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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
gscan2pdf (V) GUI for producing a multipage PDF from a scan
kgb-bot (V) Notify about VCS commits on IRC
p5-AI-NeuralNet-Simple (V) Easy to use backprop neural net
p5-AI-Prolog (V) TODO: Short description of the package
p5-Authen-TacacsPlus (V) Perl extension for authentication using tacacs+ server
p5-Config-Any-Merge (V) Overrinding of configuration variables based on file order
p5-Config-Augeas (V) Edit configuration files through Augeas C library
p5-Config-Simple (V) Simple configuration file class
p5-Convert-ASN1 (V) Perl5 module to encode/decode ASN.1 data
p5-Crypt-SSLeay (V) Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https support
p5-Data-FormValidator (V) Validates user input based on input profile
p5-Devel-GlobalDestruction (V) Perl 5 package exposing the flag which marks global destruction
p5-Devel-OverrideGlobalRequire (V) Perl 5 package that overrides CORE::GLOBAL::require safely
p5-Exporter-Tidy (V) Alternative way of exporting symbols in perl
p5-File-chmod (V) Perl API-Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes
p5-File-Remove (V) Remove files and directories
p5-Font-FreeType (V) Read font files and render glyphs from Perl using FreeType2
p5-Google-API-Client (V) Perl module for accessing Google APIs
p5-GPS-Garmin (V) GPS::Garmin access module for Perl
p5-Hash-AsObject (V) Treat hashes as objects, with arbitrary accessors/mutators
p5-IPC-Run3 (V) IPC::Run3 - run a subprocess in batch mode
p5-JSON (V) Perl module converts between JSON and Perl data structure
p5-JSON-Any (V) Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes
p5-JSON-MaybeXS (V) Use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::PP
p5-Lingua-EN-Fathom (V) Measure readability of English text
p5-Lingua-EN-Syllable (V) Routine for estimating syllable count in words
p5-List-Compare (V) Compare elements of two or more lists
p5-LWP-Authen-Negotiate (V) Library for enabling GSSAPI authentication in LWP
p5-LWP-Authen-Wsse (V) Library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP
p5-Math-Random-ISAAC (V) Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm
p5-Math-Random-ISAAC-XS (V) C implementation of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm for Perl modules
p5-Net-eBay (V) Perl Interface to XML based eBay API
p5-Net-FastCGI (V) Perl 5 module to build and parse FastCGI messages
p5-Net-FTPSSL (V) Perl FTP over SSL/TLS class
p5-Net-HTTP (V) Perl 5 module for low-level HTTP connections (client)
p5-Net-Libdnet6 (V) Adds IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet
p5-Net-SMTP-SSL (V) Perl5 module providing SSL support for Net::SMTP
p5-Net-validMX (V) Use DNS and/or regular expressions to verify a email address
p5-Padre-Plugin-Encrypt (V) Padre plugin to encrypt/decrypt file
p5-Padre-Plugin-Kate (V) Padre plugin using the Kate syntax highlighter
p5-Params-Coerce (V) Perl 5 module allowing classes to do coercion of parameters
p5-RRD-Simple (V) RRD::Simple implementation for Perl
p5-Sereal-Decoder (V) Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization
p5-Sereal-Encoder (V) Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary serialization
p5-String-Random (V) Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern
p5-SUPER (V) Perl 5 module to control superclass method dispatch
p5-SVN-Class (V) Manipulate Subversion workspaces with Perl objects
p5-SVN-Dump (V) Perl interface to Subversion dumps
p5-SVN-Mirror (V) Mirrors one Subversion repository to another
p5-SVN-Notify (V) Perl module for mailing messages for Subversion repository activity
p5-SVN-Simple (V) Simple interface to the Subversion delta editor interface
p5-SVN-Web (V) Unstable snapshot of Subversion repository browser
p5-Test-Fake-HTTPD (V) Fake HTTP Server
p5-Test-Mock-LWP (V) Perl 5 package providing easy mocking of LWP packages
p5-Test-MockModule (V) Perl 5 module to override subroutines in a module for unit testing
p5-Test-Script (V) Test::Script - Cross-platform basic tests for scripts
p5-Test-WWW-Declare (V) Perl 5 module for declarative testing of web app
p5-Test-WWW-Selenium (V) Perl 5 module to test applications using Selenium Remote Control
p5-Test-YAML (V) Testing Module for YAML Implementations
p5-Text-Diff (V) High-level text diffing module for Perl
p5-Text-Diff-HTML (V) HTML formatting class for Text::Diff
p5-Text-Diff-Parser (V) Parse patch files containing unified and standard diffs
p5-Text-Morse (V) Encoding and decoding Morse code
p5-Text-Password-Pronounceable (V) Generate pronounceable passwords
p5-Text-Patch (V) Perl5 module patches text with given patch
p5-Text-Quote (V) Quotes strings as required for perl to eval them back correctly
p5-Text-Trac (V) Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style
p5-Time-Duration (V) Perl5 module for rounded or exact English expression of durations
p5-Time-Duration-Parse (V) Perl5 module to parse string that represents time duration
p5-Time-Period (V) Perl5 module to deal with time periods
p5-Time-Warp (V) Perl 5 module to control the flow of time
p5-Unicode-LineBreak (V) Text::LineFold, Unicode::GCString and Unicode::LineBreak
p5-Unix-ConfigFile (V) Simple interfaces to various Unix configuration files
p5-Unix-Statgrab (V) Perl extension for collecting information about the machine
p5-URI-Find-Rule (V) Simpler interface to URI::Find
p5-XML-RPC (V) Pure Perl implementation for an XML-RPC client and server
p5-YAML (V) YAML implementation for Perl
p5-YAML-Syck (V) Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
p5-YAML-Tiny (V) Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible