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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.19.0nb1, Package name: unbound-1.19.0nb1, Maintainer: pettai

Unbound is an implementation of a DNS resolver. It provides a library
similiar to libresolv that can be used for synchronous and asynchronous
DNS lookups. It also provides a caching-only (recursive) DNS server.

Unbound has full support for IPv6 and DNSSEC validation,
DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.

Required to run:
[security/openssl] [devel/libevent]

Required to build:
[devel/flex] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: doh

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   2023-11-15 19:14:46 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (55)
Log message:
*: bump for protobuf 25
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-11-02 13:20:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (54)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for protobuf
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-08-30 17:18:26 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update net/unbound to version 1.18.0.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * none, other than checksums.

Upstream changes:
This release adds DNS cookies downstream, support to respond with EDE
error codes from cache, NAT64 support, and the capability to use a
socket queue timeout to discard old packets, and other features and bug

The downstream DNS server cookies are from RFC7873 and RFC9018, it
is turned on with `answer-cookie: yes`. It generates a random cookie
secret, but for anycast setups the cookie secret can be configured with
`cookie-secret: "128bithex"` with the same value as the other instances.
Non cookie traffic can be disallowed with the `allow_cookie` acl option
for access-control. Queries with valid cookie bypass the ordinary
ratelimit, but a ratelimit can be configured for cookie queries
with `ip-ratelimit-cookie: 100`. The statistics has counters for
`query_cookie_valid` and `query_cookie_client` and

When queries come in with CD flag, a DNSSEC validation EDE can be
returned, with information regarding a failure. EDE error information
is also stored in the cache with the query responses. There is also EDE
error information stored for the cachedb and the subnetcache.

There is NAT64 support, that is enabled with `do-nat64: yes`. The
NAT64 prefix can be configured too, if not the default
`nat64-prefix: 64:ff9b::0/96`. This is useful for an IPv6 only
host where Unbound is running, so that Unbound can use NAT64 to
connect to IPv4 servers.

The new default for the maximum UDP response size is 1232, with
`max-udp-size: 1232`. This is similar to other resolvers. The new
default is smaller and that makes it harder to get large responses.
Thanks to Xiang Li, from NISL Lab, Tsinghua University.

There is a new option `harden-unknown-additional: yes`. This removes
unknown records from the authority and additional section. This stops
unknown records from being copied from the upstream to the downstream
client, potentially exposing those clients to the extra records. Default
is no, because it could hamper future protocol developments that want to
add records. Thanks to Xiang Li, from NISL Lab, Tsinghua University.

With the `sock-queue-timeout: 3` option kernel timestamps are turned on
for UDP queries, and old packets are dropped. Queries that have waited
in the socket buffer for a long time are then discarded, and is useful
if the host was not running for a while. The statistics has
`num.queries_timed_out` and `query.queue_time_us.max` counters.

The local-zone type `block_a` is for when queries to IPv4 have to be
stopped to force IPv6 usage. It stops type A queries with nodata, and
transparently allows other queries.

The redis server can be contacted over a unix socket with
`redis-server-path: "/var/lib/redis/redis-server.sock"`. The redis
server password can be configured with
`redis-server-password: "password"`.

The number of hashtable collisions is logged in the statistics counters
`msg.cache.max_collisions` and `rrset.cache.max_collisions`. It can be
used to monitor for mistakes where the wrong or same hash value occurs
too frequently.

The repository does not have the bison and flex generated output in it,
so these tools are necessary to compile from a checkout, the tarball
distribution contains pregenerated files and can use either those files
or bison and flex tools on the compile system.

If kernel timestamps are enabled, with the sock-queue-timeout option,
they are also used to set the time for dnstap logs.

There is a yocto compatible init script available in the contrib
directory of the source code, `unbound.init_yocto`.
The number of cachedb hits from cache is output in `num.query.cachedb`.
There is support for the dohpath parameter for the SVCB record type.
Prefetch is supported for subnet cache entries.
Detection of the python paths on the system has been expanded.

Compared to the release candidate rc1, this release has an extra fix to
fix a compile issue on NetBSD.

