./security/dropbear, Small SSH2 server and client, aimed at embedded market

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2020.81, Package name: dropbear-2020.81, Maintainer: snj

The search for a small Secure Shell server to fit on a laptop with 4
megs ram and no hard disk was fruitless, so Matt Johnston decided to
write his own, and Dropbear is the result. It implements various
features of the SSH 2 protocol, including X11 and Authentication Agent
forwarding. Dropbear is Open Source software, distributed under a
MIT-style license. It includes a server, client and tools to
generate server keys and to convert OpenSSH keys for Dropbear.


* A small memory footprint - Dropbear can compile to a 110kB
statically linked binary with uClibc (and only minimal options
* Implements X11 forwarding, and authentication-agent forwarding
for OpenSSH clients
* Compatible with OpenSSH ~/.ssh/authorized_keys public key
* Features can easily be disabled when compiling to save space.
* Preliminary TCP forwarding support (-L style only)

Required to run:
[math/ltm] [security/libtomcrypt]

Required to build:

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   2021-10-26 13:18:07 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (605)
Log message:
security: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Unfetchable distfiles (fetched conditionally?):
./security/cyrus-sasl/distinfo \ 
   2021-10-07 16:54:50 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (606)
Log message:
security: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2020-12-19 12:07:10 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
dropbear: Update to 2020.81
   2019-06-10 15:44:35 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
dropbear: Update to 2019.78


2019.78 - 27 March 2019

- Fix dbclient regression in 2019.77. After exiting the terminal would be left
  in a bad state. Reported by Ryan Woodsmall

2019.77 - 23 March 2019

- Fix server -R option with ECDSA - only advertise one key size which will be \ 
  Reported by Peter Krefting, 2018.76 regression.

- Fix server regression in 2018.76 where multiple client -R forwards were all \ 
  to the first destination. Reported by Iddo Samet.

- Make failure delay more consistent to avoid revealing valid usernames, set \ 
server password
  limit of 100 characters. Problem reported by usd responsible disclosure team

- Change handling of failed authentication to avoid disclosing valid usernames,

- Fix dbclient to reliably return the exit code from the remote server.
  Reported by W. Mike Petullo

- Fix export of 521-bit ECDSA keys, from Christian Hohnstädt

- Add -o Port=xxx option to work with sshfs, from xcko

- Merged fuzzing code, see FUZZER-NOTES.md

- Add a DROPBEAR_SVR_MULTIUSER=0 compile option to run on
  single-user Linux kernels (CONFIG_MULTIUSER disabled). From Patrick Stewart

- Increase allowed username to 100 characters, reported by W. Mike Petullo

- Update config.sub and config.guess, should now work with RISC-V

- Cygwin compile fix from karel-m

- Don't require GNU sed (accidentally in 2018.76), reported by Samuel Hsu

- Fix for IRIX and writev(), reported by Kazuo Kuroi

- Other fixes and cleanups from François Perrad, Andre McCurdy, Konstantin Demin,
  Michael Jones, Pawel Rapkiewicz

2018.76 - 27 February 2018

> > > Configuration/compatibility changes
  Custom configuration is now specified in localoptions.h rather than options.h
  Available options and defaults can be seen in default_options.h

  To migrate your configuration, compare your customised options.h against the
  upstream options.h from your relevant version. Any customised options should
  be put in localoptions.h in the build directory.

- "configure --enable-static" should now be used instead of "make \ 
  This will avoid 'hardened build' flags that conflict with static binaries

- Set 'hardened build' flags by default if supported by the compiler.
  These can be disabled with configure --disable-harden if needed.
  -Wl,-z,now -Wl,-z,relro
  # spectre v2 mitigation

  Spectre patch from Loganaden Velvindron

- "dropbear -r" option for hostkeys no longer attempts to load the default
  hostkey paths as well. If desired these can be specified manually.
  Patch from CamVan Nguyen

- group1-sha1 key exchange is disabled in the server by default since
  the fixed 1024-bit group may be susceptible to attacks

- twofish ciphers are now disabled in the default configuration

- Default generated ECDSA key size is now 256 (rather than 521)
  for better interoperability

- Minimum RSA key length has been increased to 1024 bits

> > > Other features and fixes

- Add runtime -T max_auth_tries option from Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant

- Add 'dbclient -J &fd' to allow dbclient to connect over an existing socket.
  See dbclient manpage for a socat example. Patch from Harald Becker

- Add "-c forced_command" option. Patch from Jeremy Kerr

- Restricted group -G option added with patch from stellarpower

- Support server-chosen TCP forwarding ports, patch from houseofkodai

- Allow choosing outgoing address for dbclient with -b [bind_address][:bind_port]
  Patch from houseofkodai

- Makefile will now rebuild object files when header files are modified

- Add group14-256 and group16 key exchange options

- curve25519-sha256 also supported without @libssh.org suffix

- Update bundled libtomcrypt to 1.18.1, libtommath to 1.0.1
  This fixes building with some recent versions of clang

- Set PAM_RHOST which is needed by modules such as pam_abl

- Improvements to DSS and RSA public key validation, found by OSS-Fuzz.

