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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.5.0, Package name: wolfssl-5.5.0, Maintainer: fox

WolfSSL is an embedded SSL Library for programmers building security
functionality into their applications and devices.

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   2022-09-04 10:41:57 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.5.0

Changes since v5.4.0:

wolfSSL Release 5.5.0 (Aug 30, 2022)

** If not free’ing FP_ECC caches per thread by calling wc_ecc_fp_free there is a
   possible memory leak during TLS 1.3 handshakes which use ECC. Users are urged
   to confirm they are free’ing FP_ECC caches per thread if enabled to avoid
   this issue.

Release 5.5.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

* [Low] Fault injection attack on RAM via Rowhammer leads to ECDSA key
  disclosure. Users doing operations with private ECC keys such as server side
  TLS connections and creating ECC signatures, who also have hardware that could
  be targeted with a sophisticated Rowhammer attack should update the version of
  wolfSSL and compile using the macro WOLFSSL_CHECK_SIG_FAULTS. Thanks to Yarkin
  Doroz, Berk Sunar, Koksal Must, Caner Tol, and Kristi Rahman all affiliated
  with the Vernam Applied Cryptography and Cybersecurity Lab at Worcester
  Polytechnic Institute for the report.
* [Low] In wolfSSL version 5.3.0 if compiled with --enable-session-ticket and
  the client has non-empty session cache, with TLS 1.2 there is the possibility
  of a man in the middle passing a large session ticket to the client and
  causing a crash due to an invalid free. There is also the potential for a
  malicious TLS 1.3 server to crash a client in a similar manner except in TLS
  1.3 it is not susceptible to a man in the middle attack. Users on the client
  side with –enable-session-ticket compiled in and using wolfSSL version 5.3.0
  should update their version of wolfSSL. Thanks to Max at Trail of Bits for the
  report and "LORIA, INRIA, France" for research on tlspuffin.
* [Low] If using wolfSSL_clear to reset a WOLFSSL object (vs the normal
  wolfSSL_free/wolfSSL_new) it can result in runtime issues. This exists with
  builds using the wolfSSL compatibility layer (--enable-opnesslextra) and only
  when the application is making use of wolfSSL_clear instead of
  SSL_free/SSL_new. In the case of a TLS 1.3 resumption, after continuing to use
  the WOLFSSH object after having called wolfSSL_clear, an application could
  crash. It is suggested that users calling wolfSSL_clear update the version of
  wolfSSL used. Thanks to Max at Trail of Bits for the report and "LORIA, INRIA,
  France" for research on tlspuffin.
* Potential DoS attack on DTLS 1.2. In the case of receiving a malicious
  plaintext handshake message at epoch 0 the connection will enter an error
  state reporting a duplicate message. This affects both server and client
  side. Users that have DTLS enabled and in use should update their version of
  wolfSSL to mitigate the potential for a DoS attack.

New Feature Additions
* QUIC support added, for using wolfSSL with QUIC implementations like ngtcp2
* SE050 port additions and fixes
* Added support for Dilithium post quantum algorithm use with TLS
* Support for RSA-PSS signed certificates
* Support for Infineon AURIX IDE
* Add Zephyr support for nRF5340 with CryptoCell-312

* Expanded ABI support by 50 APIs to include wolfCrypt and Certificates making a
  total of 113 ABIs controlled and maintained
* DTLS 1.3 partial support for ConnectionID as described by RFC9146 and RFC9147
* Added support for X509_CRL_print function
* Remove deprecated algorithms in Renesas cs+ project
* Support more build options disable/enable with i.MX CAAM build
* wolfSSL_CTX_set_options and wolfSSL_CTX_get_options functions added to non
  compatibility layer builds
* TFM: change inline x86 asm code to compile with clang
* Improvements to error queue and fix for behavior of wolfSSL_ERR_get_error
* scripts/makedistsmall.sh script added for creating a small source/header only
* TLS 1.3: restrict extension validity by message, Extensions ServerName,
  SupportedGroups and ALPN must not appear in server_hello
* Add liboqs integration to CMake build system
* Adds wolfSSL_PEM_read_RSAPrivateKey() to the OpenSSL compatible API
* Added support for P384 pre-share in bundled example server
* Replace clz assembly instruction in ARM 32 builds when not supported
* Integrate chacha20-poly1305 into the EVP interface
* Additional validation that extensions appear in correct messages
* Allow SAN to be critical with ASN template build
* Support wolfSSL_CTX_set1_curves_list being available when X25519 and/or X448
  only defined
* Adds wolfSSL_PEM_read_RSA_PUBKEY() to the OpenSSL compatible API
* Match OpenSSL self signed error return with compatibility layer build
* Added wolfSSL_dtls_create_peer and wolfSSL_dtls_free_peer to help with Python
  and Go wrappers for DTLS

* DTLS 1.3 asynchronous use case fixes
* Fix handling of counter to support incrementing across all bytes in ARM crypto
* Fixes for ED25519/ED448 private key with public key export (RFC8410)
* Fix for build with NO_TLS macro
* Fix for write dup function to copy over TLS version
* Fix to handle path lengths of 0 when checking certificate CA path lengths
* Fix for CMake not installing sp_int.h for SP math all
* When WOLFSSL_VALIDATE_ECC_IMPORT is defined ECC import validates private key
  value is less than order
* PSA crypto fixes
* Fix for not having default pkcs7 signed attributes
* DTLS socket and timeout fixes
* SP int: exptmod ensure base is less than modulus
* Fix for AddPacketInfo with WOLFSSL_CALLBACKS to not pass encrypted TLS 1.3
  handshake messages to callbacks
* Fix for sniffer to ensure the session was polled before trying to reprocess it
   2022-08-08 10:03:46 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.4.0

Changes since v5.3.0:

wolfSSL Release 5.4.0 (July 11, 2022)

** Future releases of wolfSSL will turn off TLS 1.1 by default
** Release 5.4.0 made SP math the default math implementation. To make an
   equivalent build as –disable-fastmath from previous versions of wolfSSL, now
   requires using the configure option –enable-heapmath instead.

