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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.8, Package name: ndpi-4.8, Maintainer: adam

nDPI is an open source LGPLv3 library for deep-packet inspection. Based on
OpenDPI it includes ntop extensions. We have tried to push them into the OpenDPI
source tree but nobody answered emails so we have decided to create our own
source tree.

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   2023-11-20 18:57:31 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
ndpi: updated to 4.8

4.8 Stable

Major Changes

Reworked lists implementation that decreased memory usage of orders of magnitude
Improved code robustness via extensive code fuzzing
Various improvements to overall library performance
Extended IPv6 support

New Supported Protocols and Services

Add "Heroes of the Storm" video game signature detection.
Add Apache Thrift protocol dissector.
Add Remote Management Control Protocol (RMCP).
Add Service Location Protocol dissector.
Add VK detection
Add Yandex services detection
Add a new protocol id for generic Adult Content traffic
Add a new protocol id for generic advertisement/analytics/tracking stuff
Add bitcoing protocol dissector.
Add detection of Roblox games
Add support for (un-encrypted) HTTP/2
Add support for Epic Games and GeForceNow/Nvidia
Add support for SRTP
Added BACnet dissector.
Added HAProxy protocol.
Added OICQ dissector.
Added OperaVPN detection
ProtonVPN: add basic detection
Added detection of Facebook Reels and Stories
Add an heuristic to detect fully encrypted flows


Improve protocol detection for:
FreeBSD compilation fix (C) update
Gnutella: improve detection
H323: fix false positives
HTTP: fix another memory access error
HTTP: fix extraction of filename
HTTP: fix heap-buffer-overflow
HTTP: improve extraction of metadata and of flow risks
HTTP: remove useless code about XBOX
HTTP: rework state machine
Hangout: detect Hangout/Duo/GoogleMeet/... in the STUN code
Enhance DNS risk for long hostnames (> 32)
Enhanced MS teams STUN/Azure detection
Enhanced custom port definition and improved error reporting in case of duplications
Improve detection of Alibaba flows
Improve detection of crawler/bot traffic
Improve detection of crawlers/bots
Improved MGCP detection by allowing '\r' as line feed.
Improved MS Teams detection with heuristic
Improved Steam detection by adding steamdiscover pattern.
Improved Wireguard detection
Improved checks for duplicated entries in protocols file
Improved classification further reducing memory used
Improved detection of invalid chars in DNS names
Improved domain search tet unit
Improved helper scripts.
MS Teams enhancement
MySql: improve detection
zabbix: improve detection


ndpiReader: allow to configure LRU caches TTL and size
ndpiReader: fix VXLAN de-tunneling
ndpiReader: fix export of DNS/BitTorrent attributes
ndpiReader: fix export of HTTP attributes
ndpiReader: fix flow stats
ndpiReader: fix print of flow payload
ndpiReader: improve printing of payload statistics
ndpiReader: print how many packets (per flow) were needed to perform full DPI
ndpireader: fix detection of DoH traffic based on packet distributions


