./shells/bash-completion, Programmable completion specifications for bash

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.11, Package name: bash-completion-2.11, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

A relatively new feature in bash is programmable completion, which
has been available since the beta version of 2.04. Programmable
completion will be familiar to you if you are a zsh user. It also
exists, albeit in a much less usable form, in tcsh.

Standard completion

bash has offered many forms of completion since its inception,
including path, file, user, host and variable completion.

* Path-name completion
* File-name completion
* User-name completion
* Host-name completion
* Variable-name completion

Programmable completion indefinitely extends the type of completion
you can perform.

This package contains a variety of completions for various programs.

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   2021-10-26 13:18:40 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
shells: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 16:56:13 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
shells: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-03-10 17:35:54 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
bash-completion: Update to version 2.11.

pkgsrc changes:

  * Stop pretending that share/bash-completion.d is supported, it isn't.
    Packages that are installing files there should install them into
    share/bash-completion/completions instead.

  * Stop installing profile.d script, only really makes sense under /etc,
    and it wasn't correctly handled as a configuration file anyway.

bash-completion (2.11)

  [ Alexander Meshcheryakov ]
  * _known_hosts_real: check that ruptime is present before calling

  [ Andrew Gaul ]
  * totem: reuse kaffeine completions (#372)

  [ Damien Nadé ]
  * __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref: avoid triggering nounset on
    indirect references

  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * lintian: complete paths for Ubuntu's .ddeb and Debian's buildinfo
    files (#397)

  [ Felix Yan ]
  * ip: complete route add table arg
  * ip: style fixes similar to ip-netns
  * ip: add more completions for ip-rule
  * ip: add support for netns (#391)
  * ip: improve completion of route subcommands (#326)

  [ Hans-Christoph Steiner ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: complete *.aar (#428)

  [ Jakub Jelen ]
  * ssh: add new -Q completions in OpenSSH 8.2p1 (#400)

  [ Kevin Locke ]
  * python: support executables with minor version (#389)

  [ Michal Suchánek ]
  * insmod, modinfo, modprobe: support xz compressed modules (#401)

  [ Phan Duc Nhat Minh ]
  * tshark: complete -r arg with all filenames (#422)

  [ Sebastian Jakubiak ]
  * openssl: update -starttls completions (#403)
  * _filedir*: update link to bug-bash discussion on -X (#404)
  * test/python: add testcase for submodule completion

