./net/yt-dlp, Youtube-dl fork with new features and patches

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2022.9.1, Package name: yt-dlp-2022.9.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Yt-dlp is a youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes.
The main focus of this project is adding new features and patches
while also keeping up to date with the original project.
Some of the new features are:
* SponsorBlock API integration
* Format Sorting
* youtube improvements
* obtain cookies from browser
* split video by chapters into files
* multi-threaded fragment downloads
* new and fixed/improved extractors
* subtitle extraction from manifests
* multiple paths and output templates
* portable configuration
* new options
* plugin extractors
* differences in default behavior

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   2022-09-14 13:46:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
yt-dlp: updated to 2022.9.1

Add option --use-extractors
Merge youtube-dl: Upto commit/ed5c44e
Add yt-dlp version to infojson
Fix --break-per-url --max-downloads
Fix bug in --alias
[cookies] Support firefox container in --cookies-from-browser by bashonly, \ 
coletdjnz, pukkandan
[downloader/external] Smarter detection of executable
[extractor/generic] Don't return JW player without formats
[FormatSort] Fix aext for --prefer-free-formats
[jsinterp] Various improvements by pukkandan, dirkf, elyse0
[cache] Mechanism to invalidate old cache
[utils] Add deprecation_warning
[utils] Add orderedSet_from_options
[utils] Popen: Restore LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using PyInstaller by Lesmiscore
[build] make tar should not follow DESTDIR by satan1st
[build] Update pyinstaller by shirt-dev
[test] Fix test_youtube_signature
[cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup by DavidH-2022, MrRawes, pukkandan
[extractor/epoch] Add extractor by tejasa97
[extractor/eurosport] Add extractor by HobbyistDev
[extractor/IslamChannel] Add extractors by Lesmiscore
[extractor/newspicks] Add extractor by Lesmiscore
[extractor/triller] Add extractor by bashonly
[extractor/VQQ] Add extractors by elyse0
[extractor/youtube] Improvements to nsig extraction
[extractor/youtube] Fix bug in format sorting
[extractor/youtube] Update iOS Innertube clients by SamantazFox
[extractor/youtube] Use device-specific user agent by coletdjnz
[extractor/youtube] Add --compat-option no-youtube-prefer-utc-upload-date by \ 
[extractor/arte] Bug fix by cgrigis
[extractor/bilibili] Extract flac with premium account by jackyyf
[extractor/BiliBiliSearch] Don't sort by date
[extractor/BiliBiliSearch] Fix infinite loop
[extractor/bitchute] Mark errors as expected
[extractor/crunchyroll:beta] Use anonymous access by tejing1
[extractor/huya] Fix stream extraction by ohaiibuzzle
[extractor/medaltv] Fix extraction by xenova
[extractor/mediaset] Fix embed extraction
[extractor/mixcloud] All formats are audio-only
[extractor/rtbf] Fix jwt extraction by elyse0
[extractor/screencastomatic] Support --video-password by shreyasminocha
[extractor/stripchat] Don't modify input URL by dfaker
[extractor/uktv] Improve _VALID_URL by dirkf
[extractor/vimeo:user] Fix _VALID_URL
   2022-08-24 19:49:36 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
yt-dlp: Update to yt-dlp-2022.8.19

### 2022.08.19
* Fix bug in `--download-archive`
* [jsinterp] **Fix for new youtube players** and related improvements
* [phantomjs] Add function to execute JS without a DOM
* [build] Exclude devscripts from installs
* [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup
* [extractor/youtube] Add fallback to phantomjs for nsig
* [extractor/youtube] Fix error reporting of "Incomplete data"
* [extractor/youtube] Improve format sorting for IOS formats
* [extractor/youtube] Improve signature caching
* [extractor/instagram] Fix extraction
* [extractor/rai] Minor fix
* [extractor/rtbf] Fix stream extractor
* [extractor/SovietsCloset] Fix extractor
* [extractor/zattoo] Fix Zattoo resellers
   2022-08-15 17:59:57 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
yt-dlp: Update to 2022.8.14