Release 5.4.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:


* [High] Potential for DTLS DoS attack. In wolfSSL versions before 5.4.0 the
  return-routability check is wrongly skipped in a specific edge case. The check
  on the return-routability is there for stopping attacks that either consume
  excessive resources on the server, or try to use the server as an amplifier
  sending an excessive amount of messages to a victim IP. If using DTLS 1.0/1.2
  on the server side users should update to avoid the potential DoS
  attack. CVE-2022-34293
* [Medium] Ciphertext side channel attack on ECC and DH operations. Users on
  systems where rogue agents can monitor memory use should update the version of
  wolfSSL and change private ECC keys. Thanks to Sen Deng from Southern
  University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) for the report.
* [Medium] Public disclosure of a side channel vulnerability that has been fixed
  since wolfSSL version 5.1.0. When running on AMD there is the potential to
  leak private key information with ECDSA operations due to a ciphertext side
  channel attack. Users on AMD doing ECDSA operations with wolfSSL versions less
  than 5.1.0 should update their wolfSSL version used. Thanks to professor
  Yinqian Zhang from Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech),
  his Ph.D. student Mengyuan Li from The Ohio State University, and his M.S
  students Sen Deng and Yining Tang from SUStech along with other collaborators;
  Luca Wilke, Jan Wichelmann and Professor Thomas Eisenbarth from the University
  of Lubeck, Professor Shuai Wang from Hong Kong University of Science and
  Technology, Professor Radu Teodorescu from The Ohio State University, Huibo
  Wang, Kang Li and Yueqiang Cheng from Baidu Security and Shoumeng Yang from
  Ant Financial Services Group.

New Feature Additions

DTLS 1.3

* Support for using the new DTLSv1.3 protocol was added
* Enhancements to bundled examples for an event driven server with DTLS 1.3 was


* Update for the version of VxWorks supported, adding in support for version 6.x
* Support for new DPP and EAP-TEAP/EAP-FAST in wpa_supplicant
* Update for TSIP version support, adding support for version 1.15 for RX65N and
* Improved TSIP build to handle having the options WOLFSSL_AEAD_ONLY defined or
  NO_AES_CBC defined
* Added support for offloading TLS1.3 operations to Renesas RX boards with TSIP


* Constant time improvements due to development of new constant time tests
* Initial translation of API headers to Japanese and expansion of Japanese help
  message support in example applications
* Add support for some FPKI (Federal PKI) certificate cases, UUID, FASC-N, PIV
  extension for use with smart cards
* Add support for parsing additional CSR attributes such as unstructured name
  and content type
* Add support for Linux getrandom() when defining the macro WOLFSSL_GETRANDOM
* Add TLS 1.2 ciphersuite ECDHE_PSK_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 from RFC 8442
* Expand CAAM support with QNX to include i.MX8 boards and add AES-CTR support
* Enhanced glitching protection by hardening the TLS encrypt operations

Math and Performance

SP Math Additions

* Support for ARMv3, ARMv6 and ARMv7a
    - Changes and improvements to get SP building for armv7-a
    - Updated assembly for moving large immediate values on ARMv6
    - Support for architectures with no ldrd/strd and clz
* Reworked generation using common asm ruby code for 32bit ARM
* Enable wolfSSL SP math all by default (sp_int.c)
* Update SP math all to not use sp_int_word when SQR_MUL_ASM is available

SP Math Fixes

* Fixes for constant time with div function
* Fix casting warnings for Windows builds and assembly changes to support
  XMM6-15 being non-volatile
* Fix for div_word when not using div function
* Fixes for user settings with SP ASM and ED/Curve25519 small
* Additional Wycheproof tests ran and fixes
* Fix for SP math ECC non-blocking to always check `hashLen`
* Fix for SP math handling edge case with submod

Improvements and Optimizations

Compatibility Layer

* Provide access to "Finished" messages outside of compatibility layer \ 
* Remove unneeded FIPS guard on wolfSSL_EVP_PKEY_derive
* Fix control command issues with AES-GCM, control command EVP_CTRL_GCM_IV_GEN
* Add support for importing private only EC key to a WOLFSSL_EVP_PKEY struct
* Add support for more extensions to wolfSSL_X509_print_ex
* Update for internal to DER (i2d) AIPs to move the buffer pointer when passed
  in and the operation is successful
* Return subject and issuer X509_NAME object even when not set


* Renesas RA6M4 example update and fixes
* Support multi-threaded use cases with Renesas SCE protected mode and TSIP
* Add a global variable for heap-hint for use with TSIP
* Changes to support v5.3.0 cube pack for STM32
* Use the correct mutex type for embOS
* ESP-IDF build cleanup and enhancements, adding in note regarding ESP-IDF
* Support for SEGGER embOS and emNET
* Fix to handle WOLFSSL_DTLS macro in Micrium build

