./sysutils/bacula-tray-monitor, System tray monitor for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 13.0.1nb3, Package name: bacula-tray-monitor-13.0.1nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

System tray monitor for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution

Required to run:
[sysutils/bacula] [archivers/lzo] [x11/qt4-libs]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/qt4-tools] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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   2023-11-12 14:24:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2570)
Log message:
*: revebump for new brotli option for freetype2

Addresses PR 57693
   2023-10-25 00:11:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
*: bump for openssl 3
   2023-08-02 21:27:32 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (16)
Log message:
*: Instead of using BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM to force a "gnu" language
variant when a package is using GNU extensions without setting
-std=gnuXX, use FORCE_(C|CXX)_STD.
   2023-01-29 22:18:34 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2527)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbup from graphics/freetype2
   2022-10-12 22:59:19 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
bacula-tray-monitor*: now requires inotify
   2022-10-06 04:58:18 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (19) | Package updated
Log message:
bacula*: update to 13.0.1

Release 13.0.1 / 05 August 2022

13.0.1 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Fix org#2594 About compilation warning on VolRead/WriteTime
 - Fix org#2644 Add support for binary files to bacula md5sum
 - Fix org#2655 About incorrect definition of MAX_FOPTS
 - Fix org#2656 About incorrect error message on TLS CA Certificate
 - Fix org#2657 About startup problem for bacula-sd
 - Rework MacOS package

Release 13.0.0 04 July 2022

13.0.0 is a major release.

New Features:
 - Job 'Storage Group' support
 - Kubernetes plugin
 - New Accurate option to save only file's ACL and metadata
 - Windows CSV (Cluster Shared Volumes) support
 - More logging for daemon<->daemon connections in Job log output
 - Tag support on catalog objects
 - Support for SHA256 and SHA512 signatures in FileSet
 - External LDAP Console authentication

Misc Features:
 - Windows installer 'Silent Mode' options
 - Add PriorJob to bconsole 'llist job' output
 - Check for IP SANs when verifying TLS certs
 - Clarify SD vbackup Device error message
 - Remove deprecated sbrk in MacOS and Windows
 - Add bconsole .jlist command to get JSON output from regular list commands
 - Ensure that the Director will reject catalog updates from the FD
 - Add variable for PreviousJobId in mail messages
 - Respect the 'nodump' flag in more OSes than just BSD
 - Add debug/trace/tags information to .status header
 - Handle lin_tape end of device with the new 'Use Lintape=yes' Device directive
 - Add MaximumJobErrorCount FileDaemon directive
 - bsmtp: Add the possibility to add emails separated with a comma as recipient list
 - SDPacketCheck FileDaemon used to control the network flow
 - Add bconsole .bvfs_lsfiles allfiles command

Main Fixes:
 - Fix org#2188 About the presence of FileSet and Pool directives in the Job
 - Fix Director crash for Client Initiated Backup
 - Fix Director crash for Migration Job
 - Fix incorrect output for the .status client command
 - Skip XATTR larger than MaximumNetworkBuffer
 - Fix deadlock when starting the Director with an improperly configured catalog
 - Fix Director crash caused by BAT
 - Fix org#2627 About Director crashing for Copy Jobs and resource rename
 - Move the delete volume event just before the actual deletion
 - Fix mail variables not working after a conf reload
 - Fix OpenBSD chio-changer script
 - Fix SQL query generated with ACLs
 - Fix heartbeat segfault when the Job is terminated very quickly
 - Fix About wrong backup Client displayed to the user when the original Client
   doesn't exist
 - Fix org#2605 About incorrect message in restore command
 - cdp: open the inotify stream using the CLOEXEC (close on exec) flag
 - docker: Check the presence of the docker tools during loadPlugins()
 - Fix reload issue when a Job doesn't have a Pool defined
 - Fix Copy Job with SelectionType=PoolUncopiedJobs selecting Jobs from wrong Pool
 - Fix about checking for Storage being used for Job restart/resume
 - Fix about incorrect variable substitution with the query command
 - Fix org#2579 About incorrect JSON generated from empty Messages resource
 - Fix #9116: copy job missuses the client->FdStorageAddress directive
 - Fix org#2658 About segfault with bsdjson with incorrect parameters
 - Skip storage daemon detection if the information is not available in the BSR


Release 11.0.6 10 March 2022

11.0.6 is an important bug fix and security fix release.
We advise all 11.0.x users to upgrade to this version.

 - Adjust sample-query.sql file for new catalog schema
 - Got regression testing working correctly on FreeBSD

Release 11.0.5 03 June 2021

11.0.5 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Update MySQL update procedure for 5.6

Release 11.0.4 28 May 2021

11.0.4 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Improve MySQL upgrade procedure

Release 11.0.3 21 May 2021

11.0.3 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Check if char **jobid parameter is NULL before modifying it in
 - Enhance the update_mysql_tables script
 - Fix various default permissions

Release 11.0.2 26 March 2021

11.0.2 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Add functions to unittests library
 - Add support for store_alist_str() in plugin configuration items
 - Enhance bdelete_and_free() macro
 - Update baculabackupreport script

Release 11.0.1 04 February 2021

11.0.1 is a minor bug fix release.

 - Add PGSQL detection for macOS and MacPorts.
 - BEE Backport bacula/src/tools/dbcheck.c


Release 11.0.0 12 December 2020

11.0.0 is a major release.