### 2022.08.14
* Merge youtube-dl: Upto commit d231b56
* [jsinterp] Handle **new youtube signature functions**
* [jsinterp] Truncate error messages
* [extractor] Fix format sorting of `channels`
* [ffmpeg] Disable avconv unless `--prefer-avconv`
* [ffmpeg] Smarter detection of ffprobe filename
* [patreon] Ignore erroneous media attachments
* [postprocessor/embedthumbnail] Detect `libatomicparsley.so`
* [ThumbnailsConvertor] Fix conversion after `fixup_webp`
* [utils] Fix `get_compatible_ext`
* [build] Fix changelog
* [update] Set executable bit-mask
* [devscripts] Fix import
* [docs] Consistent use of `e.g.`
* [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup
* [extractor/moview] Add extractor
* [extractor/parler] Add extractor
* [extractor/truth] Add extractor
* [extractor/aenetworks] Add formats parameter
* [extractor/crunchyroll] Improve `_VALID_URL`s
* [extractor/doodstream] Add `wf` domain
* [extractor/facebook] Add reel support
* [extractor/MLB] New extractor
* [extractor/rai] Misc fixes
* [extractor/toggo] Improve `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/tubitv] Extract additional formats
* [extractor/zattoo] Potential fix for resellers
   2022-08-09 20:11:59 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
yt-dlp: Update to 2022.8.8

pkgsrc changes:
 - Remove patch-yt__dlp_extractor_arte.py, was a backport from upstream, it
   should be no longer needed.

### 2022.08.08
* **Remove Python 3.6 support**
* Determine merge container better
* Framework for embed detection
* Merge youtube-dl: Up to commit adb5294
* `--compat-option no-live-chat` should disable danmaku
* Fix misleading DRM message
* Import ctypes only when necessary
* Minor bugfixes
* Reject entire playlists faster with `--match-filter`
* Remove filtered entries from `-J`
* Standardize retry mechanism
* Validate `--merge-output-format`
* [downloader] Add average speed to final progress line
* [extractor] Add field `audio_channels`
* [extractor] Support multiple archive ids for one video
* [ffmpeg] Set `ffmpeg_location` in a contextvar
* [FFmpegThumbnailsConvertor] Fix conversion from GIF
* [MetadataParser] Don't set `None` when the field didn't match
* [outtmpl] Smarter replacing of unsupported characters
* [outtmpl] Treat empty values as None in filenames
* [utils] sanitize_open: Allow any IO stream as stdout
* [build, devscripts] Add devscript to set a build variant
* [build] Improve build process
* [build] Update pyinstaller
* [devscripts] Create `utils` and refactor
* [docs] Clarify `best*`
* [docs] Fix bug report issue template
* [docs] Fix capitalization in references
* [cleanup, mhtml] Use imghdr
* [cleanup, utils] Consolidate known media extensions
* [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup
* [extractor/angel] Add extractor
* [extractor/dplay] Add MotorTrend extractor
* [extractor/harpodeon] Add extractor
* [extractor/holodex] Add extractor
* [extractor/kompas] Add extracto
* [extractor/rai] Add raisudtirol extractor by [nixxo](https://github.com/nixxo)
* [extractor/tempo] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/youtube] Fixes for third party client detection
* [extractor/youtube] Add `live_status=post_live`
* [extractor/youtube] Extract more format info
* [extractor/youtube] Parse translated subtitles only when requested
* [extractor/youtube, extractor/twitch] Allow waiting for channels to become live
* [extractor/youtube, webvtt] Extract auto-subs from livestream VODs
* [extractor/AbemaTVTitle] Implement paging
* [extractor/archiveorg] Improve handling of formats
* [extractor/arte] Fix title extraction
* [extractor/arte] Move to v2 API
* [extractor/bbc] Fix news articles
* [extractor/camtasia] Separate into own extractor
* [extractor/cloudflarestream] Fix video_id padding
* [extractor/crunchyroll] Fix conversion of thumbnail from GIF
* [extractor/crunchyroll] Handle missing metadata correctly
* [extractor/crunchyroll:beta] Extract timestamp and fix tests
* [extractor/crunchyroll:beta] Use streams API
* [extractor/doodstream] Support more domains
* [extractor/ESPN] Extract duration
* [extractor/FIFA] Change API endpoint
* [extractor/globo:article] Remove false positives
* [extractor/Go] Extract timestamp
* [extractor/hidive] Fix cookie login when netrc is also given
* [extractor/html5] Separate into own extractor
* [extractor/ina] Improve extractor
* [extractor/NaverNow] Change endpoint
* [extractor/ninegag] Extract uploader
* [extractor/NovaPlay] Fix extractor
* [extractor/orf:radio] Rewrite extractors
* [extractor/patreon] Fix and improve extractors
* [extractor/rai] Fix RaiNews extraction
* [extractor/redbee] Unify and update extractors
* [extractor/stripchat] Fix _VALID_URL
* [extractor/tubi] Exclude playlists from playlist entries
* [extractor/tviplayer] Improve `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/twitch] Extract chapters for single chapter VODs
* [extractor/vgtv] Support tv.vg.no
* [extractor/vidio] Support embed link
* [extractor/vk] Fix extractor
* [extractor/WASDTV:record] Fix `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/xfileshare] Add Referer
* [extractor/YahooJapanNews] Fix extractor
* [extractor/yandexmusic] Extract higher quality format
* [extractor/zee5] Update Device ID
   2022-08-07 08:51:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
yt-dlp: fix arte support using upstream patch