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * Release 2.11
  * extra/make-changelog: check and output usage message
  * pre-commit: anchor exclude patterns
  * pytest: rewrite in bash, support toplevel funcs, avoid nondef ones
    and classes
  * test/xfreerdp: skip --help failure cases
  * test/tshark: fix multiple -O completion with no http2 support
  * test/ant: avoid complete-ant-cmd.pl interference with ANT_ARGS
  * _xinetd_services: avoid nounset error on bash 4.2
  * pre-commit: upgrade isort to 5.1.4
  * pre-commit: upgrade pyupgrade to 2.7.2
  * pre-commit: add pyupgrade, run it
  * test/ant: gitignore all target cache files
  * _known_hosts_real: exclude Host negations
  * pre-commit: upgrade isort to 5.0.7
  * pre-commit: update shellcheck-py URL
  * test/inputrc: do not set print-completions-horizontally
  * test/inputrc: comment typo fix
  * pytest: complete async test class methods
  * __get_cword_at_cursor_by_ref: fix regression on bash 4.2
  * test: upgrade markdownlint-cli to 0.23.2
  * _known_hosts_real: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and
  * _longopt: exclude too many dashes, allow underscores, require ends
    with alnum
  * _included_ssh_config_files: support globs
  * _known_hosts_real: prevent unwanted pathname expansion on host
  * test/shfmt: upgrade to 3.1.2, reformat with it
  * test/_known_hosts_real: add explicit no globbing test case
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.782
  * CONTRIBUTING.md: add posix and nounset mode item
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.781
  * test: upgrade perltidy to 20200619
  * _known_hosts_real: fix completion of Host entries after a wildcard
  * _known_hosts_real: fix # handling in ssh configs
  * test: upgrade flake8 to 3.8.3
  * test/xhost: multiple expected result handling fixes
  * test/slapt-src: single expected result handling fixes
  * test: partial hostname completion fixes
  * test: simplify completion parsing
  * test/dpkg-query: mark as xfail on non-Debian based systems
  * .gitignore: clean up some no longer needed ignores
  * test/lspci: skip -A arg test if lspci fails -A help, e.g. busybox
  * test: regex escape our magic mark for completeness
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.780
  * test/_known_hosts_real: don't modify class scoped base expected
  * test/_known_hosts_real: reset COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE
    between tests
  * test/_known_hosts_real: tolerate duplicates
  * bash_completion: trivial cleanups
  * gcc: avoid errors in nounset mode
  * pytest: fix test class method completion with BSD awk
  * man, mutt: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * java, make: avoid errors in nounset mode on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * README: document GNU make build requirement
  * pytest: add test class method completion
  * _known_hosts: avoid errors in nounset mode and no arguments
  * bash_completion: fix array set checks with empty elements in them
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * cfrun: fix $hostfile leak
  * _command_offset, route: cleanups
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * qemu: add -machine arg completion
  * qemu, sbopkg: avoid unintentional globbing on option arg
  * test: enable shellcheck SC2035
  * *: drop support for bash 4.1
  * _init_completion: fix unassigned redirect completion in nounset
  * ip: route shfmt, arithmetic evaluation
  * _filedir: avoid unbound variable error on Ubuntu 14 and 16
  * _pids, _pgids, _pnames: improve shfmt formatting
  * scp, sftp, ssh: fix completion on options bundled with -4/-6
  * modprobe, tshark, _included_ssh_config_files: use [[ ]] instead of
    [ ]
  * test/runLint: warn about [ ] instead of [[ ]] use
  * test: skip various tests if we don't get a useful usage message
  * *: mark nounset mode as supported, issues with it are bugs now
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * test/inputrc: comment and whitespace tweaks
  * *: avoid more errors in nounset mode
  * test/unit: sort files included in dist
  * test/unit: include test_unit_known_hosts_real.py in dist
  * bash_completion: line wrapping tweaks, NFC
  * 7z: fix -o/-w attached arg completion
  * postfix: try to arrange a fake tty so we can tickle the usage
    message out
  * _bashcomp_try_faketty: new function to try running command with a
    fake tty
  * mr: avoid herestrings, simplify command parsing
  * test/mr: handle missing "clean" with skipif
  * test: mark known non-ASCII issues with test suite as xfail
  * dpkg-deb: add --raw-extract and -X arg completions
  * test: add some dpkg-query test cases
  * dpkg-deb: fix --show/-W completion
  * test: upgrade markdownlint-cli to 0.23.1
  * *: use more arithmetic evaluation
  * test: try harder to restore environment and cwd on failures
  * *: use $ifs for storing/restoring $IFS
  * test/irb: xfail options test if --help is not available
  * test: upgrade flake8 to 3.8.1
  * test: pre-commit config cleanups, ordering
  * test: upgrade pre-commit to 2.4.0+, drop shfmt kludge
  * test: sync shfmt and shellcheck configs
  * test: shfmt bashrc
  * test: remove unused run-shellcheck, shellcheck is in pre-commit
  * test: remove old test suite code no longer used \o/
  * test/_known_hosts_real: port remaining test cases to
  * test: remove more no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/_known_hosts_real: port more test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test/_get_cword: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: replace some echos with printfs
  * test/_filedir: fix shutil.rmtree on Python < 3.6
  * test/_expand: port remaining test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: drop some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/_filedir: port remaining test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: run all Travis jobs on dist: bionic
  * test: drop not needed sudo on Travis
  * test/_filedir: port more test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test/__expand_tilde_by_ref: port remaining test cases to
  * test/_get_comp_words_by_ref: convert remaining test cases to
  * test: run pytest --verbose in docker
  * lftp: use "bookmark list" command to list bookmarks
  * test: drop some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/slapt-src: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * _xfunc: simplify
  * apt-cache: avoid nonzero exit code from _apt_cache_packages
  * test/slapt-get: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test/secret-tool: add to test command list
  * test/scp: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test/umount: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * secret-tool: new completion
  * apt-get: complete build-dep with dirs
  * travis: use golang 1.14 for shfmt
  * *: run all shell code through shfmt -s
  * pre-commit etc: add shfmt
  * test: fix incorrect fixtures/shared/default xfails/expectations
  * test: upgrade markdownlint to 0.23.0
  * nmap: simplify help scraping a bit, don't try to emit unnecessary
  * test: prefix fake test commands with underscore
  * test: port most umount test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: add note about unescaped assert_complete single return