- Merge #826: #dd a metric about the maximum number of collisions in
- Set max-udp-size default to 1232. This is the same default value as
  the default value for edns-buffer-size. It restricts client edns
  buffer size choices, and makes unbound behave similar to other DNS
  resolvers. The new choice, down from 4096 means it is harder to get
  large responses from Unbound. Thanks to Xiang Li, from NISL Lab,
  Tsinghua University.
- Add harden-unknown-additional option. It removes
  unknown records from the authority section and additional section.
  Thanks to Xiang Li, from NISL Lab, Tsinghua University.
- Merge #819: Added new static zone type block_a to suppress all A
  queries for specific zones.
- Fix #835: [FR] Ability to use Redis unix sockets.
- Fix #833: [FR] Ability to set the Redis password.
- Merge #882 from vvfedorenko: Features/dropqueuedpackets, with
  sock-queue-timeout option that drops packets that have been in the
  socket queue for too long. Added statistics num.queries_timed_out
  and query.queue_time_us.max that track the socket queue timeouts.
- Merge #722 from David 'eqvinox' Lamparter: NAT64 support.
- Fix #888: [FR] Use kernel timestamps for dnstap.
- Merge #903: contrib: add yocto compatible init script.
- Merge #892: Add cachedb hit stat. Introduces 'num.query.cachedb' as
  a new statistical counter.
- Merge #739: Add SVCB dohpath support.
- Merge #802: add validation EDEs to queries where the CD bit is set.
- Merge #664 from tilan7763: Add prefetch support for subnet cache
- Merge #759 from Tom Carpay: Add EDE (RFC8914) caching.
- Merge #790 from Tom Carpay: Add support for EDE caching in cachedb
  and subnetcache.
- Merge PR #762: Downstream DNS Server Cookies a la RFC7873 and
  RFC9018. Create server cookies for clients that send client cookies.
  This needs to be explicitly turned on in the config file with:
  `answer-cookie: yes`. A `cookie-secret:` can be configured for
  anycast setups. Without one, a random cookie secret is generated.
  The acl option `allow_cookie` allows queries with either a valid
  cookie or over a stateful transport. The statistics output has
  `queries_cookie_valid` and `queries_cookie_client` and
  `queries_cookie_invalid` information. The `ip\-ratelimit\-cookie:`
  value determines a rate limit for queries with cookies, if desired.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #823: Response change to NODATA for some ANY queries since
  1.12, tested on 1.16.1.
- Fix python module install path detection.
- Fix python version detection in configure.
- Improve documentation for #826, describe the large collisions amount.
- Fix not following cleared RD flags potentially enables amplification
  DDoS attacks, reported by Xiang Li and Wei Xu from NISL Lab,
  Tsinghua University. The fix stops query loops, by refusing to send
  RD=0 queries to a forwarder, they still get answered from cache.
- Set default for harden-unknown-additional to no. So that it does
  not hamper future protocol developments.
- Fix test for new default.
- Fix acx_nlnetlabs.m4 for -Wstrict-prototypes.
- Add duration variable for speed_local.test.
- Fix #841: Unbound won't build with aaaa-filter-iterator.patch.
- Fix to ignore entirely empty responses, and try at another authority.
  This turns completely empty responses, a type of noerror/nodata into
  a servfail, but they do not conform to RFC2308, and the retry can
  fetch improved content.
- Fix unit tests for spurious empty messages.
- Fix consistency of unit test without roundrobin answers for the
  cnametooptout unit test.
- Fix to git ignore the library symbol file that configure can create.
- Allow TTL refresh of expired error responses.
- Add testcase for refreshing expired error responses.
- Clean up iterator/iterator.c::error_response_cache() and allow for
  better interaction with serve-expired, prefetch and cached error
- Fix #825: Unexpected behavior with client-subnet-always-forward
  and serve-expired
- Fix for #852: Completion of error handling.
- Fix unbound-dnstap-socket test program to reply the finish frame
  over a TLS connection correctly.
- Fix ssl.h include brackets, instead of quotes.
- Fix #812, fix #846, by using the SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF option
  to ignore the unexpected eof while reading in openssl >= 3.
- iana portlist update.
- Fix issue #851: reserved identifier violation
- Fix issue #676: Unencrypted query is sent when
  forward-tls-upstream: yes is used without tls-cert-bundle
- Extra consistency check to make sure that when TLS is requested,
  either we set up a TLS connection or we return an error.
- Fix #870: NXDOMAIN instead of NOERROR rcode when asked for existing
  CNAME record.
- Fix for #870: Add test case for the qname minimisation and CNAME.
- Fix build badge, from failing travis link to github ci action link.
- Merge #875: change obsolete txt URL in unbound-anchor.c to point
  to RFC 7958, and Fix #874.
- Fix for #878: Invalid IP address in unbound.conf causes Segmentation
  Fault on OpenBSD.
