./textproc/py-X, Package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.15nb1, Package name: py310-X-0.15nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript, PDF, and SVG files.
It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX
interface. Complex tasks like 2d and 3d plots in publication-ready quality
are built out of these primitives.

* PostScript, PDF, and SVG output for device independent, freely scalable
* seamless TeX/LaTeX integration
* full access to PostScript features like paths, linestyles, fill patterns,
transformations, clipping, bitmap inclusion, etc.
* advanced geometric operations on paths like intersections, transformations,
splitting, smoothing, etc.
* sophisticated graph generation: modular design, pluggable axes, axes
partitioning based on rational number arithmetics, flexible graph styles,

Required to run:
[print/kpathsea] [print/dvipsk] [print/tex-tex] [print/tex-latex-bin] [lang/python310]

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   2022-01-19 18:50:48 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (25)
Log message:
*: fix for python 3.x
   2022-01-14 18:52:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (146)
Log message:
*: python2 egg files are back, add them to the PLISTs
   2022-01-10 22:51:09 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-X: convert to egg.mk
   2021-10-26 13:23:42 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1161)
Log message:
textproc: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Unfetchable distfiles (fetched conditionally?):
./textproc/convertlit/distinfo clit18src.zip
   2021-10-07 17:02:49 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1162)
Log message:
textproc: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2020-03-01 03:56:41 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-X: update to 0.15

(Spurred by the fact net/scapy expects the SVG support introduced back
in 2015.)

0.15 (2019/07/14):
  - text module:
    - introduce UnicodeEngine
    - MultiEngineText to express combined text data for TeX based engines and
      the new UnicodeEngine
    - Text and StackedText classes for simple typesetting operations on
      UnicodeEngine text
    - rename TexRunner and LatexRunner to TexEngine and LatexEngine
    - rename cls argument of text.set to engine (with fallback and
      deprecation warning in place)
    - improve error handling when input cannot be encoded by texenc
    - add support for virtual fonts in virtual fonts
    - font maps: treat font files without extension as Type 1 (to
      prevent warnings occuring especially with Minion or Libertine fonts)
    - fix UnicodeDecodeError for invalid character responses by TeX/LaTeX
      (reported by Gert Ingold)
  - new examples:
    - non-ASCII TeX encoding
  - t1font:
    - use integers in auto-guessed font descriptors to prevent an issue in pdftex
      (reported by Michael Hartmann)
    - fix typo: ItalicAngles -> ItalicAngle (thanks to Ross Moore)
  - graph.axis.texter:
    - unify exponential and mixed texter to default texter
    - use MultiEngineText in all texters (decimal, default, factional)
  - pdfwriter, pswriter, svgwriter:
    - removed underscore in  PS and PDF and SVG writer options strip_fonts,
      text_as_path, mesh_as_bitmap, mesh_as_bitmap_resolution
      (new: stripfonts, textaspath, meshasbitmap and meshasbitmapresolution)
      to prevent ambiquity with write_ prefixes.
    - Fix color output in SVG (reported by Michael Hartmann)
  - deformer:
    - Fix parallel deformer for empty normsubpaths (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
  - graph.style:
    - Use RGBA instead of ARGB in the bitmap fallback of graph.style.density
      Fix saving SVG as supported modes are limited (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
  - pattern:
    - inject default linewidth (reported by Michael J Gruber)
  - version control:
    - switched to git on 2018/07/16 with main repository on GitHub

0.14.1 (2015/11/02):
  - distribution:
    - upload to PyPI (including old releases)
    - remove old releases from sourceforge
  - text module:
    - fix load_def message parser (reported by Mico Filós)
  - normpath:
    - fix intersect with empty normsubpaths (bug #62, thanks to Florent Hivert)

0.14 (2015/04/30):
  - new svgwriter module:
    - complete SVG output
    - SVG font output disabled by default due to missing support by
      most browsers, fallback by rendering fonts as paths
  - new svgfile module:
    - SVG reader
    - unparsed mode: embedd svg in other svg
    - parsed mode: supports reading paths (including styles,
      tranformations, etc.) into a PyX canvas
  - bitmap module:
    - using bytes in image type conversions and channel extraction
  - color module:
    - fix grey class
    - fix rgb css binary issue and short code index error
  - epsfile module:
    - fix parsing of bounding box
  - text module:
    - no end of pages test when no dvi is created at all
    - add chroot config option needed to use a chrooted TeX installation
  - graph module:
    - add xy12axesat feature to graphxyz
  - canvas module:
    - fix clipping and transformation applied together
    - provide _repr_svg_ in canvas for use by IPython
    - new constructor argument ipython_bboxenlarge
  - deco module:
    - remove shortcut for ornaments only to not skip global styles
   2020-01-19 00:36:14 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (3046)
Log message:
all: migrate several HOMEPAGEs to https

pkglint --only "https instead of http" -r -F

With manual adjustments afterwards since pkglint 19.4.4 fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines.

This mainly affects projects hosted at SourceForce, as well as
freedesktop.org, CTAN and GNU.
   2019-11-04 22:43:49 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (155)
Log message:
textproc: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned --only indent -r

No manual corrections.