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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.13.1nb1, Package name: unbound-1.13.1nb1, Maintainer: pettai

Unbound is an implementation of a DNS resolver. It provides a library
similiar to libresolv that can be used for synchronous and asynchronous
DNS lookups. It also provides a caching-only (recursive) DNS server.

Unbound has full support for IPv6 and DNSSEC validation,
DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.

Required to run:
[security/openssl] [devel/libevent]

Required to build:
[devel/flex] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: doh

Master sites:

SHA1: 561522b06943f6d1c33bd78132db1f7020fc4fd1
RMD160: b6877d52a1de3407b59a004716736e1847f555a1
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   2021-04-21 15:25:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (864)
Log message:
revbump for boost-libs
   2021-02-09 09:32:17 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update unbound to version 1.13.1.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * none, other than checksums.

Upstream changes:

This release contains a number of bug fixes.  There is added support
for the EDNS Padding option (RFC7830 and RFC8467), and the EDNS NSID
option (RFC 5001).  Unbound control has added commands to enable and
disable rpz processing.  Reply callbacks have a start time passed to
them that can be used to calculate time, these are callbacks for
response processing.  With the option serve-original-ttl the TTL served
in responses is the original, not counted down, value, for when in
front of authority service.

- Merge PR #375 by fhriley: Add rpz_enable and rpz_disable commands
  to unbound-control.
- Merge PR #391 from fhriley: Add start_time to reply callbacks so
  modules can compute the response time.
- Fix #397: [Feature request] add new type always_null to local-zone
  similar to always_nxdomain.
- Support for RFC5001: DNS Name Server Identifier (NSID) Option
  with the nsid: option in unbound.conf
- Padding of queries and responses with DNS over TLS as specified in
  RFC7830 and RFC8467.
- Merge PR #275 from Roland van Rijswijk-Deij: Add feature to return the
  original instead of a decrementing TTL ('serve-original-ttl')

Bug Fixes
- Fix #358: Squelch udp connect 'no route to host' errors on low
- Fix #360: for the additionally reported TCP Fast Open makes TCP
  connections fail, in that case we print a hint that this is
  happening with the error in the logs.
- Fix #356: deadlock when listening tcp.
- Fix unbound-dnstap-socket to not use log routine from interrupt
  handler and not print so frequently when invoked in sequence.
- Fix on windows to ignore connection failure on UDP, unless verbose.
- make depend.
- Fix #371: unbound-control timeout when Unbound is not running.
- Fix to squelch permission denied and other errors from remote host,
  they are logged at higher verbosity but not on low verbosity.
- Merge PR #335 from fobser: Sprinkle in some static to prevent
  missing prototype warnings.
- Merge PR #373 from fobser: Warning: arithmetic on a pointer to void
  is a GNU extension.
- Fix missing prototypes in the code.
- Fix error cases when udp-connect is set and send() returns an error
  (modified patch from Xin Li @delphij).
- For #376: Fix that comm point event is not double removed or double
  added to event map.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix #385: autoconf 2.70 impacts unbound build
- Fix #379: zone loading over HTTP appears to have buffer issues.
- Merge PR #395 from mptre: add missing null check.
- Fix #387: client-subnet-always-forward seems to effectively bypass
  any caching?
- For #391: use struct timeval* start_time for callback information.
- For #391: fix indentation.
- For #391: more double casts in python start time calculation.
- Add comment documentation.
- Fix clang analysis warning.
- Fix so local zone types always_nodata and always_deny can be used
  from the config file.
- Merge #399 from xiangbao227: The lock of lruhash table should
  unlocked after markdel entry.
- Fix for #93: dynlibmodule link fix for Windows.
- Fix for #93: dynlibmodule import library is named libunbound.dll.a.
- Merge #402 from fobser: Implement IPv4-Embedded addresses according
  to RFC6052.
- Fix #404: DNS query with small edns bufsize fail.
- Fix declaration before statement and signed comparison warning in
- Fix TTL of SOA record for negative answers (localzone and
  authzone data) to be the minimum of the SOA TTL and the SOA.MINIMUM.
- Fix compile of unbound-dnstap-socket without dnstap installed.
- Merge PR #355 from noloader: Make ICANN Update CA and DS Trust Anchor
  static data.
- Ignore cache blacklisting when trying to reply with expired data from
  cache (#394).
- Merge PR #408 from fobser: Prevent a few more yacc clashes.
- Annotate that we ignore the return value of if_indextoname.
- Fix to use correct type for label count in rpz routine.
- Fix empty clause warning in config_file nsid parse.
- Fix to use correct type for label count in ipdnametoaddr rpz routine.
- Fix empty clause warning in edns pass for padding.
- Fix for doxygen 1.8.20 compatibility.
- Attempt to fix NULL keys in the reuse_tcp tree; relates to #411.
- Fix dynlibmod link on rhel8 for -ldl inclusion.
- Fix windows dependency on libssp.dll because of default stack
  protector in mingw.
- Fix indentation of root anchor for use by windows install script.
   2020-12-04 16:03:12 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update unbound to version 1.13.0.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * none, other than checksums.

