./news/leafnode, NNTP server for small (dialup) sites

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.12.0, Package name: leafnode-1.12.0, Maintainer: micha

Leafnode is a USENET software package designed for small sites, with a
few tens of readers and only a slow link to the net.

Only groups that someone has been reading in the past week are fetched
from the upstream NNTP server. When someone stops reading a group,
fetchnews will stop reading that group a week later (this is the default
which can be configured), and when someone starts reading a group, fetchnews
will grab all the articles it can in that group the next time it runs.


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Package options: inet6

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   2022-07-15 14:37:55 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
news/leafnode: Update to 1.12.0

- Moved pkgsrc options into separate file options.mk
- Modified pkgsrc patch to cover whole rule body again
- Removed WRKSRC setting (was explicitly set to default value)
- Replaced MESSAGE by ${PREFIX}/share/doc/leafnode/INSTALL.pkgsrc

* 1.12.0, 2022-05-26

- leafnode now requires the PCRE2 library instead of PCRE.
  PCRE2 has been around for a few years and is maintained,
  while PCRE is end of life, no longer supported,
  and is being phased out by distributions.
  See its home page, https://github.com/PhilipHazel/pcre2
  Fixes Debian Bug#1000110 reported by Matthew Vernon via Moritz Mühlenhoff.
- Documentation for running under daemontools/ucspi-tcp (tcpserver)
  has been removed, only UNINSTALL-daemontools remains as documentation.
- leafnode 1 is now distributed in gzip and xz formats.
  bzip2 will no longer be used because xz performs better overall.
- All files have been converted from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 encoding.
- Added leafnode@.service and leafnode.socket as examples for how to launch
  the network-based leafnode listening on port 119.
   2021-10-26 13:09:37 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (27)
Log message:
news: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 16:45:00 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (27)
Log message:
news: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-05-07 13:09:35 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
news/leafnode: Update to 1.11.12

Removed patches that were merged upstream.
Take maintainership.

* 1.11.12, 2021-03-28

- The sourceforge.net hosting was reconfigured to serve HTTPS, thus, the
  leafnode website is now at https://leafnode.sourceforge.io/
- https://www.leafnode.org/ is now being served by an external nginx-based
  web server so it can use a proper TLS certificate.
- The GMANE links and last modified tag have been removed from the
- The web site has been updated to use newer https:// links where
- The mailing list has been moved to the leafnode.org domain. See README.

- A configuration --without-ipv6 now compiles again.
  Patch by Michael Bäuerle.
- Leafnode recognizes an EEXIST error to rmdir() the same as ENOTEMPTY.
  Patch by Gary R. Schmidt.
- Leafnode no longer trashes the stack if it, while scanning the message.id
  directory, finds a directory with an all-numeric name that is 1000 or
  higher. Reported by Matthias Gerstner.

   2020-11-10 13:03:59 by Michael Baeuerle | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
news/leafnode: Backport patch from upcoming 1.11.12

Prevent stack overruns if /message.id contains filenames >= 1000.
   2020-01-26 06:26:29 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (189)
Log message:
all: migrate some SourceForge homepage URLs back from https to http


In the above commit, the homepage URLs were migrated from http to https,
assuming that SourceForge would use the same host names for both http and
https connections. This assumption was wrong. Their documentation at
https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/documentation/Custom%20VHOSTs/ states
that the https URLs use the domain sourceforge.io instead.

To make the homepages from the above commit reachable again, pkglint has
been extended to check for reachable homepages. This check is only
enabled when the --network command line option is given.

Each of the homepages that referred to https://$project.sourceforge.net
before was migrated to https://$project.sourceforge.io (27), and if that
was not reachable, to the fallback URL http://$project.sourceforge.net
   2020-01-19 00:36:14 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (3046)
Log message:
all: migrate several HOMEPAGEs to https

pkglint --only "https instead of http" -r -F

With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines.

This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as
freedesktop.org, CTAN and GNU.
   2018-09-04 13:00:48 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
leafnode: update to 1.11.11.

Updated provided by Michael Bäuerle via pkgsrc-wip.

* 1.11.11, 2015-08-25

- The configfile parser now strips whitespace between a configuration
  parameter's value and a trailing comment. Found by Cecil Westerhof.
- The roff manual page sources now render proper hyphens (-), minus characters
  (\-) and en-dashes (\[en]) depending on their context. This is so that
  copying-and-pasting from the manual page works properly.
- The code that checks if the peer is local now properly deals with IPv4
  mapped IPv6 addresses.