./multimedia/assimp, Library to import various 3D model formats

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.4.0, Package name: assimp-5.4.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Open Asset Import Library (short name: Assimp) is a portable Open Source
library to import various well-known 3D model formats in a uniform manner.
The most recent version also knows how to export 3D files and is therefore
suitable as a general-purpose 3D model converter. See the feature list.

Assimp aims to provide a full asset conversion pipeline for use in game
engines/realtime rendering systems of any kind, but it is not limited to
this purpose. In the past, it has been used in a wide range of applications.

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   2024-04-09 08:28:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
assimp: fix PLIST
   2024-04-08 09:39:09 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
assimp: updated to 5.4.0

The Assimp 5.4.0 Minor Release

Fix building on Haiku
Reduce memory consumption in JoinVerticesProcess::ProcessMesh() signi…
Fix: Add check for invalid input argument
Replace an assert by an error log.
Extension of skinning data export to GLB/GLTF format
Fix output floating-point values to fbx
Update ImproveCacheLocality.cpp
Update Readme.md
Deep arsdk bone double free
Fix Spelling error
use size to be compatible with float and double
Fix: Add missing transformation for normalized normals.
Fix: Implicit Conversion Error
Fix add checks for indices
Update FBXBinaryTokenizer.cpp
link to external minizip with full path
utf8 header not found
Rm unnecessary deg->radian conversion in FBX exporter
Fix empty mesh handling
Refactoring: Some cleanups
Fix invalid read of uint from uvwsrc
Remove double delete
fix the mesh-name error.
COLLADA fixes for textures in C4D input
Use the correct allocator for deleting objects in case of duplicate a…
Fix container overflow in MMD parser
Fix: PLY heap buffer overflow
Update Readme.md
Update Readme.md
Fix: Check if index for mesh access is out of range
Update FBXConverter.cpp
FBX: Use correct time scaling
Drop explicit inclusion of contrib/ headers
Update Build.md
Fix buffer overflow in FBX::Util::DecodeBase64()
Readme.md: correct 2 errors in section headers
Fix double free in Video::~Video()
FBXMeshGeometry: solve issue 5116 using patch provided by darktjm
Fix target names not being imported on some gLTF2 models
correct grammar/typographic errors in comments (8 files)
KHR_materials_specular fixes
Disable Hunter
fixed several issues
Fix leak
Check the validity of the archive without parsing
Fix integer overflow
Add a test before generating the texture folder
Build: Disable building zlib for non-windows
null check.
Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4
fix: KHR_materials_pbrSpecularGlossiness/diffuseFactor convert to pbr…
fix building errors for MinGW
dynamic_cast error.
Add missing IRR textures
Update Dockerfile
Fix handling of X3D IndexedLineSet nodes
Improve acc file loading
Readme.md: present hyperlinks in a more uniform style
FBX Blendshape FullWeight: Vec<Float> -> FullWeight: Vec<Double>
Fix for issues 5422, 3411, and 5443 -- DXF insert scaling fix and colour fix
Update StbCommon.h to stay up-to-date with stb_image.h.
Introduce aiBuffer
Add bounds checks to the parsing utilities.
Fix crash in viewer
Static code analysis fixes
Kimkulling/fix behavior of remove redundant mats issue 5438
Fix X importer breakage introduced in commit f844c33
Fileformats.md: clarify that import of .blend files is deprecated
feat:1.add 3mf vertex color read 2.fix 3mf read texture bug
More GLTF loading hardening
Bump actions/cache from 3 to 4
Update CMakeLists.txt
Blendshape->Geometry in FBX Export
Fix identity matrix check
Fix PyAssimp under Python >= 3.12 and macOS library search support
ColladaParser: check values length
Include defs in not cpp-section
Add correct double zero check
Add zlib-header to ZipArchiveIOSystem.h
Add 2024 to copyright infos
Append a new setting \ 
Eliminate non-ascii comments in clipper
Fix compilation for MSVC14.
Add correction of fbx model rotation
Delete tools/make directory
Delete packaging/windows-mkzip directory
Fix 5420 duplicate degrees to radians conversion in fbx importer
Respect merge identical vertices in ObjExporter
Fix utDefaultIOStream test under MinGW
Fix typos
Add initial macOS support to C4D importer
Update hunter into CMakeLists.txt
updated json
Cleanup: Fix review findings
Update CMakeLists.txt
   2024-02-28 22:35:40 by Charlotte Koch | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
multimedia/assimp: Reset MAINTAINER
   2023-10-06 18:52:21 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
assimp: updated to 5.3.1


fix variable name
Bugfix: Remove unused header from types
contrib/zip/src/zip.h: correct 2 spelling errors in comments
Updated cpp-pm/hunter into CMakeLists.txt


