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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.2.4, Package name: haproxy-2.2.4, Maintainer: morr

HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high
availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based
applications. It is particularly suited for web sites crawling under
very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.
Supporting tens of thousands of connections is clearly realistic with
todays hardware.

Required to run:
[security/openssl] [devel/pcre]

Required to build:

Package options: pcre, ssl

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SHA1: fd605ec1115f006a9f4ba91650dfa3bbfa40daa0
RMD160: 202b897893f94a27967972a756fcf83a471b0027
Filesize: 2806.816 KB

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   2020-10-09 10:20:45 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.2.4

- BUILD: threads: better workaround for late loading of libgcc_s
- BUG/MEDIUM: pattern: Renew the pattern expression revision when it is pruned
- BUG/MINOR: Fix type passed of sizeof() for calloc()
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: verifyhost is case sensitive
- BUG/MINOR: server: report correct error message for invalid port on \ 
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: Don't call ssl_sock_io_cb() directly.
- BUG/MINOR: ssl/crt-list: crt-list could end without a \n
- BUG/MINOR: h2/trace: do not display "stream error" after a frame ACK
- BUG/MINOR: http-fetch: Don't set the sample type during the htx prefetch
- BUG/MINOR: config: Fix memory leak on config parse listen
- BUG/MEDIUM: h2: report frame bits only for handled types
- BUG/MINOR: Fix memory leaks cfg_parse_peers
- MINOR: h2/trace: also display the remaining frame length in traces
- MINOR: backend: make the "whole" option of balance uri take only one bit
- MINOR: backend: add a new "path-only" option to "balance uri"
- REGTESTS: add a few load balancing tests
- BUG/MEDIUM: listeners: do not pause foreign listeners
- BUILD: trace: include tools.h
- REGTESTS: use "command" instead of "which" for better \ 
POSIX compatibility
- DOC: agent-check: fix typo in "fail" word expected reply
- BUG/MINOR: ssl/crt-list: exit on warning out of crtlist_parse_line()
- REGTEST: fix host part in balance-uri-path-only.vtc
- REGTEST: make agent-check.vtc require 1.8
- REGTEST: make abns_socket.vtc require 1.8
- REGTEST: make map_regm_with_backref require 1.7
   2020-09-29 11:45:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.2.3