Build Options

* Support for verify only and no-PSS builds updated
* Add the enable options wolfssh (mapped to the existing –enable-ssh)
* Remove WOLFSSL_ALT_NAMES restriction on notBefore/notAfter use in Cert struct
* Move several more definitions outside the BUILDING_WOLFSSL gate with linux
  kernel module build
* Modify --enable-openssh to not enable non-FIPS algos for FIPS builds
* Remove the Python wrappers from wolfSSL source (use pip install instead of
  using wolfSSL with Python and our separate Python repository)
* Add --enable-openldap option to configure.ac for building the OpenLDAP port
* Resolve DTLS build to handle not having –enable-hrrcookie when not needed
* Add an --enable-strongswan option to configure.ac for building the Strongswan
* Improve defaults for 64-bit BSDs in configure
* Crypto only build can now be used openssl extra
* Update ASN template build to properly handle WOLFSSL_CERT_EXT and
* Allow using 3DES and MD5 with FIPS 140-3, as they fall outside of the FIPS
* Add the build option --enable-dh=const which replaces setting the macro
  WOLFSSL_DH_CONST and now conditionally link to -lm as needed
* Add the macro WOLFSSL_HOSTNAME_VERIFY_ALT_NAME_ONLY which is used to verify
  hostname/ip address using alternate name (SAN) only and does not use the
  common name
* WOLFSSL_DTLS_NO_HVR_ON_RESUME macro added (off by default to favor more
  security). If defined, a DTLS server will not do a cookie exchange on
  successful client resumption: the resumption will be faster (one RTT less) and
  will consume less bandwidth (one ClientHello and one HelloVerifyRequest
  less). On the other hand, if a valid SessionID is collected, forged
  clientHello messages will consume resources on the server.
* Misc.
* Refactoring of some internal TLS functions to reduce the memory usage
* Make old less secure TimingPadVerify implementation available
* Add support for aligned data with clang LLVM
* Remove subject/issuer email from the list of alt. Email names in the
  DecodedCerts struct
* Zeroizing of pre-master secret buffer in TLS 1.3
* Update to allow TLS 1.3 application server to send session ticket
* Improve the sniffer asynchronous test case to support multiple concurrent
* Clean up wolfSSL_clear() and add more logging
* Update to not error out on bad CRL next date if using NO_VERIFY when parsing
* Add an example C# PSK client
* Add ESP-IDF WOLFSSL_ESP8266 setting for ESP8266 devices
* Support longer sigalg list for post quantum use cases and inter-op with OQS's
  OpenSSL fork
* Improve AES-GCM word implementation of GMULT to be constant time
* Additional sanity check with Ed25519/Ed448, now defaults to assume public key
  is not trusted
* Support PSK ciphersuites in benchmark apps
* FIPS in core hash using SHA2-256 and SHA2-384
* Add ability to store issuer name components when parsing a certificate
* Make the critical extension flags in DecodedCert always available
* Updates to the default values for basic constraint with X509’s
* Support using RSA OAEP with no malloc and add additional sanity checks
* Leverage async code paths to support WANT_WRITE while sending packet fragments
* New azsphere example for continuous integration testing
* Update RSA key generation function to handle pairwise consistency tests with
  static memory pools used
* Resolve build time warning by passing in and checking output length with
  internal SetCurve function
* Support DTLS bidirectional shutdown in the examples
* Improve DTLS version negotiation and downgrade capability

General Fixes

* Fixes for STM32 Hash/PKA, add some missing mutex frees, and add an additional
* Fix missing return checks in KSDK ED25519 code
* Fix compilation warnings from IAR
* Fixes for STM32U5/H7 hash/crypto support
* Fix for using track memory feature with FreeRTOS
* Fixup XSTR processing for MICRIUM
* Update Zephyr fs.h path
* DTLS fixes with WANT_WRITE simulations
* Fixes for BER use with PKCS7 to have additional sanity checks and guards on
  edge cases
* Fix to handle exceptional edge case with TFM mp_exptmod_ex
* Fix for stack and heap measurements of a 32-bit build
* Fix to allow enabling AES key wrap (direct) with KCAPI
* Fix --enable-openssh FIPS detection syntax in configure.ac
* Fix to move wolfSSL_ERR_clear_error outside gate for OPENSSL_EXTRA
* Remove MCAPI project's dependency on zlib version
* Only use __builtin_offset on supported GCC versions (4+)
* Fix for c89 builds with using WOLF_C89
* Fix 64bit postfix for constants building with powerpc
* Fixed async Sniffer with TLS v1.3, async removal of `WC_HW_WAIT_E` and
  sanitize leak
* Fix for QAT ECC to gate use of HW based on marker
* Fix the supported version extension to always check minDowngrade
* Fix for TLS v1.1 length sanity check for large messages
* Fixes for loading a long DER/ASN.1 certificate chain
* Fix to expose the RSA public DER export functions with certgen
* Fixes for building with small version of SHA3
* Fix configure with WOLFSSL_WPAS_SMALL
* Fix to free PKCS7 recipient list in error cases
* Sanity check to confirm ssl->hsHashes is not NULL before attempting to
  dereference it
* Clear the leftover byte count in Aes struct when setting IV
   2022-05-07 09:47:36 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.3.0

Changes since v5.2.0:

Release 5.3.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Feature Additions

  * Updated support for Stunnel to version 5.61
  * Add i.MX8 NXP SECO use for secure private ECC keys and expand
    cryptodev-linux for use with the RSA/Curve25519 with the Linux CAAM driver
  * Allow encrypt then mac with Apache port
  * Update Renesas TSIP version to 1.15 on GR-ROSE and certificate signature
    data for TSIP / SCE example
  * Add IAR MSP430 example, located in IDE/IAR-MSP430 directory
  * Add support for FFMPEG with the enable option --enable-ffmpeg, FFMPEG is
    used for recording and converting video and audio (https://ffmpeg.org/)
  * Update the bind port to version 9.18.0

Post Quantum

  * Add Post-quantum KEM benchmark for STM32
  * Enable support for using post quantum algorithms with embedded STM32 boards
    and port to STM32U585

Compatibility Layer Additions

  * Add port to support libspdm
    (https://github.com/DMTF/libspdm/blob/main/README.md), compatibility
    functions added for the port were:
      - ASN1_TIME_compare
      - DH_new_by_nid
      - OBJ_length, OBJ_get0_data,
      - EVP layer ChaCha20-Poly1305, HKDF
      - EC_POINT_get_affine_coordinates
      - EC_POINT_set_affine_coordinates
  * Additional functions added were:
      - EC_KEY_print_fp
      - EVP_PKEY_paramgen
      - EVP_PKEY_sign/verify functionality
      - PEM_write_RSAPublicKey
      - PEM_write_EC_PUBKEY
      - PKCS7_sign
      - PKCS7_final
      - SMIME_write_PKCS7
      - EC_KEY/DH_up_ref
      - EVP_DecodeBlock
      - EVP_EncodeBlock
      - EC_KEY_get_conv_form
      - BIO_eof
      - Add support for BIO_CTRL_SET and BIO_CTRL_GET
  * Add compile time support for the type SSL_R_NULL_SSL_METHOD_PASSED
  * Enhanced X509_NAME_print_ex() to support RFC5523 basic escape
  * More checks on OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER for API prototype differences
  * Add extended key usage support to wolfSSL_X509_set_ext
  * SSL_VERIFY_FAIL_IF_NO_PEER_CERT now can also connect with compatibility
    layer enabled and a TLS 1.3 PSK connection is used
  * Improve wolfSSL_BN_rand to handle non byte boundaries and top/bottom
  * Changed X509_V_ERR codes to better match OpenSSL values used
  * Improve wolfSSL_i2d_X509_name to allow for a NULL input in order to get the
    expected resulting size
  * Enhance the smallstack build to reduce stack size farther when built with
    compatibility layer enabled