- Don't exit when an authorized_keys file has malformed entries. Found by OSS-Fuzz

- Fix null-pointer crash with malformed ECDSA or DSS keys. Found by OSS-Fuzz

- Numerous code cleanups and small issues fixed by Francois Perrad

- Test for pkt_sched.h rather than SO_PRIORITY which was problematic with some musl
  platforms. Reported by Oliver Schneider and Andrew Bainbridge

- Fix some platform portability problems, from Ben Gardner

- Add EXEEXT filename suffix for building dropbearmulti, from William Foster

- Support --enable-<option> properly for configure, from Stefan Hauser

- configure have_openpty result can be cached, from Eric Bénard

- handle platforms that return close() < -1 on failure, from Marco Wenzel

- Build and configuration cleanups from Michael Witten

- Fix libtomcrypt/libtommath linking order, from Andre McCurdy

- Fix old Linux platforms that have SYS_clock_gettime but not CLOCK_MONOTONIC

- Update curve25519-donna implementation to current version
   2018-07-04 15:40:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (423)
Log message:
*: Move SUBST_STAGE from post-patch to pre-configure

Performing substitutions during post-patch breaks tools such as mkpatches,
making it very difficult to regenerate correct patches after making changes,
and often leading to substituted string replacements being committed.
   2017-11-09 20:00:25 by Soren Jacobsen | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
dropbear: update to 2017.75

- Security: Fix double-free in server TCP listener cleanup
  A double-free in the server could be triggered by an authenticated
  user if dropbear is running with -a (Allow connections to forwarded
  ports from any host)
  This could potentially allow arbitrary code execution as root by an
  authenticated user.  Affects versions 2013.56 to 2016.74. Thanks to
  Mark Shepard for reporting the crash.
  CVE-2017-9078 https://secure.ucc.asn.au/hg/dropbear/rev/c8114a48837c

- Security: Fix information disclosure with ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  symlink.  Dropbear parsed authorized_keys as root, even if it were
  a symlink. The fix is to switch to user permissions when opening

  A user could symlink their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to a root-owned
  file they couldn't normally read. If they managed to get that file
  to contain valid authorized_keys with command= options it might be
  possible to read other contents of that file.
  This information disclosure is to an already authenticated user.
  Thanks to Jann Horn of Google Project Zero for reporting this.
  CVE-2017-9079 https://secure.ucc.asn.au/hg/dropbear/rev/0d889b068123

- Generate hostkeys with dropbearkey atomically and flush to disk with
  fsync. Thanks to Andrei Gherzan for a patch.

- Fix out of tree builds with bundled libtom
  Thanks to Henrik Nordström and Peter Krefting for patches.
   2017-09-23 22:14:57 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
dropbear: fix build on SunOS

Link network libs
   2017-05-16 23:54:21 by Soren Jacobsen | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
update dropbear to 2016.74.  changes:

2016.74 - 21 July 2016

- Security: Message printout was vulnerable to format string injection.

  If specific usernames including "%" symbols can be created on a system
  (validated by getpwnam()) then an attacker could run arbitrary code as root
  when connecting to Dropbear server.

  A dbclient user who can control username or host arguments could potentially
  run arbitrary code as the dbclient user. This could be a problem if scripts
  or webpages pass untrusted input to the dbclient program.

- Security: dropbearconvert import of OpenSSH keys could run arbitrary code as
  the local dropbearconvert user when parsing malicious key files

- Security: dbclient could run arbitrary code as the local dbclient user if
  particular -m or -c arguments are provided. This could be an issue where
  dbclient is used in scripts.

- Security: dbclient or dropbear server could expose process memory to the
  running user if compiled with DEBUG_TRACE and running with -v

  The security issues were reported by an anonymous researcher working with
  Beyond Security's SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure www.beyondsecurity.com/ssd.html

- Fix port forwarding failure when connecting to domains that have both
  IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The bug was introduced in 2015.68

- Fix 100% CPU use while waiting for rekey to complete. Thanks to Zhang Hui P
  for the patch

2016.73 - 18 March 2016

- Support syslog in dbclient, option -o usesyslog=yes. Patch from Konstantin Tokarev

- Kill a proxycommand when dbclient exits, patch from Konstantin Tokarev

- Option to exit when a TCP forward fails, patch from Konstantin Tokarev

- New "-o" option parsing from Konstantin Tokarev. This allows \ 
handling some extra options
  in the style of OpenSSH, though implementing all OpenSSH options is not planned.

