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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.13.0, Package name: ansible-core-2.13.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Ansible is a radically simple IT automation system. It handles configuration
management, application deployment, cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task execution,
network automation, and multi-node orchestration. Ansible makes complex changes
like zero-downtime rolling updates with load balancers easy.

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   2022-05-17 11:29:54 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible-core: updated to 2.13.0


Major Changes

- Jinja2 Controller Requirement - Jinja2 3.0.0 or newer is required for the \ 
control node (the machine that runs Ansible) \ 
- Templating - remove ``safe_eval`` in favor of using ``NativeEnvironment`` but \ 
utilizing ``literal_eval`` only in cases when ``safe_eval`` was used \ 

Minor Changes

- Action Plugins - Add helper method for argument spec validation, and extend to \ 
pause and async_wrapper
- Added AIX root CA certs folders - enhance the TLS support in ``uri`` task on AIX
- Added ``module_utils.compat.typing`` to facilitate type-hinting on all \ 
supported Python versions.
- Ansible.Basic - small changes to allow use in PowerShell modules running on \ 
non-Windows platforms (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/76924).
- AnsibleModule.run_command() now has a toggle to allow caller to decide to \ 
handle exceptions from executing the command itself
- Attach concat function to an environment class \ 
- Clarify in a comment that unrolling an iterator in ``Templar._finalize`` is \ 
actually necessary. Also switch to using the ``_unroll_iterator`` decorator \ 
directly to deduplicate code in ``Templar._finalize``. \ 
- Installation - modernize our python installation, to reduce dynamic code in \ 
setup.py, and migrate what is feasible to setup.cfg. This will enable shipping \ 
wheels in the future.
- PlayIterator - introduce public methods to access \ 
``PlayIterator._host_states`` (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/74416)
- PlayIterator - use enums for Iterating and Failed states \ 
- Reduce number of iterations through PlayIterator \ 
- Remove more Python 2.x compatibility code from controller \ 
- Start of moving away from using Six, Python 2 and 3 compatibility library \ 
- The collection loader now reports a Python warning if an attempt is made to \ 
install the Ansible collection loader a second time. Previously this condition \ 
was reported using an Ansible warning.
- ``ansible-galaxy collection [install|verify]`` - allow user-provided signature \ 
sources in addition to those from the Galaxy server. Each collection entry in a \ 
requirements file can specify a ``signatures`` key followed by a list of \ 
sources. Collection name(s) provided on the CLI can specify additional signature \ 
sources by using the ``--signatures`` CLI option. Signature sources should be \ 
URIs that can be opened with ``urllib.request.urlopen()``, such as \ 
"https://example.com/path/to/detached_signature.asc" or \ 
"file:///path/to/detached_signature.asc". The ``--keyring`` option \ 
must be specified if signature sources are provided.
- ``ansible-galaxy collection [install|verify]`` - use gpg to verify the \ 
authenticity of the signed ``MANIFEST.json`` with ASCII armored detached \ 
signatures provided by the Galaxy server. The keyring (which is not managed by \ 
``ansible-galaxy``) must be provided with the ``--keyring`` option to use \ 
signature verification. If no ``--keyring`` is specified and the collection to \ 
``install|verify`` has associated detached signatures on the Galaxy server, a \ 
warning is provided.
- ``ansible-galaxy collection install`` - Add a global configuration to modify \ 
the required number of signatures that must verify the authenticity of the \ 
collection. By default, the number of required successful signatures is 1. Set \ 
this option to ``all`` to require all signatures verify the collection. To \ 
ensure signature verification fails if there are no valid signatures, prepend \ 
the value with '+', such as ``+all`` or ``+1``.
- ``ansible-galaxy collection install`` - Add a global ignore list for gpg \ 
signature errors. This can be used to ignore certain signatures when the number \ 
of required successful signatures is all. When the required number of successful \ 
signatures is a positive integer, the only effect this has is to display fewer \ 
errors to the user on failure (success is determined by having the minimum \ 
number of successful signatures, in which case all errors are disregarded).