- Fix for #882: small changes, date updated in Copyright for
  util/timeval_func.c and util/timeval_func.h. Man page entries and
  example entry.
- Fix for #882: document variable to stop doxygen warning.
- Fix issue #860: Bad interaction with 0 TTL records and serve-expired
- Fix RPZ IP responses with trigger rpz-drop on cache entries, that
  they are dropped.
- For #722: minor fixes, formatting, refactoring.
- Fix #885: Error: util/configlexer.c: No such file or directory,
  adds error messages explaining to install flex and bison.
- Fix to remove unused whitespace from acx_nlnetlabs.m4 and config.h.
- Fix doxygen in addr_to_nat64 header definition.
- Fix warning in windows compile, in set_recvtimestamp.
- Fix to print debug log for ancillary data with correct IP address.
- Fix RPZ removal of client-ip, nsip, nsdname triggers from IXFR.
- Fix to remove unused variables from RPZ clientip data structure.
- Fix unbound-dnstap-socket printout when no query is present.
- Fix unbound-dnstap-socket time fraction conversion for printout.
- Merge #896: Fix: #895: pythonmodule: add all site-packages
  directories to sys.path.
- Fix #895: python + sysconfig gives ANOTHER path comparing to
- Fix for uncertain unit test for doh buffer size events.
- Properly handle all return values of worker_check_request during
  early EDE code.
- Do not check the incoming request more than once.
- Fix for issue #887 (Timeouts to forward servers on BSD based
  system with ASLR)
- Probably fixes #516 (Stream reuse does not work on Windows) as well
- Remove warning about unknown cast-function-type warning pragma.
- Fix python modules with multiple scripts, by incrementing reference
- More fixes for reference counting for python module and clean up
  failure code.
- Merge #827 from rcmcdonald91: Eliminate unnecessary Python reloading
  which causes memory leaks.
- Fix #906: warning: `Py_SetProgramName' is deprecated.
- Fix dereference of NULL variable warning in mesh_do_callback.
- Code cleanup for sldns_str2wire_svcparam_key_lookup.
- For #802: Cleanup comments and add RCODE check for CD bit test case.
- Skip the 00-lint test. splint is not maintained; it either does not
  work or produces false positives. Static analysis is handled in the
  clang test.
- For #664: Easier code flow for subnetcache prefetching.
- For #664: Add testcase.
- For #664: Rename subnet_prefetch tests to subnet_global_prefetch to
  differentiate from the new subnet prefetch support.
- Merge #880 from chipitsine: services/authzone.c: remove redundant
- More clear description of the different auth-zone behaviors on the
  man page.
- Merge #909 from headshog: Numeric truncation when parsing TYPEXX and
  CLASSXX representation.
- For #909: Fix return values.
- Merge #901 from Sergei Trofimovich: config: improve handling of
  unknown modules.
- For #909: Fix RR class comparison.
- Merge #857 from eaglegai: fix potential memory leaks when errors
- For #857: fix mixed declarations and code.
- Merge #118 from mibere: Changed verbosity level for Redis init &
- Merge #390 from Frank Riley: Add missing callbacks to the python
- Cleaner failure code for callback functions in interface.i.
- Merge #889 from borisVanhoof: Free memory in error case + remove
  unused function.
- For #889: use netcat-openbsd instead of netcat-traditional.
- For #889: Account for num_detached_states before possible
  mesh_state_delete when erroring out.
- Fix unused variable compile warning for kernel timestamps in
- Merge #911 from natalie-reece: Exclude EDE before other EDNS options
  when there isn't enough space.
- For #911: Try to trim EXTRA-TEXT (and LDNS_EDE_OTHER options
  altogether) before giving up on attaching EDE options.
- More braces and formatting for Fix for EDNS EDE size calculation to
  avoid future bugs.
- Fix to use the now cached EDE, if any, for CD_bit queries.
- Fix for EDNS EDE size calculation.
- Move a cache reply callback in worker.c closer to the cache reply
- Fix regional_alloc_init for potential unaligned source of the copy.
- Fix ip_ratelimit test to work with dig that enables DNS cookies.
- Fix for iter_dec_attempts that could cause a hang, part of
  capsforid and qname minimisation, depending on the settings.
- Fix uninitialized memory passed in padding bytes of cmsg to sendmsg.
- Fix stat_values test to work with dig that enables DNS cookies.
- Debug Windows ci workflow.
- Fix windows ci workflow to install bison and flex.
- Fix for #925: unbound.service: Main process exited, code=killed,
  status=11/SEGV. Fixes cachedb configuration handling.
- Fix #923: processQueryResponse() THROWAWAY should be mindful of
- Fix unit test for unbound-control to work when threads are disabled,
  and fix cache dump check.
- Fix compile error on NetBSD in util/netevent.h.
   2023-04-19 10:12:01 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2359) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump after textproc/icu update
   2023-01-12 13:09:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
unbound: updated to 1.17.1