 * Sniffer asynchronous support addition, handling of DH shared secret and
   tested with Intel QuickAssist
 * Added in support for OCSP with IPv6
 * Enhance SP (single precision) optimizations for use with the ECC P521
 * Add new public API wc_CheckCertSigPubKey() for use to easily check the
   signature of a certificate given a public key buffer
 * Add CSR (Certificate Signing Request) userId support in subject name
 * Injection and parsing of custom extensions in X.509 certificates
 * Add WOLF_CRYPTO_CB_ONLY_RSA and WOLF_CRYPTO_CB_ONLY_ECC to reduce code size
   if using only crypto callback functions with RSA and ECC
 * Created new --enable-engine configure flag used to build wolfSSL for use with
 * With TLS 1.3 PSK, when WOLFSSL_PSK_MULTI_ID_PER_CS is defined multiple IDs
   for a cipher suite can be handled
 * Added private key id/label support with improving the PK (Public Key)
 * Support for Intel QuickAssist ECC KeyGen acceleration
 * Add the function wolfSSL_CTX_SetCertCbCtx to set user context for certificate
   call back
 * Add the functions wolfSSL_CTX_SetEccSignCtx(WOLFSSL_CTX* ctx, void userCtx)
   and wolfSSL_CTX_GetEccSignCtx(WOLFSSL_CTX ctx) for setting and getting a user
 * wolfRand for AMD --enable-amdrand

PORT Fixes

  * KCAPI memory optimizations and page alignment fixes for ECC, AES mode fixes
    and reduction to memory usage
  * Add the new kdf.c file to the TI-RTOS build
  * Fix wait-until-done in RSA hardware primitive acceleration of ESP-IDF port
  * IOTSafe workarounds when reading files with ending 0’s and for ECC

Math Library Fixes

  * Sanity check with SP math that ECC points ordinates are not greater than
    modulus length
  * Additional sanity checks that _sp_add_d does not error due to overflow
  * Wycheproof fixes, testing integration, and fixes for AVX / AArch64 ASM edge
    case tests
  * TFM fp_div_2_ct rework to avoid potential overflow


  * Fix for PKCS#7 with Crypto Callbacks
  * Fix for larger curve sizes with deterministic ECC sign
  * Fixes for building wolfSSL alongside openssl using --enable-opensslcoexist
  * Fix for compatibility layer handling of certificates with SHA256 SKID \ 
(Subject Key ID)
  * Fix for wolfSSL_ASN1_TIME_diff erroring out on a return value of 0 from mktime
  * Remove extra padding when AES-CBC encrypted with PemToDer
  * Fixes for TLS v1.3 early data with async.
  * Fixes for async disables around the DevCopy calls
  * Fixes for Windows AES-NI with clang compiler
  * Fix for handling the detection of processing a plaintext TLS alert packet
  * Fix for potential memory leak in an error case with TLSX supported groups
  * Sanity check on input size in DecodeNsCertType
  * AES-GCM stack alignment fixes with assembly code written for AVX/AVX2
  * Fix for PK callbacks with server side and setting a public key

Build Options and Warnings

  * Added example user settings template for FIPS v5 ready
  * Automake file touch cleanup for use with Yocto devtool
  * Allow disabling forced 'make clean' at the end of ./configure by using
  * Enable TLS 1.3 early data when specifying --enable-all option
  * Disable PK Callbacks with JNI FIPS builds
  * Add a FIPS cert 3389 ready option, this is the fips-ready build
  * Support (no)inline with Wind River Diab compiler
  * ECDH_compute_key allow setting of globalRNG with FIPS 140-3
  * Add logic equivalent to configure.ac in settings.h for Poly1305
  * Fixes to support building opensslextra with SP math
  * CPP protection for extern references to x86_64 asm code
  * Updates and enhancements for Espressif ESP-IDF wolfSSL setup_win.bat
  * Documentation improvements with auto generation
  * Fix reproducible-build for working an updated version of libtool, version
  * Fixes for Diab C89 and armclang
  * Fix mcapi_test.c to include the settings.h before crypto.h
  * Update and handle builds with NO_WOLFSSL_SERVER and NO_WOLFSSL_CLIENT
  * Fix for some macro defines with FIPS 140-3 build so that
    RSA_PKCS1_PSS_PADDING can be used with RSA sign/verify functions

Math Libraries

  * Add RSA/DH check for even modulus
  * Enhance TFM math to handle more alloc failure cases gracefully
  * SP ASM performance improvements mostly around AArch64
  * SP ASM improvements for additional cache attack resistance
  * Add RSA check for small difference between p and q
  * 6-8% performance increase with ECC operations using SP int by improving the
    Montgomery Reduction

Testing and Validation

  * All shell scripts in source tree now tested for correctness using shellcheck
    and bash -n
  * Added build testing under gcc-12 and -std=c++17 and fixed warnings
  * TLS 1.3 script test improvement to wait for server to write file
  * Unit tests for ECC r/s zeroness handling
  * CI server was expanded with a very “quiet” machine that can support multiple
    ContantTime tests ensuring ongoing mitigation against side-channel timing
    based attacks. Algorithms being assessed on this machine are: AES-CBC,
    AES-GCM, CHACHA20, ECC, POLY1305, RSA, SHA256, SHA512, CURVE25519.
  * Added new multi configuration windows builds to CI testing for greater
    testing coverage of windows use-cases


  * Support for ECC import to check validity of key on import even if one of the
    coordinates (x or y) is 0
  * Modify example app to work with FreeRTOS+IoT
  * Ease of access for cert used for verifying a PKCS#7 bundle
  * Clean up Visual Studio output and intermediate directories
  * With TLS 1.3 fail immediately if a server sends empty certificate message
  * Enhance the benchmark application to support multi-threaded testing
  * Improvement for wc_EccPublicKeyToDer to not overestimate the buffer size
  * Fix to check if wc_EccPublicKeyToDer has enough output buffer space
  * Fix year 2038 problem in wolfSSL_ASN1_TIME_diff
  * Various portability improvements (Time, DTLS epoch size, IV alloc)
  * Prefer status_request_v2 over status_request when both are present
  * Add separate "struct stat" definition XSTATSTRUCT to make \ 
overriding XSTAT
    easier for portability
  * With SipHash replace gcc specific ASM instruction with generic
  * Don't force a ECC CA when a custom CA is passed with -A
  * Add peer authentication failsafe for TLS 1.2 and below
  * Improve parsing of UID from subject and issuer name with the compatibility
    layer by
  * Fallback to full TLS handshake if session ticket fails
  * Internal refactoring of code to reduce ssl.c file size
   2022-02-26 07:52:46 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.2.0