- ``ansible-galaxy collection install`` - Add a global toggle to turn off GPG \ 
signature verification.
- ``ansible-galaxy collection install`` - Store Galaxy server metadata alongside \ 
installed collections for provenance. Signatures obtained from the Galaxy server \ 
can be used for offline verification with ``ansible-galaxy collection verify \ 
- ansible-console - Provide a  way to customize the stdout callback
- ansible-core modules - Remove unused Python shebangs from built-in modules.
- ansible-doc metadata dump - add option ``--no-fail-on-errors`` which allows to \ 
not fail the ansible-doc invocation when errors happen during docs parsing or \ 
processing. Instead they are reported in the JSON result in an ``error`` key for \ 
the affected plugins (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/77035).
- ansible-galaxy - the option to skip certificate verification now also applies \ 
when cloning via SCM (git/hg) (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/41077)
- ansible-test - Accept new-style Python modules without a shebang.
- ansible-test - Add ``--version`` support to show the ansible-core version.
- ansible-test - Add support for ``rhel/8.5`` remote instances.
- ansible-test - Add support for remote testing of FreeBSD 12.3.
- ansible-test - Add support for running container tests with ``podman remote`` \ 
- ansible-test - Added the ``fedora35`` test container.
- ansible-test - Change the maximum number of open files in a test container \ 
from the default to ``10240``.
- ansible-test - Declare public dependencies of ansible-core and use to limit \ 
unguarded imports in plugins.
- ansible-test - Importing ``distutils`` now results in an error.
- ansible-test - Installation of ``cryptography`` is no longer version \ 
constrained when ``openssl`` 1.1.0 or later is installed.
- ansible-test - Miscellaneous code cleanup and type hint fixes.
- ansible-test - PowerShell in the ``base`` and ``default`` containers has been \ 
upgraded to version 7.1.4.
- ansible-test - Remove RHEL 8.4 remote (``rhel/8.4``) support.
- ansible-test - Remove ``idna`` constraint.
- ansible-test - Remove obsolete ``MAXFD`` display.
- ansible-test - Remove obsolete constraints for Python 2.6.
- ansible-test - Remove support for FreeBSD 12.2 remote provisioning.
- ansible-test - Remove support for macOS 11.1 remote provisioning.
- ansible-test - Remove support for provisioning remote AIX instances.
- ansible-test - Remove the ``centos8`` test container since CentOS 8 will reach \ 
end-of-life soon.
- ansible-test - Remove the ``fedora33`` test container since Fedora 33 will \ 
reach end-of-life soon.
- ansible-test - Remove unused Python 2.x compatibility code.
- ansible-test - Removed support for Sherlock from the Azure provisioning plugin.
- ansible-test - Removed used ``MarkupSafe`` constraint for Python 3.5 and earlier.
- ansible-test - Requirements for the plugin import test are now frozen.
- ansible-test - Shellcheck in the ``base`` and ``default`` containers has been \ 
upgraded to version 0.7.0.
- ansible-test - Stop early with an error if the current working directory \ 
contains an invalid collection namespace or name.
- ansible-test - The ``--help`` option is now available when an unsupported cwd \ 
is in use.
- ansible-test - The ``--help`` output now shows the same instructions about cwd \ 
as would be shown in error messages if the cwd is unsupported.
- ansible-test - The ``pip`` and ``wheel`` packages are removed from all sanity \ 
test virtual environments after installation completes to reduce their size. \ 
Previously they were only removed from the environments used for the ``import`` \ 
sanity test.
- ansible-test - The explanation about cwd usage has been improved to explain \ 
more clearly what is required.
- ansible-test - The hash for all managed sanity test virtual environments has \ 
changed. Containers that include ``ansible-test sanity --prime-venvs`` will need \ 
to be rebuilt to continue using primed virtual environments.
- ansible-test - Update ``base`` container to version 2.1.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``base`` container to version 2.2.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.2.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.4.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.5.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.6.2.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.7.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.8.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``default`` containers to version 5.9.0.
- ansible-test - Update ``pip`` used to bootstrap remote FreeBSD instances from \ 