  * editorconfig: apply yaml settings to .yaml too
  * pre-commit: use local perlcritic hook
  * *: doc and comment link updates
  * pre-commit, *.md: add markdownlint, address findings
  * README: clarify loading automatically on demand
  * ssh-keygen: -O arg updates and improvements
  * ssh-keygen: add -b arg completions according to specified -t
  * ssh-keygen: option and arg completion updates for new versions
  * _command: improve commentary
  * reportbug, scp, sftp, svn: use compgen -c instead of _command
  * find: fix -exec etc argument and its completion
  * extra: trigger docker builds only on test-cmd-list.txt changes
  * test: add script to maintain list of executables for full test
  * test: run lint tests on Travis in a quickish separate first stage
  * test/make: mark more cases as requiring command
  * make: add bmake alias
  * test: run pre-commit on host instead of docker
  * test: add perlcritic to pre-commit, run on all perl
  * *: remove some unused variables, thanks to shellcheck SC2034
  * *: various loop iteration improvements
  * crontab: fix loop over already given args
  * apt-cache: fix command mode handling
  * doc: add loop variable naming guideline
  * test: make at-point completion tests easier
  * ssh, xsltproc: address shellcheck SC2006
  * scp: work around shellcheck SC1003
  * mutt: address shellchec SC2236
  * wget: address shellcheck SC2116
  * pytest: address shellcheck SC2002
  * bash_completion, java, tipc: for loop whitespace consistency
  * *: more arithmetic evaluation cleanups, thanks to shellcheck
  * __reassemble_comp_words_by_ref, java: address and work around
    shellcheck SC2102
  * test: enable parallel pre-commit shellcheck
  * test: remove shellcheck severity filter, add explicit disables
  * doc: recommend arithmetic evaluation
  * *: array subscript cleanups
  * ssh-keygen: -s and -n completion improvements
  * *: enable and address shellcheck SC2053
  * bash_completion, invoke-rc.d, svcadm: trivial cleanups
  * *: replace various conditional expressions with arithmetic
  * carton: fix command parsing with BSD sed
  * nmap: fix option parsing with BSD sed
  * test/alias: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: generalize complete at point test
  * test/cd: fix test_dir_at_point for setups that repeat "trailer"
  * pytest: add some option arg (non-)completions
  * pytest: complete test classes
  * pgrep, pkill: add --ns and --nslist arg completions
  * test: run skipif and xfail commands without caring if they output
    or not
  * test: make it possible to not care whether command did output or
  * test/xfreerdp: skip xfreerdp kbd test if kbd-list returns empty
  * test: tolerate duplicates from compgen actions
  * test: bump shellcheck severity to warning + some disables
  * *: address shellcheck SC2046
  * test/lib/library.sh: address shellcheck SC2125
  * java, pkgadd, sysbench: address shellchec SC2124
  * scp: address shellcheck SC2089 and SC2090
  * _filedir_xspec: address shellcheck SC2140
  * rpm, ssh, umount.linux: address shellcheck SC2120
  * cvs, modprobe, sh: address shellcheck SC2209
  * mutt: address shellcheck SC2088
  * _upvar, _upvars, _variables, rpm: address shellcheck SC1083
  * test/run: address shellcheck SC2164
  * renice: address shellcheck SC2254
  * tipc: comment grammar and spelling fixes
  * man, perl, route, tipc: address shellcheck SC2053
  * info, java: address shellcheck SC2153
  * quote_readline: fix $ret leak
  * test: upgrade shellcheck to 0.7.1
  * test/printenv: xfail if --help doesn't contain options (e.g.
  * test/aptitude: require command where necessary
  * _known_hosts_real, op: address shellcheck SC2184
  * test: don't run shellcheck on completions/.gitignore
  * protoc: complete all --*_out without more specific handling with
  * sysbench: add --test= deprecation TODO
  * pkgadd: indentation fix
  * chronyc, wvdial: address shellcheck SC2178
  * java, pkgadd, sysbench: address shellcheck SC2124
  * mplayer: address shellcheck SC1078 false positive
  * smartctl: hush shellcheck SC2054 false positives
  * *: address shellcheck SC2221 and SC2222
  * bash_completion: address shellcheck SC2220
  * crontab, wodim: silence shellcheck SC2191 and SC2192
  * aptitude: add some option arg (non)completions
  * aptitude: parse options list from --help, hardcode less
  * test/aptitude: add some test cases
  * *: argument interation improvements
  * *: whitespace tweaks
  * apt-get etc: use _apt_cache_packages from apt-cache
  * pre-commit: run most python checks on helpers/python too
  * test/ldd: xfail if --help is not implemented
  * test/printenv: require command for arg completion test
  * printenv: indentation fixes
  * test: upgrade mypy to 0.770
  * test: split dependencies requiring Python 3.6.1+ to requirements-
  * git: trigger docker rebuild on pre-commit config change
  * test: require openssl command for option argument tests
  * test: move perltidy to pre-commit, run with --converge
  * test: move shellcheck to pre-commit
  * test: ignore flake8 messages that are in black's domain
  * _xinetd_services: look up from $BASHCOMP_XINETDDIR, add some unit
  * printenv: new completion
  * copyright: add 2020
  * test: fix CompletionResult.__eq__ UnboundLocalError
  * test: run pre-commit in tools container
  * test: shellcheck tweaks
  * test: add isort to pre-commit, run it
  * test: add flake8-bugbear
  * test: install black for Python 3.6 too
  * pre-commit: add config with black, flake8, and mypy
  * test: drop redundant black args from docker runs
  * *: python type hint fixes and improvements
  * extra/make-changelog: run through black
  * test/totem: add basic test case
  * test/cd: remove unused import
  * openssl: complete -writerand with filenames
  * openssl: parse available options from $command -help
  * openssl: support getting digest list from more recent openssl
  * nmap: handle options split on equals sign
  * nmap: parse options from -h output
  * test/cd: make dir_at_point produce better debuggable failures
  * test/cd: convert remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * test: remove some no longer needed old test suite code
  * test/chown,sudo: parametrize special case test, improve xfail
  * test/tsig-keygen: require command for test_options
  * test/upgradepkg: port remaining test case to pytest+pexpect
  * tsig-keygen: new completion
  * test: host helper lint and usage fixes
  * test: port some _known_hosts_real unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: remove some no longer needed tcl/expect code
  * test: fix spurious hosts fixture failure without avahi-browse
  * test: port some scp test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * test: port remaining finger, sftp, ssh, and xhost cases to
  * lilo: work around shellcheck false positive
  * test/ipcalc: fix tests with busybox ipcalc
  * chromium-browser, firefox: complete on *.txt (#379)
  * README.md: add introduction
  * ipcalc: new completion
  * *: complete commands when prefixed with a backslash
  * test/wol: don't fail MAC test if test system has /etc/ethers
  * test/dnssec-keygen: allow more alternatives in algorithm
  * lilo: don't complete on commented out labels
  * lilo: honor -C when completing labels
  * lilo: add -B and -E completions

