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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.9.2nb1, Package name: tcpdump-4.9.2nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition. This software was
originally developed by the Network Research Group at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory. The original distribution is available
via anonymous ftp to ftp.ee.lbl.gov, in tcpdump.tar.Z. More recent
development is performed at tcpdump.org, http://www.tcpdump.org/

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Package options: ssl

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SHA1: f7dccebe94c3d07ac8744d43297ea2b98b35a13f
RMD160: 966b95adee5c405dc7e631f73b43ced849ee1e80
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   2020-01-26 18:32:28 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (981)
Log message:
all: migrate homepages from http to https

pkglint -r --network --only "migrate"

As a side-effect of migrating the homepages, pkglint also fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines. These and the new homepages have been
checked manually.
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2020-01-16 14:33:51 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (12)
Log message:
*: Remove USE_OLD_DES_API.

OpenSSL 1.1.1d no longer ships des_old.h, and the time for this being
necessary appears to be behind us.
   2017-09-08 13:10:41 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated tcpdump to 4.9.2.

Sunday September 3, 2017 denis@ovsienko.info
  Summary for 4.9.2 tcpdump release
    Do not use getprotobynumber() for protocol name resolution.  Do not do
      any protocol name resolution if -n is specified.
    Improve errors detection in the test scripts.
    Fix a segfault with OpenSSL 1.1 and improve OpenSSL usage.
    Clean up IS-IS printing.
    Fix buffer overflow vulnerabilities:
      CVE-2017-11543 (SLIP)
      CVE-2017-13011 (bittok2str_internal)
    Fix infinite loop vulnerabilities:
      CVE-2017-12989 (RESP)
      CVE-2017-12990 (ISAKMP)
      CVE-2017-12995 (DNS)
      CVE-2017-12997 (LLDP)
    Fix buffer over-read vulnerabilities:
      CVE-2017-11541 (safeputs)
      CVE-2017-11542 (PIMv1)
      CVE-2017-12893 (SMB/CIFS)
      CVE-2017-12894 (lookup_bytestring)
      CVE-2017-12895 (ICMP)
      CVE-2017-12896 (ISAKMP)
      CVE-2017-12897 (ISO CLNS)
      CVE-2017-12898 (NFS)
      CVE-2017-12899 (DECnet)
      CVE-2017-12900 (tok2strbuf)
      CVE-2017-12901 (EIGRP)
      CVE-2017-12902 (Zephyr)
      CVE-2017-12985 (IPv6)
      CVE-2017-12986 (IPv6 routing headers)
      CVE-2017-12987 (IEEE 802.11)
      CVE-2017-12988 (telnet)
      CVE-2017-12991 (BGP)
      CVE-2017-12992 (RIPng)
      CVE-2017-12993 (Juniper)
      CVE-2017-11542 (PIMv1)
      CVE-2017-11541 (safeputs)
      CVE-2017-12994 (BGP)
      CVE-2017-12996 (PIMv2)
      CVE-2017-12998 (ISO IS-IS)
      CVE-2017-12999 (ISO IS-IS)
      CVE-2017-13000 (IEEE 802.15.4)
      CVE-2017-13001 (NFS)
      CVE-2017-13002 (AODV)
      CVE-2017-13003 (LMP)
      CVE-2017-13004 (Juniper)
      CVE-2017-13005 (NFS)
      CVE-2017-13006 (L2TP)
      CVE-2017-13007 (Apple PKTAP)
      CVE-2017-13008 (IEEE 802.11)
      CVE-2017-13009 (IPv6 mobility)
      CVE-2017-13010 (BEEP)
      CVE-2017-13012 (ICMP)
      CVE-2017-13013 (ARP)
      CVE-2017-13014 (White Board)
      CVE-2017-13015 (EAP)
      CVE-2017-11543 (SLIP)
      CVE-2017-13016 (ISO ES-IS)
      CVE-2017-13017 (DHCPv6)
      CVE-2017-13018 (PGM)
      CVE-2017-13019 (PGM)
      CVE-2017-13020 (VTP)
      CVE-2017-13021 (ICMPv6)
      CVE-2017-13022 (IP)
      CVE-2017-13023 (IPv6 mobility)
      CVE-2017-13024 (IPv6 mobility)
      CVE-2017-13025 (IPv6 mobility)
      CVE-2017-13026 (ISO IS-IS)
      CVE-2017-13027 (LLDP)
      CVE-2017-13028 (BOOTP)
      CVE-2017-13029 (PPP)
      CVE-2017-13030 (PIM)
      CVE-2017-13031 (IPv6 fragmentation header)
      CVE-2017-13032 (RADIUS)
      CVE-2017-13033 (VTP)
      CVE-2017-13034 (PGM)
      CVE-2017-13035 (ISO IS-IS)
      CVE-2017-13036 (OSPFv3)
      CVE-2017-13037 (IP)
      CVE-2017-13038 (PPP)
      CVE-2017-13039 (ISAKMP)
      CVE-2017-13040 (MPTCP)
      CVE-2017-13041 (ICMPv6)
      CVE-2017-13042 (HNCP)
      CVE-2017-13043 (BGP)
      CVE-2017-13044 (HNCP)
      CVE-2017-13045 (VQP)
      CVE-2017-13046 (BGP)
      CVE-2017-13047 (ISO ES-IS)
      CVE-2017-13048 (RSVP)
      CVE-2017-13049 (Rx)
      CVE-2017-13050 (RPKI-Router)
      CVE-2017-13051 (RSVP)
      CVE-2017-13052 (CFM)
      CVE-2017-13053 (BGP)
      CVE-2017-13054 (LLDP)
      CVE-2017-13055 (ISO IS-IS)
      CVE-2017-13687 (Cisco HDLC)
      CVE-2017-13688 (OLSR)
      CVE-2017-13689 (IKEv1)
      CVE-2017-13690 (IKEv2)
      CVE-2017-13725 (IPv6 routing headers)