- SCRIPTS: git-show-backports: make -m most only show the left branch
- SCRIPTS: git-show-backports: emit the shell command to backport a commit
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-h1: Refresh H1 connection timeout after a synchronous send
- CLEANUP: dns: typo in reported error message
- BUG/MAJOR: dns: disabled servers through SRV records never recover
- BUG/MINOR: spoa-server: fix size_t format printing
- DOC: spoa-server: fix false friends `actually`
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix memory leak at OCSP loading
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: memory leak of ocsp data at SSL_CTX_free()
- BUG/MEDIUM: map/lua: Return an error if a map is loaded during runtime
- MINOR: arg: Add an argument type to keep a reference on opaque data
- BUG/MINOR: converters: Store the sink in an arg pointer for debug() converter
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Duplicate map name to load it when a new Map object is created
- BUG/MINOR: arg: Fix leaks during arguments validation for fetches/converters
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Check argument type to convert it to IPv4/IPv6 arg validation
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Check argument type to convert it to IP mask in arg validation
- MINOR: hlua: Don't needlessly copy lua strings in trash during args validation
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Duplicate lua strings in sample fetches/converters arg array
- MEDIUM: lua: Don't filter exported fetches and converters
- BUG/MINOR: snapshots: leak of snapshots on deinit()
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix the ssl-skip-self-issued-ca option
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: ssl-skip-self-issued-ca requires >= 1.0.2
- BUG/MINOR: stats: use strncmp() instead of memcmp() on health states
- BUG/MEDIUM: htx: smp_prefetch_htx() must always validate the direction
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: never generates the chain from the verify store
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix ssl_bind_conf double free w/ wildcards
- BUG/MINOR: reload: do not fail when no socket is sent
- BUG/MEDIUM: http-ana: Don't wait to send 1xx responses received from servers
- MINOR: http-htx: Add an option to eval query-string when the path is replaced
- BUG/MINOR: http-rules: Replace path and query-string in \ 
"replace-path" action
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: crt-list negative filters don't work
- DOC: cache: Use '<name>' instead of '<id>' in error message
- MINOR: cache: Reject duplicate cache names
- BUILD: tools: include auxv a bit later
- BUILD: task: work around a bogus warning in gcc 4.7/4.8 at -O1
- BUG/MAJOR: contrib/spoa-server: Fix unhandled python call leading to memory leak
- BUG/MINOR: contrib/spoa-server: Ensure ip address references are freed
- BUG/MINOR: contrib/spoa-server: Do not free reference to NULL
- BUG/MINOR: contrib/spoa-server: Updating references to free in case of failure
- BUG/MEDIUM: contrib/spoa-server: Fix ipv4_address used instead of ipv6_address
- BUG/MINOR: startup: haproxy -s cause 100% cpu
- Revert "BUG/MINOR: http-rules: Replace path and query-string in \ 
"replace-path" action"
- BUG/MEDIUM: doc: Fix replace-path action description
- MINOR: http-rules: Add set-pathq and replace-pathq actions
- MINOR: http-fetch: Add pathq sample fetch
- REGTEST: Add a test for request path manipulations, with and without the QS
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: check OCSP calloc in ssl_sock_load_ocsp()
- MINOR: arg: Use chunk_destroy() to release string arguments
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: does not look for all SNIs before chosing a certificate
- BUG/MINOR: threads: work around a libgcc_s issue with chrooting
- BUILD: thread: limit the libgcc_s workaround to glibc only
- MINOR: Commit .gitattributes
- CLEANUP: Update .gitignore
- CLEANUP: dns: remove 45 "return" statements from \ 
- BUG/MEDIUM: dns: Don't store additional records in a linked-list
- BUG/MEDIUM: dns: Be sure to renew IP address for already known servers
- MINOR: server: Improve log message sent when server address is updated
- DOC: ssl-load-extra-files only applies to certificates on bind lines
- BUG/MINOR: auth: report valid crypto(3) support depending on build options
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-h1: always apply the timeout on half-closed connections
   2020-08-03 13:52:38 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.2.2

- BUG/MINOR: mux-fcgi: Don't url-decode the QUERY_STRING parameter anymore
- BUILD: tools: fix build with static only toolchains
- BUG/MINOR: debug: Don't dump the lua stack if it is not initialized
- BUG/MAJOR: dns: fix null pointer dereference in snr_update_srv_status
- BUG/MAJOR: dns: don't treat Authority records as an error
- MEDIUM: lua: Add support for the Lua 5.4
- BUG/MEDIUM: dns: Don't yield in do-resolve action on a final evaluation
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Abort execution of actions that yield on a final evaluation
- BUG/MINOR: tcp-rules: Preserve the right filter analyser on content eval abort
- BUG/MINOR: tcp-rules: Set the inspect-delay when a tcp-response action yields
- BUG/MEDIUM: connection: Be sure to always install a mux for sync connect
- MINOR: connection: Preinstall the mux for non-ssl connect
- MINOR: stream-int: Be sure to have a mux to do sends and receives
- SCRIPTS: announce-release: add the link to the wiki in the announce messages
- BUG/MEDIUM: backend: always attach the transport before installing the mux
- BUG/MEDIUM: tcp-checks: always attach the transport before installing the mux
   2020-07-24 12:46:22 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.2.1

