish]
* ja:    Takeshi Hamasaki [Japanese]
* fr:    Frédéric Marchal [French]
* cs:    Petr Pisar [Czech]


fetchmail-6.4.4 (released 2020-04-26, 27530 LoC):

* ja:    Takeshi Hamasaki [Japanese]


fetchmail-6.4.3 (released 2020-04-05, 27530 LoC):

* Plug memory leaks when parts of the configuration (defaults, rcfile, command
  line) override one another.
* fetchmail terminated the placeholder command string too late and included
  garbage from the heap at the end of the string. Workaround: don't use place-
  holders %h or %p in the --plugin string. Bug added in 6.4.0 when merging
  Gitlab merge request !5 in order to fix an input buffer overrun.
  Faulty commit 418cda65f752e367fa663fd13884a45fcbc39ddd.
  Reported by Stefan Thurner, Gitlab issue #16.
* Fetchmail now checks for errors when trying to read the .idfile,
  Gitlab issue #3.
* Fetchmail's error messages that reports that the defaults entry isn't the
  first was made more precise. It could be misleading if there was a poll or
  skip statement before the defaults.

* Fetchmail documentation was updated to require OpenSSL 1.1.1.
  OpenSSL 1.0.2 reached End Of Life status at the end of the year 2019.
  Fetchmail will tolerate, but warn about, 1.0.2 for now on the assumption that
  distributors backport security fixes as the need arises.
  Fetchmail will also warn if another SSL library that is API-compatible
  with OpenSSL lacks TLS v1.3 support.
* If the trust anchor is missing, fetchmail refers the user to README.SSL.

* The AC_DECLS(getenv) check was removed, its only user was broken and not
  accounting for that AC_DECLS always defines HAVE_DECL_... to 0 or 1, so
  fetchmail never declared a missing getenv() symbol (it was testing with
  #ifdef).  Remove the backup declaration. getenv is mandated by SUSv2 anyways.

* sq:    Besnik Bleta [Albanian]
* zh_CN: Boyuan Yang [Chinese (simplified)]
* pl:    Jakub Bogusz [Polish]
* cs:    Petr Pisar [Czech]
* fr:    Frédéric Marchal [French]
* sv:    Göran Uddeborg [Swedish]
* eo:    Felipe Castro [Esperanto]
   2020-02-19 17:48:02 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
fetchmail: update to 6.4.2

upstream changes:
fetchmail-6.4.2 (released 2020-02-14, 27473 LoC):

* fetchmailconf now supports Python 3 and currently requires the "future"
  package, see https://pypi.org/project/future/.
* fetchmailconf: The minimum supported version is now Python 2.7.13, but it is
  recommended to use at least 2.7.16 (due to its massive SSL updates).
  Older Python versions may check SSL certificates not strictly enough,
  which may cause fetchmail to complain later, if the certificate verify fails.
* fetchmailconf now autoprobes SSL-wrapped connections (ports 993 and 995 for
  IMAP and POP3) as well and by preference.
* fetchmailconf now defaults newly created users to "ssl" if either of the
  existing users sets ssl, or if the server has freshly been probed and
  found supporting ssl.
  There is a caveat: adding a user to an existing server without probing it
  again may skip adding ssl. (This does not prevent STARTTLS.)

* Fix three bugs in fetchmail.man (one unterminated string to .IP macro, one
  line that ran into a .PP macro, .TH date format), and remove one .br request
  from inside the table, which is unsupported by FreeBSD 12's mandoc(1)
  formatter.  FreeBSD Bug#241032, reported by Helge Oldach.
* Further man page fixes and additions by Chris Mayo and Gregor Zattler.
* When evaluating the need for STARTTLS in non-default configurations (SSL
  certificate validation turned off), fetchmail would only consider --sslproto
  tls1 as requiring STARTTLS, now all non-empty protocol versions do.
* fetchmailconf now properly writes "no sslcertck" if sslcertck is \ 
* fetchmailconf now catches and reports OS errors (including DNS errors) when
  autoprobing.  Reported as Gitlab issue #12 by Sergey Alirzaev.
* fetchmailconf received a host of other bugfixes, see the Git commit log.

* Make t.smoke more robust and use temporary directory as FETCHMAILHOME, to make
  sure that the home directory resolves for the user running the test suite
  even if the environment isn't perfect. Reported by Konstantin Belousov,
  analysed by Corey Halpin, FreeBSD Bug#240914.

* zh_CN: Boyuan Yang [Chinese (simplified)]
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2020-01-01 21:36:53 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
fetchmail: update to 6.4.1

upstream cheanges:
fetchmail-6.4.1 (released 2019-09-28, 27473 LoC):

* The bug fix Debian Bug#941129 was incomplete and caused
  + a regression in the default file locations, so that fetchmail was no longer
    able to find its configuration files in some situations.
    Reported by Cy Schubert.
  + a regression under _FORTIFY_SOURCE where PATH_MAX > minimal _POSIX_PATH_MAX.


fetchmail 6.4.0 (released 2019-09-27, 27429 LoC):

* They have stopped accepting submissions and consider themselves an archive.