ARM compilation fix
Add ndpi_domain_classify_finalize() function
Add a configuration knob to enable/disable loading of gambling list
Add a new flow risk about literal IP addresses used as SNI
Add an heuristic to detect/ignore some anomalous TCP ACK packets
Add another example of custom rules
Add support for multiline json
Add support for roaring_bitmap_xor_inplace
Add support for vxlan decapsulation
Added Source Engine dissector.
Added lists/gambling.list to extra dist.
Added slackb.com SNI.
Added ability to define an unlimited number of custom rules IP:port for the same \ 
IP (it used tobe limited to 2)
Added check to avoid skype heuristic false positives
Added comment
Added coverage targets to Makefile.am for convenience.
Added fix for better handling exceptions rollback in case of later match
Added hyperlink
Added ndpi_binary_bitmap data structure
Added ndpi_bitmap64 support
Added ndpi_bitmap_andnot API call
Added ndpi_bitmap_copy() API call
Added ndpi_bitmap_is_empty() and ndpi_bitmap_optimize() API calls
Added ndpi_domain_classify_XXX(0 API
Added ndpi_filter_add_multi() API call
Added ndpi_murmur_hash to the nDPI API
Added new API calls for implementing Bloom-filter like data structures
Added printf/fprintf replacement for some internal modules.
Added scripts to auto generate hostname/SNI *.inc files.
Added sub-domain classification fix
Added the ability to define custom protocols with arbitrary Ids in proto.txt
Added vlan_id in ndpi_flow2json() prototype
Adds new pcap for testing "funny" HTTP servers
All protocols should be excluded sooner or later
Allow init of app protocols w/o any hostnames set.
Avoid calling ndpi_reconcile_protocols() twice in ndpi_detection_giveup()
Boundary check
CI: fix Performance job
Centos7 fixes
Changed logging callback function sig.
Changes for supporting more efficient sub-string matching
Classification fixes
DNS: extract geolocation information, if available
Debian 12 fixes
Disabled query string validation in MDNS in order to avoid zapping chars that in \ 
DNS (instead) are not permitted
DisneyPlus/Hulu ip lists should be auto-generated
Extend content list of Microsoft protocols
Extend content-match list
Fix LRU/Patricia/Automa stats in ndpiReader with multiple threads
Fix MS Teams detection with heuristic
Fix access to packet/flow information
Fix an heap-buffer-overflow
Fix classification-by-ip in ndpi_detection_giveup
Fix compilation
Fix compilation in CI jobs
Fix compilation on Windows
Fix compilation with GCC-7 and latest RoaringBitmap code
Fix detection of packet direction and NDPI_UNIDIRECTIONAL_TRAFFIC risk
Fix export/serialization of flow->risk
Fix for buffer overflow in serialization
Fix insert of ip addresses into patricia tree(s)
Fix missing u_char, u_short and u_int typedefs for some platforms e.g.:
Fix packet counters
Fix some errors found by fuzzers
Fix some memory errors triggered by allocation failures
Fix some prototypes
Fix string truncation.
Fixed OpenWRT arm related build issues.
Fixed heap-buffer-overflow issue
Fixed heap-overflow if compiled with --enable-tls-sigs.
Fixed invalid use of ndpi_free(). Sorry, my fault.
Fixed missing AS_HELP_STRING in configure.ac.
Fixed two OpenWRT arm related build issues.
Fixes matches with domain name strings that start with a dot
Fixes risk mask exception handling while improving the overall performance
Implemented Count-Min Sketch [count how many times a value has been observed]
Implemented Zoom/Teams stream type detection
Implemented ndpi_XXX_reset() API calls whre XXX is ses, des, hw
Implemented ndpi_predict_linear() for predicting a timeseries value overtime
Improved debug output.
Improved invalid logging via printf().
Improved line protocol dissection with heuristic
Improved missing usage of nDPIs malloc wrapper.
Improved protocol detection exploiting IP-based guess Reworked \ 
ndpi_reconcile_protocols() that is now called only in front of a match (less \ 
Improvement for reducing false positives
Included Gambling website data from the Polish hazard.mf.gov.pl list
Keep master protocol in ndpi_reconcile_protocols
Leak fix
Language fix
Line: fix heap-buffer-overflow error
Made VK protocol detection more strict
Make Bittorrent LRU cache IPv6 aware.
Merged new and old version of ndpi_domain_classify.c code