Changes since v5.1.1:

wolfSSL Release 5.2.0 (Feb 21, 2022)

Release 5.2.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

  * [High] A TLS v1.3 server who requires mutual authentication can be
    bypassed. If a malicious client does not send the certificate_verify message
    a client can connect without presenting a certificate even if the server
    requires one. Thank you to Aina Toky Rasoamanana and Olivier Levillain of
    Télécom SudParis.
  * [High] A TLS v1.3 client attempting to authenticate a TLS v1.3 server can
    have its certificate check bypassed. If the sig_algo in the
    certificate_verify message is different than the certificate message checking
    may be bypassed. Thank you to Aina Toky Rasoamanana and Olivier Levillain of
    Télécom SudParis.

New Feature Additions

  *  Example applications for Renesas RX72N with FreeRTOS+IoT
  *  Renesas FSP 3.5.0 support for RA6M3
  *  For TLS 1.3, improved checks on order of received messages.
  *  Support for use of SHA-3 cryptography instructions available in ARMv8.2-A
     architecture extensions. (For Apple M1)
  *  Support for use of SHA-512 cryptography instructions available in ARMv8.2-A
     architecture extensions. (For Apple M1)
  *  Fixes for clang -Os on clang >= 12.0.0
  *  Expose Sequence Numbers so that Linux TLS (kTLS) can be configured
  *  Fix bug in TLSX_ALPN_ParseAndSet when using ALPN select callback.
  *  Allow DES3 with FIPS v5-dev.
  *  Include HMAC for deterministic ECC sign build
  *  Add --enable-chrony configure option. This sets build options needed to
     build the Chrony NTP (Network Time Protocol) service.
  *  Add support for STM32U575xx boards.
  *  Fixes for NXP’s SE050 Ed25519/Curve25519.
  *  TLS: Secure renegotiation info on by default for compatibility.
  *  Inline C code version of ARM32 assembly for cryptographic algorithms
     available and compiling for improved performance on ARM platforms
  *  Configure HMAC: define NO_HMAC to disable HMAC (default: enabled)
  *  ISO-TP transport layer support added to wolfio for TLS over CAN Bus
  *  Fix initialization bug in SiLabs AES support
  *  Domain and IP check is only performed on leaf certificates

ARM PSA Support (Platform Security Architecture) API

  * Initial support added for ARM’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA) API in
    wolfCrypt which allows support of ARM PSA enabled devices by wolfSSL,
    wolfSSH, and wolfBoot and wolfCrypt FIPS.
  * Included algorithms: ECDSA, ECDH, HKDF, AES, SHA1, SHA256, SHA224, RNG

ECICE Updates

  * Support for more encryption algorithms: AES-256-CBC, AES-128-CTR,
  * Support for compressed public keys in messages.

Math Improvements

  * Improved performance of X448 and Ed448 through inlining Karatsuba in square
    and multiplication operations for 128-bit implementation (64-bit platforms
    with 128-bit type support).
  * SP Math C implementation: fix for corner case in curve specific
    implementations of Montgomery Reduction (P-256, P-384).
  * SP math all: assembly snippets added for ARM Thumb. Performance improvement
    on platform.
  * SP math all: ARM64/32 sp_div_word assembly snippets added to remove
    dependency on __udiv3.
  * SP C implementation: multiplication of two signed types with overflow is
    undefined in C. Now cast to unsigned type before multiplication is
  * SP C implementation correctly builds when using CFLAG: -m32

OpenSSL Compatibility Layer

  * Added DH_get_2048_256 to compatibility layer.
  * wolfSSLeay_version now returns the version of wolfSSL
  * Added C++ exports for API’s in wolfssl/openssl/crypto.h. This allows better
    compatibility when building with a C++ compiler.
  * Fix for OpenSSL x509_NAME_hash mismatch
  * Implement FIPS_mode and FIPS_mode_set in the compat layer.
  * Fix for certreq and certgen options with openssl compatibility
  * wolfSSL_BIO_dump() and wolfSSL_OBJ_obj2txt() rework
  * Fix IV length bug in EVP AES-GCM code.
  * Add new ASN1_INTEGER compatibility functions.
  * Fix wolfSSL_PEM_X509_INFO_read with NO_FILESYSTEM

CMake Updates

  * Check for valid override values.
  * Add KEYGEN option.
  * Cleanup help messages.
  * Add options to support wolfTPM.

VisualStudio Updates

  * Remove deprecated VS solution
  * Fix VS unreachable code warning

New Algorithms and Protocols

  * AES-SIV (RFC 5297)
  * DTLS SRTP (RFC 5764), used with WebRTC to agree on profile for new real-time
    session keys
  * SipHash MAC/PRF for hash tables. Includes inline assembly for x86_64 and

Remove Obsolete Algorithms

  * IDEA
  * Rabbit
  * HC-128
   2022-01-08 10:48:16 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.1.1

Changes since v5.1.0:

wolfSSL Release 5.1.1 (Jan 3rd, 2022)

Release 5.1.1 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has a high vulnerability fix:

  * [High] In connections using AES-CBC or DES3 with TLS/DTLS 1.2 or 1.1 the IV
    being used is not random. Users using wolfSSL version 5.0.0 or 5.1.0 doing
    TLS/DTLS 1.2 or 1.1 connections, without AEAD only, should update the
    version of wolfSSL used.
   2021-12-30 02:19:03 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.1.0

Changes since v5.0.0:

wolfSSL Release 5.1.0 (Dec 27, 2021)

Release 5.1.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

  * [Low] Potential for DoS attack on a wolfSSL client due to processing hello
    packets of the incorrect side. This affects only connections using TLS v1.2
    or less that have also been compromised by a man in the middle
    attack. Thanks to James Henderson, Mathy Vanhoef, Chris M. Stone, Sam
    L. Thomas, Nicolas Bailleut, and Tom Chothia (University of Birmingham, KU
    Leuven, ENS Rennes for the report.
  * [Low] Client side session resumption issue once the session resumption cache
    has been filled up. The hijacking of a session resumption has been
    demonstrated so far with only non verified peer connections. That is where
    the client is not verifying the server’s CA that it is connecting to. There
    is the potential though for other cases involving proxies that are verifying
    the server to be at risk, if using wolfSSL in a case involving proxies use
    wolfSSL_get1_session and then wolfSSL_SESSION_free when done where
    possible. If not adding in the session get/free function calls we recommend
    that users of wolfSSL that are resuming sessions update to the latest
    version (wolfSSL version 5.1.0 or later). Thanks to the UK's National Cyber
    Security Centre (NCSC) for the report.

