./textproc/tree-sitter, Incremental parsing system for programming tools

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.22.6, Package name: tree-sitter-0.22.6, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Tree-sitter is a parser generator tool and an incremental parsing
library. It can build a concrete syntax tree for a source file and
efficiently update the syntax tree as the source file is edited.

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   2024-04-18 11:06:41 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
tree-sitter: update to 0.22.5.

[0.22.5] - 2024-04-14
Bug Fixes

    cli: Fixed an issue where unused constants were included in generated \ 
parsers in some cases.

[0.22.4] - 2024-04-12
Bug Fixes

    cli: Fixed an issue where redundant conditionals were included in generated \ 
lexer functions.

[0.22.3] - 2024-04-12

    cli: Reduced the compile time of generated parsers by generating C code with \ 
fewer conditionals (#3234)
   2024-04-10 23:23:42 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
tree-sitter: allow setting C standard
   2024-03-17 15:19:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
tree-sitter: update to 0.22.2.


Install bugfix.


Bug Fixes

    Cli build script behavior on release



    Remove top-level corpus dir for tests
    The cli will now only look in test/corpus for tests
    Remove redundant escape regex & curly brace regex preprocessing (#2838)
    bindings: Convert node bindings to NAPI (#3077)
    wasm: Make current*, is*, and has* methods properties (#3103)
    wasm: Keep API in-line with upstream and start aligning with node (#3149)


    Add xtasks to assist with bumping crates (#3065)
    Improve language bindings (#2438)
    Expose the allocator and array header files for external scanners (#3063)
    Add typings for the node bindings
    Replace nan with node-addon-api and conditionally print logs
    bindings: Add more make targets
    bindings: Add peerDependencies for npm
    bindings: Add prebuildify to node
    bindings: Remove dsl types file (#3126)
    node: Type tag the language (#3109)
    test: Add attributes for corpus tests

Bug Fixes

    Apply some scan-build suggestions (unused assignment/garbage access) (#3056)
    Wrap || comparison in parentheses when && is used (#3070)
    Ignore unused variables in the array macros (#3083)
    binding.cc overwrite should replace PARSER_NAME (#3116)
    Don't use __declspec(dllexport) on windows (#3128)
    Parsers should export the language function on windows
    Allow the regex v flag (#3154)
    assertions: Case shouldn't matter for comment node detection
    bindings: Editorconfig and setup.py fixes (#3082)
    bindings: Insert types after main if it exists (#3122)
    bindings: Fix template oversights (#3155)
    cli: Only output the sources with --no-bindings (#3123)
    generate: Add .npmignore, populate Swift's exclude list (#3085)
    generate: Extern allocator functions for the template don't need to be \ 
"exported" (#3132)
    generate: Camel case name in Cargo.toml description (#3140)
    lib: Include api.h so ts_set_allocator is visible (#3092)


    Add GitHub user and PR info to the changelog
    Add css for inline code (#2844)
    Document test attributes
    Add Ohm language parser
    Remove duplicate the's (#3120)
    Add discord and matrix badges (#3148)


    Rename TS_REUSE_ALLOCATOR flag (#3088)
    Remove extern/const where possible
    array: Use pragma GCC in clang too
    bindings: Remove npmignore (#3089)


    Don't use TS_REUSE_ALLOCATOR on Darwin systems (#3087)
    Add test case for parse stack merging with incorrect error cost bug (#3098)

Build System and CI

    Improve changelog settings (#3064)
    Unify crate versions via workspace (#3074)
    Update cc to remove annoying debug output (#3075)
    Adjust dependabot settings (#3079)
    Use c11 everywhere
    Add uninstall command
    Don't skip tests on failing lint (#3102)
    Remove unused deps, bump deps, and bump MSRV to 1.74.1 (#3153)
    bindings: Metadata improvements
    bindings: Make everything c11 (#3099)
    dependabot: Update weekly instead of daily (#3112)
    deps: Bump the cargo group with 1 update (#3081)
    deps: Bump the cargo group with 1 update (#3097)
    deps: Bump deps & lockfile (#3060)
    deps: Bump the cargo group with 4 updates (#3134)
    lint: Detect if Cargo.lock needs to be updated (#3066)
    lint: Make lockfile check quiet (#3078)
    swift: Move 'cLanguageStandard' behind 'targets' (#3101)


    Make Node.js language bindings context aware (#2841)
    They don't have any dynamic global data, so all it takes is just declaring \ 
them as such
    Fix crash when attempting to load ancient languages via wasm (#3068)
    Use workspace dependencies for internal crates like Tree-sitter (#3076)
    Remove vendored wasmtime headers (#3084)
    When building rust binding, use wasmtime headers provided via cargo
    by the wasmtime-c-api crate.
    Fix invalid parse stack recursive merging with mismatched error cost (#3086)
    Allowing this invalid merge caused an invariant to be violated
    later on during parsing, when handling a later error.
    Fix regression in subtree_compare (#3111)
    docs: Add Ohm language parser (#3114)
    Delete binding_files.rs (#3106)
    bindings: Consistent wording (#3096)
    bindings: Ignore more artifacts (#3119)
   2024-02-25 16:26:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
tree-sitter: update to 0.21.0.


    Remove the apply-all-captures flag, make last-wins precedence the default

    NOTE: This change might cause breakage in your grammar's highlight tests.
    Just flip the order around of the relevant queries, and keep in mind that the
    last query that matches will win.