Mullvad VPN service added (based on entry node IP addresses)
Numeric truncation at ndpi_analyze.c at lines 101, 104, 107, 110
Numeric truncation at tls.c:1010
Ookla: rework detection
Optimizes and fixes possible out0of0boundary write in ndpi_fill_prefix_v4()
ProtonVPN: split the ip list
QUIC: add support for QUIC version 2
QUIC: export QUIC version as metadata
QUIC: fix a memory access error
QUIC: fix dissection of packets forcing VN
RDP: improve detection over UDP
RTP: remove dead-code
RTP: rework code
Refreshed ASN lists Enhanced the Line IP list with \ 
https://ipinfo.io/AS23576/ used by line
Remove some useless checks
Remove special handling of some TCP flows without SYN
Removed overlapping port
Renamed HTTP/2 to HTTP2 as the '/' can have side effects with applications \ 
sitting on top of nDPI
Replaces free() with ndpi_free()
Rework CI jobs to try reducing CI duration
Reworked domain classification based on binary filters
Reworked initialization
Reworked ndpi_filter_xxx implementation using compressed bitmaps
Reworked teams handling
RiotGames: add detection of flows
STUN: add dissection of DTLS handshake
STUN: avoid FacebookVoip false positives
STUN: fix Skype/MsTeams detection and monitoring logic
STUN: fix detection of Google Voip apps
STUN: fix detection over TCP
STUN: improve WhatsappCall detection
STUN: keep monitoring/processing STUN flows
STUN: tell RTP from RTCP while in monitoring state
Serialization fix
Simplify ndpi_internal_guess_undetected_protocol()
Simplify the report of streaming multimedia info
SoftEther: fix invalid memory access
Swap from Aho-Corasick to an experimental/home-grown algorithm that uses a \ 
probabilistic approach for handling Internet domain names.
Sync unit tests results
Sync unit tests results
Sync unit tests results
Sync utests results
TLS: add basic, basic, detection of Encrypted ClientHello
TLS: fix another interger overflow in certificate processing
TLS: fix parsing of certificate elements
Test files for riit games
Test multiple ndpiReader configurations
Thrift: fix heap-buffer-overflow
Update GitHub runners versions
Update every ip lists
Update libinjection code
Update protocols documentation
Update roaring bitmap code
Updated line test result
Updated pcap detection results after Facebook Reel/Stories support
Updated results
Updated results after the latest changes
Win include change
Windows code rework
Windows compilation fixes
Windows warning checks
add 2 ns from fdn.fr to DoH section
add support for gre decapsulation
added bimap and/or with allocation
added feature to extract filename from http attachment
added new domain names
configure: add an option to enable debug build, i.e -g
fix Stack overflow caused by invalid write in ndpi_automa_match_strin…
fixed numeric truncation error
fixed numeric truncation error in diameter.c
fixed numeric truncation error in kerberos.c
fixed numeric truncation error in ndpi_main.c:6837
fixed numeric truncation error in rtcp.c
fuzz: add a new fuzzer to test TLS certificates
fuzz: add a new fuzzer triggering the payload analyzer function(s)
fuzz: add fuzzer for DGA detection code
fuzz: add fuzzer to test internal gcrypt code
fuzz: add fuzzers to test bitmap64 and domain_classify data structures
fuzz: add fuzzers to test reader_util code
fuzz: extend coverage
fuzz: extend fuzz coverage
fuzz: extend fuzzers coverage
fuzz: extend fuzzing coverage
fuzz: extend fuzzing coverage
fuzz: extend fuzzing coverage
fuzz: simplify fuzzers dependencies in CIFuzz
fuzz: some improvements and add two new fuzzers
fuzzing: extend fuzzing coverage
in case of failure, failing result files are not listed
minor fixes
oss-fuzz: sync build script with upstream
remove redefinition to vxlanhdr struct in vxlan dissector
removed useless call of ndpi_set_risk func
tests: add an option to force the overwrite of the unit tests results
tests: restore some old paths as symbolic links
tftp: check for Option Acknowledgements
tftp: check incrementation for DATA and ACK packets
tftp: rework request checking to account for options
tftp: update pcap results
version of dirent.c that is liked by both VC++ and MinGW
   2023-11-07 23:31:11 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
net/ndpi: in gcrypt, don't conditionalize definition of bswap_64().

