./net/rclone, Rsync for cloud storage

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.53.3, Package name: rclone-1.53.3, Maintainer: leot

Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from:

Amazon Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Box, Ceph, DigitalOcean Spaces,
Dreamhost, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, HTTP, Hubic,
Memset Memstore, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Minio,
Nextcloud, OVH, Openstack Swift, Oracle Cloud Storage, Owncloud, pCloud,
put.io, QingStor, Rackspace Cloud Files, SFTP, Wasabi, WebDAV, Yandex Disk,
The local filesystem


- MD5/SHA1 hashes checked at all times for file integrity
- Timestamps preserved on files
- Partial syncs supported on a whole file basis
- Copy mode to just copy new/changed files
- Sync (one way) mode to make a directory identical
- Check mode to check for file hash equality
- Can sync to and from network, eg two different cloud accounts
- Optional encryption (Crypt)
- Optional cache (Cache)
- Optional FUSE mount (rclone mount)

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/go114]

Master sites:

SHA1: 31349b13050ef4c9b6ae93872ee0ea4cdd0130ca
RMD160: 5e9abad2a415ccf0c534e2be2910ea5e3e93880c
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   2020-11-20 14:22:09 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
rclone: Update to 1.53.3

pkgsrc changes:
 - Move all GO_MODULE_FILES to a separate go-modules.mk file (a bit easier to
   maintain), NFCI.

* Bug Fixes
    * random: Fix incorrect use of math/rand instead of crypto/rand
      CVE-2020-28924 (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Passwords you have generated with `rclone config` may be insecure
        * See [issue #4783](https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/4783) for
	  more details and a checking tool
    * random: Seed math/rand in one place with crypto strong seed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix vfs/refresh calls with fs= parameter (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Sharefile
    * Fix backend due to API swapping integers for strings (Nick Craig-Wood)

* Bug Fixes
    * acounting
        * Fix incorrect speed and transferTime in core/stats (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Stabilize display order of transfers on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * operations
        * Fix use of --suffix without --backup-dir (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Fix spurious "--checksum is in use but the source and destination
	  have no hashes in common" (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * build
        * Work around GitHub actions brew problem (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Stop using set-env and set-path in the GitHub actions
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Mount
    * mount2: Fix the swapped UID / GID values (Russell Cattelan)
    * Detect and recover from a file being removed externally from the cache
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix a deadlock vulnerability in downloaders.Close (Leo Luan)
    * Fix a race condition in retryFailedResets (Leo Luan)
    * Fix missed concurrency control between some item operations and reset
      (Leo Luan)
    * Add exponential backoff during ENOSPC retries (Leo Luan)
    * Add a missed update of used cache space (Leo Luan)
    * Fix --no-modtime to not attempt to set modtimes (as documented)
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Local
    * Fix sizes and syncing with --links option on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Chunker
    * Disable ListR to fix missing files on GDrive (workaround) (Ivan Andreev)
    * Fix upload over crypt (Ivan Andreev)
* Fichier
    * Increase maximum file size from 100GB to 300GB (gyutw)
* Jottacloud
    * Remove clientSecret from config when upgrading to token based
      authentication (buengese)
    * Avoid double url escaping of device/mountpoint (albertony)
    * Remove DirMove workaround as it's not required anymore - also (buengese)
* Mailru
    * Fix uploads after recent changes on server (Ivan Andreev)
    * Fix range requests after june changes on server (Ivan Andreev)
    * Fix invalid timestamp on corrupted files (fixes) (Ivan Andreev)
* Onedrive
    * Fix disk usage for sharepoint (Nick Craig-Wood)
* S3
    * Add missing regions for AWS (Anagh Kumar Baranwal)
* Seafile
    * Fix accessing libraries > 2GB on 32 bit systems (Muffin King)
    * Always convert the checksum to lower case (buengese)
* Union
    * Create root directories if none exist (Nick Craig-Wood)
   2020-11-13 20:26:26 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (202) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump all Go packages after go115 update
   2020-11-08 22:59:39 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (202) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump all Go packages after Go 1.15 update.
   2020-10-12 19:31:32 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
rclone: Update to 1.53.1

## 1.53.1
* Bug Fixes
    * accounting: Remove new line from end of --stats-one-line display
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * check
        * Add back missing --download flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Fix docs (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * docs
        * Note --log-file does append (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add full stops for consistency in rclone --help (edwardxml)
        * Add Tencent COS to s3 provider list (wjielai)
        * Updated mount command to reflect that it requires Go 1.13 or newer
	  (Evan Harris)
        * jottacloud: Mention that uploads from local disk will not need to
	  cache files to disk for md5 calculation (albertony)
        * Fix formatting of rc docs page (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * build
        * Include vendor tar ball in release and fix startdev (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Fix "Illegal instruction" error for ARMv6 builds (Nick \ 
        * Fix architecture name in ARMv7 build (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix spurious error "vfs cache: failed to _ensure cache EOF"
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Log an ERROR if we fail to set the file to be sparse (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Local
    * Log an ERROR if we fail to set the file to be sparse (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Drive
    * Re-adds special oauth help text (Tim Gallant)
* Opendrive
    * Do not retry 400 errors (Evan Harris)

