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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.16.0, Package name: onefetch-2.16.0, Maintainer: pin

Onefetch is a command line information tool that displays information about your
Git repository directly on your terminal.
The information is by default displayed alongside the dominant language's logo.
You can further configure Onefetch to display an image instead or another ascii
Onefetch provides the user with code statistics and project information with
features like license detection. Onefetch will show the language distribution,
LOC (lines of code), size on disk, Contributors, Version, etc.
You can further configure Onefetch to display exactly what you want it to.
Through the use of command-line flags.
Onefetch supports almost 50 different programming languages.
If your language of choice isn't supported: Open up an issue and support will be
added. Contributions are very welcome!

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   2023-03-02 15:29:51 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.16.0

 - Add GLSL language support #490 (#824) @sangsatori

Bug fixes
 - Fix Markdown / Jupyter markup not getting counted (#937) @spenserblack
 - upgrade gix to 0.36.1 to avoid breakage. (#965) @Byron

 - Fix path to language template (#939) @spenserblack
 - Create the Arabic README file (Arabic translation) (#950) @anas-elgarhy
 - Refactoring of info/langs/mod.rs (#948) @o2sh
 - Remove country flags #928 @o2sh
 - Upgrade git-repository 0.30 to gix 0.36 (#963) @Byron
   2023-01-21 12:16:51 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.15.1

Bug Fixes
 - Fix CD Github action @o2sh

 - Add --number-separator CLI flag #892 @o2sh
 - Add Makefile language support #867 @ozwaldorf
 - Vercel: add section links #922 @ozwaldorf

 - Add gitpod.io configuration #881 @spenserblack
 - Use human_panic #887 @o2sh
 - Read license from manifest first #769 @o2sh
 - Install cargo-insta in dev containers #909 @spenserblack
 - Info struct to holds a Vec #911 @o2sh
 - Add benchmark #912 @o2sh
 - GH action to synchronize wiki with .github/wiki #926 @spenserblack @o2sh
 - Clean up greeter and fix repository detection mechanism in wiki #927
 - Turn AsciiArt.rs into its own crate #934 @o2sh

Bug Fixes
 - Use ISO time for snapshot tests #908 @spenserblack
 - Parse multi-byte unicode chars correctly + docs #936 @ozwaldorf
   2022-11-28 10:50:39 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.14.2

Bug Fixes
 - Include assets in crate a2f508a @o2sh
 - Fix clap deps for onefetch-image crate 8cca7af
 - Add description field to onefetch-image and onefetch-manifest crate 2888186

Bug Fixes
 - Fix CD 5085c5b @o2sh

 - Add description info line #851 @o2sh
 - Add CLI flag to set the maximum number of languages to be shown 8159b34 @o2sh
 - Add VisualBasic language support #867 @antonizyla

 - Add manifest crate #851 @o2sh @spenserblack
 - Move image_backends into its own crate 9ce17c1 @o2sh
 - Add devcontainer/codespace config #857 @spenserblack
 - Switch to Swatinem/rust-cache for caching 7592eb2 @o2sh
 - Add README translation for Korean #869 @abiriadev
 - add icon to windows exe 584574f @o2sh

Bug Fixes
 - Fix typo in help message for -e (--exclude) #861 @skogseth
   2022-10-31 22:28:03 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.13.2

 - [fix] Repo without remote should not fail
 - [chore] Add integration tests with snapshot testing for Info struct
 - [chore] Refactor test expressions
   2022-10-28 12:15:37 by pin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: fix broken build
   2022-10-23 09:12:34 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.13.1

2.13.1 (2022-10-22)
  [ci/cd] fix Snapcraft release
  [misc] fix Cargo.lock

2.13.0 (2022-10-21)
onefetch is now typically more than twice as fast when executing. This was
achieved by reducing allocations and switching to gitoxide for the most
taxing tasks.

