./sysutils/vifm, Curses based file manager with vi like keybindings

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.12nb2, Package name: vifm-0.12nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Vifm is a ncurses based file manager with vi like keybindings. If you
use vi, vifm gives you complete keyboard control over your files without
having to learn a new set of commands.

* Two file list windows.
* Bookmarks.
* User-defined association of file types/extensions with multiple
applications per extension.
* Visual mode for selecting files.
* User-defined commands.

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[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/python37]

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   2023-08-14 07:25:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1247)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for Python 3.11 as new default
   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2021-12-13 14:15:41 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
vifm: fix PLIST on Darwin
   2021-10-26 13:20:30 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (630)
Log message:
sysutils: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-18 13:17:24 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
vifm: update to 0.12

Vifm v0.12
September 29, 2021

   New version makes textual preview asynchronous, provides support for
   24-bit colors, improves tree-view and introduces experimental Lua plugins

   Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

   Main changes
     * Color schemes and preview now support 24-bit colors.
     * Depth of tree-view can now be limited and directories in it can be
     * Textual preview of files is now done asynchronously.
     * List of files can now be directly piped to programs via new macros.
     * External editing now asks for a re-edit after a failure.
     * Status line can now take up several lines.
     * Vifm has received a more advanced, but currently experimental,
       extension interface in a form of Lua plugins.
     * New keys for controlling viewer while in view mode.
     * View column separators.
     * New logo.
   2021-10-07 16:58:44 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (630)
Log message:
sysutils: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2020-11-24 13:15:20 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
vifm: Update to 0.11

September 24, 2020

Vifm v0.11

New version finally updates format of vifminfo file unblocking changes like
persistent tabs, sessions and timestamp-based merging of histories.  In
addition to that there were a number of improvements in user interface and
multiple performance-related improvements.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes:
 - added persistent tabs;
 - added sessions;
 - new format of vifminfo file (old version is imported on first run);
 - smarter merging of histories between runs that avoids dropping of new
 - version of default color scheme for 256-color terminals;
 - make tab labels customizable;
 - try to keep ratio of pane sizes constant on resizes, restarts and tab
 - various performance improvements.

More detailed list of changes.

Normal and visual modes:
 - added gF normal mode key which acts like gf, but goes all the way to the
   ultimate target of the chain of symbolic links (thanks to Alexandre Viau);
 - improve navigation on gf key.  Do fewer refreshes and disable filters to
   make target visible.

 - more sensible merging of histories from multiple instances in vifminfo file
   (avoids dropping of new entries);
 - invalidate cached directory information (size or number of files) on inode
   change (thanks to Jose Riha, a.k.a. jose1711);
 - invalidate cached directory size when using it to compute size of some
   parent directory;
 - improve cursor positioning after file operations;
 - made it possible to escape commas in patterns (as usual, by doubling)
   (thanks to filterfalse).

Command-line mode:
 - added :tabo[nly] command that closes all tabs but the current one;
 - added :session and :delsession commands to manage sessions (thanks to Marcos
 - added optional "full" parameter for the :restart command, which makes it
   discard essentially all context.  This is useful with persistent tabs
   (thanks to Yusuf Aktepe);
 - don't reset histories of views in inactive tabs on :restart;
 - improve differentiation between association and list forms of :colorscheme
   command on startup.  This is important if list contains name of color scheme
   that doesn't exist.

:set command and options:
 - added "tabs" value to 'vifminfo' option.  It enables persistent \ 
tabs (thanks
   to Cosmin Popescu, a.k.a. cosminadrianpopescu, filterfalse and Neil Griffin,
   a.k.a. ngriffin7a);
 - added "v" flag to the 'tuioptions' option.  It controls whether width of
   middle border is adjusted to equalize view sizes (thanks to Matthias Braun,
   a.k.a. mb720);
 - added 'sessionoptions' option, which is an alternative to 'vifminfo' for
   session files;
 - added 'tablabel' option that specifies format of a single tab's label when
   non-empty (thanks to aleksejrs);
 - added 'tabprefix' and 'tabsuffix' options that allow customizing tabline
   separators (thanks to CoreCube);
 - added "treeleafsparent" value to 'dotdirs' option (thanks to \ 
filterfalse and
 - do not require "dhistory" to be present in 'vifminfo' for \ 
"savedirs" to

Menus and dialogs:
 - added rate and progress bar to progress dialog (patch by Alborz Jafari);
 - added real (fully resolved) path to the File Info dialog (thanks to
   Alexandre Viau);
 - added number of hard links to the File Info dialog;
 - abort menu, more or file information modes before processing remote commands
   (thanks to kangshugang);
 - deduplicate elements of the :file menu;
 - make displaying of spaces in mappings more intelligent by using <space> at
   the start or end of lhs or rhs.

File preview:
 - improve handling of long or unknown escape sequences in previews (thanks to
 - use global color scheme for preview on the other pane ignoring its
   directory-specific color scheme;
 - invalidate textual quickview cache if it contains fewer lines than window
   height and is incomplete.