## 1.53.0
* New Features
    * The VFS layer was heavily reworked for this release - see below for
      more details
    * Interactive mode -i/--interactive for destructive operations (fishbullet)
    * Add --bwlimit-file flag to limit speeds of individual file transfers
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Transfers are sorted by start time in the stats and progress output
      (Max Sum)
    * Make sure backends expand `~` and environment vars in file names they
      use (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add --refresh-times flag to set modtimes on hashless backends
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * build
        * Remove vendor directory in favour of Go modules (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Build with go1.15.x by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Drop macOS 386 build as it is no longer supported by go1.15
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add ARMv7 to the supported builds (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Enable `rclone cmount` on macOS (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Make rclone build with gccgo (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Make rclone build with wasm (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Change beta numbering to be semver compatible (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add file properties and icon to Windows executable (albertony)
        * Add experimental interface for integrating rclone into browsers
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * lib: Add file name compression (Klaus Post)
    * rc
        * Allow installation and use of plugins and test plugins with
	  rclone-webui (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Add reverse proxy pluginsHandler for serving plugins
	  (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Add `mount/listmounts` option for listing current mounts
	  (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Add `operations/uploadfile` to upload a file through rc using
	  encoding multipart/form-data (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Add `core/copmmand` to execute rclone terminal commands.
	  (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
    * `rclone check`
        * Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Make check command obey `--dry-run`/`-i`/`--interactive`
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Make check do `--checkers` files concurrently (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Retry downloads if they fail when using the `--download` flag
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Make it show stats by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone obscure`: Allow obscure command to accept password on STDIN
      (David Ibarra)
    * `rclone config`
        * Set RCLONE_CONFIG_DIR for use in config files and subprocesses
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Reject remote names starting with a dash. (jtagcat)
    * `rclone cryptcheck`: Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone dedupe`: Make it obey the `--size-only` flag for duplicate detection
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone link`: Add `--expire` and `--unlink` flags (Roman Kredentser)
    * `rclone mkdir`: Warn when using mkdir on remotes which can't have empty \ 
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone rc`: Allow JSON parameters to simplify command line usage
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone serve ftp`
        * Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add error message if auth proxy fails (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Use refactored goftp.io/server library for binary shrink
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone serve restic`: Expose interfaces so that rclone can be used as a
      library from within restic (Jack)
    * `rclone sync`: Add `--track-renames-strategy leaf` (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone touch`: Add ability to set nanosecond resolution times
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone tree`: Remove `-i` shorthand for `--noindent` as it conflicts
      with `-i`/`--interactive` (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Bug Fixes
    * accounting
        * Fix documentation for `speed`/`speedAvg` (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Fix elapsed time not show actual time since beginning
	  (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Fix deadlock in stats printing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * build
        * Fix file handle leak in GitHub release tool (Garrett Squire)
    * `rclone check`: Fix successful retries with `--download` counting
      errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * `rclone dedupe`: Fix logging to be easier to understand (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Mount
    * Warn macOS users that mount implementation is changing (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * to test the new implementation use `rclone cmount` instead of
	  `rclone mount`
        * this is because the library rclone uses has dropped macOS support
    * rc interface
        * Add call for unmount all (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
        * Make `mount/mount` remote control take vfsOpt option
	  (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add mountOpt to `mount/mount` (Nick Craig-Wood)
        * Add VFS and Mount options to `mount/listmounts` (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Catch panics in cgofuse initialization and turn into error messages
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Always supply stat information in Readdir (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add support for reading unknown length files using direct IO (Windows)
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix On Windows don't add `-o uid/gid=-1` if user supplies `-o uid/gid`.
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix macOS losing directory contents in cmount (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix volume name broken in recent refactor (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Implement partial reads for `--vfs-cache-mode full` (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--vfs-writeback` option to delay writes back to cloud storage
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--vfs-read-ahead` parameter for use with `--vfs-cache-mode full`
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Restart pending uploads on restart of the cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Support synchronous cache space recovery upon ENOSPC (Leo Luan)
    * Allow ReadAt and WriteAt to run concurrently with themselves (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Change modtime of file before upload to current (Rob Calistri)
    * Recommend `--vfs-cache-modes writes` on backends which can't stream
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add an optional `fs` parameter to vfs rc methods (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix errors when using > 260 char files in the cache in Windows
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix renaming of items while they are being uploaded (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix very high load caused by slow directory listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix renamed files not being uploaded with `--vfs-cache-mode minimal`
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix directory locking caused by slow directory listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix saving from chrome without `--vfs-cache-mode writes`
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Local
    * Add `--local-no-updated` to provide a consistent view of changing
      objects (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--local-no-set-modtime` option to prevent modtime changes (tyhuber1)
    * Fix race conditions updating and reading Object metadata
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Cache
    * Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix dedupe on caches wrapping drives (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Crypt
    * Add `--crypt-server-side-across-configs` flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Alias
    * Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Azure Blob
    * Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update (Nick Craig-Wood)
* B2
    * Implement server side copy for files > 5GB (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Note that b2's encoding now allows \ but rclone's hasn't changed
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix transfers when using download_url (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Box
    * Implement rclone cleanup (buengese)
    * Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Allow authentication with access token (David)
* Chunker
    * Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Drive
    * Add `rclone backend drives` to list shared drives (teamdrives)
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Implement `rclone backend untrash` (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Work around drive bug which didn't set modtime of copied docs
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Added `--drive-starred-only` to only show starred files (Jay McEntire)
    * Deprecate `--drive-alternate-export` as it is no longer needed
    * Fix duplication of Google docs on server side copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix "panic: send on closed channel" when recycling dir entries
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Dropbox
    * Add copyright detector info in limitations section in the docs
      (Alex Guerrero)
    * Fix `rclone link` by removing expires parameter (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Fichier
    * Detect Flood detected: IP Locked error and sleep for 30s
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add explicit TLS support (Heiko Bornholdt)
    * Add support for `--dump bodies` and `--dump auth` for debugging
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix interoperation with pure-ftpd (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Google Cloud Storage
    * Add support for anonymous access (Kai Lüke)
* Jottacloud
    * Bring back legacy authentification for use with whitelabel versions
    * Switch to new api root - also implement a very ugly workaround for the
      DirMove failures (buengese)
* Onedrive
    * Rework cancel of multipart uploads on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Implement rclone cleanup (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--onedrive-no-versions` flag to remove old versions
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Pcloud
    * Implement `rclone link` for public link creation (buengese)
* Qingstor
    * Cancel in progress multipart uploads on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
* S3
    * Preserve metadata when doing multipart copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `rclone link` for public link sharing (Roman Kredentser)
    * Add `rclone backend restore` command to restore objects from GLACIER
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `rclone cleanup` and `rclone backend cleanup` to clean unfinished
      multipart uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `rclone backend list-multipart-uploads` to list unfinished multipart
      uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--s3-max-upload-parts` support (Kamil Trzciński)
    * Add `--s3-no-check-bucket` for minimising rclone transactions and perms
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--s3-profile` and `--s3-shared-credentials-file` options
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Use regional s3 us-east-1 endpoint (David)
    * Add Scaleway provider (Vincent Feltz)
    * Update IBM COS endpoints (Egor Margineanu)
    * Reduce the default `--s3-copy-cutoff` to < 5GB for Backblaze S3
      compatibility (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix detection of bucket existing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Use the absolute path instead of the relative path for listing for
      improved compatibility (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Add `--sftp-subsystem` and `--sftp-server-command` options (aus)
* Swift
    * Fix dangling large objects breaking the listing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix purge not deleting directory markers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix update multipart object removing all of its own parts
      (Nick Craig-Wood)
    * Fix missing hash from object returned from upload (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Tardigrade
    * Upgrade to uplink v1.2.0 (Kaloyan Raev)
* Union
    * Fix writing with the all policy (Nick Craig-Wood)
* WebDAV
    * Fix directory creation with 4shared (Nick Craig-Wood)
   2020-09-03 09:29:54 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (194)
Log message:
Revbump all Go packages after default Go version was changed to 1.15.1
   2020-08-14 22:01:40 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (194) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump all Go packages after go114 update
   2020-08-09 12:10:01 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
rclone: Update to 1.52.3