- Fix crash when fallback initshells() is used, reported by Michael Nowak and \ 
Mike Tzou

- Allow specifying commands eg "dropbearmulti dbclient ..." instead of \ 

- Various cleanups for issues found by a lint tool, patch from Francois Perrad

- Fix tab indent consistency, patch from Francois Perrad

- Fix issues found by cppcheck, reported by Mike Tzou

- Use system memset_s() or explicit_bzero() if available to clear memory. Also make
  libtomcrypt/libtommath routines use that (or Dropbear's own m_burn()).

- Prevent scp failing when the local user doesn't exist. Based on patch from \ 
Michael Witten.

- Improved Travis CI test running, thanks to Mike Tzou

- Improve some code that was flagged by Coverity and Fortify Static Code Analyzer

2016.72 - 9 March 2016

- Validate X11 forwarding input. Could allow bypass of authorized_keys command= \ 
  found by github.com/tintinweb. Thanks for Damien Miller for a patch. CVE-2016-3116

2015.71 - 3 December 2015

- Fix "bad buf_incrpos" when data is transferred, broke in 2015.69

- Fix crash on exit when -p address:port is used, broke in 2015.68, thanks to
  Frank Stollenwerk for reporting and investigation

- Fix building with only ENABLE_CLI_REMOTETCPFWD given, patch from Konstantin Tokarev

- Fix bad configure script test which didn't work with dash shell, patch from \ 
Juergen Daubert,
  broke in 2015.70

- Fix server race condition that could cause sessions to hang on exit,

2015.70 - 26 November 2015

- Fix server password authentication on Linux, broke in 2015.69

2015.69 - 25 November 2015

- Fix crash when forwarded TCP connections fail to connect (bug introduced in \ 

- Avoid hang on session close when multiple sessions are started, affects Qt Creator
  Patch from Andrzej Szombierski

- Reduce per-channel memory consumption in common case, increase default
  channel limit from 100 to 1000 which should improve SOCKS forwarding for modern

- Handle multiple command line arguments in a single flag, thanks to Guilhem Moulin

- Manpage improvements from Guilhem Moulin

- Build fixes for Android from Mike Frysinger

- Don't display the MOTD when an explicit command is run from Guilhem Moulin

- Check curve25519 shared secret isn't zero

2015.68 - Saturday 8 August 2015

- Reduce local data copying for improved efficiency. Measured 30%
  increase in throughput for connections to localhost

- Forwarded TCP ports connect asynchronously and try all available addresses
  (IPv4, IPv6, round robin DNS)

- Fix all compile warnings, many patches from Gaël Portay
  Note that configure with -Werror may not be successful on some platforms (OS X)
  and some configuration options may still result in unused variable

- Use TCP Fast Open on Linux if available. Saves a round trip at connection
  to hosts that have previously been connected.
  Needs a recent Linux kernel and possibly "sysctl -w \ 
  Client side is disabled by default pending further compatibility testing
  with networks and systems.

- Increase maximum command length to 9000 bytes

- Free memory before exiting, patch from Thorsten Horstmann. Useful for
  Dropbear ports to embedded systems and for checking memory leaks
  with valgrind. Only partially implemented for dbclient.
  This is disabled by default, enable with DROPBEAR_CLEANUP in sysoptions.h

- DROPBEAR_DEFAULT_CLI_AUTHKEY setting now always prepends home directory unless
  there is a leading slash (~ isn't treated specially)

- Fix small ECC memory leaks

- Tighten validation of Diffie-Hellman parameters, from Florent Daigniere of
  Matta Consulting. Odds of bad values are around 2**-512 -- improbable.

- Twofish-ctr cipher is supported though disabled by default

- Fix pre-authentication timeout when waiting for client SSH-2.0 banner, thanks
  to CL Ouyang

- Fix null pointer crash with restrictions in authorized_keys without a command, \ 
patch from
  Guilhem Moulin

- Ensure authentication timeout is handled while reading the initial banner,
  thanks to CL Ouyang for finding it.