Upstream changes:

This version has fixes to connect for UDP sockets, slowing down
potential ICMP side channel leakage.  The fix can be controlled with the
option udp-connect: yes, it is enabled by default.

Additionally CVE-2020-28935 is fixed, this solves a problem where the
pidfile is altered by a symlink, and fails if a symlink is encountered.
See https://nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/unbound/ … -28935.txt for more

New features are upstream TCP and TLS query reuse, where a channel is
reused for several queries.  And http-notls-downstream: yesno for
unencrypted DoH, useful for back end support servers.  The option
infra-keep-probing can be used to probe hosts that are down more

The options edns-client-string and edns-client-string-opcode can be used
to add an EDNS option with the specified string in queries towards
servers, with the servers specified by IP address.  It replaces the
edns-client-tag option.

The released version equals the 1.13.0rc4 with an added fix for stream
reuse and tcp fast open.

- Pass the comm_reply information to the inplace_cb_reply* functions
  during the mesh state and update the documentation on that.
- Fix #330: [Feature request] Add unencrypted DNS over HTTPS support.
  This adds the option http-notls-downstream: yesno to change that,
  and the dohclient test code has the -n option.
- Merge PR #228 : infra-keep-probing option to probe hosts that are
  down.  Add infra-keep-probing: yes option. Hosts that are down are
  probed more frequently.
  With the option turned on, it probes about every 120 seconds,
  eventually after exponential backoff, and that keeps that way. If
  traffic keeps up for the domain. It probes with one at a time, eg.
  one query is allowed to probe, other queries within that 120 second
  interval are turned away.
- Merge PR #313 from Ralph Dolmans: Replace edns-client-tag with
  edns-client-string option.
- Merge PR #283 : Stream reuse.  This implements upstream stream
  reuse for performing several queries over the same TCP or TLS
- Fix to connect() to UDP destinations, default turned on,
  this lowers vulnerability to ICMP side channels.
  Option to toggle udp-connect, default is enabled.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #319: potential memory leak on config failure, in rpz config.
- Fix dnstap socket and the chroot not applied properly to the dnstap
  socket path.
- Fix warning in libnss compile, nss_buf2dsa is not used without DSA.
- Fix #323: unbound testsuite fails on mock build in systemd-nspawn
  if systemd support is build.
- Fix for python reply callback to see mesh state reply_list member,
  it only removes it briefly for the commpoint call so that it does
  not drop it and attempt to modify the reply list during reply.
- Fix that if there are on reply callbacks, those are called per
  reply and a new message created if that was modified by the call.
- Free up auth zone parse region after use for lookup of host
- Merge PR #326 from netblue30: DoH: implement content-length
  header field.
- DoH content length, simplify code, remove declaration after
  statement and fix cast warning.
- Fix that if there are reply callbacks for the given rcode, those
  are called per reply and a new message created if that was modified
  by the call.
- Fix that the out of order TCP processing does not limit the
  number of outstanding queries over a connection.
- Fix python documentation warning on functions.rst inplace_cb_reply.
- Log ip address when http session recv fails, eg. due to tls fail.
- Fix to set the tcp handler event toggle flag back to default when
  the handler structure is reused.
- Clean the fix for out of order TCP processing limits on number
  of queries.  It was tested to work.
- Fix that http settings have colon in set_option, for
  http-endpoint, http-max-streams, http-query-buffer-size,
  http-response-buffer-size, and http-nodelay.
- Fix memory leak of https port string when reading config.
- local-zone regional allocations outside of chunk
- Merge PR #324 from James Renken: Add modern X.509v3 extensions to
  unbound-control TLS certificates.
- Fix for PR #324 to attach the x509v3 extensions to the client
- Fix #327: net/if.h check fails on some darwin versions; contribution
  by Joshua Root.
- Fix #320: potential memory corruption due to size miscomputation upton
  custom region alloc init.
- Fix #333: Unbound Segmentation Fault w/ log_info Functions From
  Python Mod.
- Fix that minimal-responses does not remove addresses from a priming
  query response.
- In man page note that tls-cert-bundle is read before permission
  drop and chroot.
- Fix #341: fixing a possible memory leak.
- Fix memory leak after fix for possible memory leak failure.
- Fix #343: Fail to build --with-libnghttp2 with error: 'SSIZE_MAX'
- Fix for #303 CVE-2020-28935 : Fix that symlink does not interfere
  with chown of pidfile.
- Fix #347: IP_DONTFRAG broken on Apple xcode 12.2.
- Fix #350: with the AF_NETLINK permission, to fix 1.12.0 error:
  failed to list interfaces: getifaddrs: Address family not
  supported by protocol.
- Merge #351 from dvzrv: Add AF_NETLINK to set of allowed socket
  address families.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix crash when TLS connection is closed prematurely, when
  reuse tree comparison is not properly identical to insertion.
- Fix padding of struct regional for 32bit systems.
- with udp-connect ignore connection refused with UDP timeouts.
- Fix udp-connect on FreeBSD, do send calls on connected UDP socket.
- Better fix for reuse tree comparison for is-tls sockets.  Where
  the tree key identity is preserved after cleanup of the TLS state.
- Fix memory leak for edns client tag opcode config element.
- Attempt fix for libevent state in tcp reuse cases after a packet
  is written.
- Fix readagain and writeagain callback functions for comm point
- Fix to omit UDP receive errors from log, if verbosity low.
  These happen because of udp-connect.
- For #352: contrib/metrics.awk for Prometheus style metrics output.
- Fix that after failed read, the readagain cannot activate.
- Clear readagain upon decommission of pending tcp structure.
- Fix compile warning for type cast in http2_submit_dns_response.
- Fix when use free buffer to initialize rbtree for stream reuse.
- Fix compile warnings for windows.
- Fix compile warnings in rpz initialization.
- Fix contrib/metrics.awk for FreeBSD awk compatibility.
- Fix assertion failure on double callback when iterator loses
  interest in query at head of line that then has the tcp stream
  not kept for reuse.
- Fix stream reuse and tcp fast open.
   2020-11-13 18:05:40 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
unbound: Include limits.h for SSIZE_MAX.
   2020-11-11 09:04:28 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
unbound: fix buildlink3
   2020-05-19 10:39:31 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update unbound to version 1.10.1.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * None.