New Feature Additions

  * Curve25519 support with NXP SE050 added
  * Renesas RA6M4 support with SCE Protected Mode and FSP 3.5.0
  * Renesas TSIP 1.14 support for RX65N/RX72N

Post Quantum

  * Post quantum resistant algorithms used with Apache port
  * NIST round 3 FALCON Signature Scheme support added to TLS 1.3 connections
  * FALCON added to the benchmarking application
  * Testing of cURL with wolfSSL post quantum resistant build

Compatibility Layer Additions

  * Updated NGINX port to NGINX version 1.21.4
  * Updated Apache port to Apache version 2.4.51
  * Add support for SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2 flag with wolfSSL_CTX_set_options function
  * Support added for the functions
      - SSL_CTX_get_max_early_data
      - SSL_CTX_set_max_early_data
      - SSL_set_max_early_data
      - SSL_get_max_early_data
      - SSL_CTX_clear_mode
      - SSL_CONF_cmd_value_type
      - SSL_read_early_data
      - SSL_write_early_data


  * Crypto callback support for AES-CCM added. A callback function can be
    registered and used instead of the default AES-CCM implementation in
  * Added AES-OFB to the FIPS boundary for future FIPS validations.
  * Add support for custom OIDs used with CSR (certificate signing request)
    generation using the macro WOLFSSL_CUSTOM_OID
  * Added HKDF extract callback function for use with TLS 1.3
  * Add variant from RFC6979 of deterministic ECC signing that can be enabled
  * Added the function wc_GetPubKeyDerFromCert to get the public key from a
    DecodedCert structure
  * Added the functions wc_InitDecodedCert, wc_ParseCert and wc_FreeDecodedCert
    for access to decoding a certificate into a DecodedCert structure
  * Added the macro WOLFSSL_ECC_NO_SMALL_STACK for hybrid builds where the
    numerous malloc/free with ECC is undesired but small stack use is desired
    throughout the rest of the library
  * Added the function wc_d2i_PKCS12_fp for reading a PKCS12 file and parsing it

PORT Fixes

  * Building with Android wpa_supplicant and KeyStore
  * Setting initial value of CA certificate with TSIP enabled
  * Cryptocell ECC build fix and fix with RSA disabled
  * IoT-SAFE improvement for Key/File slot ID size, fix for C++ compile, and
    fixes for retrieving the public key after key generation

Math Library Fixes

  * Check return values on TFM library montgomery function in case the system
    runs out of memory. This resolves an edge case of invalid ECC signatures
    being created.
  * SP math library sanity check on size of values passed to sp_gcd.
  * SP math library sanity check on exponentiation by 0 with mod_exp
  * Update base ECC mp_sqrtmod_prime function to handle an edge case of zero
  * TFM math library with Intel MULX multiply fix for carry in assembly code


  * Fix for potential heap buffer overflow with compatibility layer PEM parsing
  * Fix for edge memory leak case with an error encountered during TLS
  * Fix for length on inner sequence created with wc_DhKeyToDer when handling
    small DH keys
  * Fix for sanity check on input argument to DSA sign and verify
  * Fix for setting of the return value with ASN1 integer get on an i386 device
  * Fix for BER to DER size checks with PKCS7 decryption
  * Fix for memory leak with PrintPubKeyEC function in compatibility layer
  * Edge case with deterministic ECC key generation when the private key has
    leading 0’s
  * Fix for build with OPENSSL_EXTRA and NO_WOLFSSL_STUB both defined
  * Use page aligned memory with ECDSA signing and KCAPI
  * Skip expired sessions for TLS 1.3 rather than turning off the resume
  * Fix for DTLS handling dropped or retransmitted messages

Build Options and Warnings

  * Bugfix: could not build with liboqs and without DH enabled
  * Build with macro NO_ECC_KEY_EXPORT fixed
  * Fix for building with the macro HAVE_ENCRYPT_THEN_MAC when session export is
  * Building with wolfSentry and HAVE_EX_DATA macro set

Math Libraries

  * Improvement for performance with SP C implementation of montgomery reduction
    for ECC (P256 and P384) and SP ARM64 implementation for ECC (P384)
  * With SP math handle case of dividing by length of dividend
  * SP math improvement for lo/hi register names to be used with older GCC


  * ASN name constraints checking code refactor for better efficiency and
  * Refactor of compatibility layer stack free’ing calls to simplify and reduce
  * Scrubbed code for trailing spaces, hard tabs, and any control characters
  * Explicit check that leaf certificate's public key type match cipher suite
    signature algorithm
  * Additional NULL sanity checks on WOLFSSL struct internally and improve
    switch statement fallthrough
  * Retain OCSP error value when CRL is enabled with certificate parsing
  * Update to NATIVE LwIP support for TCP use
  * Sanity check on PEM size when parsing a PEM with OpenSSL compatibility layer
  * SWIG wrapper was removed from the codebase in favor of dedicated Java and
    Python wrappers.
  * Updates to bundled example client for when to load the CA, handling print
    out of IP alt names, and printing out the peers certificate in PEM format
  * Handling BER encoded inner content type with PKCS7 verify
  * Checking for SOCKET_EPIPE errors from low level socket
  * Improvements to cleanup in the case that wolfSSL_Init fails
  * Update test and example certificates expiration dates
   2021-11-06 05:37:25 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
security/wolfssl: Update to v5.0.0