This fixes the build for NetBSD/macppc.
OK'ed by adam@
   2023-06-29 20:03:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ndpi: updated to 4.6

nDPI 4.6

New Features

New support for custom BPF protocol definition using nBPF (see example/protos.txt)
Improved dissection performance
Added fuzzing all over
New Supported Protocols and Services

Add protocol detection for:
AliCloud server access
Line App and Line VoIP calls
Meraki Cloud
TP-LINK Smart Home
SoftEther VPN

Improve protocol detection for:
Bittorrent (fix confidence, detection over TCP)
DNS, add ability to decode DNS PTR records used for reverse address resolution
DTLS (handle certificate fragments)
Facebook Voip calls
FastCGI (dissect PARAMS)
FortiClient (update default ports)
Add Zoom screen share detection
Add detection of Zoom peer-to-peer flows in STUN
Hangout/Duo Voip calls detection, optimize lookups in the protocol tree
Handling of HTTP-Proxy and HTTP-Connect
HTTP subclassification
Check for empty/missing user-agent in HTTP
IRC (credentials check)
Kerberos (support for Krb-Error messages)
MONGODB (avoid false positives)
QUIC (support for 0-RTT packets received before the initial)
Snapchat Voip calls
SMB (support for messages split into multiple TCP segments)
SMTP (support for X-ANONYMOUSTLS command)
SKYPE (improve detection over UDP, remove detection over TCP)
Teamspeak3 (License/Weblist detection)
Threema Messenger
TINC (avoid processing SYN packets)
improve reassembler
handling of ALPN(s) and subclassification
ignore invalid Content Type values
Add flow risk:
NDPI_MINOR_ISSUES (generic/relevant information about issues found on traffic)
NDPI_HTTP_OBSOLETE_SERVER (Apache and nginx are supported)
NDPI_PERIODIC_FLOW (reserved bit to be used by apps based on nDPI)
Improve detection of WebShell and PHP code in HTTP URLs that is reported via \ 
flow risk
Improve DGA detection
Improve AES-NI check
Improve nDPI JSON serialization
Improve export/print of L4 protocol information
Improve connection refused detection
Add statistics for Patricia tree, Ahocarasick automa, LRU cache
Add a generic (optional and configurable) expiration logic in LRU caches
Add RTP stream type in flow metadata
LRU cache is now IPv6 aware

Add support for Linux Cooked Capture v2
Fix packet dissection (CAPWAP and TSO)
Fix Discarded bytes statistics

Fix classification by-port
Fix exclusion of DTLS protocol
Fix undefined-behaviour in ahocorasick callback
Fix infinite loop when a custom rule has port 65535
Fix undefined-behavior when setting empty user-agent
Fix infinite loop in DNS dissector (due to an integer overflow)
Fix JSON export of IPv6 addresses
Fix memory corruptions in Bittorrent, HTTP, SoftEther, Florensia, QUIC, IRC, \ 
TFTP dissectors
Fix stop of extra dissection in HTTP, Bittorrent, Kerberos
Fix signed integer overflow in ASN1/BER dissector
Fix char/uchar bug in ahocorasick
Fix endianess in IP-Port lookup
Fix FastCGI memory allocation issue
Fix metadata extraction in NAT-PMP
Fix invalid unidirectional traffic alert for unidirectional protocols (e.g. sFlow)

Support for Rocky Linux 9
Enhance fuzzers to test nDPI configurations, memory allocation failures, \ 
serialization/deserialization, algorithms and data structures
GitHub Actions: update to Node.js 16
Size of LRU caches is now configurable
   2022-03-28 21:24:14 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
ndpi:updated to 4.2

nDPI4.2 (Feb 2022)

New Features
- Add a "confidence" field indicating the reliability of the classification
- Add risk exceptions for services and domain names via \ 
- Add ability to report whether a protocol is encrypted

New Supported Protocols and Services
- Add protocol detection for:
  - Badoo
  - Cassandra
  - EthernetIP

