./print/tex-beamertheme-upenn-bc, Beamer themes for Boston College and the University of Pennsylvania

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.0, Package name: tex-beamertheme-upenn-bc-1.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Beamer themes in the colors of the University of Pennsylvania,
USA, and Boston College, USA. Both were tested for the
presentation theme 'Warsaw'. Please note that these color
themes are neither official nor exact! The colours are
approximated from the universities' style guidelines and
websites, and slightly modified where necessary to generate an
appealing look. The universities neither endorse, nor provide
any support for, these color themes. I give no warranty for the

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   2020-07-16 03:03:33 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (48)
Log message:
tex-beamertheme*: Add beamertheme packages

tex-beamertheme-cuerna version 2020
tex-beamertheme-detlevcm version 1.02
tex-beamertheme-epyt version 1.0
tex-beamertheme-focus version 2.6
tex-beamertheme-light version 1.0
tex-beamertheme-metropolis version 1.2
tex-beamertheme-npbt version 4.1
tex-beamertheme-phnompenh version 1.0
tex-beamertheme-saintpetersburg version 2020
tex-beamertheme-upenn-bc version 1.0
tex-beamerthemejltree version 1.1
tex-beamerthemenirma version 0.1