Changes since v4.8.1:

wolfSSL Release 5.0.0 (Nov 01, 2021)

Release 5.0.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

  * [\Low] Hang with DSA signature creation when a specific q value is used in a
    maliciously crafted key. If a DSA key with an invalid q value of either 1 or
    0 was decoded and used for creating a signature, it would result in a hang
    in wolfSSL. Users that are creating signatures with DSA and are using keys
    supplied from an outside source are affected.
  * [\Low] Issue with incorrectly validating a certificate that has multiple
    subject alternative names when given a name constraint. In the case where
    more than one subject alternative name is used in the certificate, previous
    versions of wolfSSL could incorrectly validate the certificate. Users
    verifying certificates with multiple alternative names and name constraints,
    are recommended to either use the certificate verify callback to check for
    this case or update the version of wolfSSL used. Thanks to Luiz Angelo Daros
    de Luca for the report.

New Feature Additions
New Product

  * FIPS 140-3 -- currently undergoing laboratory testing, code review and
    ultimately CMVP validation. Targeting the latest FIPS standard.


  * IoT-Safe with TLS demo
  * SE050 port with support for RNG, SHA, AES, ECC (sign/verify/shared secret)
    and ED25519
  * Support for Renesas TSIP v1.13 on RX72N

Post Quantum

  * Support for OQS's (liboqs version 0.7.0) implementation of NIST Round 3 KEMs
    as TLS 1.3 groups --with-liboqs
  * Hybridizing NIST ECC groups with the OQS groups
  * Remove legacy NTRU and QSH
  * Make quantum-safe groups available to the compatibility layer

Linux Kernel Module

  * Full support for FIPS 140-3, with in-kernel power on self test (POST) and
    conditional algorithm self test(s) (CAST)
  * --enable-linuxkm-pie -- position-independent in-kernel wolfCrypt container,
      for FIPS
  * Vectorized x86 acceleration in PK algs (RSA, ECC, DH, DSA) and AES/AES-GCM
  * Vectorized x86 acceleration in interrupt handlers
  * Support for Linux-native module signatures
  * Complete SSL/TLS and Crypto API callable from other kernel module(s)
  * Support for LTS kernel lines: 3.16, 4.4, 4.9, 5.4, 5.10

Compatibility Layer Additions

  * Ports
      * Add support for libssh2
      * Add support for pyOpenSSL
      * Add support for libimobiledevice
      * Add support for rsyslog
      * Add support for OpenSSH 8.5p1
      * Add support for Python 3.8.5
  * API/Structs Added
      * ERR_lib_error_string
      * EVP_blake2
      * wolfSSL_set_client_CA_list
      * wolfSSL_EVP_sha512_224
      * wolfSSL_EVP_sha512_256
      * wc_Sha512_224/2256Hash
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Hash
      * wc_InitSha512_224/256
      * wc_InitSha512_224/256_ex
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Update
      * wc_Sha512_224/256FinalRaw
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Final
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Free
      * wc_Sha512_224/256GetHash
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Copy
      * wc_Sha512_224/256SetFlags
      * wc_Sha512_224/256GetFlags
      * wc_Sha512_224/256Transform
      * EVP_MD_do_all and OBJ_NAME_do_all
      * EVP_shake128
      * EVP_shake256
      * SSL_CTX_set_num_tickets
      * SSL_CTX_get_num_tickets
      * SSL_CIPHER_get_auth_nid
      * SSL_CIPHER_get_cipher_nid
      * SSL_CIPHER_get_digest_nid
      * SSL_CIPHER_get_kx_nid
      * SSL_CIPHER_is_aead
      * SSL_CTX_set_msg_callback
      * a2i_IPADDRESS
      * GENERAL_NAME_print
      * X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set1_ip
      * EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_iv_length
      * PEM_read_bio_RSA_PUBKEY
      * i2t_ASN1_OBJECT
      * DH_set_length
      * Set_tlsext_max_fragment_length
      * EVP_PBE_scrypt
      * ERR_LIB
      * X509_get_default_cert_file/file_env/dir/dir_env() stubs
      * SSL_get_read_ahead/SSL_set_read_ahead()
      * SSL_SESSION_has_ticket()
      * SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint()
      * DIST_POINT_new
      * DIST_POINT_free
      * DIST_POINTS_free
      * CRL_DIST_POINTS_free
      * sk_DIST_POINT_push
      * sk_DIST_POINT_value
      * sk_DIST_POINT_num
      * sk_DIST_POINT_pop_free
      * sk_DIST_POINT_free
      * X509_get_extension_flags
      * X509_get_key_usage
      * X509_get_extended_key_usage
      * ASN1_TIME_to_tm
      * ASN1_TIME_diff
      * PEM_read_X509_REQ
      * ERR_load_ERR_strings
      * BIO_ssl_shutdown
      * BIO_get_ssl
      * BIO_new_ssl_connect
      * BIO_set_conn_hostname
      * NID_pkcs9_contentType


  * KCAPI: add support for using libkcapi for crypto (Linux Kernel)
  * Configure option for --with-max-rsa-bits= and --with-max-ecc-bits=
  * SP ARM Thumb support for Keil and performance improvements
  * Add support for WOLFSSL_VERIFY_POST_HANDSHAKE verify mode
  * PKCS #11: support static linking with PKCS #11 library
    --enable-pkcs11=static LIBS=-l
  * Add build option --enable-wolfclu for use with wolfCLU product
  * Add support for X9.42 header i.e “BEGIN X9.42 DH PARAMETERS”
  * Add --enable-altcertchains for configuring wolfSSL with alternate
    certificate chains feature enabled
  * Add public API wc_RsaKeyToPublicDer_ex to allow getting RSA public key
    without ASN.1 header (can return only seq + n + e)
  * Add SNI and TLSx options to CMake build

PORT Fixes

  * Add return value checking for FREESCALE_RNGA
  * Fix MMCAU_SHA256 type warnings
  * Fixes for building with Microchip XC32 and ATECC

Math Library Fixes

  * TFM check that the modulus length is valid for fixed data array size
  * TFM fp_submod_ct fix check for greater
  * Check return value of mp_grow in mp_mod_2d
  * Fix for ECC point multiply to error out on large multipliers
  * SP ECC error on multiplier larger than curve order