Expose 'statistics-inhibit-zero' as a configuration option; the default value \ 
retains Unbound's behavior.
Expose 'max-sent-count' as a configuration option; the default value retains \ 
Unbound's behavior.
Merge 461 from Christian Allred: Add max-query-restarts option. Exposes an \ 
internal configuration but the default value retains Unbound's behavior.
Merge 569 from JINMEI Tatuya: add keep-cache option to 'unbound-control reload' \ 
to keep caches.

Bug Fixes

Merge 768 from fobser: Arithmetic on a pointer to void is a GNU extension.
In unit test, print python script name list correctly.
testcode/dohclient sets log identity to its name.
Clarify the use of MAX_SENT_COUNT in the iterator code.
Fix that cachedb does not store failures in the external cache.
Merge 767 from jonathangray: consistently use IPv4/IPv6 in unbound.conf.5.
Fix to ignore tcp events for closed comm points.
Fix to make sure to not read again after a tcp comm point is closed.
Fix 775: libunbound: subprocess reap causes parent process reap to hang.
iana portlist update.
Complementary fix for distutils.sysconfig deprecation in Python 3.10 to commit \ 
Fix 779: [doc] Missing documention in ub_resolve_event() for callback parameter \ 
Ignore expired error responses.
Merge 720 from jonathangray: fix use after free when WSACreateEvent() fails.
Fix for the ignore of tcp events for closed comm points, preserve the use after \ 
free protection features.
Fix 782: Segmentation fault in stats.c:404.
Add SVCB and HTTPS to the types removed by 'unbound-control flush'.
Clear documentation for interactivity between the subnet module and the \ 
serve-expired and prefetch configuration options.
Fix 773: When used with systemd-networkd, unbound does not start until \ 
systemd-networkd-wait-online.service times out.
Merge 808: Wrap Makefile script's directory variables in quotes.
Fix to wrap Makefile scripts directory in quotes for uninstall.
Fix windows compile for libunbound subprocess reap comm point closes.
Update github workflows to use checkout v3.
Fix wildcard in hyperlocal zone service degradation, reported by Sergey Kacheev.
   2022-10-13 14:09:00 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update net/unbound to version 1.17.0.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * none, other than checksums.