A new web interface onefetch.dev was developed where users can visualize an
ASCII preview for all the programming languages currently supported by onefetch.
Like the binary, the data is parsed from the Languages.yaml file.
  [chore] reducing allocations and switching to gitoxide from libgit2 #635 @Byron
  [docs] add README translation for Spanish #631 @JakeRoggenbuck @practicatto
  [docs] add Changelog generated using cargo-smart-release #637 @Byron
  [cli] add --completion option #657 @spenserblack
  [language] update PHP colors #664 @DenverCoder1
  [misc] switch to actions/stale #666 @spenserblack @o2sh
  [misc] add github issue forms #667 @spenserblack @o2sh
  [ci/cd] generate Windows installer from CD #668 @o2sh
  [ci/cd] create WinGet workflow for auto publishing #673 @russellbanks
  [language] update logo: shell #677 @fux0c1ety
  [docs] adding french documentation support #693 @Kaderovski
  [chore] extract language definitions into data file #699 @spenserblack
  [ci/cd] add codecov + tarpaulin in ci @o2sh
  [misc] create Vercel app for onefetch with ASCII preview #701 @spenserblack
  [docs] update the README in Russian #736 @AndreyKozhev
  [chore] turn InfoField into a trait (big refactoring) #755 @o2sh
  [language] Improve JSX ASCII logo #784 @alessandroasm
  [language] Improve TSX ASCII logo #785 @alessandroasm
  [language] added support for verilog #789 @atluft
  [language] improve ruby logo #786 @atluft
  [language] added support for xsl #798 @atluft
  [language] added support for systemverilog #797 @atluft
  [test] add unit tests to src/info/info_field.rs #810 @alessandroasm
  [ci/cd] automate publish to crates.io #800 @spenserblack
  [language] added support for ABNF #811 @atluft
  [test] add unit tests src/info/repo/commits.rs #813 @alessandroasm
  [test] add unit tests src/info/repo/contributors.rs #814 @alessandroasm
  [language] added support for ABAP #821@atluft
  [test] testing get_git_username using git-testtools for #812 @atluft
  [language] improve bash logo @o2sh
  [language] improve assembly logo @o2sh
  [test] add unit tests for author.rs #829 @gallottino @Oniryu95

  Commits replaced with git replace are now followed. This can be turned off by
  setting the GIT_NO_REPLACE_OBJECTS environment variable.
  Shallow clones are now detected and displayed as such. Previously it might
  have appeared that the commit count is the real even though it was truncated
  due to the shallow-ness of the repository. If a repository is shallow,
  (shallow) will appear after the commit count.

  git2 repository can now be owned by the Repo type Previously this wasn't
  possible as commits would be kept in Repo which would cause self-referential
  borrow check issues unless the git2 repository was kept outside.
  completely separate Commits and Repo structure
  put all commit-traversal related initialization into own struct
   2022-03-30 18:11:24 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.12.0

    [language] added support for Ren'Py #560 @TabulateJarl8
    [info] added language bar distribution #585 @o2sh @spenserblack
    [misc] granted read access to onefetch snap to gitconfig files #588 @o2sh
    [language] added support for Ceylon #602 @DenverCoder1
    [misc] default to terminal foreground color for tilde, underline, colon
    and info #604 @o2sh
    [language] fix Lua logo so that it can be read even without color #610
    [misc] replace colored crate with owo-colors #620 @o2sh @spenserblack
    [misc] remap White ANSI color to Default #625 @spenserblack
    [language] added support for Wolfram #609 @rcon56
    [misc] match circle color with github linguist #630 @o2sh
    [language] added support for VHDL #632 @BHatGuy
   2021-11-24 19:23:06 by pin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/onefetch: update to 2.11.0

-[docs] Add Persian, Chinese and Russian README
-[misc] add CLI flag to count hidden files and directories
-[misc] removed json dependency
-[misc] Better error handling (Replace error-chain with anyhow)
-[misc] add LanguageType
-[misc] update license cache
-[misc] Use time crate instead of chrono
-[language] added support for Protocol Buffers
-[language] added support for SQL, WebAssembly, Toml, Yaml, Jsonnet, Solidity,
 Json, Sass, LLVM, AutoHotKey, Coq and Fortran Legacy
-[cd] Automate "languages supported" badge
-[cd] Add workflow for Minimum Rust Version badge