Perfect forward val to utMaybe.cpp
Fix config documentation for STL pointcloud export
Missing path
Fix: Use ASCII treeview in assimp-cmd.
Add check for wall switch from cmake
Adjust cmake version
IMP: Reorganize doc
FIX: Fix head overflow in MD5-parser.
Introduce newer versions for MSVC Version
Prefix symbols from stb_image.h
GitHub Workflows security hardening
FIX: C++ std::tuple constexpr initial list on old compiler
Make FBX parser resilient to missing data streams
fix incorrect documentation of defaults
Fixed issue with clang complaining about sprintf and vsprintf being depreciated
Fix build error: ‘temp’ may be used uninitialized in this function
FIX: Use correct epsilon
Use correct flags for openddl for static libs
Fix: Add missing handling for double export in json
fix bug reading ply file in case of presence of \ 
"end_header\n<BINARY_DATA>..." with <BINARY_DATA> starting \ 
by "\n"
Fixed error with trailing zero symbols as placeholder character
Fix: Avoid nullptr dereferencing + refactorings.
chore: add missing std moves and perfect forwards
Update dependabot.yml
Add missing header for Ubuntu 16 and Mac
Don't hide out-of-memory during FBX import
Added support for KHR_materials_emissive_strength
Add overflow check for invalid data.
Add CIFuzz GitHub action
Fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes
Introduce --parallel instead of .j
Modernize smartptrs and use C++11 literals
[BlenderDNA.h] Declare explicit specializations
FIX: Fix possible division by zero
Avoid undefined-shift in Assimp::ASE::Parser::ParseLV4MeshFace.
Ensure the face pointer is not nullptr
fix warnings-as-errors for msvc 2019 x64
Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow READ 4 in Assimp::ScenePreprocessor::ProcssMesh
Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow READ 1 in Assimp::MD5::MD5Parser::ParseHeader
Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow READ 1 in Assimp::ObjFileParser::getFace
Fixed bug when exporting binary FBX
illegal token on right-side-of ::Windows
Update unzip.c
Refactoring: Move assert handler header to include
sprintf to snprintf with known MAXLEN for buffer.
{cmake} Remove dead code
Fix: Fix signed unsigned mismatch
Fix: Fix possible division by zero
Update the getting help section
Fix several spelling mistakes
Change mMethod type to enum aiMorphingMethod
Remove deprecated comment
Generalize JoinVerticesProcess for multiple UV and color channels
Fix Build With M3D Import Only
Update LimitBoneWeightsProcess.cpp
Remove /Zi compiler flag for MSVC, release config
Ensure initializer exists
Trim Trailing Whitespace
Remove Useless “virtual”
Replace Variables With Literals
Fix: fix incorrect math for calculating the horizontal FOV of a perspective \ 
camera in gltf2 import
Remove Stray Semicolon
Tidy Up Constructors and Destructors
Fix MSVC Warnings With “emplace_back()”
Correctly consider aiProcess_FlipWindingOrder and aiProcess_MakeLeftHanded when \ 
generating normals
Update morph mesh documentation now that gltf known to work
Fix Build Without ArmaturePopulate Post Process Step
Fix: Remove deprecated dependency.
Optimized usedVertexIndices in JoinVerticesProcess by using bitmask instead of \ 
Fix issue 4866 by continuing to reset read loop after hitting a comment
Don't build zlib if ASSIMP_BUILD_ZLIB=OFF
Unit test warning fixes
Fix Terragen loader
Fixes PLY reader when the header ends with \r\n
ACLoader: add support for reading more than one texture per object
Delete .coveralls.yml
Fix: Fix memleak when exiting method by exception
The member 'Flush()' needs to be marked as an override for msvc clang compiling
Add skeleton doc
Fix PyAssimp README typo
Add missing pod types.
Fix implicit conversion errors on macOS
Update mesh.h
Move string definitions into the conditional block to fix unused variable warnings
Fix: Fix typo in the doc
Fix index out of bounds
Fix index out of bounds
fix regression in join vertices post process.
Fix a leak in FBXDocument when duplicate object IDs are found
LWO fixes
Fix build error when building SimpleTexturedDirectx11 with VS2022.
Fix: Use C++17 compliant utf8 encoding.
remove debug message from MemoryIOStream
   2023-09-01 12:39:06 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
assimp: Fix usage of abs(3) without including stdlib.
   2023-07-18 20:34:31 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (9)
Log message:
multimedia: Adapt packages to USE_(CC|CXX)_FEATURES where possible
   2023-07-12 21:35:40 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
assimp: Require a recent enough GCC version.
   2023-04-26 21:32:56 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
assimp: update to 5.2.5.