Sunday July 23, 2017 denis@ovsienko.info
  Summary for 4.9.1 tcpdump release
    CVE-2017-11108/Fix bounds checking for STP.
    Make assorted documentation updates and fix a few typos in tcpdump output.
    Fixup -C for file size >2GB (GH #488).
    Show AddressSanitizer presence in version output.
    Fix a bug in test scripts (exposed in GH #613).
    On FreeBSD adjust Capsicum capabilities for netmap.
    On Linux fix a use-after-free when the requested interface does not exist.
   2017-03-09 04:59:17 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
tcpdump: bump PKGREVISION for previous.

I think the package might be created and can be built, but isn't possible
to pkg_add. paranoid bump just in case.
   2017-03-09 04:01:54 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
tcpdump: create _tcpdump user (and group) properly.
fix build failure when a _tcpdump user did not exist already.

from Michael-John Turner in PR pkg/52051
   2017-02-22 20:05:44 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
tcpdump: when running, drop privileges to a _tcpdump user and run in a chroot

remove duplicate openssl include (it's also in options.mk depending on
ssl option) pointed out by pkglint

   2017-02-02 19:08:29 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
tcpdump: update to 4.9.0

fixes the most crazy number of buffer overflow CVEs in printing
functions (41 of them).

Wednesday January 18, 2017 devel.fx.lebail@orange.fr
  Summary for 4.9.0 tcpdump release
    General updates:
    Improve separation frontend/backend (tcpdump/libnetdissect)
    Don't require IPv6 library support in order to support IPv6 addresses
    Introduce data types to use for integral values in packet structures
    Fix display of timestamps with -tt, -ttt and -ttttt options
    Fix some heap overflows found with American Fuzzy Lop by Hanno Boeck and others
        (More information in the log with CVE-2016-* and CVE-2017-*)
    Change the way protocols print link-layer addresses (Fix heap overflows
        in CALM-FAST and GeoNetworking printers)
    Pass correct caplen value to ether_print() and some other functions
    Fix lookup_nsap() to match what isonsap_string() expects
    Clean up relative time stamp printing (Fix an array overflow)
    Fix some alignment issues with GCC on Solaris 10 SPARC
    Add some ND_TTEST_/ND_TCHECK_ macros to simplify writing bounds checks
    Add a fn_printztn() which returns the number of bytes processed
    Add nd_init() and nd_cleanup() functions. Improve libsmi support
    Add a summary comment in all printers
    Compile with more warning options in devel mode if supported (-Wcast-qual, ...)
    Fix some leaks found by Valgrind/Memcheck
    Fix a bunch of de-constifications
    Squelch some Coverity warnings and some compiler warnings
    Update Coverity and Travis-CI setup
    Update Visual Studio files

    Fix capsicum support to work with zerocopy buffers in bpf
    Try opening interfaces by name first, then by name-as-index
    Work around pcap_create() failures fetching time stamp type lists
    Fix a segmentation fault with 'tcpdump -J'
    Improve addrtostr6() bounds checking
    Add exit_tcpdump() function
    Don't drop CAP_SYS_CHROOT before chrooting
    Fixes issue where statistics not reported when -G and -W options used

    New printers supporting:
    Generic Protocol Extension for VXLAN (VXLAN-GPE)
    Home Networking Control Protocol (HNCP), RFCs 7787 and 7788
    Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP), type 3 and type 4 packets
    Marvell Extended Distributed Switch Architecture header (MEDSA)
    Network Service Header (NSH)
    REdis Serialization Protocol (RESP)