- BUG/MINOR: sample: Free str.area in smp_check_const_bool
- BUG/MINOR: sample: Free str.area in smp_check_const_meth
- BUG/MEDIUM: lists: add missing store barrier on MT_LIST_BEHEAD()
- BUG/MEDIUM: lists: add missing store barrier in MT_LIST_ADD/MT_LIST_ADDQ
- CONTRIB: da: fix memory leak in dummy function da_atlas_open()
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-h2: Don't add private connections in available connection list
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-fcgi: Don't add private connections in available connection list
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-h1: Continue to process request when switching in tunnel mode
- BUG/MINOR: mux-fcgi: Handle empty STDERR record
- BUG/MINOR: mux-fcgi: Set conn state to RECORD_P when skipping the record padding
- BUG/MINOR: mux-fcgi: Set flags on the right stream field for empty FCGI_STDOUT
- BUG/MEDIUM: log: issue mixing sampled to not sampled log servers.
- BUG/MEDIUM: fcgi-app: fix memory leak in fcgi_flt_http_headers
- BUG/MEDIUM: server: resolve state file handle leak on reload
- BUG/MEDIUM: server: fix possibly uninitialized state file on close
- BUG/MEDIUM: channel: Be aware of SHUTW_NOW flag when output data are peeked
- BUILD: config: address build warning on raspbian+rpi4
- BUG/MAJOR: tasks: make sure to always lock the shared wait queue if needed
- BUILD: config: fix again bugs gcc warnings on calloc
- DOC: ssl: req_ssl_sni needs implicit TLS
- BUG/MEDIUM: arg: empty args list must be dropped
- BUG/MEDIUM: resolve: fix init resolving for ring and peers section.
- BUG/MAJOR: tasks: don't requeue global tasks into the local queue
- BUG/MAJOR: dns: Make the do-resolve action thread-safe
- BUG/MEDIUM: dns: Release answer items when a DNS resolution is freed
- MEDIUM: htx: Add a flag on a HTX message when no more data are expected
- BUG/MINOR: htx: add two missing HTX_FL_EOI and remove an unexpected one
- BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: Don't set MSG_MORE flag if no more data are expected
- BUG/MEDIUM: http-ana: Only set CF_EXPECT_MORE flag on data filtering
   2020-07-15 11:20:44 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.2.0

HAProxy 2.2.0 was released on 2020/07/07. It added 24 new commits
after version 2.2-dev12.

There were very few last-minute changes since dev12, just as I hoped,
that's pretty fine.

We're late by about 1 month compared to the initial planning, which is
not terrible and should be seen instead as an investment on the debugging
cycle since almost only bug fixes were merged during that period. In the
end you get a better version later.

While I was initially worried that this version didn't seem to contain
any outstanding changes, looking back in the mirror tells be it's another
awesome one instead:

  - dynamic content emission:
     - "http-request return" directive to build dynamic responses ;
     - rewrite of headers (including our own) after the response ;
     - dynamic error files (errorfiles can be used as templates to
       deliver personalized pages)

  - further improvements to TLS runtime certificates management:
     - insertion of new certificates
     - split of key and cert
     - manipulation and creation of crt-lists
     - even directories can be handled

    And by the way now TLSv1.2 is set as the default minimum version.

  - significant reduction of server-side resources by sharing idle
    connection pools between all threads ; till 2.1 if you had 64 threads,
    each of them had its own connections, so the reuse rate was lower, and
    the idle connection count was very high. This is not the case anymore.

  - health-checks were rewritten to all rely on tcp-check rules behind the
    curtains. This allowed to get rid of all the dirt we had accumulate over
    18 years and to write extensible checks. New ones are much easier to add.
    In addition we now have http-checks which support header and body
    addition, and which pass through muxes (HTTP/1 and HTTP/2).

  - ring buffer creation with ability to forward any event to any log server
    including over TCP. This means that it's now possible to log over a TCP
    syslog server, and that adding new protocols should be fairly easy.

  - further refined and improved debugging (symbols in panic dumps, malloc
    debugging, more activity counters)

  - the default security was improved. For example fork() is forbidden by
    default, which will block against any potential code execution (and
    will also block external checks by default unless explicitly unblocked).

  - new performance improvements in the scheduler and I/O layers, reducing
    the cost of I/O processing and overall latency. I've known from private
    discussions that some noticed tremendous gains there.

I'm pretty sure there are many other things but I don't remember, I'm
looking at my notes. I'm aware that HaproxyTech will soon post an in-depth
review on the haproxy.com blog so just have a look there for all the details.
(edit: it's already there: https://www.haproxy.com/blog/announcing-haproxy-2-2/

There are three things I noted during the development of this version.

The first one is that with the myriad of new tools we're using to help
users and improve our code quality (discourse, travis, cirrus, oss-fuzz,
mailing-list etc), some people really found their role in the project and
are becoming more autonomous. This definitely scales much better and helps
me spend less time on things that are not directly connected to my code
activities, so thank you very much for this (Lukas, Tim, Ilya, Cyril).