  [ beantaxi ]
  * Source user completion only if it's a file (#409)

  [ hugoziviani ]
  * jarsigner: complete on *.apk too (#386)
  * cryptsetup: add luksChangeKey arg completion (#380)

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Sat, 25 Jul 2020 11:25:09 +0300

bash-completion (2.10)

  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * perltidy: associate *.t (#338)

  [ Gabriel F. T. Gomes ]
  * perl: fix completion with space between option and argument

  [ Grisha Levit ]
  * _variables: add TERM and LC_* completion (#353)

  [ Iñigo Martínez ]
  * autotools: Replace pkgdatadir with datadir
  * pkg-config: Relative paths
  * pkg-config: generate Name from autotools PACKAGE

  [ Jakub Jelen ]
  * ssh: option and argument completion updates (#332)

  [ Michał Górny ]
  * test_arp: Skip if ARP tables are empty
  * test_chromium_browser: Skip test_2 if 'chromium-browser --help'
  * test_rpm2tgz: Fix expected output

  [ Sebastian ]
  * cppcheck: Add new standards to --std option. (#356)

  [ Tomasz N ]
  * apt-get: fix pkg version completion if it contains a colon (#351)

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * test: bump black to >=19.10b0
  * ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-copy-id, curl: improve identity file
  * update-rc.d: indentation fix
  * update-rc.d: remove dead code
  * screen: add serial device basic arg (non)completion
  * screen: add //telnet completion
  * test: add some trivial perl -E/-e cases
  * perl: indentation fixes
  * curl: make @filename completion do the right thing with dirs
  * _filedir: avoid duplicate dirs internally, and a compgen -d call
    for files
  * _filedir: remove unused $x
  * bash_completion.sh: shellcheck SC2086 fixes
  * test: shellcheck config cleanups
  * shellcheck: add some option arg (non)completions
  * test: fix cpio users test in presence of usernames with whitespace
  * test: python typing fixes
  * test: add minimal mypy config
  * .gitignore: mypy cache
  * makepkg: fix option completion
  * test: mark dcop and mr testcases requiring the cmd as such
  * CONTRIBUTING: disable e-mail bug gateway due to spam
  * carton: new completion
  * op: direct command parsing stderr to /dev/null
  * test: adjust java expectations based on whether jars can be listed
  * valgrind: look tool names from lib/*-linux-gnu dirs too
  * test: xfail locale-gen option completion if --help is not
  * _sysvdirs: always return 0
  * java: don't assume jar is installed
  * travis: test with Debian 10
  * wine: install for wine-development and wine-stable too
  * travis: generate dist tarball on alpine
  * dmypy: new completion
  * test: add require_longopt xfail helper, use it
  * test: mark more tests that parse command output as requiring
  * sysctl: invoke completed sysctl instead of one from path to get
  * screen, smartctl, update-alternatives: _parse_help, drop hardcoded
    option list
  * lintian-info: _parse_help, add more option arg (non)completions
  * gprof: _parse_usage, drop hardcoded option list
  * test: fix retrieving command to test from request
  * travis: pass NETWORK as env var, so we can actually use it
  * test: xfail MAC address completion without networking
  * test: ignore _makepkg_bootstrap in makepkg test env
  * test: hush flake8-bugbear B010
  * test: don't sort expected completion lists under the hood
  * test: add bunch of basic option parsing test cases
  * test: always run tests which don't require tested command
  * test: explodepkg and upgradepkg test fixes
  * test: mark sbcl-mt xfail due to whitespace split issues
  * _terms: search directly from various terminfo dirs
  * _terms: combine and simplify somewhat
  * pkg-get: fix $i leak
  * pkgutil: fix $i leak
  * test: portinstall/upgrade test case and setup fixes
  * lvm pv*, vg*: parse help instead of hardcoding option list
  * ipv6calc: parse help instead of hardcoding option list
  * test: avoid some sed -r/-E runLint false positives
  * test: use sh +* as ccache command test case
  * java: make jar/zip listing work with unzip
  * test: installpkg test fixes
  * test: fix acroread fixture dir
  * test: remove unnecessary returns after pytest.skip
  * test: avoid gnome-mplayer core dump on Ubuntu 14
  * xvfb-run: new completion
  * test: skip gssdp-discover --message-type when option not available
  * test: expect failures for bc without --help useful with _longopt
  * test: don't expect a .tox dir in fixture
  * test: drop sourcing our no longer existing profile.d script
  * tox: include -- in option completions
  * tox: complete defaults after a --
  * gssdp-discover: new completion
  * test: register our pytest markers to hush warnings from 4.5+
  * test: fix required pytest version
  * ip: invoke the tool as $1
  * README: drop distro badges, link to Repology instead
  * chromium-browser: add --proxy-server arg completion
  * test: source our profile.d test env script in docker
  * influx: new completion
  * README: badge title tweaks
  * tox: do simple parse on tox.ini if --listenvs* yields nothing
  * test: add basic tox fixture
  * man: fall back to _parse_usage for _parse_help
  * test_wsimport: xfail options test on unparseable -help
  * test: don't try to install black on Python < 3.6
  * pgrep: fix fallback to _parse_usage
  * test: xfail unparseable mock and munin-node-configure --help cases
  * test_pwdx: xfail more unparseable help cases
  * build: make pytest executable configurable, look for pytest-3 too
  * test: enforce minimum pytest version
  * test: zopflipng flake8 fix
  * test: xfail getent and pwdx option completions with unparseable
  * test: add more basic _parse_help use test cases
  * test: add bunch of basic _parse_help use test cases
  * .gitignore: add configure.lineno
  * badblocks: fix $i leak
  * postfix: option completion is expected to fail at the moment
  * cal: try _parse_help before _parse_usage
  * test: add bunch of basic _parse_usage use test cases
  * chsh, pwck: try _parse_help before _parse_usage
  * test: add basic autossh test
  * test: convert more _filedir unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: flake8 fix
  * test: convert bunch of _filedir unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: convert finger partial test case to pytest+pexpect
  * README: add some badges, tweak existing
  * test: port _variables unit tests to pytest+pexpect
  * test: port compgen and quote tests to pytest+pexpect
  * iconv, lz4, tipc, xsltproc: replace some seds with compgen -X
  * test: disallow Alpine failure on Travis
  * _pnames: adapt for busybox ps, rewrite in pure bash
  * test: run our docker script in test containers by default
  * test: use one Dockerfile for all dists
  * test_ifup: accept short option completions too
  * timeout: fallback to _parse_usage from _parse_help
  * test_wget: test --s instead of --h
  * test_lsusb: xfail with unparseable --help
  * test: expect failures for various completions without useful
  * test: support xfail in our markers like skipif, use it a lot
  * test: add Alpine Linux container, allow failures for now
  * iconv: weed out ... from encoding completions
  * test_iconv: add basic file completion test
  * test_iconv: skip option completion if --help fails
  * test_getconf: skip if -a doesn't output any POSIX_V*
  * test_feh, test_makepkg: invoke grep as "command grep"
  * test: generalize check whether we're being run in a container
  * tar: simplify locating tarball from command line
  * pkg_delete: don't limit to FreeBSD
  * test: reformat test_chromium_browser.py source
  * test: set up BASH_COMPLETION_COMPAT_DIR in bashrc (only)
  * test: more thorough system location interference avoidance
  * test: bashrc comment and whitespace tweaks
  * build: makefile whitespace tweaks
  * build: really reset return value before completions check
  * build: simplify symlink setup
  * tar: add missing bsdtar, gtar, and star symlinks
  * README: use light gray badges for unknown versions
  * README: link to cygwin package