    Updated printers:
    802.11: Beginnings of 11ac radiotap support
    802.11: Check the Protected bit for management frames
    802.11: Do bounds checking on last_presentp before dereferencing it (Fix a \ 
heap overflow)
    802.11: Fix the radiotap printer to handle the special bits correctly
    802.11: If we have the MCS field, it's 11n
    802.11: Only print unknown frame type or subtype messages once
    802.11: Radiotap dBm values get printed as dB; Update a test output accordingly
    802.11: Source and destination addresses were backwards
    AH: Add a bounds check
    AH: Report to our caller that dissection failed if a bounds check fails
    AP1394: Print src > dst, not dst > src
    ARP: Don't assume the target hardware address is <= 6 octets long (Fix a \ 
heap overflow)
    ATALK: Add bounds and length checks (Fix heap overflows)
    ATM: Add some bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
    ATM: Fix an incorrect bounds check
    BFD: Update specification from draft to RFC 5880
    BFD: Update to print optional authentication field
    BGP: Add decoding of ADD-PATH capability
    BGP: Add support for the AIGP attribute (RFC7311)
    BGP: Print LARGE_COMMUNITY Path Attribute
    BGP: Update BGP numbers from IANA; Print minor values for FSM notification
    BOOTP: Add a bounds check
    Babel: Add decoder for source-specific extension
    CDP: Filter out non-printable characters
    CFM: Fixes to match the IEEE standard, additional bounds and length checks
    CSLIP: Add more bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
    ClassicalIPoATM: Add a bounds check on LLC+SNAP header (Fix a heap overflow)
    DHCP: Fix MUDURL and TZ options
    DHCPv6: Process MUDURL and TZ options
    DHCPv6: Update Status Codes with RFCs/IANA names
    DNS: Represent the "DNSSEC OK" bit as "DO" instead of \ 
"OK". Add a test case
    DTP: Improve packet integrity checks
    EGP: Fix bounds checks
    ESP: Don't use OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms() in OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later
    ESP: Handle OpenSSL 1.1.x
    Ethernet: Add some bounds checking before calling isoclns_print (Fix a heap \ 
    Ethernet: Print the Length/Type field as length when needed
    FDDI: Fix -e output for FDDI
    FR: Add some packet-length checks and improve Q.933 printing (Fix heap overflows)
    GRE: Add some bounds checks (Fix heap overflows)
    Geneve: Fix error message with invalid option length; Update list option classes
    HNCP: Fix incorrect time interval format. Fix handling of IPv4 prefixes
    ICMP6: Fetch a 32-bit big-endian quantity with EXTRACT_32BITS()
    ICMP6: dagid is always an IPv6 address, not an opaque 128-bit string
    IGMP: Add a length check
    IP: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
    IP: Check before fetching the protocol version (Fix a heap overflow)
    IP: Don't try to dissect if IP version != 4 (Fix a heap overflow)
    IP: Stop processing IPPROTO_ values once we hit IPPROTO_IPCOMP
    IPComp: Check whether we have the CPI before we fetch it (Fix a heap overflow)
    IPoFC: Fix -e output (IP-over-Fibre Channel)
    IPv6: Don't overwrite the destination IPv6 address for routing headers
    IPv6: Fix header printing
    IPv6: Stop processing IPPROTO_ values once we hit IPPROTO_IPCOMP
    ISAKMP: Clean up parsing of IKEv2 Security Associations
    ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Add support for Purge Originator Identifier (RFC6232) and \ 
test cases
    ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Don't overwrite packet data when checking the signature
    ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Filter out non-printable characters
    ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Fix segmentation faults
    ISOCLNS/IS-IS: Have signature_verify() do the copying and clearing
    ISOCLNS: Add some bounds checks
    Juniper: Make sure a Juniper header TLV isn't bigger than what's left in the \ 
packet (Fix a heap overflow)
    LLC/SNAP: With -e, print the LLC header before the SNAP header; without it, \ 
cut the SNAP header
    LLC: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
    LLC: Clean up printing of LLC packets
    LLC: Fix the printing of RFC 948-style IP packets
    LLC: Skip the LLC and SNAP headers with -x for 802.11 and some other protocols
    LLDP: Implement IANA OUI and LLDP MUD option
    MPLS LSP ping: Update printing for RFC 4379, bug fixes, more bounds checks
    MPLS: "length" is now the *remaining* packet length
    MPLS: Add bounds and length checks (Fix a heap overflow)
    NFS: Add a test that makes unaligned accesses
    NFS: Don't assume the ONC RPC header is nicely aligned
    NFS: Don't overflow the Opaque_Handle buffer (Fix a segmentation fault)
    NFS: Don't run past the end of an NFSv3 file handle
    OLSR: Add a test to cover a HNA sgw case
    OLSR: Fix 'Advertised networks' count
    OLSR: Fix printing of smart-gateway HNAs in IPv4
    OSPF: Add a bounds check for the Hello packet options
    OSPF: Do more bounds checking
    OSPF: Fix a segmentation fault
    OSPF: Fix printing 'ospf_topology_values' default
    OTV: Add missing bounds checks
    PGM: Print the formatted IP address, not the raw binary address, as a string
    PIM: Add some bounds checking (Fix a heap overflow)
    PIMv2: Fix checksumming of Register messages
    PPI: Pass an adjusted struct pcap_pkthdr to the sub-printer
    PPP: Add some bounds checks (Fix a heap overflow)
    PPP: Report invalid PAP AACK/ANAK packets
    Q.933: Add a missing bounds check
    RADIUS: Add Value 13 "VLAN" to Tunnel-Type attribute
    RADIUS: Filter out non-printable characters
    RADIUS: Translate UDP/1700 as RADIUS
    RESP: Do better checking of RESP packets
    RPKI-RTR: Add a return value check for "fn_printn" call
    RPKI-RTR: Remove printing when truncated condition already detected
    RPL: Fix 'Consistency Check' control code
    RPL: Fix suboption print
    RSVP: An INTEGRITY object in a submessage covers only the submessage
    RSVP: Fix an infinite loop; Add bounds and length checks
    RSVP: Fix some if statements missing brackets
    RSVP: Have signature_verify() do the copying and clearing
    RTCP: Add some bounds checks
    RTP: Add some bounds checks, fix two segmentation faults
    SCTP: Do more bounds checking
    SFLOW: Fix bounds checking
    SLOW: Fix bugs, add checks
    SMB: Before fetching the flags2 field, make sure we have it
    SMB: Do bounds checks on NBNS resource types and resource data lengths
    SNMP: Clean up the "have libsmi but no modules loaded" case
    SNMP: Clean up the object abbreviation list and fix the code to match them
    SNMP: Do bounds checks when printing character and octet strings
    SNMP: Improve ASN.1 bounds checks
    SNMP: More bounds and length checks
    STP: Add a bunch of bounds checks, and fix some printing (Fix heap overflows)
    STP: Filter out non-printable characters
    TCP: Add bounds and length checks for packets with TCP option 20
    TCP: Correct TCP option Kind value for TCP Auth and add SCPS-TP
    TCP: Fix two bounds checks (Fix heap overflows)
    TCP: Make sure we have the data offset field before fetching it (Fix a heap \ 
    TCP: Put TCP-AO option decoding right
    TFTP: Don't use strchr() to scan packet data (Fix a heap overflow)
    Telnet: Add some bounds checks
    TokenRing: Fix -e output
    UDLD: Fix an infinite loop
    UDP: Add a bounds check (Fix a heap overflow)
    UDP: Check against the packet length first
    UDP: Don't do the DDP-over-UDP heuristic check up front
    VAT: Add some bounds checks
    VTP: Add a test on Mgmt Domain Name length
    VTP: Add bounds checks and filter out non-printable characters
    VXLAN: Add a bound check and a test case
    ZeroMQ: Fix an infinite loop