The second one is that this is the first version that has been tortured
in production long before the release. And when I'm saying "tortured", I
really mean it, because several of us were suffering as well. But it
allowed to address very serious issues that would have been a nightmare
to debug and fix post-release. For this I really want to publicly thank
William Dauchy for all his work and involvement on this, and for all the
very detailed reports he's sent us. For me this is the proof that running
code early on very limited traffic is enough to catch unacceptable bugs
that will not hit you later. And this pays off because he will be able to
deploy 2.2 soon without sweating. Others might face bugs that were not in
the perimeter he tested, hehe :-) I really encourage anyone who can to do
this. I know it's not easy and can be risky, but with some organization
and good prod automation it's possible and is great. What's nice with
reporting bugs during development is that you have a safe version to roll
back to and it can take the time it takes to fix the bug, it's not a
problem! Please think about it and what it would imply for you to adopt
such a model, it's a real time saver and risk saver for your production.

The last one is that we started to use the -next branch to queue some
pending work (that was already merged) and that the principle of finishing
one version while we're starting to queue some work for the next one is
well accepted and will help really us. I'd like this to continue and grow
in importance.

Enough talking, now's time to download and update, and for me to leave to
have dinner :-)
   2020-06-20 10:33:32 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.1.7

- BUG/MAJOR: http-htx: Don't forget to copy error messages from defaults section
   2020-06-08 14:13:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.1.6

- Revert "BUG/MEDIUM: connections: force connections cleanup on server \ 
- SCRIPTS: publish-release: pass -n to gzip to remove timestamp
- BUG/MINOR: peers: fix internal/network key type mapping.
- BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Reset analyse expiration timeout before executing a lua action
- BUG/MEDIUM: http-htx: Duplicate error messages as raw data instead of string
- BUG/MEDIUM: hlua: Lock pattern references to perform set/add/del operations
- BUG/MEDIUM: contrib/prometheus-exporter: Properly set flags to dump metrics
- BUG/MEDIUM: mworker: fix the copy of options in copy_argv()
- BUG/MINOR: init: -x can have a parameter starting with a dash
- BUG/MINOR: init: -S can have a parameter starting with a dash
- BUG/MEDIUM: mworker: fix the reload with an -- option
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix a trash buffer leak in some error cases
- BUG/MINOR: mworker: fix a memleak when execvp() failed
   2020-06-08 13:24:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
haproxy: updated to 2.1.5