  [ Wolf ]
  * ri: hush some warnings

  [ andreabravetti ]
  * unrar: complete on *.exe (#337)

  [ ezr ]
  * chromium-browser: Add support for .mhtml files

  [ jerkey ]
  * screen: complete first arg with serial devices

  [ marxin ]
  * gcc: support new --completion option (#222)

  [ pcc ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: complete *.aab (#340)

  [ versat ]
  * cppcheck: Remove deprecated option 'posix'  for '--std='

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:04:26 +0200

bash-completion (2.9)

  [ Antonio Terceiro ]
  * dpkg-source: Add --before-build --after-build --commit, and

  [ Gabriel F. T. Gomes ]
  * xm: Deprecate completion for obsolete command (#284)
  * _filedir_xspec: Fallback to suggesting all files if requested
  * tar: Support completions for zstd compression extensions (#255)
  * dpkg: List held packages (#250)
  * cvs: Add completion for the log command

  [ Guillaume Mella ]
  * unzip, zipinfo: Associate with *.xar (eXist-db application
    package) (#257)

  [ Igor Susman ]
  * mplayer: Associate with *.w64

  [ Jaak Ristioja ]
  * okular: Added support for xz-compressed files.

  [ John Swinbank ]
  * _xspecs: Declare as global on bash >= 4.2

  [ Kevin Locke ]
  * test: Increase expect pty to 160 columns
  * test: avoid interrupting magic mark output

  [ Per Lundberg ]
  * 7z: add .msi support

  [ Peter Wu ]
  * tshark: speed up tshark -O completion
  * tshark: fix completion of -Xlua_script option
  * tshark: Support preferences (-o) completion with memoization
  * test: fix misinterpretation of completion output in tests
  * test: fix flake8 complaints about unused imports
  * conftest: fix RemovedInPytest4Warning due to use of
  * chromium-browser: consider chrome and chromium as aliases
  * tshark: support .gz and .cap files for -r expansion
  * tshark: prevent a single-character file from breaking -G
  * tshark: update -T and -t completions

  [ Russell Davis ]
  * man: Fix completion when failglob option is enabled (#225)