version 20.3.4 to 21.3.1.
- ansible-test - Update sanity test requirements.
- ansible-test - Update the NIOS test plugin container to version 1.4.0.
- ansible-test - Update the ``alpine`` container to version 3.3.0. This updates \ 
the base image from 3.14.2 to 3.15.0, which includes support for installing \ 
binary wheels using pip.
- ansible-test - Update the ``base`` and ``default`` containers from Python \ 
3.10.0rc2 to 3.10.0.
- ansible-test - Update the ``base`` and ``default`` containers from a Ubuntu \ 
18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 base image.
- ansible-test - Update the ``default`` containers to version 5.1.0.
- ansible-test - Update the ``galaxy`` test plugin to get its container from a \ 
copy on quay.io.
- ansible-test - Update the ``openshift`` test plugin to get its container from \ 
a copy on quay.io.
- ansible-test - Use Python 3.10 as the default Python version for the ``base`` \ 
and ``default`` containers.
- ansible-test - add macOS 12.0 as a remote target \ 
- ansible-test - handle JSON decode error gracefully in podman environment.
- ansible-test pslint - Added the `AvoidLongLines \ 
<https://github.com/PowerShell/PSScriptAnalyzer/blob/master/docs/Rules/AvoidLongLines.md>`_ \ 
rule set to a length of 160.
- ansible-test pslint - Added the `PlaceCloseBrace \ 
<https://github.com/PowerShell/PSScriptAnalyzer/blob/master/docs/Rules/PlaceCloseBrace.md>`_ \ 
rule set to enforce close braces on a newline.
- ansible-test pslint - Added the `PlaceOpenBrace \ 
<https://github.com/PowerShell/PSScriptAnalyzer/blob/master/docs/Rules/PlaceOpenBrace.md>`_ \ 
rule set to enforce open braces on the same line and a subsequent newline.
- ansible-test pslint - Added the `UseConsistentIndentation \ 
<https://github.com/PowerShell/PSScriptAnalyzer/blob/master/docs/Rules/UseConsistentIndentation.md>`_ \ 
rule to enforce indentation is done with 4 spaces.
- ansible-test pslint - Added the `UseConsistentWhitespace \ 
<https://github.com/PowerShell/PSScriptAnalyzer/blob/master/docs/Rules/UseConsistentWhitespace.md>`_ \ 
rule to enforce whitespace consistency in PowerShell.
- ansible-test pslint - Updated ``PowerShellScriptAnalyzer`` to 1.20.0
- ansible-test sanity validate-modules - the validate-modules sanity test now \ 
also checks the documentation of documentable plugin types \ 
- ansible-test validate-modules sanity test - add more schema checks to improve \ 
quality of plugin documentation (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/77268).
- ansible-test validate_modules - allow ``choices`` for return values \ 
- apt - Add support for using ">=" in package version number matching.
- apt - Adds APT option ``--allow-change-held-packages`` as module parameter \ 
``allow_change_held_packages`` to allow APT up- or downgrading a package which \ 
is on APTs hold list (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/65325)
- auto inventory plugin will now give plugin loading information on verbose output
- callbacks - Add result serialization format options to ``_dump_results`` \ 
allowing plugins such as the ``default`` callback to emit ``YAML`` serialized \ 
task results in addition to ``JSON``
- dnf - add more specific error message for GPG validation \ 
- env lookup, add default option
- facts - report prefix length for IPv4 addresses in Linux network facts.
- get_parsable_locale now logs result when in debug mode.
- git - display the destination directory path in error msg when local_mods \ 
detects local modifications conflict so that users see the exact location
- iptables - add the ``chain_management`` parameter that controls iptables chain \ 
creation and deletion
- jinja2_native - keep same behavior on Python 3.10.
- junit callback - Add support for replacing the directory portion of \ 
out-of-tree relative task paths with a placeholder.
- k8s - scenario guides for kubernetes migrated to ``kubernetes.core`` collection.
- module_utils.distro - Add missing ``typing`` import from original code.
- package_facts - add pkg_info support for OpenBSD and NetBSD \ 
- services_facts - Add support for openrc \ 
- setting DEFAULT_FACT_PATH is being deprecated in favor of the generic \ 
module_defaults keyword
- uri - Avoid reading the response body when not needed
- uri - Eliminate multiple requests to determine the final URL for file naming \ 
with ``dest``
- validate-modules - do some basic validation on the ``M(...)``, ``U(...)``, \ 
``L(..., ...)`` and ``R(..., ...)`` documentation markups \ 
- vmware - migrated vmware scenario guides to `community.vmware` repo.
- yum, dnf - add sslverify option to temporarily disable certificate validation \ 
for a repository

