./textproc/hs-xml-conduit, Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the conduit package

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This package provides parsing and rendering functions for XML. It is
based on the datatypes found in the xml-types package. This package is
broken up into the following modules:

* Text.XML: DOM-based parsing and rendering. This is the most commonly
used module.

* Text.XML.Cursor: A wrapper around Text.XML which allows
bidirectional traversing of the DOM, similar to XPath. (Note:
Text.XML.Cursor.Generic is the same concept, but will work with any
node representation.)

* Text.XML.Unresolved: A slight modification to Text.XML which does
not require all entities to be resolved at parsing. The datatypes
are slightly more complicated here, and therefore this module is
only recommended when you need to deal directly with raw entities.

* Text.XML.Stream.Parse: Streaming parser, including some streaming
parser combinators.

* Text.XML.Stream.Render: Streaming renderer.

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