TUI (Text User Interface):
 - try harder to preserve position of the splitter.  Avoid its drift on
   terminal resizes and preserve ratio of windows on startup and tab switches
   (thanks to Shakil Akhtar);
 - prevent internally selected files (e.g., via a range of a :command) from
   appearing selected in user interface (thanks to filterfalse);
 - reduce width of top line when side borders are hidden (`set tuioptions-=s`)
   (thanks to Svyatoslav Mishyn, a.k.a. juef);
 - escape some characters as ^X in view and tab titles, custom menu titles, on
   statusline and in terminal title (thanks to filterfalse);
 - use the same label for :grep and :find custom lists as the one used for
   :grep and :find menus (thanks to filterfalse);
 - use unexpanded command for title of custom file lists produced using %u or
   %U macros and menus produced using %m or %M macros (thanks to filterfalse);
 - use name of user-defined command in titles of custom views and menus (thanks
   to filterfalse);
 - preserve more information in the title on turning custom view into tree
   using :tree (thanks to filterfalse);
 - limit length of custom file list title to 80 character positions (thanks to

 - detect being run under Wayland (relevant for :filextype commands) (thanks to
 - make 'title' option work in all terminals which contain "tsl" and \ 
   capabilities (thanks to m-kru);
 - update terminal title when in menus (thanks to filterfalse).

Color schemes:
 - added HardLink highlight group for regular files with more than one hard
   link (patch by Hans Bieshaar);
 - added LineNr highlight group for highlighting line number column of views
   (thanks to Anton Gepting);
 - added OddLine highlight group for highlighting every second entry line of a
   pane (thanks to iSeeU816).

 - added v:jobcount builtin variable that provides number of active jobs
   (number of lines in :jobs menu) (thanks to iSeeU816);
 - added v:session builtin variable that provides name of current session or is
   set to an empty string.

 - added three MC-like shortcuts to sample vifmrc files (Alt-I, Alt-O and
   Ctrl-U) (thanks to Hans Bieshaar);
 - added global Default-256 color scheme to be used in terminals that support
   256-color palette (automatically in sample vifmrc) (thanks to Shakil
 - create $VIFM/colors directory with default color scheme only on the first
   run (thanks to ranousse);
 - use mime-types in associations in sample vifmrc (thanks to Shakil Akhtar).

 - significantly improved performance of adding files to registers that contain
   thousands of files.  As a result contents of registers is sorted now (thanks
   to Typo);
 - significantly improved performance of adding files to trash that contains
   thousands of files.  As a result contents of trash is sorted now (thanks to
 - significantly improved speed of sourcing files (includes processing
   configuration on startup and :restart);
 - significantly improved speed of handling typical globs (and therefore
   mime-type matchers) and reduced amount of memory they take up (thanks to
 - improve performance of mime-type detection by caching the results;
 - make comparing files by contents (`:compare bycontents`) somewhat faster
   (thanks to maxigaz);
 - don't force view reload after every :command that resets selection when
   there was non-empty selection.  This might make metadata of files less
   up-to-date, but should increase overall performance (thanks to Jose Riha,
   a.k.a. jose1711);
 - avoid reloading source file list after copy or move operation when possible
   (thanks to Jose Riha, a.k.a. jose1711).

 - added :VifmCs command to the plugin for "converting" Vim's color \ 
scheme into
   a Vifm's one (patch by Roman Plášil, a.k.a. Quiark);
 - multiple improvements of syntax highlighting.

 - added references to "Menus and dialogs" section of documentation from
   :commands and keys which open menus and dialogs detailed there;
 - explicitly documented that macros are expanded in user defined commands
   (thanks to gcmt);
 - made documentation of :command more comprehensible;
 - document that user must disable netrw plugin on his own when enabling
   g:vifm_replace_netrw.  Vifm's plugin can't do it, because it's loaded after
   plugins shipped with Vim;
 - documented how selection is handled on launching files (like on l or Enter
 - improve documentation on "bycontents" of :compare (thanks to maxigaz);
 - somewhat improved documentation on 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase' options
   (thanks to filterfalse);
 - fixed Vim version of the documentation lacking description of %p macro of

Only on Windows:
 - added basic support for using PowerShell (pausing doesn't work) (thanks to
   Fang, a.k.a. peromage);
 - display targets of .lnk-files in file information dialog;
 - implemented capturing output of background applications (thanks to Gene
 - follow targets of .lnk-files (thanks to Alexandre Viau);
 - fixed 'chaselinks' (symbolic links weren't resolved);
 - fixed creating symbolic links with 'syscalls' being turned on;
 - fixed creating symbolic links with spaces in source or target paths;
 - fixed Alt key combinations being broken since v0.9;
 - fixed running non-cmd shells being broken by adding 'shellcmdflag' in
 - fixed issues with non-tiny 'shellcmdflag' (patch by Bas Bossink, a.k.a.
 - fixed detecting presence of :file[x]type commands on Windows when
   backslashes are present in path (thanks to anonymous and n.e. at Vifm Q2A

 - avoid interposing system's reallocarray(), when it's present (thanks to Ben
   Boeckel, a.k.a. mathstuf);
 - install only one version of sample config and media script, the one which
   corresponds to operating system being used (thanks to Michael Vetter, a.k.a.
   jubalh and Ondrej Novy, a.k.a. onovy);
 - clean up tests directory on "make clean" in the top of the tree.

Important fixes:
 - fixed generation of :highlight command for OtherWin on writing
   $VIFM/colors/Default.vifm.  The bug caused white background of inactive pane
   (thanks to Stas Malavin);
 - fixed `:move subdir &` renaming file in the process and doing weird stuff to
   multiple files (thanks to 45jqlakjrf87ayte7hy34ter4nguijauzl4eitk);
 - fixed graphics preview not being cleared on switching tabs or starting
   external applications (including on :shell);
 - fixed mapped keys being reinterpreted as builtin keys if RHS of the mapping
   failed at some point (e.g., contained an unmapped key) (thanks to Seok Won
   Lee, a.k.a. ijleesw);
 - fixed dialogs not being visible when UI updates are silenced via <silent>
 - fixed panic on some redraw operations mixing with file operations during
   terminal resizing (thanks to aca).

See change log for the full list of changes and by whom they were suggested or