Breaking Changes / Porting Guide

- Module Python Dependency - Drop support for Python 2.6 in module execution.
- Templating - it is no longer allowed to perform arithmetic and concatenation \ 
operations outside of the jinja template \ 
- The ``finalize`` method is no longer exposed in the globals for use in templating.

Deprecated Features

- ansible-core - Remove support for Python 2.6.
- ansible-test - Remove support for Python 2.6.
- ssh connection plugin option scp_if_ssh in favor of ssh_transfer_method.

Removed Features (previously deprecated)

- Remove deprecated ``Templar.set_available_variables()`` method \ 
- cli - remove deprecated ability to set verbosity before the sub-command \ 
- copy - remove deprecated ``thirsty`` alias \ 
- psrp - Removed fallback on ``put_file`` with older ``pypsrp`` versions. Users \ 
must have at least ``pypsrp>=0.4.0``.
- url_argument_spec - remove deprecated ``thirsty`` alias for ``get_url`` and \ 
``uri`` modules (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/75825, \ 

Security Fixes

- Do not include params in exception when a call to ``set_options`` fails. \ 
Additionally, block the exception that is returned from being displayed to \ 
stdout. (CVE-2021-3620)


- Add a YAML representer for ``NativeJinjaText``
- Add a YAML representer for ``NativeJinjaUnsafeText``
- AnsiballZ - Ensure we use the full python package in the module cache filename \ 
to avoid a case where ``collections:`` is used to execute a module via short \ 
name, where the short name duplicates another module from ``ansible.builtin`` or \ 
another collection that was executed previously.
- Ansible.ModuleUtils.LinkUtil - Ignore the ``LIB`` environment variable when \ 
loading the ``LinkUtil`` code
- Ansible.ModuleUtils.SID - Use user principal name as is for lookup in the \ 
``Convert-ToSID`` function - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/77316
- Detect package manager for Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022) as dnf
- Ensure the correct ``environment_class`` is set on ``AnsibleJ2Template``
- Fix ``AttributeError`` when providing password file via \ 
``--connection-password-file`` (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76530)
- Fix ``end_play`` to end the current play only \ 
- Fix collection filter/test plugin redirects \ 
- Fix executing includes in the always section in the free strategy \ 
- Fix for when templating empty template file resulted in file with string \ 
'None' (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76610)
- Fix help message for the 'ansible-galaxy collection verify' positional \ 
argument. The positional argument must be a collection name \ 
- Fix module logging issue when using custom module on WSL2 \ 
- Fix task debugger to work with ``run_once`` using ``linear`` strategy \ 
- Fix traceback when installing a collection from a git repository and git is \ 
not installed (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/77479).
- Interpreter Discovery - Fallback to OS family if the distro is not found in \ 
- Interpreter discovery - Add ``RHEL`` to ``OS_FAMILY_MAP`` for correct family \ 
fallback for interpreter discovery \ 
- Make include_role/include_tasks work with any_errors_fatal \ 
- Parser errors from within includes should not be rescueable \ 
- Prevent losing unsafe on results returned from lookups \ 
- Templating - Ensure we catch exceptions when getting ``.filters`` and \ 
``.tests`` attributes on their respective plugins and properly error, instead of \ 
aborting which results in no filters being added to the jinja2 environment
- Trigger an undefined error when an undefined variable is detected within a \ 
dictionary and/or list (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/75587)
- _run_loop - Add the task name to the warning \ 
- ``Templar.copy_with_new_env`` - set the ``finalize`` method of the new \ 
``Templar`` object for the new environment \ 
- add_host/group_by: fix using changed_when in a loop \ 
- ansible - Exclude Python 2.6 from Python interpreter discovery.
- ansible-config avoid showing _terms and _input when --only-changed.
- ansible-doc - Fix ansible-doc -l ansible.builtin / ansible.legacy not \ 
returning anything
- ansible-doc - ignore plugin deprecation warnings \ 
- ansible-galaxy - Add \ 
galaxy_collection_skeleton/galaxy_collection_skeleton_ignore configuration \ 
- ansible-galaxy - Fix using the '--ignore-certs' option when there is no \ 
server-specific configuration for the Galaxy server.
- ansible-galaxy - installing/downloading collections with invalid versions in \ 