- Reduce memory footprint
- Improve protocol detection for:
  - BitTorrent
  - ICloud Private Relay
  - Log4J/Log4Shell
  - Microsoft Azure
  - Pandora TV
  - RTP
  - RTSP
  - Salesforce
  - STUN
  - Whatsapp
  - QUICv2
  - Zoom
- Add flow risk:
- Update WhatsAPP and Instagram addresses
- Update the list of default ports for QUIC
- Update WindowsUpdate URLs
- Add support for the .goog Google TLD
- Add googletagmanager.com
- Add bitmaps and API for handling compressed bitmaps
- Add JA3 in risk exceptions
- Add entropy calculation to check for suspicious (encrypted) payload
- Add extraction of hostname in SMTP
- Add RDP over UDP dissection
- Add support for TLS over IPV6 in Subject Alt Names field
- Improve JSON and CSV serialization
- Improve IPv6 support for almost all dissectors
- Improve CI and unit tests, add arm64, armhf and s390x as part of CI
- Improve WHOIS detection, reduce false positives
- Improve DGA detection for skipping potential DGAs of known/popular domain names
- Improve user agent analysis
- Reworked HTTP protocol dissection including HTTP proxy and HTTP connect

- TLS obsolete protocol is set when TLS < 1.2 (used to be 1.1)
- Numeric IPs are not considered for DGA checks
- Differentiate between standard Amazon stuff (i.e market) and AWS
- Remove Playstation VUE protocol
- Remove pandora.tv from Pandora protocol
- Remove outdated SoulSeek dissector

- Fix race conditions
- Fix dissectors to be big-endian friendly
- Fix heap overflow in realloc wrapper
- Fix errors in Kerberos, TLS, H323, Netbios, CSGO, Bittorrent
- Fix wrong tuple comparison
- Fix ndpi_serialize_string_int64
- Fix Grease values parsing
- Fix certificate mismatch check
- Fix null-dereference read for Zattoo with IPv6
- Fix dissectors initialization for XBox, Diameter
- Fix confidence for STUN classifications
- Fix FreeBSD support
- Fix old GQUIC versions on big-endian machines
- Fix aho-corasick on big-endian machines
- Fix DGA false positive
- Fix integer overflow for QUIC
- Fix HTTP false positives
- Fix SonarCloud-CI support
- Fix clashes setting the hostname on similar protocols (FTP, SMTP)
- Fix some invalid TLS guesses
- Fix crash on ARM (Raspberry)
- Fix DNS (including fragmented DNS) dissection
- Fix parsing of IPv6 packets with extension headers
- Fix extraction of Realm attribute in STUN
- Fix support for START-TLS sessions in FTP
- Fix TCP retransmissions for multiple dissectors
- Fix DES initialisation
- Fix Git protocol dissection
- Fix certificate mismatch for TLS flows with no client hello observed
- Fix old versions of GQUIC on big-endian machines

- Add tool for generating automatically the Azure IP list

nDPI 4.0 (July 2021)

New Features
- Add API for computing RSI (Relative Strenght Index)
- Add GeoIP support
- Add fragments management
- Add API for jitter calculation
- Add single exponential smoothing API
- Add timeseries forecasting support implementing Holt-Winters with confidence \ 
- Add support for MAC to radi tree and expose the full API to applications
- Add JA3+, with ALPN and elliptic curve
- Add double exponential smoothing implementation
- Extended API for managing flow risks
- Add flow risk score
- New flow risks:
  - Desktop or File Sharing Session
  - HTTP suspicious content (useful for tracking trickbot)
  - Malicious JA3
  - Malicious SHA1
  - Risky domain
  - Risky AS
  - TLS Certificate Validity Too Long
  - TLS Suspicious Extension

New Supported Protocols and Services
- New protocols:
  - AmongUs
  - AVAST SecureDNS
  - CPHA (CheckPoint High Availability Protocol)
  - DisneyPlus
  - DTLS
  - Genshin Impact
  - HP Virtual Machine Group Management (hpvirtgrp)
  - Mongodb
  - Pinterest
  - Reddit
  - Snapchat VoIP calls
  - Tumblr
  - Virtual Asssitant (Alexa, Siri)
  - Z39.50
- Add protocols to HTTP as subprotocols
- Add detection of TLS browser type
- Add connectionless DCE/RPC detection