* Bug Fixes
 * docs
   * Disable smart typography (eg en-dash) in MANUAL.* and man page
     (Nick Craig-Wood)
   * Update install.md to reflect minimum Go version (Evan Harris)
   * Update install from source instructions (Nick Craig-Wood)
   * make_manual: Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (Morten Linderud)
 * log: Fix --use-json-log going to stderr not --log-file on Windows
   (Nick Craig-Wood)
 * serve dlna: Fix file list on Samsung Series 6+ TVs (Matteo Pietro Dazzi)
 * sync: Fix deadlock with --track-renames-strategy modtime (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Cache
 * Fix moveto/copyto remote:file remote:file2 (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Drive
 * Stop using root_folder_id as a cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
 * Make dangling shortcuts appear in listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
 * Drop "Disabling ListR" messages down to debug (Nick Craig-Wood)
 * Workaround and policy for Google Drive API (Dmitry Ustalov)
 * Add note to docs about home vs root directory selection (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Onedrive
 * Fix reverting to Copy when Move would have worked (Nick Craig-Wood)
 * Avoid comma rendered in URL in onedrive.md (Kevin)
* Pcloud
 * Fix oauth on European region "eapi.pcloud.com" (Nick Craig-Wood)
* S3
 * Fix bucket Region auto detection when Region unset in config (Nick Craig-Wood)
   2020-07-17 20:04:33 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (196) | Package updated
Log message:
Revbump all Go packages after go114 update.