    Use lockfiles to dedup recompilation
    Improve error message for files with an unknown grammar path (#2475)
    Implement first-line-regex (#2479)
    Error out if an empty string is in the extras array
    Allow specifying an external scanner's files (#3031)
    Better error info when a scanner is missing required symbols
    cli: Add an optional grammar-path argument for the playground (#3014)
    cli: Add optional config-path argument (#3050)
    loader: Add more commonly used default parser directories

Bug Fixes

    Prettify xml output and add node position info (#2970)
    Inherited grammar generation
    Properly error out when the word property is an invalid rule
    Update schema for regex flags (#3006)
    Properly handle Query.matches when filtering out results (#3013)
    Sexp format edge case with quoted closed parenthesis (#3016)
    Always push the default files if there's no externals
    Don't log NUL characters (#3037)
    Don't throw an error if the user uses map in the grammar (#3041)
    Remove redundant imports (#3047)
    cli: Installation via a HTTP tunnel proxy (#2824)
    cli: Don't update tests automatically if parse errors are detected (#3033)
    cli: Don't use long for grammar_path
    test: Allow writing updates to tests without erroneous nodes instead of \ 
denying all of them if a single error is found
    test: Edge case when parsing UNEXPECTED/MISSING nodes with an indentation \ 
level greater than 0
    wasm: Remove C++ mangled symbols (#2971)


    Create issue template (#2978)
    Document regex limitations
    Mention that token($.foo) is illegal
    Explicitly mention behavior of walking outside the given "root" \ 
node for a TSTreeCursor (#3021)
    Small fixes (#2987)
    Add Tact language parser (#3030)
    web: Provide deno usage information (#2498)


    Extract regex check into a function and lower its precedence
    &PathBuf -> &Path (#3035)
    Name anonymous types in api.h (#1659)


    Add quotes around bash variables (#3023)
    Update html tests

Build System and CI

    Only create release for normal semver tags (#2973)
    Add useful development targets to makefile (#2979)
    Remove minimum glibc information in summary page (#2988)
    Use the native m1 mac runner (#2995)
    Add editorconfig (#2998)
    Remove symbolic links from repository (#2997)
    Move common Cargo.toml keys into the workspace and inherit them (#3019)
    Remove reviewers when drafting or closing a PR (#2963)
    Enable creating changelogs with git-cliff (#3040)
    Cache fixtures (#3038)
    Don't cancel jobs on master (#3052)
    Relax caching requirements (#3051)
    deps: Bump clap from 4.4.18 to 4.5.0 (#3007)
    deps: Bump wasmtime from v16.0.0 to v17.0.1 (#3008)
    deps: Bump wasmtime to v18.0.1 (#3057)
    sanitize: Add a timeout of 60 minutes (#3017)
    sanitize: Reduce timeout to 20 minutes (#3054)


    Document preferred language for scanner (#2972)
    Add java and tsx to corpus tests (#2992)
    Provide a CLI flag to open log.html (#2996)
    Some more clippy lints (#3010)
    Remove deprecated query parsing mechanism (#3011)
    Print out full compiler arguments ran when it fails (#3018)
    Deprecate C++ scanners (#3020)
    Add some documentation to the playground page (#1495)
    Update relevant rust tests (#2947)
    Clippy lints (#3032)
    Error out when multiple arguments are passed to token/token.immediate (#3036)
    Prefer turbofish syntax where possible (#3048)
    Use published wasmtime crates
    Cleaner cast
    Update Cargo.lock
    Get rid of github_issue_test file (#3055)
    cli: Use spawn to display emcc's stdout and stderr (#2494)
    cli: Warn users when a query path needed for a subcommand isn't specified in \ 
a grammar's package.json
    generate: Dedup and warn about duplicate or invalid rules (#2994)
    test: Use different languages for async tests (#2953)
    wasm: Use SIDE_MODULE=2 to silence warning (#3003)
   2024-01-28 14:28:34 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
tree-sitter: update to 0.20.9.

Changes not found.
   2023-04-26 01:29:50 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
treesitter: update to version 0.20.8

Changelog (taken from \ 

What's Changed

    Change integer type in ts_parser__set_cached_token by @mattmassicotte in #1879
    Explicit integer sizes for array capacity by @mattmassicotte in #1881
    Resolving a crash when freeing a null pointer when cancelling parses by \ 
@logancollins in #1938
    Add note about including an external scanner in Rust crate by @J3RN in #1936
    Allow retrieving a tree's list of included ranges, fix some included range \ 
bugs by @maxbrunsfeld in #1952
    Allow web-tree-sitter to work with Emscripten 3 by @J3RN in #1913
    Fix test output formatting for rules starting with M/U by @mliszcz in #1941
    Fix racing on playground webserver port binding by @ahlinc in #1953
    Fix wasm tests and bump Emscripten version to 3.1.29 by @ahlinc in #2014
    Add possibility to customize path to generated dynamically loaded libraries. \ 
Closes #1336 by @ahlinc in #2013
    Add setting TREE_SITTER_DEBUG in the test sub command by @ahlinc in #2020
    Produce smaller CLI release binary by stripping debug info by @ahlinc in #2031
    Improve CLI init-config command with respect to TREE_SITTER_DIR by @sogaiu \ 
in #2035
    Fix possible rollover of nanoseconds in clock.h by @paf31 in #1990
    Derive Hash for Language in Rust binding by @Ekleog in #2080
    Improve the performance of running a query in a small range of a large file \ 
by @maxbrunsfeld in #2085
    Make all tests run in a reliable way by @ahlinc in #2135
    New workflow for CI/CD with more release assets by @ahlinc in #2167
   2023-01-20 12:15:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (27)
Log message:
treesitter: use libtool for generating grammars

Hopefully fixes use on macOS
   2023-01-18 17:32:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
tree-sitter: support grammars where sources are not in ${WRKSRC}/src