./textproc/bat, Clone of cat with syntax highlighting

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.15.4nb1, Package name: bat-0.15.4nb1, Maintainer: fox

A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration.

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[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/rust-bin]

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   2020-08-14 22:50:22 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
cargo users: drop do-build target where redundant
   2020-06-02 10:25:05 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1689)
Log message:
Revbump for icu
   2020-05-30 02:08:34 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/bat: Updates to 0.15.4

Changes since 0.15.3:


  * Added missing Solarized themes, see #1027
  * Fixed highlighting bug in Haskell source files, see #1026
   2020-05-26 12:39:38 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/bat: Updates to 0.15.3

Changes since 0.15.1:



  * Cannot run bat with relative paths, see #1022
  * bat mishighlights Users that start with digits in SSH config, see #984

New syntaxes

  * SML, see #1005 (@kopecs)


  * Some syntaxes and themes have been updated to the latest version


Warning: this release suffers from #1022. bat will panic when called with a
relative file path.


  * --map-syntax doesn't work with names provided through --file-name (@eth-p)
  * Fix syntax detection for files called 'rails', see #1008
  * Fix potential errors with syntax detection for symlinked files, see #1001


  * Add padding above headers when not using a grid, see #968 and #981 (@pt2121)
  * bat now prints an error if an invalid syntax is specified via -l or
    --map-syntax, see #1004 (@eth-p)

bat as a library

  * PrettyPrinter::vcs_modification_markers has been marked deprecated when
    building without the git feature, see #997 and #1020 (@eth-p, @sharkdp)


  * Compilation problems with onig_sys on various platforms have been resolved
    by upgrading to syntect 4.2, which includes a new onig version that allows
    to build onig_sys without the bindgen dependency. This removes the need for
    libclang(-dev) to be installed to compile bat. Package maintainers might
    want to remove clang as a build dependency. See #650 for more details.
   2020-05-15 09:16:08 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/bat: Updates to 0.15.1

Changes since 0.15.0:


  * Fix highlighting of Markdown files, see #963 and #977
  * Fix base16 theme (was broken since in v0.14), see #972, #934 and
    #979 (@mk12).
  * Users suffering from #865 ("no color for bat in ssh from a Windows
    client") can use the ansi-dark and ansi-light themes from now on.

New syntaxes

  * Fortran, see #957
  * Email (@mariozaizar)
  * QML, see #962 (@pylipp)
   2020-04-27 06:55:10 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/bat: Updates to 0.15.0

Changes since 0.14.0:


  * This release adds a new --diff/-d option that can be used to only show lines
    surrounding Git changes, i.e. added, removed or modified lines. The amount of
    additional context can be controlled with --diff-context=N. See #23 and #940


  * Error message printed in the middle of the output for another file, see #946
  * Performance improvements when using custom caches (via bat cache --build): the
    bat startup time should now be twice as fast (@lzutao).


  * Updated version of the Solarized dark/light themes, see #941

bat as a library

  * There are a few changes in the "low level" API (the Config struct \ 
has changed and
    the error handler needs a new &mut dyn Write argument). The high-level \ 
API is not
   2020-04-23 20:59:38 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package removed
Log message:
textproc/bat: Updates to 0.14.0

- Removes the obsolete patches for termios.

Changes since 0.13.0:


  * Added a new --file-name <name>… option to overwrite the displayed \ 
    in the header. This is useful when piping input into bat. See #654 and #892 \ 
  * Added a new --generate-config-file option to create an initial configuration file
    at the right place. See #870 (@jmick414)


  * Performance problems with C# source code have been fixed, see #677 (@keith-hall)
  * Performance problems with Makefiles have been fixed, see #750 (@keith-hall)
  * Fix bug when highlighting Ruby files with unindented heredocs, see #914 \ 
  * A highlighting problem with Rust source code has been fixed, see #924 \ 
  * Windows: short files that do not require paging are displayed and then lost, \ 
see #887
  * --highlight-line did not work correctly in combination with --tabs=0 and \ 
    see #937


  * When saving/reading user-provided syntaxes or themes, bat will now maintain a
    metadata.yaml file which includes information about the bat version which was
    used to create the cached files. When loading cached files, we now print an error
    if they have been created with an incompatible version. See #882
  * Updated liquid dependency to 0.20, see #880 (@ignatenkobrain)

bat as a library

  * A completely new "high level" API has been added that is much more \ 
    to use. See the examples folder for the updated code. The older "low \ 
    API is still available (basically everything that is not in the root bat
    module), but has been refactored quite a bit. It is recommended to only use
    the new "high level" API, if possible. This will be much easier to \ 
keep stable.
    Note that this should still be considered a "beta" release of \ 
    For more details and some screenshots of the example programs, see #936.

