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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.0.1nb3, Package name: vcdimager-2.0.1nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

GNU VCDImager is a full-featured mastering suite for authoring,
disassembling and analyzing Video CDs and Super Video CDs.

The following features are available so far (some features are
only available in the latest alpha snapshots):
Free software available under the GNU Public License
Support for Video CD 1.1 and 2.0 disc formats
Support for the Super Video CD 1.0 disc format
Full PBC (playback control) support (play lists,
selection lists and end lists)
Support for segment play items
Automatic padding of MPEG streams on the fly
Support for 99-minute (out-of-specification) CD-R media
Extraction of Video CDs into files (incl. the PBC information)
Runs on all major UNIX flavors and on Win32
Use of XML for the description of Video CDs

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [misc/libcdio] [devel/popt]

Required to build:

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With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
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This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as
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sysutils: align variable assignments

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Manually excluded consolekit and dc-tools since pkglint didn't get the
formatting correct.
   2018-10-10 13:55:03 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (1)
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Add missed buildlink3.mk (++joerg eagle eyes)
   2018-10-09 17:12:38 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated sysutils/vcdimager to 2.0.1 to fix build of xine-lib against libcdio 2.0.0

* Rerelease under different version


* Use libcdio 2.0.0 API (which is less leaky and less hacky)
* Remove some memory leaks
* Convert repo from CVS to git
* Update autotools for circa 2018 conventions not 2011 conventions


* Add cdinfo_get_track_last_lsn() which is like cdinfo_get_track_last_lsn()
* Make libvcdinfo work when called from C++, add C++ example program
* Fail less severely when trying to determine if medium is VCD
* Documentation and doxygen improvements
* Guard against various srncat buffer overflows
* Correct copyright and GPL version indication a containingReed-Solomon encoding
* Patch for memory exhaustion for VCD 2.0 disks SR 105012

0.7.23 (development)

* Add libvcdinfo vcdinfo_get_area_selection() a routine to get the
  selection number represented by an area for a specified a point
* Add libvcdinfo vcdinfo_get_set_resolution() a routine to get the
  resolution for a given segment
* hack on memory leaks some more
* vcdxrip options more like vcd-info options
* check that selection area hot-spot values don't exceed 255.
* Update documentation
* Remove gcc 4 warnings and potential problems noted
* make --disable-static --enable-shared work with --versioned-libs

0.7.22 (development)

* vcdxrip: add option "notrack" to skip ripping of a specific track
* vcd-info: single argument acts like -i option
* some stylistic coding changes (e.g. add _t suffix and p_ prefix)
* fix clobbering a version number via strncpy
* Add libvcdinfo example program
* Memory leaks and errors reduced

0.7.21 (development)

* LSN's match MMC-3 specs better.
* Fix bug in vcd-info showing sequence number
* add --without-versioned-libs option
* make -mno-cygwin work
* release number is now preprocessor symbol so applications can make use of
  for compatibility
* More libcdio things moved into libcdio (e.g. MSF printing,
  iso9660 PVD handling)
* use generic list things from libcdio. Eventually everything will
  use glib. But this moves in the right direction by consolidating code
  a little
* Darwin compilation fixes
* Miscellaneous contributed bug fixes

0.7.20 (unstable/development)

* Join in libcdio branch (forked after 0.7.14)
* Performance fix: (libvcdinfo) Redo the way we find segment
  LSNs to greatly reduce the number of CD reads when there are many
  files in the ISO-9660 track, or there are many segments or continued
  segments. Requires libcdio 0.65 API change.
* API completion: (libvcdinfo) now has API for multi-default selections;
  APIs for mapping a selection number to a LID or LID offset added.
* Replace unfree encode_L2_Q with GPL version from cdrtools 1.11a40
* cdxa2mpeg warns if input and output file are the same.
* some bug fixes.
* library symbol versioning (from Nicolas Boullis)
* libvcd is private once again.
* Go over documentation. (CD image info has been moved to libcdio doc)

0.7.19 (unstable/development)

* Use VCD CD-drive auto scanning in vcdxrip and vcd-info that is
  now part of in libcdio
* doc changes, clarification of cdxa2mpeg
* error checking in cdxa2mpeg (from Nicolas Boullis)
* Changes dicted by those in libcdio, libiso9660

0.7.18 (unstable/development)

* Move iso9660 stuff into libcdio.
* More private files are private.

0.7.17 (unstable/development)

* Complete interface with ..._lsn routines for the corresponding
  ..._lba routines.
* Install pkginfo files

0.7.16 (unstable/development)

* Better use of updated cdio API. Removed vcd_inf_open. Uses cdio_open now.
* Regression tests use diff -u if that's available and revert to cmp of no
  diff found.
* Changes for Cygwin compatibility

0.7.15 (unstable/development)

* CD reading and control routines split off
* vcddump renamed vcd-info (to match libvcdinfo and cd-info)
* Give error message if corresponding bin/cue for a cue/bin can't be found
* Bug: was not returning invalid LID selection when invalid.
* vcdxrip: add --cue-file option.

0.7.14 (unstable/development)

* almost ISO C99 compliant now (see BUGS)
* fixed bug in vcddump if no device specified
* create vcdinf library: like vcdinfo but exposes lower-level VCD structures
* vcdxrip:
    uses vcdinf library (so device name is now optional; --input option added)
    separate and more complete documentation
    added --track option to rip specific track
    added to regression testing

0.7.13 (unstable/development)

* maintenance release
* fixes for gcc on linux/arm
* removed internal popt and gnome front-end code from distribution
* added --dump-dtd option to vcdxbuild
* added testsuite to distribution
* added vcdinfo library to retrieve VCD information
* added vcddump tool

0.7.12 (unstable/development)

* improved support for SVCD- and CVD-style subtitles
* new conversion tool cdxa2mpeg added
* minor subheader change for SPI area
* create 150 sector post-gap ("leadout pregap") by default
* fixed compilation with linux kernel headers prior to 2.2.16
* switched to new automake/conf versions

0.7.11 (unstable/development)

* improved linux cdrom support by adding support for the generic packet
  cdrom interface
* added native BSD/OS CDROM support
* fixed libxml2 external entity loader
* fixed minor subheader bug
* be more tolerant when vcdxrip'ing faulty PBCs
* new "leadout pregap" option
* added 3 "-no*" options to vcdxrip

0.7.10 (unstable/development)

* vcdxrip: new option for ignoring (faulty) extended pbc's
* fixed wrong warning for extended end list attributes
* allow multi default selections to have entry points as play-item
* gui mode added to vcdxbuild, vcdxminfo and vcdxrip
* changed --version output format
* progress display added to vcdxbuild and vcdxminfo
* rewrite/improvement of MPEG scanning code (detect audio parameters)
* detect OGT channels and set flags accordingly
* new option "svcd vcd30 tracksvd"
* set pregap and subindexes explicitly in cue sheet
* vcdxminfo output format changed and enhanced
* missing flag to indicate presence of extended PBC (hotspots) on
  VCD2.0 added
* new options for customization track gaps/margins
* added --image-type/--image-option to vcdxbuild
* implemented setting of <publisher-id>


* uses libcdio for HW access now
* some cleanup and restructuring
* bugfixes