Upstream changes:
This release has new interface acl configuration options. These
allow access-control actions, per interface. Also tags, and views
can be configured per interface, queries over the interface are
answered with these tags and views. It is configured with the
options `interface-action`, `interface-tag`, `interface-tag-action`,
`interface-tag-data` and `interface-view`. If there is also an
access-control setting for the query, this overrides the interface
settings for that query.

The PROXYv2 protocol is supported. It can be configured with the
`proxy-protocol-port: portno` option. It is used to convey the
IP addresses of clients that connect via a proxy to Unbound.

There are also fixes for a number of bugs. In some cases a
blocking wait on a socket could happen, and this has been
fixed. If the upstream sends a TC flag, erroneously, the reply
is ignored and retried. When under load, with the new
NRDelegation fixes from the previous release, there are
mitigations to continue target discovery. There is also a fix
for possible loops in the tcp reuse code.

The release version differs from the RC1, there is a bugfix
for the proxy protocol for tcp read when no proxied addresses
are provided.

- Merge #753: ACL per interface. (New interface-* configuration
- Merge #760: PROXYv2 downstream support. (New proxy-protocol-port
  configuration option).

Bug Fixes
- Fix #728: alloc_reg_obtain() core dump. Stop double
  alloc_reg_release when serviced_create fails.
- Fix edns subnet so that scope 0 answers only match sourcemask 0
  queries for answers from cache if from a query with sourcemask 0.
- Fix unittest for edns subnet change.
- Merge #730 from luisdallos: Fix startup failure on Windows 8.1 due
  to unsupported IPV6_USER_MTU socket option being set.
- Fix ratelimit inconsistency, for ip-ratelimits the value is the
  amount allowed, like for ratelimits.
- Fix #734 [FR] enable unbound-checkconf to detect more (basic)
- Fix to log accept error ENFILE and EMFILE errno, but slowly, once
  per 10 seconds. Also log accept failures when no slow down is used.
- Fix to avoid process wide fcntl calls mixed with nonblocking
  operations after a blocked write.
- Patch from Vadim Fedorenko that adds MSG_DONTWAIT to receive
  operations, so that instruction reordering does not cause mistakenly
  blocking socket operations.
- Fix to wait for blocked write on UDP sockets, with a timeout if it
  takes too long the packet is dropped.
- Fix for wait for udp send to stop when packet is successfully sent.
- Fix #741: systemd socket activation fails on IPv6.
- Fix to update config tests to fix checking if nonblocking sockets
  work on OpenBSD.
- Slow down log frequency of write wait failures.
- Fix to set out of file descriptor warning to operational verbosity.
- Fix to log a verbose message at operational notice level if a
  thread is not responding, to stats requests. It is logged with
  thread identifiers.
- Remove include that was there for debug purposes.
- Fix to check pthread_t size after pthread has been detected.
- Convert tdir tests to use the new skip_test functionality.
- Remove unused testcode/mini_tpkg.sh file.
- Better output for skipped tdir tests.
- Fix doxygen warning in respip.h.
- Fix to remove erroneous TC flag from TCP upstream.
- Fix test tdir skip report printout.
- Fix windows compile, the identifier interface is defined in headers.
- Fix to close errno block in comm_point_tcp_handle_read outside of
- Fix static analysis report to remove dead code from the
  rpz_callback_from_iterator_module function.
- Fix to clean up after the acl_interface unit test.
- Merge #764: Leniency for target discovery when under load (for
  NRDelegation changes).
- Use DEBUG_TDIR from environment in mini_tdir.sh for debugging.
- Fix string comparison in mini_tdir.sh.
- Make ede.tdir test more predictable by using static data.
- Fix checkconf test for dnscrypt and proxy port.
- Fix dnscrypt compile for proxy protocol code changes.
- Fix to stop responses with TC flag from resulting in partial
  responses. It retries to fetch the data elsewhere, or fails the
  query and in depth fix removes the TC flag from the cached item.
- Fix proxy length debug output printout typecasts.
- Fix to stop possible loops in the tcp reuse code (write_wait list
  and tcp_wait list). Based on analysis and patch from Prad Seniappan
  and Karthik Umashankar.
- Fix PROXYv2 header read for TCP connections when no proxied addresses
  are provided.