./net/nsd, Authoritative-only DNS server

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.3.2, Package name: nsd-4.3.2, Maintainer: pettai

This is NSD Name Server Daemon (NSD).

NSD is a complete implementation of an authoritative DNS nameserver.
For further information about what NSD is and what NSD is not please
consult the REQUIREMENTS document which is a part of this distribution
(thanks to Olaf).

Required to run:
[security/openssl] [devel/libevent]

Required to build:

Package options: inet6

Master sites:

SHA1: 85891a8cdd735460e31d2496a954d751e7d7837b
RMD160: aaeb1d12768a225ea920b0ae6a0914edbc79c5e4
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   2020-08-12 18:14:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nsd: Update to 4.3.2

7 July 2020: Wouter
	- Tag for 4.3.2rc1.

6 July 2020: Wouter
	- Fix compile includes for xfr-inspect tool on FreeBSD.
	- Add tpkg/run_vm.sh that runs test when in a virtual machine.
	- Merge #112 from jaredmauch: log old and new serials when NSD
	  rejects an IXFR due to an old serial number.
	- Fix bug034 test for vm test changes.

22 June 2020: Wouter
	- Remove errno reset behaviour from sendmmsg and recvmmsg
	  replacement functions.
	- Fix unit test for different nsd-control-setup -h exit code.

19 June 2020: Wouter
	- Merge #108 from Nomis: Make the max-retry-time description clearer.
	- Retry when udp send buffer is full to wait until buffer space is

18 June 2020: Wouter
	- Do not log EAGAIN errors for sendmmsg, to stop log spam on OpenBSD.

17 June 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #107: nsd -v shows configure line, openssl version and libevent version.

27 May 2020: Wouter
	- Fix unlink of pidfile warning if not possible due to permissions,
	  nsd can display the message at high verbosity levels.
	- Update contrib/nsd.service for chown of nsd.log and /var/log in
	- Removed contrib/nsd.service, example is too complicated and not

15 May 2020: Wouter
	- Merge PR#102 from and0x000: add missing default in documentation
	  for drop-updates.
	- Fix checkconf test for log-only-syslog option.

14 May 2020: Wouter
	- Document default value for tcp-timeout.

13 May 2020: Jeroen
	- Fix #99: Fix copying of socket properties with reuseport enabled.

24 April 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #97: EDNS unknown version: query not in response.

21 April 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #96: log-only-syslog: yes sets to only use syslog, fixes
	  that the default configuration and systemd results in duplicate
	  log messages.

20 April 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #95: Removed make test check because tpkg not included in
	  release tarballs.
	- Fix unused parameter compile warnings.
   2020-05-30 10:45:58 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
nsd: Some library functions require _NETBSD_SOURCE on NetBSD
   2020-04-30 09:42:13 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nsd: Update to 4.3.1

8 April 2020: Wouter
	- Tag for 4.3.1rc2.

7 April 2020: Wouter
	- Merge #91 by gearnode: nsd-control-setup recreate certificates.
	  The '-r' option recreates certificates.  Without it it creates them
	  if they do not exist, and does not modify them otherwise.

6 April 2020: Wouter
	- Merge #90 by phicoh: O_CLOEXEC should be FD_CLOEXEC.
	- Merge #92 by tonysgi: Fix typo.

2 April 2020: Wouter
	- Tag for 4.3.1rc1.

1 April 2020: Wouter
	- Fix for whitespace in minimal responses test for FreeBSD.

25 March 2020: Wouter
	- Merge #86 from noloader: Use precious variables for GREP, EGREP,
	  SED, AWK, LEX and YACC.
	- For #86: Fix that programs loaded after CFLAGS and stuff is
	  set, specifically the compiler, so that it can work if it needs
	  special flags from that.  Fix that lex only needs to support -i
	  if actually defined, otherwise the output included in the source
	  tarball can be used.
	- Merge #72 from noloader: Increase Travis testing coverage

23 March 2020: Wouter
	- Fix unterminated ifdef in nsd.h.
	- Fix unknown u_long in util.c for Issue #80 .

20 March 2020: Wouter
	- Merge #83 from noloader: Fix GNU HURD sched_setaffinity compile.
	- Fix #82: print error when system does not have setaffinity.
	- Fix #80: NetBSD and implicit declaration of reallocarray.
	- Fix for #80: Fix reallocarray test to define before include.
	- Fix for #80: Define alternatives for IFNAMSIZ if it does not exist.

