./sysutils/smartmontools, Control and monitor storage systems using SMART

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.3, Package name: smartmontools-7.3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The smartmontools package contains two utility programs (smartctl
and smartd) to control and monitor storage systems using the
Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (SMART)
built into most modern ATA and SCSI hard disks. In many cases,
these utilities will provide advanced warning of disk degradation
and failure.

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   2022-07-23 17:18:17 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
smartmontools: avoid work directory references in binaries

pkg-config not used for anything but it's path gets encoded
into the binaries via the SMARTMONTOOLS_CONFIGURE_ARGS define.
   2022-05-10 09:01:28 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
smartmontools: Update to 7.3

pkgsrc changes:
  * Create ${VARBASE}/run directory since smartd does not start if it does not
  * Add ${VARBASE}/run existence test in the rc.d script.

upstream changes:
  * Date 2022-02-28
    Summary: smartmontools release 7.3
   2021-10-26 13:20:30 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (630)
Log message:
sysutils: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 16:58:44 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (630)
Log message:
sysutils: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-06-04 14:26:00 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/smartmontools: Drop MESSAGE

It described update issues from 2013, and is duplicative with the
installed documentation.
   2021-03-19 18:48:32 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
smartmontools: Update to 7.2

pkgsrc changes:
  * NVMe patch removed

upstream changes:
2020-12-30  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartmontools 7.2

2020-12-30  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  configure.ac, update-smart-drivedb.in: Use RELEASE_7_2_DRIVEDB for
  drivedb.h updates.

  Create new branch RELEASE_7_2_DRIVEDB.

2020-12-29  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: 5300HC.
  - Samsung based SSDs: PM871 MZY* (#1384), 870 QVO (#1388).
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: ADATA IMSS332 (#1399),
    ADATA SU650NS38 (#1386), JAJS600M1TB (#1414), NFN025SA31T.
  - Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: Dogfish,
    Intenso portable (GH issues/81, GH pull/82),
    Intenso Sata III (#1412), KingDian S280 (#1402).
  - SK hynix SATA SSDs: SC300 (#1407).
  - Hitachi Travelstar 5K500.B: *SA02 (#1408).
  - Fix '-v' comments.  Remove trailing whitespace.

  scsinvme.cpp: Realtek: Limit NVMe log transfer size to 512 bytes.

2020-12-21  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartctl.8.in: Add EXPERIMENTAL notes for SCSI variants of
  '-n POWERMODE' and '-s standby,...'.  Fix syntax.

  update-smart-drivedb.in: Add 'Accept-Encoding' HTTP header when
  curl is used.  This avoids caching problems with svn URL.

  update-smart-drivedb.in: Print output of 'gpg --import' if '-v' is

  update-smart-drivedb.in: Extend expiration year of current database
  signing key from 2020 to 2025 (#1278).

2020-12-20  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  configure.ac: Use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS instead of obsolete
  AC_CONFIG_HEADER.  This silences a warning from new autoconf 2.70.
  Print 'deprecated' warning for '--with-solaris-sparc-ata'.

  - Intel X25-E SSDs: IBM OEM (#1401).
  - Seagate BarraCuda 3.5: 12TB
  - Seagate Exos X16: 10TB (#1406, GH issues/63), 12TB.
  - Seagate Archive HDD: Rename to ...(SMR) (#1392).
  - Seagate BarraCuda, Enterprise Capacity, Exos, IronWolf:
    Add attributes 18, 200.
  - Seagate IronWolf Pro 125 SSDs (#1396).
  - Unify indentation.

2020-12-15  Douglas Gilbert  <dgilbert@interlog.com>

  smartctl: expand -s option with standby,now and standby,off (or
  standby,0) to include SCSI. Modified code from Simon Fairweather
  found in github pull #72. As per my 20201205 patch, this
  area (i.e. SCSI power conditions including START and STOP) needs
  to be revisited; leave that until after the 7.2 release.