Upstream changes:

This release fixes CVE-2020-12662 and CVE-2020-12663.

Bug Fixes:
- CVE-2020-12662 Unbound can be tricked into amplifying an incoming
  query into a large number of queries directed to a target.
- CVE-2020-12663 Malformed answers from upstream name servers can be
  used to make Unbound unresponsive.
   2020-05-02 01:24:39 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
net/unbound: remove no-op SUBST block

The previously affected files are generated via autoconf now, inserting
the correct placeholders.
   2020-02-20 21:39:07 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update unbound to version 1.10.0. (This time on the main CVS branch...)

Pkgsrc changes:
 * Adjust line numbers in patch.

Upstream changes:

The 1.10.0 release has RPZ support and serve stale functionality
according to draft draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10.  And a number of
other, smaller, features, and bug fixes.

The DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZ) functionality makes it possible
to express DNS response policies in a DNS zone. These zones can
be loaded from file or transferred over DNS zone transfers or
HTTP. The RPZ functionality in Unbound is implemented as specified in
draft-vixie-dnsop-dns-rpz-00. Only the QNAME and Response IP Address
triggers are supported. The supported RPZ actions are: NXDOMAIN, NODATA,
PASSTHRU, DROP and Local Data.

Enabling the respip module using `module-config` is required to use
RPZ. Each RPZ zone can be configured using the `rpz` clause. RPZ clauses
are applied in order of configuration.  Unbound can get the data from
zone transfer, a zonefile or https url, and more options are documented
in the man page.  A minimal RPZ configuration that will transfer the
RPZ zone using AXFR and IXFR can look like:

  module-config: "respip validator iterator"

  name: "rpz.example.com" # name of the policy zone
  master:	  # address of the name server to transfer from

The serve-stale functionality as described in
draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10 is now supported in unbound.
This allows unbound to first try and resolve a domain name before
replying with expired data from cache.  This differs from unbound's
initial serve-expired behavior which attempts to reply with expired
entries from cache without waiting for the actual resolution to finish.
Both behaviors are available and can be configured with the various
serve-expired-* configuration options.  serve-expired-client-timeout is
the option that enables one or the other.

The DSA algorithms have been disabled by default, this is because of
RFC 8624.

There is a crash fix in the parse of text of type WKS, reported by
X41 D-Sec.

In addition, neg and key caches can be shared with multiple
libunbound contexts, a change that assists unwind.  The
contrib/unbound_portable.service provides a systemd start file for a
portable setup.  The configure --with-libbsd option allows the use
of the bsd compatibility library so that it can use the arc4random
from it.  The stats in contrib/unbound_munin_ have num.query.tls and
num.query.tls.resume added to them.  For unbound-control the command
view_local_datas_remove is added that removes data from a view.