19 March 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #76: cpuid typedef for Hurd, DragonflyBSD compile.
	- Fix #75: configure test for sched_setaffinity, and use
	  cpuset_setaffinity otherwise.  Also test for presence of sysconf.
	- Fix #74: GNU Hurd fix cast from pointer to integer of different size.
	- Fix for #74, #75: cpuset test for header contents and provide code.
	- Fix #78: Fix SO_SETFIB error on FreeBSD.

18 March 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #70: error: 'fd_set' undeclared.
	- Fix #71: error: 'for' loop initial declaration used outside C99
	- Fix to move declarations out of for loops in event test too.
	- Fix to move declarations out of for loops in popen3 test too.
	- Another fix to move declaration out of for loop for event test.
	- Fix to move declarations out of for loops in cutest regex display.
   2020-03-30 14:29:05 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nsd: Update to 4.3.0


10 March 2020: Wouter
	- repository has version number 4.3.0.  Tag for 4.3.0rc1.

3 March 2020: Wouter
	- Fix that the retry wait does not exceed one day for zone transfers.

27 February 2020: Wouter
	- Fix warning on FreeBSD about pointer size cast.

26 February 2020: Wouter
	- Fixup fix of reuseport TCP for server close of sockets not used
	  by it.  And the unit test skips when the necessary debug output
	  is not enabled.

25 February 2020: Wouter
	- Fix event unit test, signal has to be registered with signal_add,
	  event_add not for every backend for signals.  The event_initialized
	  is not possible for every backend, so event_added variable.  The
	  agent write event fires after a timeout, instead of on event write
	  so that it does not trigger a sigpipe event when the handlers stop.
	  Timeout shorted to 0.1 second.  event_get_fd was not implemented,
	  so used ev_fd.  Debug output printfs added to see what happens.
	- Fix checkconf test for new drop-updates config option.
	- Fix errors with reuseport and TCP file descriptors, it was
	  closing them for server-1 in server-2 and server-3..

7 February 2020: Jeroen
	- Add feature to drop queries with opcode UPDATE.

6 February 2020: Jeroen
	- Support SO_BINDTODEVICE on Linux. Specify bindtodevice: yes
	  to bind sockets directly to the network interface.
	- Support SO_SETFIB on FreeBSD. Add setfib=<FIB> after an ip-address
	  option to use the specified FIB for that socket.
	- Require user to add servers=<range> after an ip-address option to
	  specify the servers that must listen on that socket.

6 February 2020: Wouter
	- Merge PR#60: Minor portability fixes from michaelforney, with
	  avoid pointer arithmetic on void* and avoid unnecessary VLA.

4 February 2020: Wouter
	- Merge PR#22: minimise-any: prefer polular and not large RRset,
	  from Daisuke Higashi.
	- Fix responses for IXFR so that the authority section is not echoed
	  in the response.

21 January 2020: Wouter
	- Fix leak in server bitset setup.

16 January 2020: Jeroen
	- Add zone resource record iterator for future zone-verification port.
	- Set FD_CLOEXEC on opened sockets.
	- Add popen3 implementation for future zone-verification port.
	- Add -r option to cutest so that a subset of tests can be run.

15 January 2020: Jeroen
	- Add feature to pin server proccesses to specific cpus.
	- Add feature to pin IP addresses to selected server processes.
	- Set process title to identify individual processes.

13 January 2020: Wouter
	- Merge pull request #59 from buddyns: add FreeBSD support
	  for conf key ip-transparent.

10 January 2020: Wouter
	- Fix unreachable code in ssl set options code.
	- Fix bad shift in assertion code analyzer complaint.

6 January 2020: Wouter
	- Fix #56: Drop sparse TSIG signing support in NSD.
	  Sign every axfr packet with TSIG, according to the latest
	  draft-ietf-dnsop-rfc2845bis-06, Section 5.3.1.

12 December 2019: Wouter
	- Note that use-systemd is not necessary and ignored in man page.

11 December 2019: Wouter
	- Fix whitespace in nsd.conf.sample.in, patch from Paul Wouters.
	- use-systemd is ignored in nsd.conf, when NSD is compiled with
	  libsystemd it always signals readiness, if possible.

9 December 2019: Wouter
	- Fix to define upper bounds on rr counts read from untrusted packet
	- Try different annotation for radix_find_prefix_node not reachable.
	- Separate acl_addr_match_range functions for ip4 and ip6, to
	  please checkers.
	- Avoid unused variable warning in new match_range_v4 function.