What's Changed

    Add unittest to reproduce undefined behavior by @kimkulling in #4532
    Cleanups by @kimkulling in #4537
    Link static linkage for std_image. by @kimkulling in #4478
    fix msvc warnings-as-errors by @Gargaj in #4549
    Remove dll-export tags from static library builds. by @Underdisc in #4555
    Fix Import a specific FBX model will freeze the app #4395 by @Nor-s in #4554
    Create SECURITY.md by @kimkulling in #4565
    Pragma warnings cause build fail with MinGW by @ethaninfinity in #4564
    Fixed FBXConverter build error when using double precision by \ 
@matthewclendening in #4546
    Fix possible nullptr exception by @kimkulling in #4567
    [Experimental] New skeleton container for bones by @kimkulling in #4552
    Add support for GCC v12 by @PercentBoat4164 in #4578
    Remove unused variable. by @kovacsv in #4584
    Infinite loop on bad import files by @tanolino in #4534
    Utilize AI_CONFIG_IMPORT_REMOVE_EMPTY_BONES flag for Collada meshes. by \ 
@onurtore in #4585
    Fix Windows 32-bit builds by @Gargaj in #4581
    Fix GNUC check on Windows by @hgdagon in #4542
    Update the name of the package by @kimkulling in #4595
    Kimkulling/fix invalid opengex token match by @kimkulling in #4596
    Disable build for tools per default by @kimkulling in #4598
    Use mingw.include by @kimkulling in #4601
    Fix a memory leak by @kimkulling in #4605
    Try to fix issue 4238 by @kimkulling in #4609
    Fix nested animation name being lost in Collada by @luca-della-vedova in #4597
    chore: Included GitHub actions in the dependabot config by @naveensrinivasan \ 
in #4569
    Fix possible bad_alloc exception for an invalid file by @kimkulling in #4614
    Bump JesseTG/rm from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 by @dependabot in #4613
    Bump actions/cache from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #4612
    Kimkulling/fix texture loading 3MF, reladed issue-4568 by @kimkulling in #4619
    Bump actions/upload-artifact from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #4610
    Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in #4611
    I ran into an error while processing colored binary stl. Just a type but it \ 
better be fixed by @blackhorse-reddog in #4541
    Remove assertion test by @kimkulling in #4627
    Fix memory leak in D3MFOpcPackage by @kimkulling in #4629
    Fix typo in installation instructions for ubuntu. by @hectorpiteau in #4621
    Build fix for compiling against minizip. by @robertosfield in #4631
    Fix stl for over 4 GB by @tanolino in #4630
    Fix uninitialized variable. by @kimkulling in #4642
    Fixes Crash in Assimp::ObjFileMtlImporter::getFloatValue by @sashashura in #4647
    Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow in Assimp::ObjFileParser::getFace by @sashashura \ 
in #4646
    Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow in std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::… \ 
by @sashashura in #4645
    Fixes Heap-use-after-free in Assimp::DXFImporter::ExpandBlockReferences by \ 
@sashashura in #4644
    Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow in SuperFastHash by @sashashura in #4643
    ColladaParser - Store sid in mSID field by @luca-della-vedova in #4538
    Fix mingw include in assimp_cmd.rc by @Koekto-code in #4635
    Fix warnings that are causing build fails with specific build flags by \ 
@enginmanap in #4632
    Update version tag by @waebbl in #4656
    Improvements and optimizations for the obj-parsers. by @kimkulling in #4666
    Experiment: try to enable parallel build by @kimkulling in #4669
    Fixed typo by @Fiskmans in #4668
    Use [[fallthrough]]; to mark whished fallthroughs by @kimkulling in #4673
    Kimkulling/do not add dot when the extension is empty issue 4670 by \ 
@kimkulling in #4674
    Fixes Heap-buffer-overflow READ in \ 
Assimp::ASE::Parser::ParseLV1SoftSkinBlock by @sashashura in #4680
    Use unqualified uint32_t everywhere in FBXBinaryTokenizer by \ 
@villevoutilainen in #4678
    Fix problems setting DirectX_LIBRARY by @Koekto-code in #4681
    Added support for more bone weights in GLTF2 by @Promit in #4453
    (Mostly) Blender fixes by @turol in #4679
    [WIP] Use ai_Real to write correct accuracy by @kimkulling in #4697
    SMD fixes by @turol in #4699
    Remove exception on glTF 2.0 loading by @vkaytsanov in #4693
    Fix out-of-bounds reads in X3D importer by @turol in #4701
    Apply the modernize-use-emplace clang-tidy rule by @Skylion007 in #4700
    The Wrong object is created here! by @JG-Adams in #4704
    [WIP] Code cleanup and some new unittests for edge-cases. by @kimkulling in #4705
    clang-tidy: explicitly default all empty ctors and dtors by @Skylion007 in #4703
    fix vertices being joined duplicating weights by @Gargaj in #4707
    add missing light data to assbin import/export by @Gargaj in #4702
    Fix aiBone.mOffsetMatrix documentation by @ChrisBlueStone in #4713
    Minor obj export bugfix by @HiMemX in #4716
    Kimkulling/cleanup after reviewing by @kimkulling in #4715