- Merge RPZ support into master. Only QNAME and Response IP triggers are
- Added serve-stale functionality as described in
  draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10. `serve-expired-*` options can be used
  to configure the behavior.
- Updated cachedb to honor `serve-expired-ttl`; Fixes #107.
- Renamed statistic `num.zero_ttl` to `num.expired` as expired replies
  come with a configurable TTL value (`serve-expired-reply-ttl`).
- Merge #135 from Florian Obser: Use passed in neg and key cache
  if non-NULL.
- Fix #153: Disable validation for DSA algorithms.  RFC 8624 compliance.
- Merge PR#151: Fixes for systemd units, by Maryse47, Edmonds
  and Frzk.  Updates the unbound.service systemd file and adds a portable
  systemd service file.
- Merge PR#154; Allow use of libbsd functions with configure option
  --with-libbsd. By Robert Edmonds and Steven Chamberlain.
- Merge PR#148; Add some TLS stats to unbound_munin_. By Fredrik Pettai.
- Merge PR#156 from Alexander Berkes; Added unbound-control
  view_local_datas_remove command.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix typo to let serve-expired-ttl work with ub_ctx_set_option(), by
  Florian Obser
- Update mailing list URL.
- Fix #140: Document slave not downloading new zonefile upon update.
- Downgrade compat/getentropy_solaris.c to version 1.4 from OpenBSD.
  The dl_iterate_phdr() function introduced in newer versions raises
  compilation errors on solaris 10.
- Changes to compat/getentropy_solaris.c for,
  ifdef stdint.h inclusion for older systems.  ifdef sha2.h inclusion
  for older systems.
- Fix 'make test' to work for --disable-sha1 configure option.
- Fix out-of-bounds null-byte write in sldns_bget_token_par while
  parsing type WKS, reported by Luis Merino from X41 D-Sec.
- Updated sldns_bget_token_par fix for also space for the zero
  delimiter after the character.  And update for more spare space.
- Fix #138: stop binding pidfile inside chroot dir in systemd service
- Fix the relationship between serve-expired and prefetch options,
  patch from Saksham Manchanda from Secure64.
- Fix unreachable code in ssl set options code.
- Removed the dnscrypt_queries and dnscrypt_queries_chacha tests,
  because dnscrypt-proxy (2.0.36) does not support the test setup
  any more, and also the config file format does not seem to have the
  appropriate keys to recreate that setup.
- Fix crash after reload where a stats lookup could reference old key
  cache and neg cache structures.
- Fix for memory leak when edns subnet config options are read when
  compiled without edns subnet support.
- Fix auth zone support for NSEC3 records without salt.
- Merge PR#150 from Frzk: Systemd unit without chroot.  It add
  contrib/unbound_nochroot.service.in, a systemd file for use with
  chroot: "", see comments in the file, it uses systemd protections
  instead.  It was superceded by #151, the unbound_portable.service
- Merge PR#155 from Robert Edmonds: contrib/libunbound.pc.in: Fixes
  to Libs/Requires for crypto library dependencies.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix to silence the tls handshake errors for broken pipe and reset
  by peer, unless verbosity is set to 2 or higher.
- Merge PR#147; change rfc reference for reserved top level dns names.
- Fix #157: undefined reference to `htobe64'.
- Fix subnet tests for disabled DSA algorithm by default.
- Update contrib/fastrpz.patch for clean diff with current code.
- updated .gitignore for added contrib file.
- Add build rule for ipset to Makefile
- Add getentropy_freebsd.o to Makefile dependencies.
- Fix memory leak in error condition remote.c
- Fix double free in error condition view.c
- Fix memory leak in do_auth_zone_transfer on success
- Stop working on socket when socket() call returns an error.
- Check malloc return values in TLS session ticket code
- Fix fclose on error in TLS session ticket code.
- Add assertion to please static analyzer
- Fixed stats when replying with cached, cname-aliased records.
- Added missing default values for redis cachedb backend.
- Fix num_reply_addr counting in mesh and tcp drop due to size
  after serve_stale commit.
- Fix to create and destroy rpz_lock in auth_zones structure.
- Fix to lock zone before adding rpz qname trigger.
- Fix to lock and release once in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
- Fix to put braces around empty if body when threading is disabled.
- Fix num_reply_states and num_detached_states counting with
- Cleaner code in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
- Document in unbound.conf manpage that configuration clauses can be
  repeated in the configuration file.
- Document 'ub_result.was_ratelimited' in libunbound.
- Fix use after free on log-identity after a reload; Fixes #163.
- Fix with libnettle make test with dsa disabled.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply cleanly.  Fix for serve-stale
  fixes, but it does not compile, conflicts with new rpz code.
- Fix to clean memory leak of respip_addr.lock when ip_tree deleted.
- Fix compile warning when threads disabled.