   2022-08-07 08:45:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
yt-dlp: update to 2022.7.18.

Replace patch+sed with just sed.

### 2022.07.18

* Allow users to specify encoding in each config files by \ 
* Discard infodict from memory if no longer needed
* Do not allow extractors to return `None`
* Do not load system certificates when `certifi` is used
* Fix rounding of integers in format table
* Improve chapter sanitization
* Skip some fixup if remux/recode is needed by \ 
* Support `--no-progress` for `--wait-for-video`
* Fix bug in \ 
* [outtmpl] Add alternate form `h` for HTML escaping
* [aes] Add multiple padding modes in CBC by [elyse0](https://github.com/elyse0)
* [extractor/common] Passthrough `errnote=False` to parsers
* [extractor/generic] Remove HEAD request
* [http] Ensure the file handle is always closed
* [ModifyChapters] Modify duration in infodict
* [options] Fix aliases to `--config-location`
* [utils] Fix `get_domain`
* [build] Consistent order for lazy extractors by [lamby](https://github.com/lamby)
* [build] Fix architecture suffix of executables by \ 
* [build] Improve `setup.py`
* [update] Do not check `_update_spec` when up to date
* [update] Prepare to remove Python 3.6 support
* [compat] Let PyInstaller detect _legacy module
* [devscripts/update-formulae] Do not change dependency section
* [test] Split download tests so they can be more easily run in CI
* [docs] Improve docstring of `download_ranges` by \ 
* [docs] Improve issue templates
* [build] Fix bug in \ 
* [cleanup, utils] Refactor parse_codecs
* [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup
* [extractor/acfun] Add extractors by [lockmatrix](https://github.com/lockmatrix)
* [extractor/Audiodraft] Add extractors by \ 
[Ashish0804](https://github.com/Ashish0804), \ 
* [extractor/cellebrite] Add extractor by \ 
* [extractor/detik] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/hytale] Add extractor by \ 
[llamasblade](https://github.com/llamasblade), \ 
* [extractor/liputan6] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/mocha] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/rtl.lu] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/rtvsl] Add extractor by \ 
[iw0nderhow](https://github.com/iw0nderhow), \ 
* [extractor/StarTrek] Add extractor by [scy](https://github.com/scy)
* [extractor/syvdk] Add extractor by [misaelaguayo](https://github.com/misaelaguayo)
* [extractor/theholetv] Add extractor by [dosy4ev](https://github.com/dosy4ev)
* [extractor/TubeTuGraz] Add extractor by \ 
[Ferdi265](https://github.com/Ferdi265), \ 
* [extractor/tviplayer] Add extractor by \ 
* [extractor/wetv] Add extractors by [elyse0](https://github.com/elyse0)
* [extractor/wikimedia] Add extractor by \ 
[EhtishamSabir](https://github.com/EhtishamSabir), \ 
* [extractor/youtube] Fix duration check for post-live manifestless mode
* [extractor/youtube] More metadata for storyboards by [ftk](https://github.com/ftk)
* [extractor/bigo] Fix extractor by [Lesmiscore](https://github.com/Lesmiscore)
* [extractor/BiliIntl] Fix subtitle extraction by \ 
* [extractor/crunchyroll] Improve `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/fifa] Fix extractor by [ischmidt20](https://github.com/ischmidt20)