git repositories and directories now gives a formatted error message \ 
(https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76425, \ 
- ansible-galaxy - when installing a role properly raise an error when \ 
inaccessible path is specified multiple times in roles_path (e.g. via \ 
environment variable and command line option) \ 
- ansible-galaxy collection build - Ignore any existing ``MANIFEST.json`` and \ 
``FILES.json`` in the root directory when building a collection.
- ansible-galaxy collection verify - display files/directories not included in \ 
the FILES.json as modified content.
- ansible-galaxy publish - Fix warning and error detection in import messages to \ 
properly display them in Ansible
- ansible-pull handle case where hostname and nodename are empty
- ansible-test - Add default entry for Windows remotes to be used with unknown \ 
- ansible-test - All virtual environments managed by ansible-test are marked as \ 
usable after being bootstrapped, to avoid errors caused by use of incomplete \ 
environments. Previously this was only done for sanity tests. Existing \ 
environments from previous versions of ansible-test will be recreated on demand \ 
due to lacking the new marker.
- ansible-test - Automatic target requirements installation is now based on the \ 
target environment instead of the controller environment.
- ansible-test - Correctly detect when running as the ``root`` user (UID 0) on \ 
the origin host. The result of the detection was incorrectly being inverted.
- ansible-test - Don't fail if network cannot be disconnected \ 
- ansible-test - Fix Python real prefix detection when running in a ``venv`` \ 
virtual environment.
- ansible-test - Fix ``windows-integration`` and ``network-integration`` when \ 
used with the ``--docker`` option and user-provided inventory.
- ansible-test - Fix installation and usage of ``pyyaml`` requirement for the \ 
``import`` sanity test for collections.
- ansible-test - Fix path to inventory file for ``windows-integration`` and \ 
``network-integration`` commands for collections.
- ansible-test - Fix plugin loading.
- ansible-test - Fix skipping of tests marked ``needs/python`` on the origin host.
- ansible-test - Fix skipping of tests marked ``needs/root`` on the origin host.
- ansible-test - Fix the ``import`` sanity test to work properly when Ansible's \ 
built-in vendoring support is in use.
- ansible-test - Fix the ``validate-modules`` sanity test to avoid \ 
double-loading the collection loader and possibly failing on import of the \ 
``packaging`` module.
- ansible-test - Fix traceback in ``import`` sanity test on Python 2.7 when \ 
``pip`` is not available.
- ansible-test - Fix traceback in the ``validate-modules`` sanity test when \ 
testing an Ansible module without any callables.
- ansible-test - Fix traceback when running from an install and delegating \ 
execution to a different Python interpreter.
- ansible-test - Fix traceback when using the ``--all`` option with PowerShell \ 
code coverage.
- ansible-test - Fix type hints.
- ansible-test - Import ``yaml.cyaml.CParser`` instead of ``_yaml.CParser`` in \ 
the ``yamllint`` sanity test.
- ansible-test - Limit ``paramiko`` installation to versions before 2.9.0. This \ 
is required to maintain support for systems which do not support RSA SHA-2 \ 
- ansible-test - Pylint Deprecated Plugin - Use correct message symbols when \ 
date or version is not a float or str \ 
- ansible-test - Relocate constants to eliminate symlink.
- ansible-test - Replace the directory portion of out-of-tree paths in JUnit \ 
files from integration tests with the ``out-of-tree:`` prefix.
- ansible-test - Sanity tests run with the ``--requirements` option for Python \ 
2.x now install ``virtualenv`` when it is missing or too old. Previously it was \ 
only installed if missing. Version 16.7.12 is now installed instead of the \ 
latest version.
- ansible-test - Set the ``pytest`` option ``--rootdir`` instead of letting it \ 
be auto-detected.
- ansible-test - Show an error message instead of a traceback when running \ 
outside of a supported directory.
- ansible-test - Target integration test requirements are now correctly \ 
installed for target environments running on the controller.
- ansible-test - The ``import`` sanity test no longer reports errors about \ 
``packaging`` being missing when testing collections.
- ansible-test - Update distribution test containers to version 3.1.0.
- ansible-test - Update help links to reference ``ansible-core`` instead of \ 
- ansible-test - Update unit tests to use the ``--forked`` option instead of the \ 
deprecated ``--boxed`` option.