  * Stripped out a lot of binary-only dependencies, see #895 and #899 (@dtolnay)

    This introduces a features = ["application"] which is enabled by \ 
default and pulls in
    everything required by bat the application. When depending on bat as a \ 
library, downstream
    Cargo.toml should disable this feature to cut out inapplicable heavy \ 

    bat = { version = "0.14", default-features = false }

    Other optional functionality has also been put behind features: paging and \ 
git support.

  * Allow using the library with older syntect, see #896 and #898 (@dtolnay)

New syntaxes

  * Rego, see #872 (@patrick-east)
  * Stylo, see #917


Many thanks to @keith-hall for all the help with various Sublime syntax problems!
   2020-03-22 22:53:23 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/bat: Update to 0.13.0

Changes since 0.12.1:

bat as a library

Beginning with this release, bat can be used as a library (#423).

This was a huge effort and I want to thank all people who made this possible:
@DrSensor, @mitsuhiko, @mre, @eth-p!

   * Initial attempt in #469 (@mitsuhiko)
   * Second attempt, complete restructuring of the bat crate, see #679
   * Updates to example, public API, error handling, further refactoring: #693
     #873 #875 (@sharkdp)

I want to stress that this is the very first release of the library. Things are
very likely to change. A lot of things are still missing (including the

That being said, you can start using it! See the example programs in examples/.

You can see the API documentation here: https://docs.rs/bat/


    * (Breaking change) Glob-based syntax mapping, see #877 and #592. With this
      change, users need to update their bat config files (bat --config-file),
      if they have any --map-syntax settings present.

      The option now works like this:

      --map-syntax <glob-pattern>:<syntax-name>

      For more information, see the --help text, the man page or the README.

     This new feature allows us to properly highlight files like:
       - /etc/profile
       - ~/.ssh/config

    * --highlight-line now accepts line ranges, see #809 (@lkalir)

    * A lot of updates to existing syntaxes via #644 (@benwaffle, @keith-hall)

    * BAT_CACHE_PATH can be used to place cached bat assets in a non-standard
      path, see #829 (@neuronull)


    * Do not pass '--no-init' on newer less versions, see #749 and #786
    * 'bat cache' still takes precedence over existing files, see #666
    * .sc files should be treated as scala files, see #443 (@benwaffle)
    * Allow underscores and dashes in page names, see #670 (@LunarLambda)
    * Keep empty lines empty, see #601 (@mbarbar)
    * Wrapping does not work when piping, see #758 (@fusillicode, @allevo,
    * Allow for non-unicode filenames, see #225 (@sharkdp)
    * Empty file without header produces incomplete grid, see #798 (@eth-p)
    * Files named build don't respect shebang lines, see #685 (@sharkdp)


    * Proper wrapping support for output with wide Unicode characters, see #811
      #787 and #815 (@Kogia-sima)
    * Parametrizable names for man page and shell completion files, see #659
      #673 #656 (@eth-p)
    * Enabled LTO, making bat about 10% faster, see #719 (@bolinfest, @sharkdp)
    * Suggestions non how to configure bat for MacOS dark mode, see README
    * Extended "Integration with other tools" section (@eth-p)
    * Updated instrutions on how to use bat as a man-pager, see #652, see #667
    * Add section concerning file encodings, see #688 and #568 (@sharkdp)
    * Updated sort order of command-line options in --help text and manpage, see
      #653 and #700 (@hrlmartins)
    * Updates to the man page syntax, see #718 (@sharkdp)
    * Japanese documentation updates, see #863 (@k-ta-yamada, @sorairolake and
    * Accept "default" as a theme, see #757 (@fvictorio)
    * Support combination of multiple styles at the same time, see #857
    * Updated Windows installation instructions, see #852 (@sorenbug)
    * Updated man page, see #573 (@sharkdp)

New syntaxes

    * Jinja2, see #648 (@Martin819)
    * SaltStack SLS, see #658 (@Martin819)
    * /etc/fstab, see #696 (@flopp and @eth-p)
    * /etc/group and /etc/passwd, see #698 (@argentite)
    * /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo, see #593 (@sharkdp)
    * Nim, see #542 (@sharkdp)
    * Vue, see #826 (@chaaaaarlotte)
    * CoffeScript, see #833 (@sharkdp)

New themes

    * Dracula, see #687 (@clarfon)
    * Nord, see #760 (@crabique)
    * Solarized light and dark, see #768 (@hakamadare)


    * bat is now in the official Ubuntu and Debian repositories, see #323 and
      #705 (@MarcoFalke)
    * bat can now be installed via MacPorts, see #675 (@bn3t)
    * Install fish completions into 'vendor_completions.d', see #651 (@sharkdp)


    * To @eth-p for joining me as a maintainer! I'm very grateful for all the
      work you put into managing and responding to issues, improving our
      deployment, adding PR/issue templates (#837) as well as fixing bugs and
      implementing new features.