2020-12-14  Alex Samorukov  <samm@os2.kiev.ua>

  drivedb.h: add Sony HD-E1B (#1410)

2020-12-12  Alex Samorukov  <samm@os2.kiev.ua>

  Add automake 1.16.2 to the list of tested versions
  os_freebsd.cpp: number of minor patches from Christian Franke

2020-12-05  Douglas Gilbert  <dgilbert@interlog.com>

  smartctl: expand -n option to include SCSI. Code from Simon
  Fairweather. Still thinking about how to handle SCSI "stopped"
  state which requires the user to send a SCSI command to restart.

2020-12-04  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  nvmeprint.cpp: Print Log Page Attributes.  Print NVMe 1.4 features.

  nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp: Fix check for LPO support.

2020-12-03  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  nvmeprint.cpp: Print NVMe version.

  nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp: Limit NVMe log transfer size
  to one page.  This should fix device or kernel crashes on '-l error'
  if log has more than 64 entries (#1404, Debian Bug 947803).

  nvmeprint.cpp: Read only requested number of entries from NVMe
  Error Information Log.

2020-11-23  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartd.cpp: Allow to specify a delay limit for staggered self-tests.
  smartd.conf.5.in: Document new functionality.

2020-11-21  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartd.cpp: Add staggered self-tests (#310).
  smartd.conf.5.in: Document new functionality.

2020-11-17  Dmitriy Potapov <atomsk+oss@google.com>

  smartd.cpp: Don't write attrlog when device is skipped due to idle or
  standby mode, or if attributes were not read for any other reason
  (GH pull/75).

2020-11-09  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartd.cpp: Resolve symlinks before device names are checked for
  duplicates (#1390).
  dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add 'get_unique_dev_name()'
  and 'is_raid_dev_type()' to support platform specific modifications.
  smartd.conf.5.in: Document new functionality.

2020-11-07  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  json.cpp, json.h: Add YAML support.
  smartctl.cpp: Add '--json=y' option.
  smartctl.8.in: Document new option.

  smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for
  features added before 7.0.
  update-smart-drivedb.8.in: Add missing EXPERIMENTAL note.

2020-11-01  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Phison Driven SSDs: KINGSTON OM4P0S3* (#1374), OMSP0S3* (#1375).
  - InnoDisk iCF 9000 / 1SE2 Cards: Rename entry. Add 1SE2 H (#1351).
  - Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: 2TB SDSSDH3 (GH issues/67, GH pull/69),
    WD Blue SSD WDS100T2B0A (#1378).
  - SanDisk based SSDs: SDSA6GM*.
  - Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..76GSX/GS001A (GH pull/58).
  - Toshiba L200 (CMR), Toshiba L200 (SMR) (#1228, patch from #1377).
  - Western Digital Blue: Apple OEM (#1385).
  - Western Digital Scorpio Blue Serial ATA: 320 GB (patch from #888).

  os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 20H2 and Server 2004, 20H2
  build numbers.

2020-10-29  Alex Samorukov  <samm@os2.kiev.ua>

  os_freebsd.cpp: skip SCSI subenclosure devices on scan (#1299)

2020-10-24  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - HGST Travelstar Z5K1000: *B*610 variant.
  - Hitachi Travelstar 7K320: HITACHI*SA60 variant (#983).
  - Hitachi/HGST Deskstar 5K4000: Rename entry. Add HGST (#1060).
  - HGST Deskstar NAS: 8TB.
  - Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 5K3000 (#1055).
  - Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000: Variant without vendor name (#1361).
  - Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 7K4000: Variant without vendor name (#1361).
  - HGST Ultrastar HC310/320 (#1157, #1365).

2020-10-19  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - ATP SATA III aMLC M.2 2242 SSD (based on patch from #1366).
  - Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: TCSUNBOW X3 (#1349),
    KingDian S370 (#1350), LDLC (#1353), Lenovo.
  - SSSTC ER2 GD/CD Series SSDs (based on patch from #1376).