  [ Timo Taipalus ]
  * mplayer: Add common supported module music formats

  [ Tomasz N ]
  * _longopt: pick first long option on a line, not last

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * *: avoid shellcheck SC1007 and SC1010
  * 7z: add some TODO notes on parsing "i" output for extensions
  * ssh: make -o protocol completion less hardcoded
  * ssh: make option completion case insensitive
  * ssh: fix suboption completion with combined -*o
  * xvnc4viewer: code cleanups
  * doc/testing: remove lots of legacy info, add some new
  * CONTRIBUTING: add upstream vs bash-completion considerations
  * CONTRIBUTING: note runLint and run-shellcheck
  * __parse_options, 7z: avoid herestrings
  * arp, ccze, ifstat, inotifywait, makepkg: invoke sed with "command"
  * shellcheck: disable bunch of warnings when in "-S warning" mode
  * test: move default shell option from run-shellcheck to
  * test: make runLint search for herestrings
  * tar, valgrind: avoid some herestrings
  * travis: run shellcheck on bash_completion.sh.in too
  * travis: fail on shellcheck errors
  * make: quote eval array definitions to work around shellcheck
    SC1036 bug
  * test: add make -C test case
  * *: shellcheck error fixes
  * _included_ssh_config_files: store found included files in an array
  * _included_ssh_config_files: doc grammar fixes
  * test: add invoke-rc.d test case for not repeating already given
  * ebtables: improve existing table arg parsing
  * test: add script to run shellcheck, run it in Travis, allowing
    failure for now
  * iptables: improve existing table arg parsing
  * test: shorten long gdb test core file name so tar doesn't croak on
  * AUTHORS: remove unrelated project association from my entry
  * apt-get: protect source against regex specials
  * mypy, mysql, xmms: don't complete unknown split long option args
  * synclient: remove unused local variable "split"
  * test: adjust _get_comp_words_by_ref test to changed error output
  * apt-cache: protect showsrc against regex specials
  * test: improve tshark -O arg completion test
  * tshark: ignore stderr when parsing -G, -L, and -h output
  * *: error output consistency, use bash_completion prefix
  * _upvar: deprecate in favor of _upvars
  * *: add missing "ex: filetype=sh"
  * phing: fix getting just a tab for options on CentOS 6
  * phing: don't complete -l with files
  * various: apply file vs dir special cases also when invoked with
    full path
  * *: whitespace tweaks
  * ssh: don't offer protocol v1 specific options if it's not
  * test: add some gdb non-core files
  * _parse_help: look for long options somewhat more eagerly
  * gdb: relax core filename pattern
  * test/tools: fix exit status incrementation
  * *: arithmetic expression related cleanups
  * test/tools: run all tools, don't stop at first failure
  * test: check for perltidy errors and warnings
  * *: format Perl code with perltidy
  * *: format Python code with black
  * .dir-locals.el: use flycheck-sh-bash-args
  * valgrind: look up tools from libexec dirs too
  * *: make _parse_usage fallbacks more concise
  * svn, svk, wget: use _iconv_charsets
  * *: spelling fixes
  * msynctool: code cleanups
  * *: remove whitespace after redirections
  * *: remove spaces immediately within $()
  * bzip2: recognize *.tbz2 as bzipped
  * modprobe: module parameter boolean values
  * ping, tracepath: parse options primarily with _parse_help
  * ulimit: new completion
  * shellcheck: new completion
  * dnssec-keygen: new completion
  * modprobe: append = to module parameter completions
  * test: include test_unit_longopt.py in dist
  * test: add some _longopt unit tests
  * _longopt: simplify regex, use printf instead of echo, drop
    unnecessary sort
  * nsupdate: new completion
  * _longopt: don't complete --no-* with file/dirname arg
  * copyright: add 2019
  * pytest: complete --pythonwarnings/-W arg
  * python: make warning action list reusable
  * test: use pytest-xdist
  * extra: add git pre-push hook for triggering Docker Hub builds
  * post-commit: trigger on test/requirements.txt too
  * pytest: complete pytest-xdist --dist, --numprocesses, and
  * test: remove no longer needed completion/*.exp
  * xfreerdp: reinstate support for old versions with dash option
  * test: rewrite "generate" in Python, fix trailing backslash in
  * test: sort t/Makefile.am EXTRA_DIST in C locale
  * ssh: support RemoteCommand and SyslogFacility options
  * test: Expect failure for chown all users test as non-root
  * test: Fix declare test case with bash 5.0
  * adb: Deprecate in favor of one shipped with the Android SDK
  * xfreerdp: Update for more modern xfreerdp
  * jsonschema: New completion
  * test: Remove unnecessary ri xfail
  * test: Clean up man tmp dir
  * .gitignore: Add .python-version (for pyenv)
  * test: Remove unnecessary autouse=True from fixtures
  * ifstat: Make work with iproute2 version
  * iperf, iperf3: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * test: Fix test generation wrt results checking improvements
  * ifstat: New completion
  * __parse_options: Avoid non-zero exit status
  * test: Refactor/improve completion results checking
  * test: Match Python's default locale unaware sort in bash setup
  * test: Rename completion.line to .output
  * test: Add man failglob test case
  * test: Add pre_cmds support for completion fixture
  * inotifywatch: New completion, common with inotifywait
  * inotifywait: Fix -e completion with BSD sed
  * inotifywait: Avoid some false positive event names
  * test: extend _ip_addresses unit tests some
  * _ip_addresses: Avoid completing ipv4 ones with -6
  * inotifywait: New completion
  * test: Mark some xfails based on if in docker instead of in CI
  * test: Skip ifup options test if it doesn't grok --help, not in CI
  * test: Clean up and docker-ignore __pycache__ dirs
  * build: Include test/t in dist tarball
  * test/t: Avoid trailing backslash in Makefile.am's to appease
  * test: Remove some no longer used old test suite code
  * _xspecs: Simplify bash version check
  * chmod: Fix "-" completion
  * sysctl: Treat -f as alias for -p/--load
  * .gitignore: Add pytestdebug.log
  * chmod: Fix file completion after modes starting with a dash
  * _count_args: Add 3rd arg for treating option-like things as args
  * test: Fix _count_args test_7 to test intended case
  * pydocstyle: New completion
  * Travis: Remove unused PYTEST env var
  * doc: Note email issues gateway
  * tcpdump: Various option and their arg completion updates
  * test: Fix arp CI (non)expectations, remove redundant test case
  * test: Be more consistent with "CI" env var examination and xfails
  * arp: New completion, somewhat incomplete
  * test: Expect failure in gkrellm if there's no X display
  * doc: Update docs on generating simple tests
  * doc: Some test dependency doc updates
  * test: Add requirements.txt for installing dependencies
  * grpck: Parse options with _parse_help, falling back to
  * grpck: Add --root/-R arg completion
  * test suite: Ignore _scp_path_esc in env for ssh-copy-id
  * ssh-copy-id: Add -i and -o arg (non-)completions
  * tar: Clean up some redundant code
  * cancel: Split long line
  * cancel: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * locale-gen: New completion
  * makepkg: Don't apply to other than Slackware makepkg
  * test: Allow unknowns options in makepkg option completion
  * makepkg: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoding option list
  * mypy: New completion
  * op: New completion
  * hunspell: New completion
  * xmllint: Improve --encode, --pretty, and --xpath arg
  * test: Remove leftover completion/ls.exp
  * gcc: Add g++, gcc, gccgo, and gfortran *-[568] aliases
  * perlcritic: New completion
  * gnome-screenshot: New completion
  * isort: New completion
  * freeciv: Option and arg completion updates
  * freeciv-gtk2: Install for freeciv and freeciv-gtk3, rename to
  * mplayer etc: Complete on *.crdownload partial downloads in
    addition to *.part
  * chromium-browser, google-chrome*: New non-xspec completion
  * firefox etc: New non-xspec completion
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * nc: Add some more option (non-)completions
  * test: Mark MANPATH without leading/trailing colons test an xfail
    on CI CentOS 6
  * test: Remove kill, killall remnants
  * test: Make case specific env entries shell code, not escaped