- Fix null pointer crash when handling bad ECC keys. Found by afl-fuzz

2015.67 - Wednesday 28 January 2015

- Call fsync() after generating private keys to ensure they aren't lost if a
  reboot occurs. Thanks to Peter Korsgaard

- Disable non-delayed zlib compression by default on the server. Can be
  enabled if required for old clients with DROPBEAR_SERVER_DELAY_ZLIB

- Default client key path ~/.ssh/id_dropbear

- Prefer stronger algorithms by default, from Fedor Brunner.
  AES256 over 3DES
  Diffie-hellman group14 over group1

- Add option to disable CBC ciphers.

- Disable twofish in default options.h

- Enable sha2 HMAC algorithms by default, the code was already required
  for ECC key exchange. sha1 is the first preference still for performance.

- Fix installing dropbear.8 in a separate build directory, from Like Ma

- Allow configure to succeed if libtomcrypt/libtommath are missing, from Elan \ 

- Don't crash if ssh-agent provides an unknown type of key. From Catalin Patulea

- Minor bug fixes, a few issues found by Coverity scan

2014.66 - Thursday 23 October 2014

- Use the same keepalive handling behaviour as OpenSSH. This will work better
  with some SSH implementations that have different behaviour with unknown
  message types.

- Don't reply with SSH_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED when we receive a reply to our own
  keepalive message

- Set $SSH_CLIENT to keep bash happy, patch from Ryan Cleere

- Fix wtmp which broke since 2013.62, patch from Whoopie

2014.65 - Friday 8 August 2014

- Fix 2014.64 regression, server session hang on exit with scp (and probably
  others), thanks to NiLuJe for tracking it down

- Fix 2014.64 regression, clock_gettime() error handling which broke on older
  Linux kernels, reported by NiLuJe

- Fix 2014.64 regression, writev() could occassionally fail with EAGAIN which
  wasn't caught

- Avoid error message when trying to set QoS on proxycommand or multihop pipes

- Use /usr/bin/xauth, thanks to Mike Frysinger

- Don't exit the client if the local user entry can't be found, thanks to iquaba

2014.64 - Sunday 27 July 2014

- Fix compiling with ECDSA and DSS disabled

- Don't exit abruptly if too many outgoing packets are queued for writev(). Patch
  thanks to Ronny Meeus

- The -K keepalive option now behaves more like OpenSSH's \ 
  If no response is received after 3 keepalives then the session is terminated. This
  will close connections faster than waiting for a TCP timeout.

- Rework TCP priority setting. New settings are
	if (connecting || ptys || x11) tos = LOWDELAY
	else if (tcp_forwards) tos = 0
	else tos = BULK
  Thanks to Catalin Patulea for the suggestion.

- Improve handling of many concurrent new TCP forwarded connections, should now
  be able to handle as many as MAX_CHANNELS. Thanks to Eduardo Silva for reporting
  and investigating it.

- Make sure that exit messages from the client are printed, regression in 2013.57

- Use monotonic clock where available, timeouts won't be affected by system time

- Add -V for version

2014.63 - Wednesday 19 February 2014

- Fix ~. to terminate a client interactive session after waking a laptop
  from sleep.

- Changed port separator syntax again, now using host^port. This is because
  IPv6 link-local addresses use %. Reported by Gui Iribarren

- Avoid constantly relinking dropbearmulti target, fix "make install"
  for multi target, thanks to Mike Frysinger

- Avoid getting stuck in a loop writing huge key files, reported by Bruno

- Don't link dropbearkey or dropbearconvert to libz or libutil,
  thanks to Nicolas Boos

- Fix linking -lcrypt on systems without /usr/lib, thanks to Nicolas Boos

- Avoid crash on exit due to cleaned up keys before last packets are sent,
  debugged by Ronald Wahl

- Fix a race condition in rekeying where Dropbear would exit if it received a
  still-in-flight packet after initiating rekeying. Reported by Oliver Metz.
  This is a longstanding bug but is triggered more easily since 2013.57

- Fix README for ecdsa keys, from Catalin Patulea

- Ensure that generated RSA keys are always exactly the length
  requested. Previously Dropbear always generated N+16 or N+15 bit keys.
  Thanks to Unit 193

- Fix DROPBEAR_CLI_IMMEDIATE_AUTH mode which saves a network round trip if the
  first public key succeeds. Still not enabled by default, needs more
  compatibility testing with other implementations.

- Fix for port 0 forwarding in the client and port forwarding with Apache MINA SSHD.

- Fix for bad system linux/pkt-sched.h header file with older Linux
kernels, from Steve Dover

- Fix signal handlers so that errno is saved, thanks to Erik Ahlén for a patch
  and Mark Wickham for independently spotting the same problem.