2020-10-15  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Apacer SSDs (based on patch from #1202).
  - Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs (FW <= M3CR032): Remove entry (#1227).
  - Crucial/Micron Client SSDs: Rename entry. Fix name of attribute 127.
    This prevents false 'Currently unreadable (pending) sectors' warnings
    from smartd (#1227, #1294, #1311, #1336).
  - Intel 730 and DC S35x0/3610/3700 Series SSDs: *H* variant (#1363).
  - Samsung based SSDs: 883 DCT (#1373).

  os_win32.cpp: Fix removal of trailing blanks.
  Silence misleading -Wstring-compare warning from g++ 10.2.0
  (GCC Bugzilla 97336).

2020-10-09  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  scsiprint.cpp: Don't print 'Accumulated power on time' if no
  option is specified (GH issues/65, regression from r5075).
  Fix setting of 'any_output' (regression from r4188).

  Based on patch from GH pull/66.

2020-10-06  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  Remove all occurrences of the throw() specifier.
  This specifier is deprecated since C++11.

2020-09-27  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  update-smart-drivedb.in: Add '--branch' option.
  Select signing key accordingly.
  update-smart-drivedb.8.in: Document new option.

2020-09-20  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 11/1300 SSDs: BX500 2TB,
    1100 with version suffix (#1178), 1300 without prefix (#1369).
  - Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: Add attribute 246.
  - Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston A400 M.2 (#1362),
    Kingston OCP0S3* (#1370), Kingston OM8P0* (#1371).
  - Kingston SSDNow UV400/500: UV500 M.2 (#1347).
  - SAMSUNG SpinPoint N3U-3 (USB): Rename.
  - USB: Samsung S1 Mini (0x04e8:0x2f06) (Debian Bug 964032).

2020-09-19  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  ataprint.cpp: Report unavailable TRIM command only for SSDs.

2020-08-23  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  drivedb.h: DEFAULT entry: Limit attribute 231 (Temperature_Celsius)
  to HDDs.  Various SSDs use this attribute for a different purpose.

  - Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: Rename, add 5210 (#1356),
    5300 *TDT variant (#1355)
  - Phison Driven SSDs: SSD Smartbuy 64GB and other sizes (#1359)
  - Indilinx Barefoot_2/Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ-OCTANE (#1360)
  - Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Ultra 3D 4TB (#1358)
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: ACPI SED2QII-LP, Transcend 230
  - Western Digital Gold: WD102KRYZ (#1357)

2020-08-22  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartd.service.in: Don't start smartd in virtualized environments
  (GH issues/62).

2020-08-22  Marko Hauptvogel  <marko.hauptvogel@googlemail.com>

  smartd.service.in: Remove obsolete 'StandardOutput=syslog'.

2020-07-11  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  scsiprint.cpp: Add JSON values 'power_on_time.{hours,minutes}' to
  'smartctl -a' output.  Add missing pout() -> jout() replacements.

2020-07-10  Douglas Gilbert  <dgilbert@interlog.com>

  scsiprint.cpp: Add "Accumulated power on time" entry to
    'smartctl -a' output. Previously this was only output
    when the '-x' option was given, together with other
    fields in the Background scan results log page. Now
    with the '-a' option "Accumulated power on time" is
    printed just before the "Manufactured in week ..." line.

2020-07-06  Douglas Gilbert  <dgilbert@interlog.com>

  scsiprint.cpp: Attempted fix to tickets 1272, 1331 and 1346
    The difficulty is handling SCSI log _sub_-pages that hold
    info about SSDs and newer hard drives, against older
    devices (20 year old disks?) that do many and varied
    things when asked to list supported sub-pages. Add a
    heuristic and change some naming.

2020-06-24  Alex Samorukov  <samm@os2.kiev.ua>

  os_darwin.cpp: Fix NVMe log support, handle error codes,
    remove SMARTReadData call
  os_darwin.h: Cleanup, remove all private functions

2020-06-23  Harry Mallon  <hjmallon@gmail.com>

  os_darwin.cpp, os_darwin.h: Add support for NVMe logs.
  smartctl.8.in: Update related documentation.