  - 2.5x speed bump. Example ndpiReader with a long mixed pcap
       v3.4 - nDPI throughput:       1.29 M pps / 3.35 Gb/sec
       v4.0 - nDPI throughput:       3.35 M pps / 8.68 Gb/sec
 - Improve detection/dissection of:
  - AnyDesk
  - DNS
  - Hulu
  - DCE/RPC (avoid false positives)
  - dnscrypt
  - Facebook (add new networks)
  - Fortigate
  - FTP Control
  - HTTP
    - Fix user-agent parsing
    - Fix logs when NDPI_ENABLE_DEBUG_MESSAGES is defined
  - IEC104
  - IEC60870
  - IRC
  - Netbios
  - Netflix
  - Ookla speedtest (detection over IPv6)
  - openspeedtest.com
  - Outlook / MicrosoftMail
  - QUIC
    - update to draft-33
    - improve handling of SNI
    - support for fragmented Client Hello
    - support for DNS-over-QUIC
  - RTSP
  - RTSP via HTTP
  - SNMP (reimplemented)
  - Skype
  - SSH
  - Steam (Steam Datagram Relay - SDR)
  - STUN (avoid false positives, improved Skype detection)
  - TeamViewer (add new hosts)
  - TOR (update hosts)
  - TLS
    - Certificate Subject matching
    - Check for common ALPNs
    - Reworked fingerprint calculation
    - Fix extraction for TLS signature algorithms
    - Fix ClientHello parsing
  - UPnP
  - wireguard
- Improve DGA detection
- Improve JA3
- Improve Mining detection
- Improve string matching algorithm
- Improve ndpi_pref_enable_tls_block_dissection
- Optimize speed and memory size
- Update ahocorasick library
- Improve subprotocols detection

- Fix partial application matching
- Fix multiple segfault and leaks
- Fix uninitialized memory use
- Fix release of patterns allocated in ndpi_add_string_to_automa
- Fix return value of ndpi_match_string_subprotocol
- Fix setting of flow risks on 32 bit machines
- Fix TLS certificate threshold
- Fix a memory error in TLS JA3 code
- Fix false positives in Z39.50
- Fix off-by-one memory error for TLS-JA3
- Fix bug in ndpi_lru_find_cache
- Fix invalid xbox and playstation port guesses
- Fix CAPWAP tunnel decoding
- Fix parsing of DLT_PPP datalink type
- Fix dissection of QUIC initial packets coalesced with 0-RTT one
- Fix parsing of GTP headers
- Add bitmap boundary checks

- Update download category name
- Update category labels
- Renamed Skype in Skype_Teams (the protocol is now shared across these apps)
- Add IEC analysis wireshark plugin
- Flow risk visualization in Wireshark
- ndpiReader
  - add statistics about nDPI performance
  - fix memory leak
  - fix collecting of risks statistics
- Move installed libraries from /usr/local to /usr
- Improve NDPI_API_VERSION generation
- Update ndpi_ptree_match_addr prototype
   2021-10-26 13:07:15 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (958)
Log message:
net: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Not committed (merge conflicts...):


The following distfiles could not be fetched (fetched conditionally?):

./net/citrix_ica/distinfo citrix_ica-10.6.115659/en.linuxx86.tar.gz
./net/djbdns/distinfo dnscache-1.05-multiple-ip.patch
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-test28.diff.xz
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-ignoreip2.patch
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-multiip.diff
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-cachestats.patch
   2021-10-07 16:43:07 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (962)
Log message:
net: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-06-23 21:31:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
ndpi: updated to 3.4

3.4 Stable

New Features

Completely reworked and extended QUIC dissector
Added flow risk concept to move nDPI towards result interpretation
Added ndpi_dpi2json() API call
Added DGA risk for names that look like a DGA
Added HyperLogLog cardinality estimator API calls
Added ndpi_bin_XXX API calls to handle bin handling
Fully fuzzy tested code that has greatly improved reliability and robustness