* Fetchmail no longer supports SSLv2.

* Fetchmail no longer attempts to negotiate SSLv3 by default,
  even with --sslproto ssl23. Fetchmail can now use SSLv3, or TLSv1.1 or a newer
  TLS version, with STLS/STARTTLS (it would previously force TLSv1.0 with
  STARTTLS).  If the OpenSSL version used at build and run-time supports these
  versions, --sslproto ssl3 and --sslproto ssl3+ can be used to re-enable SSLv3.
  Doing so is discouraged because the SSLv3 protocol is broken.

  Along the lines suggested - as patch - by Kurt Roeckx, Debian Bug #768843.

  While this change is supposed to be compatible with common configurations,
  users may have to and are advised to change all explicit --sslproto ssl2
  (change to newer protocols required), --sslproto ssl3, --sslproto tls1 to
  --sslproto auto, so that they can benefit from TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 where
  supported by the server.

  The --sslproto option now understands the values auto, ssl3+, tls1+, tls1.1,
  tls1.1+, tls1.2, tls1.2+, tls1.3, tls1.3+ (case insensitively), see CHANGES
  below for details.

* Fetchmail defaults to --sslcertck behaviour. A new option --nosslcertck to
  override this has been added, but may be removed in future fetchmail versions
  in favour of another configuration option that makes the insecurity in using
  this option clearer.

* Fetchmail prevents buffer overruns in GSSAPI authentication with user names
  beyond c. 6000 characters in length. Reported by Greg Hudson.

* fetchmail 6.4.0 is written in C99 and requires a SUSv3 (Single Unix
  Specification v3, a superset of POSIX.1-2001 aka. IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 with
  XSI extension) compliant system. For now, a C89 compiler should also work
  if the system is SUSv3 compliant.

  In particular, older fetchmail versions had workaround for several functions
  standardized in the Single Unix Specification v3, these have been removed.

  The trio/ library has been removed from the distribution.

* fetchmail 6.3.X is unsupported.
* fetchmail now configures OpenSSL support by default.
* fetchmail now requires OpenSSL v1.0.2 or newer.
* Fetchmail now supports --sslproto auto and --sslproto tls1+ (same as ssl23).
* --sslproto tls1.1+, tls1.2+, and tls1.3+ are now supported for
  auto-negotiation with a minimum specified TLS protocol version, and --sslproto
  tls1.1, --sslproto tls1.2 and --sslproto tls1.3 to force the specified TLS
  protocol version. Note that tls1.3 requires OpenSSL v1.1.1 or newer.
* Fetchmail now detects if the server hangs up prematurely during SSL_connect()
  and reports this condition as such, and not just as SSL connection failure.
  (OpenSSL 1.0.2 reported incompatible with pop3.live.com by Jerry Seibert).
* A foreground fetchmail can now accept a few more options while another copy is
  running in the background.
* fetchmail now handles POP3 --keep UID lists more efficiently, by using Rainer
  Weikusat's P-Tree implementation. This reduces the complexity for handling
  a large UIDL from O(n^2) to O(n log n) and becomes noticably faster with
  thousands of kept messages.
  (IMAP does not currently track UIDs and is unaffected.)
  At the same time, the UIDL emulation code for deficient servers has been
  removed. It never worked really well.  Servers that do not implement the
  optional UIDL command only work with --fetchall option set, which in itself is
  incompatible with the --keep option (it would cause message duplication).
* fetchmail, when setting up TLS connections, now uses SSL_set_tlsext_host_name()
  to set up the SNI (Server Name Indication). Some servers (for instance
  googlemail) require SNI when using newer SSL protocols.
* Fetchmail now sets the expected hostname through OpenSSL 1.0.2's new
  X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set1_host() function to enable OpenSSL's native certificate
  verification features.
* fetchmail will drop the connection when fetching with IMAP and receiving an
  unexpected untagged "* BYE" response, to work around certain faulty \ 
* The FETCHMAIL_POP3_FORCE_RETR environment variable is now documented,
  it forces fetchmail, when talking POP3, to always use the RETR command,
  even if it would otherwise use the TOP command.
* Fetchmail's configure stage will try to query pkg-config or pkgconf for libssl
  and libcrypto, in case other system use .pc files to document specific library
  dependencies. (contributed by Fabrice Fontaine, GitLab merge request !14.)
* The gethostbyname() API calls and compatibility functions have been removed.
* These translations are shipped but not installed by default because
  they have less than 500 translated messages out of 714: el fi gl pt_BR sk tr
  -> Greek, Finnish, Galician, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Turkish.
* Fetchmail now refuses delivery if the MDA option contains single-quoted