2020-06-20  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 11/1300 SSDs: Rename,
    add 1300
  - Plextor M3/M5/M6/M7 Series SSDs: Rename, *M6G variant, *M7CV (#991)
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: ADATA SU650 (#1243), ADATA SU655
  - Seagate IronWolf Pro: 16TB (#1341)
  - USB: Toshiba (0x0930:0xa002)
  - USB: ADATA HD330 (0x125f:0xa83a)
  - USB: AkiTio NT2 (0x2ce5:0x0014)

  os_solaris.cpp: Suggest '-d sat' if '-d ata' is specified.

2020-06-18  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  scsiprint.cpp: Fix JSON value 'scsi_grown_defect_list'.

  Thanks to Ryan Allgaier for the bug report.

2020-06-05  Alex Samorukov  <samm@os2.kiev.ua>

  os_netbsd.cpp: fix timeout handling
  os_openbsd.cpp (based on Marek Benc GH request):
  - Migrate to the new API (#102)
  - Fix for the ATA registries on the BE arc (GH PR #56)
  - Fix timeout handling (GH PR #56)

2020-06-01  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs: Detect firmware <= M3CR032 (#1336)
  - Micron 5100 Pro / 5200 / 5300 SSDs: Rename, add 5300 (#1326)
  - Phison Driven SSDs: Corsair Force LE200
  - JMicron/Maxiotek based SSDs: Rename, add KingSpec NT
  - Plextor M3/M5/M6 Series SSDs: *M6V variant
  - Seagate IronWolf: *VN001 variant (GH pull/55)
  - WD Blue / Red / Green SSDs: Rename, add WD Red SA500 (#1321)
  - Western Digital Blue Mobile: re-add WD10JPZX (removed in r5054)
  - USB: OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad (0x1e91:0xa4a7) (patch from #1337)

  os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 2004 build number.

2020-05-25  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  ataprint.cpp: Print TRIM Command support info.
  Print Zoned Device Capabilities if reported.
  May also be useful to detect SMR HDDs (#1313).

2020-05-24  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Phison Driven SSDs: GIGABYTE GP-GSTFS31,
    KINGSTON DC450R/DC500M/DC500R 7.68TB (#1329), PNY CS900 (#1281)
  - Intel 320 Series SSDs: HP OEM (#1332)
  - JMicron based SSDs: ADATA SP600NS34 (GH pull/53),
    ADATA OEM IM2S3138E* (#1298)
  - Plextor M3/M5/M6 Series SSDs: allow extra space (#1293)
  - Samsung based SSDs: 860 EVO 4TB, 850/860 PRO 2/4TB (#1316)
  - Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: SDSSDA-*
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: Corsair Force LX (#1320)
  - WD Blue and Green SSDs: WDBNCE* (#1129)

  drivedb.h: Add separate entries for WDC SMR drives (#1313).
  - Western Digital Blue (SMR)
  - Western Digital Black (SMR)
  - Western Digital Red: Move WD60EFAX to ...
  - Western Digital Red (SMR): ... here, add 2TB, 3TB, 4TB
  - Western Digital Blue Mobile: Move  WD[12]0SPZX to ...
  - Western Digital Blue Mobile (SMR): ... here

2020-04-23  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  drivedb.h: USB: Realtek RTL9210 (0x0bda:0x9210)

  scsinvme.cpp: Add '-d sntrealtek' device type for Realtek RTL9210
  USB to NVMe bridges (#1315).
  dev_interface.cpp: Update help text.
  smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Document new option.

  Thanks to Plugable Support for providing a NVMe enclosure.

2020-04-05  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs: Detect also older firmware (#1311)
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: Add attributes 159 and 231 (#1304)
  - Seagate BarraCuda 3.5: Rename, merge entries,
    add ST2000DM008 (#1179, #1252, #1286), ST10000DM0004
  - Seagate Exos X14: ST12000NM0538 (#1256)
  - Seagate Exos X16 (#1291, #1301)
  - Seagate Skyhawk (#1039)

2020-04-04  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Add '-d jms56x,...' device type for protocol
  variant used by JMS562 USB to SATA RAID bridges (#1314).
  dev_interface.cpp: Parse '-d jms56x*[+TYPE]' option, update help text.
  smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Document new option.