* [extractor/instagram] Fix post/story extractors by \ 
[pritam20ps05](https://github.com/pritam20ps05), \ 
* [extractor/iq] Set language correctly for Korean subtitles
* [extractor/MangoTV] Fix subtitle languages
* [extractor/Netverse] Improve playlist extractor by \ 
* [extractor/philharmoniedeparis] Fix extractor by \ 
* [extractor/Trovo] Fix extractor by [u-spec-png](https://github.com/u-spec-png)
* [extractor/twitch] Support storyboards for VODs by [ftk](https://github.com/ftk)
* [extractor/WatchESPN] Improve `_VALID_URL` by \ 
[IONECarter](https://github.com/IONECarter), [dirkf](https://github.com/dirkf)
* [extractor/WSJArticle] Fix video id extraction by \ 
* [extractor/Ximalaya] Fix extractors by [lockmatrix](https://github.com/lockmatrix)
* [cleanup, extractor/youtube] Fix tests by [sheerluck](https://github.com/sheerluck)

### 2022.06.29

* Fix `--downloader native`
* Fix `section_end` of clips
* Fix playlist error handling
* Sanitize `chapters`
* [extractor] Fix `_create_request` when headers is None
* [extractor] Fix empty `BaseURL` in MPD
* [ffmpeg] Write full output to debug on error
* [hls] Warn user when trying to download live HLS
* [options] Fix `parse_known_args` for `--`
* [utils] Fix inconsistent default handling between HTTP and HTTPS requests by \ 
* [build] Draft release until complete
* [build] Fix release tag commit
* [build] Standalone x64 builds for MacOS 10.9 by \ 
* [update] Ability to set a maximum version for specific variants
* [compat] Fix `compat.WINDOWS_VT_MODE`
* [compat] Remove deprecated functions from core code
* [compat] Remove more functions
* [cleanup, extractor] Reduce direct use of `_downloader`
* [cleanup] Consistent style for file heads
* [cleanup] Fix some typos by [crazymoose77756](https://github.com/crazymoose77756)
* [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup
* [extractor/Scrolller] Add extractor by \ 
* [extractor/ViMP] Add playlist extractor by \ 
* [extractor/fuyin] Add extractor by [HobbyistDev](https://github.com/HobbyistDev)
* [extractor/livestreamfails] Add extractor by [nomevi](https://github.com/nomevi)
* [extractor/premiershiprugby] Add extractor by \ 
* [extractor/steam] Add broadcast extractor by \ 
* [extractor/youtube] Mark videos as fully watched by \ 
* [extractor/CWTV] Extract thumbnail by [ischmidt20](https://github.com/ischmidt20)
* [extractor/ViMP] Add thumbnail and support more sites by \ 
* [extractor/dropout] Support cookies and login only as needed by \ 
[pingiun](https://github.com/pingiun), [pukkandan](https://github.com/pukkandan)
* [extractor/ertflix] Improve `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/lbry] Use HEAD request for redirect URL by \ 
* [extractor/mediaset] Improve `_VALID_URL`
* [extractor/npr] Implement \ 
[e50c350](https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp/commit/e50c3500b43d80e4492569c4b4523c4379c6fbb2) \ 
* [extractor/tennistv] Rewrite extractor by \ 
[pukkandan](https://github.com/pukkandan), \ 
   2022-06-30 13:19:02 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (524)
Log message:
*: Revbump packages that use Python at runtime without a PKGNAME prefix
   2022-06-27 15:33:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
yt-dlp: update to 2022.6.22.1.