Tuesday October 25, 2016 mcr@sandelman.ca
  Summary for 4.8.1 tcpdump release
	Fix "-x" for Apple PKTAP and PPI packets
        Use PRIx64 to print a 64-bit number in hex.
        Printer for HNCP (RFCs 7787 and 7788).
        dagid is always an IPv6 address, not an opaque 128-bit string, and other \ 
fixes to RPL printer.
        RSVP: Add bounds and length checks
        OSPF: Do more bounds checking
        Handle OpenSSL 1.1.x.
        Initial support for the REdis Serialization Protocol known as RESP.
        Add printing function for Generic Protocol Extension for VXLAN
        Network Service Header: draft-ietf-sfc-nsh-01
        Don't recompile the filter if the new file has the same DLT.
        Pass an adjusted struct pcap_pkthdr to the sub-printer.
        Add three test cases for already fixed CVEs
           CVE-2014-8767: OLSR
           CVE-2014-8768: Geonet
           CVE-2014-8769: AODV
        Don't do the DDP-over-UDP heuristic first: GitHub issue #499.
        Use the new debugging routines in libpcap.
        Harmonize TCP source or destination ports tests with UDP ones
        Introduce data types to use for integral values in packet structures.
        RSVP: Fix an infinite loop
        Support of Type 3 and Type 4 LISP packets.
        Don't require IPv6 library support in order to support IPv6 addresses.
        Many many changes to support libnetdissect usage.
        Add a test that makes unaligned accesses: GitHub issue #478.
        add a DNSSEC test case: GH #445 and GH #467.
        BGP: add decoding of ADD-PATH capability
        fixes to LLC header printing, and RFC948-style IP packets \