2020-03-29  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Western Digital Ultrastar He10/12: Rename, add He12
    (#1308, GH issues/51)
  - Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530 (#1257)
  - Western Digital Green: WD5000AZRX (#1072)
  - Western Digital Red: WD120EMFZ (GH issues/49)
  - Western Digital Purple: WD*PURZ, WD80PUZX (#1057)
  - Western Digital Gold: WD6003FRYZ
  - Western Digital Blue Mobile: Rename, re-add WD10JPVX
    (removed in r4991)
  - Western Digital Elements / My Passport (USB, AF):
    WD10SMZW (#1088), WD50NDZW

2020-03-28  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  - Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs: CT1000BX500SSD1,
    MTFDDAK* (#1276)
  - Kingston SSDNow UV400/500: Rename, add UV500 (#1126)
  - Silicon Motion based SSDs: KingDian S100/200, Kingdian S280 1TB,
    Kingston KC600 (#1304), Transcend MTS420S (#1280),
    Transcend 360S (#1282)
  - Seagate IronWolf Pro: ST4000NE001
  - Western Digital RE3 Serial ATA: WD*BYS-* variant
  - Western Digital Gold: WD4003FRYZ (#1289), WD8004FRYZ (#1287)
  - USB: 0x0860:0x0001 (#1295)
  - USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x1337) (#1296)
  - USB: Corsair SSD & HDD Cloning Kit (0x0984:0x0301) (#1307)

2020-03-25  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  smartd.cpp: Set 'SMARTD_DEVICETYPE=auto' if DEVICESCAN is used
  without '-d TYPE' directive (GH issues/52).

2020-03-05  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  Silence some cppcheck 1.85 warnings.
  nvmeprint.cpp,  smartd.cpp: knownConditionTrueFalse.
  scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: variableScope.
  scsicmds.h: Remove unused function supported_vpd_pages::num_pages().

  cppcheck.sh: Remove no longer used HAVE_*NTDDDISK_H defines.

2020-03-01  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  dev_intelliprop.cpp, dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Move option
  parsing to get_intelliprop_device().  Move this function to class
  dev_intelliprop.h: Remove file.
  Makefile.am, os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Remove old file.

  configure.ac: Fail if '--without-working-snprintf' is specified.
  utility.cpp, utility.h: Remove support for pre-C99 snprintf().

  os_win32.cpp: Remove backward compatibility fixes for include files
  of very old versions of Cygwin, MinGW and MSVC.
  configure.ac, Makefile.am: Remove check for DDK include files.

2020-02-25  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  Silence some warnings from g++ 9.2:
  atacmds.cpp: -Waddress-of-packed-member.
  os_win32.cpp: -Wcast-function-type.
  smartd.cpp: -Wformat-truncation.

2020-02-25  Fabrice Fontaine  <fontaine.fabrice@gmail.com>

  configure.ac: fix stack-protector detection.
  Use AC_LINK_IFELSE instead of AC_COMPILE_IFELSE to check for
  stack-protector availability as some compilers could missed the
  needed library (-lssp or -lssp_nonshared) at linking step.

2020-01-11  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Add '-d jmb39x-q,...' device type for JMB39x
  protocol variant used by QNAP-TR004 NAS (#1283).
  dev_interface.cpp: Update help text.
  smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Document '-q' suffix.

2020-01-02  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  configure.ac: Use 'uname -n' if 'hostname' is not available
  (GH PR 44).  Remove check for SVN < 1.7.

2020-01-01  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

  Happy New Year!  Update copyright year in version info.
   2020-11-03 21:54:12 by Juraj Lutter | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
smartmontools: Revert erroneously committed Makefile
   2020-11-03 21:51:25 by Juraj Lutter | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/openipmi: Import OpenIPMI 2.0.29

The Open IPMI project aims to develop an open code base to allow access to
platform information using Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).