New Supported Protocols and Services

TLS: added ESNI support


Python CFFI bindings
Various TLS extensions and fixes including extendede metadata support
Added various pcap files for testing corner cases in protocols
Various improvements in JSON/Binary data serialization
IEC 60870-5-104
DoH/DoT dissection improvements
Office365 renamed to Microsoft365
Major protocol dissection improvement in particular with unknwon traffic
Improvement in Telegram v6 protocol support
HTTP improvements to detect file download/upload and binary files
BitTorrent and WhatsApp dissection improvement
Added detection of malformed packets
Fuzzy testing support has been greatly improved
SSH code cleanup


Fixed various memory leaks and race conditions in protocol decoding
NATS, CAPWAP dissector
Removed HyperScan support that greatly simplified the code
ARM platform fixes on memory alignment
Wireshark extcap support
DPDK support
OpenWRT, OpenBSD support
MINGW compiler support


Created demo app for nDPI newcomers
Removed obsolete pplive and pando protocols
   2020-05-25 22:25:22 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
ndpi: updated to 3.2

nDPI 3.2:

New Features
* New API calls
  * Protocol detection: ndpi_is_protocol_detected
  * Categories: ndpi_load_categories_file / ndpi_load_category
  * JSON/TLV serialization: ndpi_serialize_string_boolean / \ 
  * Patricia tree: ndpi_load_ipv4_ptree
  * Module initialization: ndpi_init_detection_module / ndpi_finalize_initalization
  * Base64 encoding: ndpi_base64_encode
  * JSON exprot: ndpi_flow2json
  * Print protocol: ndpi_get_l4_proto_name / ndpi_get_l4_proto_info
* Libfuzz integration
* Implemented Community ID hash (API call ndpi_flowv6_flow_hash and \ 
* Detection of RCE in HTTP GET requests via PCRE
* Integration of the libinjection library to detect SQL injections and XSS type \ 
attacks in HTTP requests

New Supported Protocols and Services
  * Added ALPN support
  * Added export of supported version in TLS header
* Added Telnet dissector with metadata extraction
* Added Zabbix dissector
* Added POP3/IMAP metadata extraction
* Added FTP user/password extraction
* Added NetBIOS metadata extraction
* Added Kerberos metadata extraction
* Implemented SQL Injection and XSS attack detection
* Host-based detection improvements and changes
  * Added Microsoft range
  * Added twitch.tv website
  * Added brasilbandalarga.com.br and .eaqbr.com.br as EAQ
  * Added, range as Skype
  * Added range as Amazon
  * Added ^pastebin.com
  * Changed range from Skype to Microsoft
  * Refreshed Whatsapp server list, added *whatsapp-*.fbcdn.net IPs
* Added public DNSoverHTTPS servers

* Reworked and improved the TLS dissector
* Reworked Kerberos dissector
* Improved DNS response decoding
* Support for DNS continuous flow dissection
* Improved Python bindings
* Improved Ethereum support
* Improved categories detection with streaming and HTTP
* Support for IP-based detection to compute the application protocol
* Renamed protocol 104 to IEC60870 (more meaningful)
* Added failed authentication support with FTP
* Renamed DNSoverHTTPS to handle bot DoH and DoT
* Implemented stacked DPI decoding
* Improvements for CapWAP and Bloomberg
* Improved SMB dissection
* Improved SSH dissection
* Added capwap support
* Modified API signatures for ndpi_ssl_version2str / ndpi_detection_giveup
* Removed ndpi_pref_http_dont_dissect_response / \ 
ndpi_pref_dns_dont_dissect_response (replaced by ndpi_extra_dissection_possible)

