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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.8.1nb2, Package name: ups-nut-2.8.1nb2, Maintainer: gdt

Network UPS Tools can monitor a large assortment of UPS hardware.
Network communications are used so that multiple systems can monitor a
single physical UPS and shut down together if necessary without any
special "sharing hardware" on the UPS itself.

There are additional ups-nut-* packages for cgi, SNMP, and USB

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Package options: openssl

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   2023-12-23 10:25:37 by Zafer Aydogan | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
use https
   2023-12-01 20:18:28 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
ups-nut: Fix PLIST.SunOS.
   2023-11-22 19:14:42 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/ups-nut: Force off non-chosen python versions harder
   2023-11-09 22:02:48 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
sysutils/ups-nut: Re-enable openssl option and default to it

The option was disabled because old nut could only used ancient
openssl, but 2.8.1 works with 3.
   2023-11-09 19:58:44 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
sysutils/ups-nut: Merge improvements from wip

  - install python interface to nut.  While in theory it probably
    ought to be in a split package, it seems overall useful relative
    to the burden of python, given that python is very likely
    installed anyway.
  - don't run asciidoc (the package didn't depend on it)
  - clean up MESSAGE_SUBST as MESSAGE is long gone
  - enable power down; it has been commented out
   2023-11-09 19:01:06 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
ups-nut: Add patchfile already in distinfo
   2023-11-09 17:41:16 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/ups-nut: Update to 2.8.1

Upstream NEWS, less bugfixes, minor improvements, and developer-facing

Release notes for NUT 2.8.1 - what's new since 2.8.0


 - "UPS management protocol", Informational RFC 9271 published
   by IETF at https://www.rfc-editor.org/info/rfc9271 and the
   IANA port number registry was updated accordingly at
   (even though this RFC is not formally an Internet Standard)

 - NUT documentation files were rearranged, renaming some to `*.adoc` pattern
   to facilitate automatic rendering in GitHub and IDE GUIs, and adding recipe
   support for GitHub issue/PR links. This `NEWS` file is now proper asciidoc
   rendered into `release-notes.pdf` (and HTML versions). [issue #1953, PR #2048]
   Internally, the documents would use a new way to define cross-linking to
   other pages and their chapters, to facilitate different renderers (including
   GitHub UI), and file names created for "chunked HTML" documentation \ 
   will no longer have the "chapter number, section number" format which is
   not easy to maintain over time with independent builds of documentation
   in NUT and the actual and historic snapshots for nut-website for example.
   Chapter/Section names will be adapted to produce "chunked HTML" \ 
file names
   instead. Documentation links rendered in GitHub UI should point to the HTML
   pages served by a current iteration of the NUT website. [PR #226, PR #669]

 - State tree structure and methods (including "dstate" wrapper for common
   driver internals) was enhanced with time-stamping of last modification
   (setting, changing, deleting the value or some fields in an entry):
   this allows to detect stale information in a centralized fashion [#2010]

 - nutdrv_qx updates:
   * a `battery_voltage_reports_one_pack` driver option was added for devices
     which "natively" report a `battery.voltage` for a single battery \ 
pack or
     cell, not for the whole assembly [#1279]

 - usbhid-ups updates:
   * added support for `subdriver` configuration option, to select the
     USB HID subdriver for the device manually where automatic match
     does not suffice (e.g. new devices for which no `vendorid`/`productid`
     pair was built into any driver, or for different-capability devices
     with same interface chips, notably "phoenixtec/liebert" and \ 
"mge") [#1369]
   * added `onlinedischarge_calibration` option for UPSes that report
     `OL+DISCHRG` when they are in calibration mode [#2104]

 - apc_modbus driver was introduced, to cover the feature gap between existing
   NUT drivers for APC hardware and the actual USB-connected devices (or their
   firmwares) released since roughly 2010, which deprecated standard USB HID
   support in favor of Modbus-based protocol which is used across the board
   (also with their network management cards). The new driver can monitor APC
   UPS devices over TCP and Serial connections, as well as USB with a patched
   libmodbus (check https://github.com/EchterAgo/libmodbus/commits/rtu_usb
   for now, PR pending). [#139, #2063]
   * For a decade until this driver got introduced, people were advised to
     use apcupsd project as the actual program which talks to a device, and
     NUT apcupsd-ups driver to relay information back and forth. This was a
     limited solution due to lack of command and variable setting support,
     as well as relaying of just some readings (just whatever apcupsd exposes,
     further constrained by what our driver knows to re-translate), with
     little leverage for NUT to tap into everything the device has to offer.
     There were also issues on some systems due to packaging (e.g. marking
     NUT and apcupsd as competing implementations of the same features) which
     required clumsy workarounds to get both installed and running. Finally,
     there is a small matter of long-term viability of that approach: last
     commits to apcupsd sources were in 2017 (with last release 3.14.14 in
     May 2016): https://sourceforge.net/p/apcupsd/svn/HEAD/tree/

 - The `upsd` configured to listen on IPv6 addresses should handle only
   IPv6 (and not IPv4-mappings) to avoid surprises and insecurity; it
   will now warn if a host name resolves to several addresses (and will only
   listen on the first hit, as before in such cases) [#2012]

 - A definitive behavior for `LISTEN *` directives became specified, to try
   handling both IPv4 and IPv6 "any" address (subject to `upsd` CLI options
   to only choose one, and to OS abilities). When both address families are
   enabled, the `upsd` data server will first try to open an IPv6 socket
   asking for disabled IPv4-mapped IPv6 address support (if the OS honors
   that), and then an IPv4 socket (which may fail if the IPv6 socket already
   covers it anyway); in other words, you can end up with one or two separate
   listening sockets. [#2012]

 - Numerous daemons (`upsd`, `upsmon`, drivers, `upsdrvctl`, `upssched`)
   which accepted `-D` option for debug setting previously, now can also
   honour a `NUT_DEBUG_LEVEL=NUM` environment variable if no `-D` arguments
   were provided. Unlike those arguments, the environment variable does
   not enforce that daemons run in foreground mode by default [#1915]
   * Note that unlike some other NUT daemons, `upssched` with enabled
     debug does not stop reporting on `stderr`! [#1965]
   2023-06-22 07:31:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
ups-nut: fix typo in rc.d script

Reported by Brandon Applegate in PR 57479.