- ansible-test - Use https://ci-files.testing.ansible.com/ for instance \ 
bootstrapping instead of an S3 endpoint.
- ansible-test - Use relative paths in JUnit files generated during integration \ 
test runs.
- ansible-test - Use the correct variable to reference the client's SSH key when \ 
generating inventory.
- ansible-test - Use the legacy collection loader for ``import`` sanity tests on \ 
target-only Python versions.
- ansible-test - Virtual environments managed by ansible-test now use consistent \ 
versions of ``pip``, ``setuptools`` and ``wheel``. This avoids issues with \ 
virtual environments containing outdated or dysfunctional versions of these \ 
tools. The initial bootstrapping of ``pip`` is done by ansible-test from an \ 
HTTPS endpoint instead of creating the virtual environment with it already \ 
- ansible-test - fix a typo in validate-modules.
- ansible-test - fixed support container failures (eg http-test-container) under \ 
- ansible-test compile sanity test - do not crash if a column could not be \ 
determined for an error (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/77465).
- ansible-test pslint - Fix error when encountering validation results that are \ 
highly nested - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/74151
- ansible-vault encrypt_string - fix ``--output`` option to correctly write \ 
encrypted string into given file \ 
- ansible.builtin.file modification_time supports check_mode
- ansible_facts.devices - Fix parsing of device serial number detected via \ 
sg_inq for rhel8 (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/75420)
- apt - fails to deploy deb file to old debian systems using python-apt < \ 
0.8.9 (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/47277)
- arg_spec - Fix incorrect ``no_log`` warning when a parameter alias is used \ 
- async - Improve performance of sending async callback events by never sending \ 
the full task through the queue \ 
- catch the case that cowsay is broken which would lead to missing output
- cleaning facts will now only warn about the variable name and not post the \ 
content, which can be undesireable to disclose
- collection_loader - Implement 'find_spec' and 'exec_module' to override \ 
deprecated importlib methods 'find_module' and 'load_module' when applicable \ 
- correctly inherit vars from parent in block \ 
- default callback - Ensure we compare FQCN also in lockstep logic, to ensure \ 
using the FQCN of a strategy plugin triggers the correct behavior in the default \ 
callback plugin. (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76782)
- distribution - add EuroLinux to fact gathering \ 
- distribution - detect tencentos and gather correct facts on the distro.
- dnf - ensure releasever is passed into libdnf as string \ 
- extend timeout for ansible-galaxy when communicating with the galaxy server \ 
api, and apply it to all interactions with the api
- facts - add support for deepin distro information detection \ 
- first_found - fix to allow for spaces in file names \ 
- gather_facts - Fact gathering now continues even if it fails to read a file
- gather_facts action now handles the move of base connection plugin types into \ 
collections to add/prevent subset argument correctly
- gather_facts/setup will not fail anymore if capsh is present but not executable
- git module fix docs and proper use of ssh wrapper script and GIT_SSH_COMMAND \ 
depending on version.
- git module is more consistent and clearer about which ssh options are added to \ 
git calls.
- git module no longer uses wrapper script for ssh options.
- hacking - fix incorrect usage of deprecated fish-shell redirection operators \ 
that failed to honor ``--quiet`` flag when sourced \ 
- hostname - Do not require SystemdStrategy subclasses for every distro \ 
- hostname - Fix Debian strategy KeyError, use `SystemdStrategy` \ 
- hostname - Update the systemd strategy in the ``hostname`` module to not \ 
interfere with NetworkManager (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76958)
- hostname - add hostname support for openEuler distro \ 
- hostname - use ``file_get_content()`` to read the file containing the host \ 
name in the ``FileStrategy.get_permanent_hostname()`` method. This prevents a \ 
``TypeError`` from being raised when the strategy is used \ 
- include_vars, properly initialize variable as there is corner case in which it \ 
can end up referenced and not defined
- inventory - parameterize ``disable_lookups`` in ``Constructable`` \ 
- inventory manager now respects --flush-cache
- junit callback - Fix traceback during automatic fact gathering when using \ 