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * unzip, zipinfo: Associate with *.whl
  * __load_completion: Avoid unnecessary lookups from nonexistent dirs
  * Merge branch 'master' into wip-pexpect
  * gcc: Add g++, gcc, gccgo, and gfortran *-7 aliases
  * test: Use test_unit_* prefix for unit tests, to avoid name clashes
  * test: Support setting cmd=None to require no command, for unit
  * test: Misc test suite fixes
  * test: Fix jq and scrub skipif commands
  * test: Don't require complete marker on test methods
  * test: Add support for per-test env modifications
  * test: Use more conventional Python file names for tests
  * test: Sort completion results in Python for ease of use in Python
  * test: Allow __load_completion to fail
  * test: chdir to fixtures dir in Python as well
  * test: Mark xfreerdp as expected failure for now
  * test: Replace + with Plus in test class names
  * test: Implement load_completion_for using assert_bash_exec
  * test: Add ability to selectively ignore diffs in environment
  * test: Fixture reorganization
  * test: Pass through $HOME and $DISPLAY to test bash
  * test: Log pexpect interaction to $BASHCOMP_TEST_LOGFILE if set
  * test: Rename BASHCOMP_* test env variables to BASHCOMP_TEST_*
  * test: Add python3 test case
  * test: Add class level skipif based on bash exec result
  * test: Include command name in test class name, use numbered test
    method names
  * test: Fix some regressions introduced in recent test conversions
  * test: Add support for running test case in a specified dir
  * test: Add support for skipping individual tests based on shell
    command status
  * test: Make test base work with Python 3.3+
  * test: Add some iperf, iperf3 and xmodmap test cases
  * xmodmap: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * iperf: Improve client/server specific option parsing
  * iperf: Install for iperf3 too
  * iperf: Add g/G to --format completions
  * xmodmap: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * iperf: Improve client/server specific option parsing
  * iperf: Install for iperf3 too
  * iperf: Add g/G to --format completions
  * test: Use /root/.local/bin/pytest on ubuntu14 by default
  * test: Add generated test files to t/Makefile.am automatically
  * test: Add new test files to EXTRA_DIST
  * test: Use /root/.local/bin/pytest on centos6 by default
  * test: Use make pytest docker executable env-configurable, default
  * test: Update generate for pytest+pexpect
  * test: Convert majority of test cases to pytest+pexpect
  * tox: Fall back to --listenvs for env list if --listenvs-all fails
  * git-post-commit: Avoid some error trash when HEAD is not a
    symbolic ref
  * test: Add pylint-3 test case
  * test: Limit number of pylint option completions
  * pydoc, pylint: Determine python2/3 based on command basename only
  * pylint: Bring -f/--format arg completion up to date with pylint
  * pylint: Implement comma separated --confidence arg completion
  * test: Fix buffer size option listing in run --help
  * test: Bump expect's match_max to 20000 by default
  * test: Run docker tests with --verbose
  * _services: Try systemctl list-unit-files if systemctl list-units
  * extra/git-post-commit.sh: Add git post-commit Docker Hub trigger
  * gpgv: New completion
  * pydoc, pylint: Skip module completion if current looks like a path
  * travis: Run ubuntu14/bsd with no network
  * travis: Split long lines in script
  * test: Limit number of wget option completions to avoid unresolved
  * test: Mark flake8 untested if it seems broken
  * pylint: Option arg completion improvements
  * tshark: Get available interfaces from -D output
  * ngrep: Add "any" to -d arg completions
  * fio: New completion
  * test: Fix iwspy test case
  * uscan: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * urlsnarf: Add -p arg completion
  * tracepath: Add -m and -p arg non-completions
  * tracepath: Actually use our separate completion instead of
  * test: Skip jq option completion test if its --help doesn't list
  * xdg-settings: Make help parsing work on BSD
  * test: Support running with local BSD binaries, do it w/ ubuntu14
    in CI
  * jq, sqlite3: Protect against negative array subscripts
  * sudo: Improve long option arg handling
  * sysctl: Recognize --pattern/-r and --load options
  * test: Add sysctl option parsing test case
  * sudo: Parse options from help/usage output, add some long option
  * strace: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * sshow: Add -p arg completion
  * sqlite3: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * tune2fs: Update -o/-O argument lists
  * jq: New completion
  * reportbug: Run _parse_help and apt-cache more selectively
  * querybts: Use _parse_help, not hardcoded option list, misc
  * pyvenv: Support versioned 3.6-3.8 executables
  * passwd: Try _parse_help before _parse_usage to parse options
  * profile.d: Avoid tested variable values being confused as [ ]
  * cryptsetup: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * cryptsetup, nc, sh: Skip option args when counting arguments
  * modinfo: Fall back to _parse_usage if _parse_help yields no
  * mysql, mysqladmin: Complete --ssl-{ca,cert,key} option arg
  * mysqladmin: Reuse --default-character-set completion from mysql
  * modinfo: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * minicom: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * mplayer: Associate with *.S[3T]M, *.med, *.MED
  * completions/Makefile.am: Use install-data-hook, not install-data-
  * ifup etc: Add option and option argument completion
  * _count_args: Add support for not counting specified option args
  * ifquery: New ifup alias completion
  * ngrep, tshark: Complete on *.pcapng too
  * rpm: Complete --licensefiles with -q
  * pytest: Rename from py.test to follow upstream recommended name
  * README: Add instructions for overriding completions system wide
  * test: Mark psql etc test cases untested if --help doesn't work
  * aclocal, automake: Support versioned 1.16 executables
  * __load_completion: Avoid bad array subscript on "commands" ending
    with slash
  * lzma: Use _parse_help instead of hardcoded option list
  * test: Run perlcritic and flake8 on perl and python helpers in
  * build: Improve cleanup of test/log and test/tmp dirs
  * pkg-config: Complete on *.pc files
  * build: Use AC_PROG_SED to locate sed
  * build: Do cmake, pc, and profile variable replacements in Makefile
  * README: Add Q/A on overriding a completion, modernize local
    install answer
  * json_xs: New completion
  * chmod: New completion
  * iperf, nc: Include IPv6 addresses in bind address completions
  * links: Major rework, parse options from --help, add option arg
  * _ip_addresses: Add option to complete all/v4/v6 addresses, add
    unit test
  * wget: Remove nonexistent arg to _ip_addresses
  * _filedir: Drop unnecessary evals
  * iconv: Split charset completion to _iconv_charsets, add test case
  * links: Install completion for links2 too
  * xgamma: Comment spelling fix
  * lftp: handle -s
  * test: Skip scrub -p test when its --help doesn't list available
  * ecryptfs-migrate-home: New completion
  * scrub: New completion
  * ether-wake: Install for etherwake as well
  * *: Support completing arg of last bundled short option
  * dselect: Parse options with _parse_help
  * dhclient: Add some option arg (non-)completions
  * dhclient: Parse options with _parse_usage
  * chage, chpasswd: Add -R/--root arg completion
  * reportbug: Add bunch of option arg (non-)completions
  * .dir-locals.el: Set -O extglob for flycheck bash checks
  * mount, umount: Deprecate on Linux in favor of util-linux >= 2.28
  * _known_hosts_real: Reimplement known hosts file parsing in pure
  * test: Add comment line to fixtures/_known_hosts_real/known_hosts
  * ssh: Complete all *File option args with _filedir
  * README: Point Debian and openSUSE badges towards unstable and
  * README: Link to various distro packages
  * apt-get: Add -h/-v/-o non-completions
  * apt-get: Sync option list with apt 1.5.1
  * apt-get: Simplify -t and friends completion, support Ubuntu
  * apt-get: Add indextargets to list of suggested commands
  * apt-get: Complete install package=versions
  * ssh: Sync config option lists with OpenSSH 7.5p1, add some value
  * ssh: Sync query type list with OpenSSH 7.5p1
  * ssh: Order various switch cases closer to alphabetical
  * completions/Makefile: Fix check-local in VPATH builds