TLS 1.3

  * TLS1.3 sanity check for cases where a private key is larger than the \ 
configured maximum
  * Fix early data max size handling in TLS v1.3
  * Fixes for PK callbacks with TLS v1.3
  * Check min downgrade when no extensions are sent with the ServerHello


   * Previously wolfSSL enum values were used as NID’s. Now only the
     compatibility layer NID enums are the NID values:
      * CTC_SHAwDSA -> NID_dsaWithSHA1
      * CTC_SHA256wDSA -> NID_dsa_with_SHA256
      * CTC_MD2wRSA -> NID_md2WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_MD5wRSA -> NID_md5WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHAwRSA -> NID_sha1WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHA224wRSA -> NID_sha224WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHA256wRSA -> NID_sha256WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHA384wRSA -> NID_sha384WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHA512wRSA -> NID_sha512WithRSAEncryption
      * CTC_SHA3_224wRSA -> NID_RSA_SHA3_224
      * CTC_SHA3_256wRSA -> NID_RSA_SHA3_256
      * CTC_SHA3_384wRSA -> NID_RSA_SHA3_384
      * CTC_SHA3_512wRSA -> NID_RSA_SHA3_512
      * CTC_SHAwECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA1
      * CTC_SHA224wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA224
      * CTC_SHA256wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA256
      * CTC_SHA384wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA384
      * CTC_SHA512wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA512
      * CTC_SHA3_224wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA3_224
      * CTC_SHA3_256wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA3_256
      * CTC_SHA3_384wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA3_384
      * CTC_SHA3_512wECDSA -> NID_ecdsa_with_SHA3_512
      * DSAk -> NID_dsa
      * RSAk -> NID_rsaEncryption
      * ECDSAk -> NID_X9_62_id_ecPublicKey
      * BASIC_CA_OID -> NID_basic_constraints
      * ALT_NAMES_OID -> NID_subject_alt_name
      * CRL_DIST_OID -> NID_crl_distribution_points
      * AUTH_INFO_OID -> NID_info_access
      * AUTH_KEY_OID -> NID_authority_key_identifier
      * SUBJ_KEY_OID -> NID_subject_key_identifier
      * INHIBIT_ANY_OID -> NID_inhibit_any_policy
   * Fix for DES IV size used with FIPSv2
   * Fix signed comparison issue with serialSz
   * Fix missing CBIOSend and properly guard hmac in DupSSL()
   * Fix calculation of length of encoding in ssl.c
   * Fix encoding to check proper length in asn.c
   * Fix for wc_ecc_ctx_free and heap hint
   * Fix for debug messages with AF_ALG build
   * Fix for static memory with bucket size matching.
   * Fixes for SRP with heap hint.
   * Fixes for CAAM build macros and spelling for Keil build
   * Sniffer fix for possible math issue around 64-bit pointer and 32-bit \ 
unsigned int
   * Fix for sniffer TCP sequence rollover
   * wolfSSL_PEM_write_bio_PUBKEY to write only the public part
   * Fix for sending only supported groups in TLS extension
   * Fix for sniffer to better handle spurious retransmission edge case
   * SSL_set_alpn_protos and SSL_CTX_set_alpn_protos now returns 0 on
     successFixes issue with SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list and SSL_set1_curves_list
     not checking the last character of the names variable provided, non-0 on
     failure to better match expected return values
   * Fixes and improvements for crypto callbacks with TLS (mutual auth)
   * Fix for bad memory_mutex lock on static memory cleanup
   * Zero terminate name constraints strings when parsing certificates
   * Fix for verifying a certificate when multiple permitted name constraints \ 
are used
   * Fix typo in ifdef for HAVE_ED448
   * Fix typos in comments in SHA512
   * Add sanity check on buffer size with ED25519 key decode
   * Sanity check on PKCS7 stream amount read
   * PKCS7 fix for double free on error case and sanity check on set serial number
   * Sanity check on PKCS7 input size wc_PKCS7_ParseSignerInfo
   * Forgive a DTLS session trying to send too much at once

Build Options and Warnings

   * Rework of RC4 disable by default and depreciation
   * wolfSSL as a Zephyr module (without setup.sh)
   * Add include config.h to bio.c
   * Support for PKCS7 without AES CBC.
   * Fixes for building without AES CBC
   * Added WOLFSSL_DH_EXTRA to --enable-all and --enable-sniffer
   * Add a CMake option to build wolfcrypt test and bench code as libraries
   * GCC makefile: allow overriding and provide more flexibility

Math Libraries

   * Improve performance of fp_submod_ct() and fp_addmod_ct()
   * Improve performance of sp_submod_ct() and sp_addmod_ct()
   * SP int, handle even modulus with exponentiation


   * Cleanups for Arduino examples and memory documentation
   * Refactor hex char to byte conversions
   * Added GCC-ARM TLS server example
   * Improvements to session locking to allow per-row
   * Improved sniffer statistics and documentation
   * EVP key support for heap hint and crypto callbacks
   * Reduced stack size for dh_generation_test and Curve ASN functions
   * Espressif README Syntax / keyword highlighting / clarifications
   * AARCH64 SHA512: implementation using crypto instructions added
   * wc_RsaPSS_CheckPadding_ex2 added for use with HEAP hint
   * wc_AesKeyWrap_ex and wc_AesKeyUnWrap_ex bound checks on input and output sizes
   * Add additional error handling to wolfSSL_BIO_get_len
   * Add code to use popen and the command 'host', useful with qemu
   * Adjustment to subject alt names order with compatibility layer to better \ 
match expected order
   * Reduce BIO compatibility layer verbosity
   * Set a default upper bound on error queue size with compatibility layer
   * WOLFSSL_CRL_ALLOW_MISSING_CDP macro for Skip CRL verification in case no \ 
CDP in peer cert
   * Fixes for scan-build LLVM-13 and expanded coverage
   * Increase the default DTLS_MTU_ADDITIONAL_READ_BUFFER and make it adjustable
   2021-10-26 13:18:07 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (605)
Log message:
security: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Unfetchable distfiles (fetched conditionally?):
./security/cyrus-sasl/distinfo \