relative paths.
- junit callback - Fix unicode error when handling non-ASCII task paths.
- module_utils.common.yaml - The ``SafeLoader``, ``SafeDumper`` and ``Parser`` \ 
classes now fallback to ``object`` when ``yaml`` is not available. This fixes \ 
tracebacks when inheriting from these classes without requiring a ``HAS_YAML`` \ 
guard around class definitions.
- parameters - handle blank values when argument is a list \ 
- play_context now compensates for when a conneciton sets the default to \ 
inventory_hostname but skips adding it to the vars.
- playbook/strategy have more informative 'attribute' based errors for playbook \ 
objects and handlers.
- python modules (new type) will now again prefer the specific python stated in \ 
the module's shebang instead of hardcoding to /usr/bin/python.
- replace - Always return ``rc`` to ensure return values are consistent - \ 
- script - skip in check mode if the plugin cannot determine if a change will \ 
occur (i.e. neither `creates` or `removes` are provided).
- service - Fixed handling of sleep arguments during service restarts on AIX. \ 
- service - Fixed service restarts with arguments on AIX. \ 
- service_facts module will now give more meaningful warnings when it fails to \ 
gather data.
- set_fact/include_vars correctly handle delegation assignments within loops
- setup - detect docker container with check for ./dockerenv or ./dockinit \ 
- shell/command - only return changed as True if the task has not been skipped.
- shell/command - only skip in check mode if the options `creates` and `removes` \ 
are both None.
- ssh connection - properly quote controlpersist path given by user to avoid \ 
issues with spaces and other characters
- ssh connection avoid parsing ssh cli debug lines as they can match expected \ 
output at high verbosities.
- ssh connection now uses more correct host source as play_context can ignore \ 
loop/delegation variations.
- sudo become plugin, fix handling of non interactive flags, previous \ 
substitution was too naive
- systemd - check if service is alias so it gets enabled \ 
- systemd - check if service is indirect so it gets enabled \ 
- task_executor reverts the change to push facts into delegated vars on loop \ 
finalization as result managing code already handles this and was duplicating \ 
effort to wrong result.
- template lookup - restore inadvertently deleted default for ``convert_data`` \ 
- to_json/to_nice_json filters defaults back to unvaulting/no unsafe packing.
- unarchive - Fix zip archive file listing that caused issues with content \ 
postprocessing (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/76067).
- unarchive - Make extraction work when the LANGUAGE environment variable is set \ 
to a non-English locale.
- unarchive - apply ``owner`` and ``group`` permissions to top folder \ 
- unarchive - include the original error when a handler cannot manage the \ 
archive (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/28977).
- unarchive - the ``io_buffer_size`` option added in 2.12 was not accepted by \ 
the module (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/77271).
- urls - Allow ``ca_path`` to point to a bundle containing multiple PEM certs \ 
- urls/uri - Address case where ``HTTPError`` isn't fully initialized due to the \ 
error, and is missing certain methods and attributes \ 
- user - allow ``password_expiry_min`` and ``password_expiry_min`` to be set to \ 
``0`` (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/75017)
- user - allow password min and max to be set at the same time \ 
- user - update logic to check if user exists or not in MacOS.
- validate_argument_spec - Skip suboption validation if the top level option is \ 
an invalid type (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/75612).
- variablemanager, more efficient read of vars files
- vault - Warn instead of fail for missing vault IDs if at least one valid vault \ 
secret is found.
- winrm - Ensure ``kinit`` is run with the same ``PATH`` env var as the Ansible \ 
- yum - prevent storing unnecessary cache data by running `yum makecache fast` \ 

Known Issues

- get_url - document ``check_mode`` correctly with unreliable changed status \ 
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ansible-core: added version 2.12.5

Ansible is a radically simple IT automation system. It handles configuration
management, application deployment, cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task execution,
network automation, and multi-node orchestration. Ansible makes complex changes
like zero-downtime rolling updates with load balancers easy.