  [ dmerge ]
  * _filedir: Refactor to remove heredoc-dependent loop

  [ marxin ]
  * gccgo: Add as a GCC completion target (#227)

  [ ovf ]
  * xrandr: match the output name exactly for --mode

 -- Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>  Sat, 27 Apr 2019 11:50:12 +0300
   2020-05-01 21:59:48 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
shells/bash-completion: remove no-op SUBST block

The README file has been renamed to README.md.
Since it is not installed anyway, there's no need to patch it.
If this need should ever arise again, the other paths in that file
should be patched as well.
   2019-11-04 22:14:07 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
shells: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned --only indent -r

No manual corrections.
   2018-12-02 08:06:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
bash-completion: install pkgconfig file in pkgsrc standard location.

Use OWN_DIRS to create directory.

   2018-10-19 22:28:25 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
bash-completion: Update shells/bash-completion to 2.8

Patch provided by Attila Fülöp via netbsd/pkgsrc#36, thanks!

pkgsrc changes:

Unfortunately the changelog is very long. Only new/removed completions/helpers
are documented here (since 2.1):

The following completions were added:
 - 2to3, 7z, 7za, _cal, _chfn, _chsh, _dmesg, _eject, _hexdump,
   _hwclock, _ionice, _look, _mock, _modules, _newgrp, _nmcli, _renice,
   _repomanage, _reptyr, _rfkill, _rtcwake, _runuser, _su, _svn,
   _svnadmin, _svnlook, _udevadm, _write, _yum, aclocal-1.10,
   aclocal-1.12, aclocal-1.13, aclocal-1.14, aclocal-1.15, adb,
   appdata-validate, aptitude-curses, automake-1.10, automake-1.12,
   automake-1.13, automake-1.14, automake-1.15, bind, bts, ccze,
   checksec, createuser, deja-dup, dropuser, ebtables, f77, f95,
   flake8, freebsd-update, g95, geoiplookup, geoiplookup6, getconf,
   gfortran, gm, gnokii, hostname, jpegoptim, jshint, lsscsi, lsusb,
   lz4, lz4c, micropython, mr, nproc, oggdec, optipng, pdftotext,
   perltidy, pngfix, portsnap, pv, py.test, py.test-2, py.test-3,
   pycodestyle, pyflakes, pylint-2, pylint-3, pypy, pypy3, pyvenv,
   pyvenv-3.4, pyvenv-3.5, qemu-kvm, qemu-system-i386, qemu-system-x86_64,
   radvdump, sidedoor, ssh-keygen, synclient, timeout, tipc, tox,
   xdg-mime, xdg-settings, zopfli, zopflipng, python,

The following completions were removed:
 - cal, chsh, dmesg, eject, hexdump, hwclock, ionice, look, newgrp,
   nmcli, renice, reptyr, rfkill, rtcwake, su,

The following helpers were added:
 - python
   2017-03-14 15:51:28 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Pull in upstream fix for bug 1289597.  Brought to our attention by Kevin
Neaton in joyent/pkgsrc#471.  Bump PKGREVISION.