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./print/gutenprint51-lib, Drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and PCL printers

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.2.1, Package name: gutenprint-lib-5.2.1, Maintainer: gdt

Gutenprint is a package of high quality printer drivers for Linux,
BSD, Solaris, IRIX, and other UNIX-alike operating systems. In many
cases, these drivers rival or exceed the OEM drivers in quality and
functionality. Our goal is to produce the highest possible output
quality from all supported printers. To that end, we have done
extensive work on screening algorithms, color generation, and printer
feature utilization. We are continuing our work in all of these areas
to produce ever higher quality results, particularly on the
ubiquitous, inexpensive inkjet printers that are nonetheless capable
of nearly photographic output quality. Earlier versions of Gutenprint
were called gimp-print.

This package contains the base library, the Epson utility escputil,
cups support, and a gimp2 plugin.

This package contains a "development release".

Required to run:
[print/cups] [graphics/gimp] [lang/perl5] [x11/gtk2]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/gmake] [devel/libtool-base] [devel/pkg-config] [x11/renderproto] [x11/xproto] [x11/fixesproto] [x11/inputproto] [x11/xextproto] [x11/randrproto]

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   2008-12-20 01:58:22 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package removed
Log message:
Complete the transition to gutenprint 5.2: remove the gutenprint51-lib
package which tracked the unstable version.  Use gutenprint-lib instead.
   2008-12-14 18:00:00 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 5.2.2.

  Welcome to Gutenprint 5.2.2, a stable release of Gutenprint 5.2.  This
  release has minor bug fixes over 5.2.1.  Please read these release
  notes carefully.
   2008-10-26 14:44:08 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 5.2.1 (first release in new 5.2 series).  (Soon
print/gutenprint-lib will be changed to 5.2.1 and this package

See NEWS for more about:


  If you are using CUPS with Gutenprint on a non-Macintosh system, and
  are upgrading from an earlier version of Gutenprint or Gimp-Print,
  please read this note carefully as there are special procedures that
  you should follow in addition to the normal procedure of running

* Changes from 5.2.0-rc1

   1) Preliminary support for the following printers.  These printers
      may be retuned for improved quality or performance in future

      Epson inkjet printers:

      [many, see NEWS]

   2) Experimental support for the following printers.  These printers
      may not function correctly, and may be retuned for improved
      quality or performance in future releases.

      Epson inkjet printers:

      [many, see NEWS]
   2008-07-18 02:13:40 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 5.2.0beta3.  Many minor changes and bugfixes omitted; see
NEWS in the distfile.


  4) Printing speed, and possibly quality, have been improved in
     certain cases on newer Epson inkjet printers (C120, Stylus Photo
     2400, RX700, and all printers using Claria ink).  The speed
     improvement should be most noticeable with plain paper at lower
     resolutions.  Quality improvements may or may not be noticeable.

  5) The Epson driver is in the process of being converted to use data
     stored in files external to the binary library.  While this
     should have no impact on end-user use, it is a substantial change
     that people should be aware of.  Please report any issues.

  6) Test coverage has been significantly increased.

  7) New printers supported in this release:

     (450+ lines of printers omitted)


   1) Gutenprint 5.2 and beyond no longer support GIMP 1.2.  Please
      ensure that you are using GIMP 2.0 or above.

   2) The PostScript driver has been rewritten, offering enhanced
      functionality approaching that of the native printer drivers.
      This driver is used by the enhanced Print plugin for the GIMP,
      and by other packages (such as PhotoPrint) that utilize
      Gutenprint.  In particular, the following specific functionality
      has been added:

      - All PPD file options are now offered.

      - CMYK input is now handled correctly.

      - The PostScript driver recognizes Gutenprint PPD files (from
        the native CUPS driver, not from Foomatic) and presents
        floating point options correctly.

	Note that this driver does not offer the curve options offered
	by the native drivers.



   1) cups-genppdupdate is no longer versioned, as it was in 5.0 and
      5.1 (cups-genppdupdate.5.0 and cups-genppdupdate.5.1).  It also
      supports the following options:

      -r Specify the major.minor version to update to, e. g. 5.0 or

      -f Bypass ownership/permissions checks on update PPD files.

      -i Interactively ask whether to update each PPD file.

   2) The performance of cups-genppdupdate has been improved

   3) cups-genppdupdate no longer updates PPD files that differ only
      in case of the file extension (e. g. printer.ppd and
      printer.PPD).  This avoids updating PPD files twice on
      filesystems that are case insensitive, such as OS X.

   4) cups-genppdconfig has been removed from this release.  This
      command was used to configure CUPS printer queues, but is not
      necessary as there are ample other tools available to configure
      printer queues.

   8) L-size photo paper (3 1/2x5 inches) has been added.
   2008-07-14 14:56:20 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (563)
Log message:
Mark as destdir ready.
   2008-06-16 15:21:15 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Perl runtime dependency. Bump revision.
   2008-03-09 02:23:54 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 5.1.7.
Find CUPS lpstat in /usr/pkg (not quite right, but better).