    Deprecate support for Python 3.6
    Add option --download-sections to download video partially
        Chapter regex and time ranges are accepted (Eg: --download-sections \ 
    Add option --alias
    Add option --lazy-playlist to process entries as they are received
    Add option --retry-sleep
    Add slicing notation to --playlist-items
        Adds support for negative indices and step
        Add -I as alias for --playlist-index
        Makes --playlist-start, --playlist-end, --playlist-reverse, \ 
--no-playlist-reverse redundant
    --config-location - to provide options interactively
    [build] Add Linux standalone builds
    [update] Self-restart after update
    Merge youtube-dl: Upto commit/8a158a9
    Add --no-update
    Allow extractors to specify section_start/end for clips
    Do not print progress to stderr with -q
    Ensure pre-processor errors do not block video download
    Fix --simulate --max-downloads
    Improve error handling of bad config files
    Return an error code if update fails
    Fix bug in 3a408f9
    [ExtractAudio] Allow conditional conversion
    [ModifyChapters] Fix repeated removal of small segments
    [ThumbnailsConvertor] Allow conditional conversion
    [cookies] Detect profiles for cygwin/BSD by moench-tegeder
    [dash] Show fragment count with --live-from-start by flashdagger
    [extractor] Add _search_json by coletdjnz, pukkandan
    [extractor] Add default parameter to _search_json by coletdjnz, pukkandan
    [extractor] Add dev option --load-pages
    [extractor] Handle json_ld with multiple @types
    [extractor] Import _ALL_CLASSES lazily
    [extractor] Recognize src attribute from HTML5 media elements by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/generic] Revert e6ae51c
    [f4m] Bugfix
    [ffmpeg] Check version lazily
    [jsinterp] Some optimizations and refactoring by dirkf, pukkandan
    [utils] Improve performance using functools.cache
    [utils] Send HTTP/1.1 ALPN extension by coletdjnz
    [utils] ExtractorError: Fix exc_info
    [utils] ISO3166Utils: Add EU and AP
    [utils] Popen: Refactor to use contextmanager
    [utils] locked_file: Fix for PyPy on Windows
    [update] Expose more functionality to API
    [update] Use .git folder to distinguish source/unknown
    [build] Fix updating homebrew formula
    [compat] Add functools.cached_property
    [test] Fix FakeYDL signatures by coletdjnz
    [docs] Improvements
    [cleanup, ExtractAudio] Refactor
    [cleanup, downloader] Refactor report_progress
    [cleanup, extractor] Refactor _download_... methods
    [cleanup, extractor] Rename extractors.py to _extractors.py
    [cleanup, utils] Don't use kwargs for format_field
    [cleanup, build] Refactor
    [cleanup, docs] Re-indent "Usage and Options" section
    [cleanup] Deprecate YoutubeDL.parse_outtmpl
    [cleanup] Misc fixes and cleanup by Lesmiscore, MrRawes, christoph-heinrich, \ 
flashdagger, gamer191, kwconder, pukkandan
    [extractor/DailyWire] Add extractors by HobbyistDev, pukkandan
    [extractor/fourzerostudio] Add extractors by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/GoogleDrive] Add folder extractor by evansp, pukkandan
    [extractor/MirrorCoUK] Add extractor by LunarFang416, pukkandan
    [extractor/atscaleconfevent] Add extractor by Ashish0804
    [extractor/freetv] Add extractor by elyse0
    [extractor/ixigua] Add Extractor by HobbyistDev
    [extractor/kicker.de] Add extractor by HobbyistDev
    [extractor/netverse] Add extractors by HobbyistDev, pukkandan
    [extractor/playsuisse] Add extractor by pukkandan, sbor23
    [extractor/substack] Add extractor by elyse0
    [extractor/youtube] Support downloading clips
    [extractor/youtube] Add innertube_host and innertube_key extractor args by \ 
    [extractor/youtube] Add warning for PostLiveDvr
    [extractor/youtube] Bring back _extract_chapters_from_description
    [extractor/youtube] Extract comment_count from webpage
    [extractor/youtube] Fix :ytnotifications extractor by coletdjnz
    [extractor/youtube] Fix initial player response extraction by coletdjnz, \ 
    [extractor/youtube] Fix live chat for videos with content warning by coletdjnz
    [extractor/youtube] Make signature extraction non-fatal
    [extractor/youtube:tab] Detect videoRenderer in _post_thread_continuation_entries
    [extractor/BiliIntl] Fix metadata extraction
    [extractor/BiliIntl] Fix subtitle extraction by HobbyistDev
    [extractor/FranceCulture] Fix extractor by aurelg, pukkandan
    [extractor/PokemonSoundLibrary] Remove extractor by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/StreamCZ] Fix extractor by adamanldo, dirkf
    [extractor/WatchESPN] Support free videos and BAM_DTC by ischmidt20
    [extractor/animelab] Remove extractor by gamer191
    [extractor/bloomberg] Change playback endpoint by m4tu4g
    [extractor/ccc] Extract view_count by vkorablin
    [extractor/crunchyroll:beta] Fix extractor after API change by Burve, tejing1
    [extractor/curiositystream] Get auth_token from cookie by mnn
    [extractor/digitalconcerthall] Fix extractor by ZhymabekRoman
    [extractor/dropbox] Extract the correct mountComponent
    [extractor/dropout] Login is not mandatory
    [extractor/duboku] Fix for hostname change by mozbugbox
    [extractor/espn] Add WatchESPN extractor by ischmidt20, pukkandan
    [extractor/expressen] Fix extractor by aejdl
    [extractor/foxnews] Update embed extraction by elyse0
    [extractor/ina] Fix extractor by elyse0
    [extractor/iwara:user] Make paging better by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/jwplatform] Look for data-video-jw-id
    [extractor/lbry] Update livestream API by flashdagger
    [extractor/mediaset] Improve _VALID_URL
    [extractor/naver] Add navernow extractor by ping
    [extractor/niconico:series] Fix extractor by sqrtNOT
    [extractor/npr] Use stream url from json-ld by r5d
    [extractor/pornhub] Extract uploader_id field by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/radiofrance] Add more radios by bubbleguuum
    [extractor/rumble] Detect JS embed
    [extractor/rumble] Extract subtitles by fstirlitz
    [extractor/southpark] Add southpark.lat extractor by darkxex
    [extractor/spotify:show] Fix extractor
    [extractor/tiktok] Detect embeds
    [extractor/tiktok] Extract SIGI_STATE by dirkf, pukkandan, sulyi
    [extractor/tver] Fix extractor by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/vevo] Fix extractor by Lesmiscore
    [extractor/yahoo:gyao] Fix extractor
    [extractor/zattoo] Fix live streams by miseran
    [extractor/zdf] Improve format sorting by elyse0