- BUG/MINOR: protocol_buffer: Wrong maximum shifting.
- MINOR: ssl: improve the errors when a crt can't be open
- BUG/MINOR: ssl/cli: memory leak in 'set ssl cert'
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: memleak of the struct cert_key_and_chain
- BUG/MINOR: connection: always send address-less LOCAL PROXY connections
- BUG/MINOR: peers: Incomplete peers sections should be validated.
- DOC: hashing: update link to hashing functions
- MINOR: version: Show uname output in display_version()
- DOC: Improve documentation on http-request set-src
- BUG/MINOR: ssl: default settings for ssl server options are not used
- BUG/MEDIUM: http-ana: Handle NTLM messages correctly.
- BUG/MINOR: tools: fix the i386 version of the div64_32 function
- BUG/MINOR: http: make url_decode() optionally convert '+' to SP
- DOC: option logasap does not depend on mode
- MEDIUM: memory: make pool_gc() run under thread isolation
- MINOR: contrib: make the peers wireshark dissector a plugin
- BUG/MINOR: check: Update server address and port to execute an external check
- MINOR: checks: Add a way to send custom headers and payload during http chekcs
- BUG/MINOR: checks: Respect the no-check-ssl option
- BUG/MEDIUM: server/checks: Init server check during config validity check
- BUG/MINOR: checks: chained expect will not properly wait for enough data
- BUG/MINOR: obj_type: Handle stream object in obj_base_ptr() function
- BUG/MINOR: mux-fcgi: Be sure to have a connection as session's origin to use it
- BUG/MEDIUM: capture: capture-req/capture-res converters crash without a stream
- BUG/MEDIUM: capture: capture.{req,res}.* crash without a stream
- BUG/MEDIUM: http: the "http_first_req" sample fetch could crash \ 
without a steeam
- BUG/MEDIUM: http: the "unique-id" sample fetch could crash without a \ 
- BUG/MEDIUM: sample: make the CPU and latency sample fetches check for a stream
- BUG/MEDIUM: listener: mark the thread as not stuck inside the loop
- MINOR: threads: export the POSIX thread ID in panic dumps
- BUG/MINOR: debug: properly use long long instead of long for the thread ID
- BUG/MEDIUM: shctx: really check the lock's value while waiting
- BUG/MEDIUM: shctx: bound the number of loops that can happen around the lock
- MINOR: stream: report the list of active filters on stream crashes
- MINOR: haproxy: export run_poll_loop
- MINOR: tools: add new function dump_addr_and_bytes()
- MINOR: tools: add resolve_sym_name() to resolve function pointers
- MINOR: debug: use resolve_sym_name() to dump task handlers
- MINOR: cli: make "show fd" rely on resolve_sym_name()
- MEDIUM: debug: add support for dumping backtraces of stuck threads
- MINOR: debug: call backtrace() once upon startup
- BUILD: Makefile: include librt before libpthread
- MINOR: wdt: do not depend on USE_THREAD
- MINOR: debug: report the number of entries in the backtrace
- MINOR: debug: improve backtrace() on aarch64 and possibly other systems
- MINOR: debug: use our own backtrace function on clang+x86_64
- MINOR: debug: dump the whole trace if we can't spot the starting point
- BUILD: tools: unbreak resolve_sym_name() on non-GNU platforms
- BUILD: tools: rely on __ELF__ not USE_DL to enable use of dladdr()
- BUILD: Makefile: add linux-musl to TARGET
- REGTEST: ssl: test the client certificate authentication
- REGTEST: http-rules: Require PCRE or PCRE2 option to run map_redirect script
- Revert "BUG/MINOR: connection: always send address-less LOCAL PROXY \ 
- Revert "BUG/MINOR: connection: make sure to correctly tag local PROXY \ 
- BUG/MINOR: checks/server: use_ssl member must be signed
- BUG/MINOR: checks: Compute the right HTTP request length for HTTP health checks
- BUG/MINOR: checks: Remove a warning about http health checks
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux_fcgi: Free the FCGI connection at the end of fcgi_release()
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-fcgi: Fix wrong test on FCGI_CF_KEEP_CONN in fcgi_detach()
- BUG/MEDIUM: connections: force connections cleanup on server changes
- BUG/MEDIUM: h1: Don't compare host and authority if only h1 headers are parsed
- BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: fix the id length check within smp_fetch_ssl_fc_session_id()
- CLEANUP: connections: align function declaration
- BUG/MINOR: sample: Set the correct type when a binary is converted to a string
- BUG/MINOR: threads: fix multiple use of argument inside HA_ATOMIC_CAS()
- BUG/MINOR: threads: fix multiple use of argument inside \ 
- BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Fix dumping of stick table entries for STD_T_DICT
- BUG/MINOR: config: Make use_backend and use-server post-parsing less obscur
- BUG/MINOR: http-ana: fix NTLM response parsing again
- BUG/MEDIUM: http_ana: make the detection of NTLM variants safer
- BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: Abort parsing the current line if an invalid \x sequence \ 
is encountered
- BUG/MINOR: pools: use %u not %d to report pool stats in "show pools"
- BUG/MINOR: pollers: remove uneeded free in global init
- BUG/MINOR: soft-stop: always wake up waiting threads on stopping
- BUILD: select: only declare existing local labels to appease clang
- BUG/MEDIUM: streams: Remove SF_ADDR_SET if we're retrying due to L7 retry.
- BUG/MEDIUM: stream: Only allow L7 retries when using HTTP.
- BUG/MINOR: cache: Don't needlessly test "cache" keyword in \ 
- BUG/MAJOR: mux-fcgi: Stop sending loop if FCGI stream is blocked for any reason
- BUG/MEDIUM: ring: write-lock the ring while attaching/detaching
- BUG/MINOR: checks: Respect check-ssl param when a port or an addr is specified
- BUG/MINOR: server: Fix server_finalize_init() to avoid unused variable
- DOC: retry-on can only be used with mode http
- DOC/MINOR: halog: Add long help info for ic flag
- DOC: SPOE is no longer experimental
- BUG/MINOR: logs: prevent double line returns in some events.
- REGTESTS: checks: Fix tls_health_checks when IPv6 addresses are used
- BUG/MEDIUM: logs: fix trailing zeros on log message.
- BUG/MINOR: lua: Add missing string length for lua sticktable lookup
- BUG/MINOR: nameservers: fix error handling in parsing of resolv.conf