   1) New printers supported in this release:

      * Epson inkjet printers:

	EPSON PictureMate 100
	EPSON PictureMate 210 (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate 240 (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate 250 (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate 260
	EPSON PictureMate 270
	EPSON PictureMate 280 (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate 290
	EPSON PictureMate 500
	EPSON PictureMate 2005
	EPSON PictureMate Dash
	EPSON PictureMate Flash (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate Pal (Corrected)
	EPSON PictureMate Snap (Corrected)
	EPSON E 150 (Corrected)
	EPSON E 300
	EPSON E 520
	EPSON E 500
	EPSON E 720
	EPSON E 700
	EPSON Stylus D92
	EPSON Stylus DX4400
	EPSON Stylus DX4450
	EPSON Stylus DX7000F
	EPSON Stylus DX7400
	EPSON Stylus DX7450
	EPSON Stylus DX8400
	EPSON Stylus DX8450
	EPSON Stylus Photo R280
	EPSON Stylus Photo R285
	EPSON Stylus Photo RX585
	EPSON Stylus Photo RX680
	EPSON Stylus Photo RX685

	(Note that a number of the PictureMate printers that were
	previously included generated grossly incorrect output.  Not
	all of the PictureMate printers have been fully tuned at this

      * Canon inkjet printers:
        Canon PIXMA MP520 (#1872394)
	Canon PIXMA iP6000D

   2) Printing for the Canon PIXMA iP4500 has been fixed (#1834153).

   3) Printing near the bottom of the page has been improved for many
      modern Epson inkjet printers.  In addition, we have determined
      that most of these printers can print with consistent high
      quality at 2880x2880 and 5760x2880 DPI.  Therefore, these
      resolutions will be used for Ultra Photo and Best qualities
      respectively on these printers.

      Printers affected include:

      * Stylus Photo R800, R1800, PM-G820

      * Stylus Photo R2400

      * All printers using Claria ink

   4) Full bleed printing now works properly on the Epson Stylus Photo

   5) The Epson Stylus C120 now allows printing at 2880x2880 and
      5760x2880.  However, print quality near the bottom of the page
      may be poor, and these settings are therefore not used for Ultra
      Photo and Best quality.

   5) The ink drop sizes on the Epson Stylus Photo printers using
      Claria ink have been retuned, yielding improved quality at lower

   6) A problem with determining the system printer queues in the GIMP
      plugin on certain systems using languages other than English has
      been fixed.

   7) Envelope paper sizes are now offered in both portrait and
      landscape form factor, as some printers expect envelopes to be
      fed long edge first while some expect them to be fed short edge

   8) PCL laser printers now offer paper trays with adjustable guides.
      Many laser printers use adjustable guides for manual feed of
      papers narrower than letter size.

   9) The GIMP plugin now offers reset buttons for individual
      settings, so it is possible to reset a single setting to its
      default without resetting all settings.

   9) Various new controls and settings have been added to assist in
      printer calibration.  While the tools for using these controls
      are not yet created, these tools will assist in calibrating
      printers in the future.

      * The Epson driver now offers additional controls for adjusting
      	the relationship between light and dark ink:

	+ The Value parameters (such as Light Cyan Value) specify the
	  relative darkness of the light vs. dark inks.

	+ The Cutoff parameters now specify the point at which the
	  darker ink is first used, relative to the value of the light

	+ The Scale parameters now specify the amount of light ink
	  used (essentially the density of the light ink).  This is
	  the same as the parameters previously called Cutoff.

      * The Epson driver now exposes as defaults the actual GCR
        settings used for the printer, paper, and ink combination in

      * The Epson driver now allows passing low level settings such as
        printer base resolution, ink drop size selection, and relative
        ink drop size as parameters.  The ink drop size can be
        accessed in the GIMP plugin, while the base resolution and ink
        drop size selection can only be used via the test pattern
        generator or other application that allows setting integer

      * Two new dither algorithms, Segmented and Segmented New, have
	been added.  These are not intended for normal use, and will
	normally behave like Ordered and Ordered New.  However, if Raw
	color correction is selected and a printer with multiple drop
	sizes is used, the range of input will be divided up such that
	the high order bits will select the drop size to be used and
	the lower bits will specify the amount of ink.  High order
	bits of 0 indicate that all drop sizes should be used.

	For example, if a printer offers 3 drop sizes (2 bits), the
	range of 0-16383 will print all drop sizes normally (with the
	range of 0-16383 being scaled to 0-65535), 16384-32767 will
	use the small drop size, and so forth.

	This is intended to assist in tuning ink drop sizes.

      * A new parameter allowing dumping out of color correction state
	(lookup tables, GCR data, curves, etc.) has been added, and is
	accessible in the GIMP plugin.  At present, this data cannot
	be used directly, but it is intended that in the future this
	mechanism be used to allow calibration information to be saved
	and restored.
   2008-03-06 15:53:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (245) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive PKGREVISION bump for gnutls-2.2.2 update with shlib major bump.