* Fix a typo in the FAQ. Submitted by David Lawyer, Debian Bug#706776.
* Do not translate header tags such as "Subject:".  Reported by \ 
Gonzalo Pérez de
  Olaguer Córdoba, Debian Bug#744907.
* Convert most links from berlios.de to sourceforge.net.
* Report error to stderr, and exit, if --idle is combined with multiple
* Point to --idle from GENERAL OPERATION to clarify --idle and multiple
  mailboxes do not mix.  In response to Jeremy Chadwick's trouble 2014-11-19,
  fetchmail-users mailing list.
* Fix SSL-enabled build on systems that do not declare SSLv3_client_method(),
  or that #define OPENSSL_NO_SSL3 inside #include <openssl/ssl.h>
  Related to Debian Bug#775255. Fixes Debian Bug #804604.
* Version report lists -SSLv3 on SSL-enabled no-ssl3 builds.
* Fetchmail no longer adds a NUL byte to the username in GSSAPI authentication.
  This was reported to break Kerberos-based authentication with Microsoft
  Exchange 2013 by Greg Hudson.
* Set umask properly before writing the .fetchids file, to avoid failing the
  security check on the next run.  Reported by Fabian Raab,
  Fixes Debian Bug#831611.
* When forwarding by LMTP, also check antispam response code when collecting
  the responses after the CR LF . CR LF sequence at the end of the DATA phase.
  (Contributed by Evil.2000, GitLab merge request !12.)
* fetchmail will not try other protocols after a socket error. This avoids
  mismatches of how different prococols see messages as "seen" and \ 
  of known mail.  (Fix contributed by Lauri Nurmi, GitLab Merge Request !10.)
* fetchmail no longer reports "System error during SSL_connect(): Success."
  Fixes Debian Bug#928916, reported by Paul Kimoto.
* fetchmailconf would ignore Edit or Delete actions on the first (topmost)
  item in a list (no matter if server list, user list, ...).
* The mimedecode feature now properly detects multipart/mixed-type matches, so
  that quoted-printable-encoded multipart messages can get decoded.
  (Regression in 5.0.0 on 1999-03-27, as a side effect of a PGP-mimedecode fix
  attributed to Henrik Storner.)
* FETCHMAILHOME can now safely be a relative path, which will be qualified
  through realpath(). Previously, it had to be absolute in daemon mode.
  Reported by Alex Andreotti, Debian Bug#941129.
   2019-11-09 12:32:14 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
fetchmail: Follow HOMEPAGE redirect
   2019-11-02 17:25:29 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (112)
Log message:
mail: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned -r

No manual corrections.
   2018-05-23 12:52:15 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fetchmail: fix name of one license
   2018-05-22 11:22:31 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
fetchmail: update to 6.3.26

* add licenses
* remove kerberos conditional pre-configure rule (fixed in upstream)

fetchmail-6.3.26 (released 2013-04-23, 26180 LoC):

* They have stopped accepting submissions and consider themselves an archive.

# CRITICAL BUG FIX for setups using "mimedecode":
* The mimedecode feature failed to ship the last line of the body if it was
encoded as quoted-printable and had a MIME soft line break in the very last
line. Reported by Lars Hecking in June 2011.

Bug introduced on 1998-03-20 when the mimedecode support was added by ESR
before release 4.4.1 through code contributed by Henrik Storner.
Workaround for older releases: do not use mimedecode feature.

Earlier versions of this NEWS file claimed this bug fixed in fetchmail-6.3.23,
but it was not.

Fixes Launchpad Bug#1171818.

fetchmail-6.3.25 (released 2013-03-18, 26149 LoC):

* They have stopped accepting submissions and consider themselves an archive.

* Fix a memory leak in out-of-memory error condition while handling plugins.
  Report and patch by John Beck (found with Parfait static code analyzer).
* Fix a NULL pointer dereference in out-of-memory error condition while handling
  Report and patch by John Beck (found with Parfait static code analyzer).

* Improved reporting when SSL/TLS X.509 certificate validation has failed,
  working around a not-so-recent swapping of two OpenSSL error codes, and
  a practical impossibility to distinguish broken certification chains from
  missing trust anchors (root certificates).
* OpenSSL decoded errors are now reported through report(), rather than dumped
  to stderr, so that they should show up in logfiles and/or syslog.
* The fetchmail manual page no longer claims that MD5 were the default OpenSSL
  hash format (for use with --sslfingerprint). Reported by Jakob Wilk,
  PARTIAL fix for Debian Bug#700266.
* The fetchmail manual page now refers the user to --softbounce from the
  SMTP/ESMTP ERROR HANDLING section.  Reported by Anton Shterenlikht.

* Older systems that provide the older RFC-2553 implementation of getaddrinfo,
  rather than the current RFC-3493, and systems that do not provide this
  getaddrinfo() interface at all and thus use the replacement functions from
  libesmtp/getaddrinfo.?, might return EAI_NODATA when a host is registered in
  DNS as MX or similar, but without A or AAAA records.  Handle this situation
  when checking for multidrop aliases and treat EAI_NODATA the same as
  EAI_NONAME, i. e. name cannot be resolved.

  The proper fix, however, is to upgrade the operating system.

[cs] Czech, by Petr Pisar
[da] Danish, by Joe Hansen
[de] German
[eo] Esperanto, by Sian Mountbatten and Felipe Castro
[fr] French, by Frédéric Marchal
[ja] Japanese, by Takeshi Hamasaki
[pl] Polish, by Jakub Bogusz
[sv] Swedish, by Göran Uddeborg
[vi] Vietnamese, by Trần Ngọc Quân