New Features:
 - New catalog format
 - Automatic TLS PSK encrypted communication
 - Support for Client behind NAT
 - Continious Data Protection (CDP) Plugin
 - Global Director Autoprune flag
 - Events/Audit features
 - New Baculum features
 - Support for GPFS

 - New Prune Command Option
 - Dynamic Client Address Directive
 - Ability to disable Volume Retention
 - Ask to mount/create volume when the disk space is low
 - Simplification of the Windows FileSet with File=/
 - Use of QT5 for Bat on Windows
 - Support for Windows files with non-UTF16 names
 - Windows Snapshot management has been improved
 - Support for the system.cifs_acl extended attribute backup with Linux CIFS
 - Built-in Client Scheduler
 - Reload command improvements (Keep IP address, Maximum Concurrent value, ...)
 - Support for GLOB pattern in Console ACL directives
 - Faster CRC32 algorithm
   2021-12-08 17:07:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3063)
Log message:
revbump for icu and libffi
   2020-12-02 02:36:49 by John Nemeth | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
bacula: update to 9.6.6

              Changelog for version 9.6.6

 - baculum: Fix displaying date and time on volume view page

 - baculum: Fix #2564 changing volume status to Read-Only

 - baculum: Fix saving multicombobox control values
 - baculum: Fix multicombobox and multitextbox controls to work with PHP 7.4

 - baculum: Fix #2562 displaying date and time in tables on Safari

 - Update copyright year

 - Clarify SD vbackup device error message
 - Fix MT2554 :update upload_cache call in dircmd.c

 - zero malloced memory when SMARTALLOC not enabled

 - baculum: Fix #2558 saving day or day range in schedule resource - reported by
  Jose Alberto

 - Fix MT2554 :upgrade upload_cache interface.

 - Eliminate compiler errors when smartalloc is turned off

 - baculum: Fix date formatter to work with PHP 7.4

 - baculum: Fix configure Bacula hosts page to work with PHP 7.4

 - baculum: Update Portuguese translations

 - baculum: Change colours in table headers and borders

 - baculum: Add remove runscript button

 - Fix #6366 About an issue with verify job level=DiskToCatalog
 - baculum: Close modal windows on pressing ESC key
 - baculum: Fix logout button on authorization failed page

 - baculum: Add local user authentication method support

 - baculum: Add date and time formatters - idea proposed by Wanderlei Huttel

 - baculum: Enable re-running jobs in async way and visual improvements

 - baculum: Change cursor over selectable table

 - Fix build script copyright detection
 - release: add code to detect Bacula Systems copyrights and fail release

 - Fix compilation of bsnapshot on Fedora

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2558 6366

Release 9.6.4

 - Add configure variables to baculabackupreport. Patch from bug #2538
 - Fix orphaned buffers in cloud by adding truncate argument to end_of_job()

 - Improve clarity of Cloud part mismatches and make it an INFO message rather
  than a WARNING since it corrects the catalog.
 - Small trivial change to check_parts

 - Backport more Enterprise cloud parts changes
 - Backport cloud upload code from Enterprise

 - Update s3_driver.c to new libs3 API calling sequence

 - Fix tray-monitor installation
 - Recompile ./configure
 - Add ./configure code to check for and enable/disable S3 support
 - win32: Fix org#2547 About possible NULL pointer dereference in get_memory_info
 - Ensure cloud driver loaded when listing cloud volumes

 - baculum: Request #2546 support for full restore when file records for backup
  job are pruned

 - baculum: Fix problem with authorization error after upgrade
 - baculum: Add UPGRADE file

 - baculum: Fix returning value in TStyleDiff - generated notice with PHP
 - baculum: Remove execute bit for framework scripts

 - baculum: Fix displaying empty column button in table column visibility menu -
  reported by Wanderlei Huttel

 - baculum: Update Polish translations
 - baculum: Update Portuguese translations

 - baculum: New user management. LDAP support. Role-based access control.

 - Fix new compiler warnings + always use bstrncpy not strncpy to ensure EOS at
  end of string

 - Return smartalloc buffers zeroed -- future performance improvement

 - Improve scanning data/time, fixes bug #2472
 - Make ABORT mention segfault to clarify non-bug #2528
 - Make reading a short block a warning rather than error

 - baculum: Fix validators in run job modal window

 - Remove unused -t option in dbcheck.c -- fixes bug #2453

 - Fix bug 2523 -- spurious extra linking
 - Fix bug #2534 possible double free in error case
 - Fix possible sscanf overflows
 - Fix overflow from malicious FD reported by Pasi Saarinen

 - baculum: Add option to show time in job log - idea proposed by Wanderlei
 - baculum: Add show log time parameter to job log endpoint

 - baculum: Add tip about using table row selection

 - Fix bug #2525 seg fault when doing estimate with accurate and MD5
 - baculum: Fix issues with SELinux support reported by Neil MacGregor

 - Correct some copyrights

 - Add Docker plugin rpm spec files

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2453 2472 2525 2528 2534 2546 2547


Release Version 9.6.3
 - Eliminate false error when droping postgres table MAC
 - Apply Carsten's character set fix for the docs. Many thanks!

 - Fix logic error in clearing bit on Windows

 - baculum: Update Portuguese translations
 - baculum: Update Polish translations
 - baculum: Add patch to PRADO framework 4.0.1 for supporting PostgreSQL 12
  catalog database
 - baculum: Add support for PostgreSQL 12 catalog database
 - Enhance failed bpipe to changer error message
 - Clean up some incorrect copyrights
 - Correct spelling errors in messages
 - Add to plugins links

 - baculum: Add bulk actions for job history and volume tables
 - baculum: Update DataTables and its plugins

 - docker: Update copyright headers.
 - Update BSD copyright on *.conf.in files
 - docker: Remove unneeded tar binary.
 - Fix workaround for Sun C++ recommended by Phil Stracchino
 - baculum: Update Polish translations
 - baculum: Update Portuguese translations