6 December 2019: Wouter
	- Fix to define max number of EDNS records we are willing to
	  spend time on.
	- Fix size of string len and capacity type cast in udbradtree.
	- Fix to protect rrcount in tsig_find_rr from overflow.
	- Annotate radix_find_prefix_node not reachable trail code.
	- Fix to protect rrcount in packet_find_notify_serial from overflow.
	- Fix to close socket on error in create_tcp_accept_sock.
	- Fix to log on failure to chmod for socket for remote control.
	- Fix to remove unneeded if in open of socket for remote control.
	- Fix to restore input parameter on call failure in create_dirs.
	- Please checker by terminating and initialising string read
	  by remote control.
	- Fixup of random_generate negative modulo, from previous commit,
	  and return srandom when random is used if no getrandom.

5 December 2019: Wouter
	- Fix fname null check of fname in namedb_read_zonefile.
	- Fix implicit cast of size in udb_radnode_array_grow.
	- Fix ignore of return value of ssl_printf in remote.c.
	- Fix unused check of fd in parent_handle_reload_command.
	- Fix to use getrandom() for randomness, if available.
	- Attempt to fix signedness of nscount lookup in ixfr query_process.
	- Fix identical branches for ssl_print of errors in remote.c.
	- Fix type cast bounds, signedness of opt_rdlen in edns_parse_record.
	- Fix to separate header and data lines in parse_zone_list_file.
   2020-02-20 13:35:55 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nsd: Update to 4.2.4

3 December 2019: Wouter
	- Fix #52: do not log transient network full errors unless higher
	  verbosity is set.
	- Fix checkconf test for new error output string.
	- tag for 4.2.4rc1 release.

27 November 2017 Jeroen
	- Fix regressions in configparser.y

22 November 2019: Wouter
	- Fix #48: Add make distclean that removes config.h made by configure.
	  And add maintainer-clean that removes bison and flex output.

18 November 2019: Wouter
	- Detect fixed time memcmp for openssl 0.9.8 compatibility.
	- Detect EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name for openssl 0.9.8.
	- include limits.h for UINT_MAX.
	- If no recvmmsg, dont use msg_flags member, but errno for error,
	  where our fallback function left it, msg_flags also does not exist
	  on some systems.
	- Remove unused variable warning for portability.

14 November 2019: Wouter
	- Fix checkconf test with filenames that sort in the same order.
	- Tag for 4.2.3rc1.  Branch master is 4.2.4 in development.

11 November 2019: Wouter
	- Fix #44: document that remote-control is a top-level nsd.conf
	- Fix compile on OSX.
	- Fix for #44: nicer top-level clause documentation.

22 October 2019: Jeroen
	- Number of different UDP handlers has been reduced to one. recvmmsg
	  and sendmmsg implementations are now used on all platforms.
	  Compatible implementations are in place for systems that lack the
	  system calls.
	- Socket options are now set in designated functions for easy reuse.
	- Socket setup has been simplified for easy reuse.
	- Configuration parser is now aware of the context in which an option
	  was specified.

21 October 2019: Wouter
	- For #21 add
	  that adds support for readiness notification with READY_FD from
	  Cameron Nemo.

17 October 2019: Jeroen
	- Fix #40: Merge small fixes for confine-to-zone by Greg Bock.

15 October 2019: Jeroen
	- For #39: Merge confine-to-zone feature contributes by Greg Bock.

26 September 2019: Wouter
	- Fix #38: log address and failure reason with tls handshake errors,
	  squelches (the same as unbound) some unless high verbosity is used.
	- Fixup clang analysis warning in xfrd_parse_received_xfr_packet
	  master dereference.

25 September 2019: Wouter
	- The nsd.conf includes are sorted ascending, for include statements
	  with a '*' from glob.

16 September 2019: Wouter
	- Fixup warnings during --disable-ipv6 compile.
	- Fixup unit test executable to run without IPv6.

4 September 2019: Wouter
	- Fix #35: excessive logging of ixfr failures, it stops the log when
	  fallback to axfr is possible. log is enabled at high verbosity.

2 September 2019: Wouter
	- For #21: pidfile "" allows to run NSD without a pidfile, for
	  startup management tools like daemontools.

28 August 2019: Wouter
	- In tests check for tls test tool availability.
   2020-01-25 11:45:12 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (24)
Log message:
*: Remove obsolete BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.openssl.
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2019-11-03 12:45:59 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (255)
Log message:
net: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned --only indent -r

No manual corrections.