* Fixed memory invalid access in SMTP and leaks in TLS
* Fixed a few memory leaks
* Fixrd invalid memory access in a few protocol dissectors (HTTP, memcached, \ 
Citrix, STUN, DNS, Amazon Video, TLS, Viber)
* Fixed IPv6 address format across the various platforms/distributions
* Fixed infinite loop in ndpi_workflow_process_packet
* Fixed SHA1 certificate detection
* Fixed custom protocol detection
* Fixed SMTP dissection (including email)
* Fixed Telnet dissection and invalid password report
* Fixed invalid category matching in HTTP
* Fixed Skype and STUN false positives
* Fixed SQL Injection detection
* Fixed invalid SMBv1 detection
* Fixed SSH dissection
* Fixed ndpi_ssl_version2str
* Fixed ndpi_extra_dissection_possible
* Fixed out of bounds read in ndpi_match_custom_category

* ndpiReader
  * CSV output enhancements
  * Added tunnelling decapsulation
  * Improved HTTP reporting

nDPI 3.0:

New Features
* nDPI now reports the protocol ASAP even when specific fields have not yet been \ 
dissected because such packets have not yet been observed. This is important for \ 
inline applications that can immediately act on traffic. Applications that need \ 
full dissection need to call the new API function \ 
ndpi_extra_dissection_possible() to check if metadata dissection has been \ 
completely performed or if there is more to read before declaring it completed.
* TLS (formerly identified as SSL in nDPI v2.x) is now dissected more deeply, \ 
certificate validity is extracted as well certificate SHA-1.
* nDPIreader can now export data in CSV format with option `-C`
* Implemented Sequence of Packet Length and Time (SPLT) and Byte Distribution \ 
(BD) as specified by Cisco Joy (https://github.com/cisco/joy). This allows \ 
malware activities on encrypted TLS streams. Read more at \ 
  * Available as library and in `ndpiReader` with option `-J`
* Promoted usage of protocol categories rather than protocol identifiers in \ 
order to classify protocols. This allows application protocols to be clustered \ 
in families and thus better managed by users/developers rather than using \ 
hundred of protocols unknown to most of the people.
* Added Inter-Arrival Time (IAT) calculation used to detect protocol \ 
misbehaviour (e.g. slow-DoS detection)
* Added data analysis features for computign metrics such as entropy, average, \ 
stddev, variance on a single and consistent place that will prevent when \ 
possible. This should ease traffic analysis on monitoring/security applications. \ 
New API calls have been implemented such as ndpi_data_XXX() to handle these \ 
* Initial release of Python bindings available under nDPI/python.
* Implemented search of human readable strings for promoting data exfiltration \ 
  * Available as library and in `ndpiReader` with option `-e`
* Fingerprints
  * JA3 (https://github.com/salesforce/ja3)
  * HASSH (https://github.com/salesforce/hassh)
  * DHCP
* Implemented a library to serialize/deserialize data in both Type-Length-Value \ 
(TLV) and JSON format
  * Used by nProbe/ntopng to exchange data via ZMQ

New Supported Protocols and Services

* DTLS (i.e. TLS over UDP)
* Hulu
* TikTok/Musical.ly
* WhatsApp Video
* Datasaver
* Line protocol
* Google Duo and Hangout merged
* WireGuard VPN
* Zoom.us


  * Organizations
  * Ciphers
  * Certificate analysis
* Added PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE methods to SIP
* Implemented STUN cache to enhance matching of STUN-based protocols
* Dissection improvements
  * Viber
  * WhatsApp
  * AmazonVideo
  * SnapChat
  * FTP
  * QUIC
  * OpenVPN support for UDP-based VPNs
  * Facebook Messenger mobile
  * Various improvements for STUN, Hangout and Duo
* Added new categories: CUSTOM_CATEGORY_ANTIMALWARE, \ 
* Added NDPI_PROTOCOL_DANGEROUS classification


* Fixed the dissection of certain invalid DNS responses
* Fixed Spotify dissection
* Fixed false positives with FTP and FTP_DATA
* Fix to discard STUN over TCP flows
* Fixed MySQL dissector
* Fix category detection due to missing initialization
* Fix DNS rsp_addr missing in some tiny responses
* Various hardening fixes