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./wip/akonadi-import-wizard, Import data from other mail clients to KMail

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 22.08.1, Package name: akonadi-import-wizard-22.08.1, Maintainer: markd

akonadiimportwizard allows to import emails, settings, addressbook and
calendar data detected in your user account from the following mailers:

Trojit, Evolution 1.x - 3.x, OS X Mail, Opera, Sylpheed,
Thunderbird/Mozilla, The Bat!, Outlook Express, Balsa, Pegasus-Mail,
and Claws Mail.

Additionally you can use the manual import for KMail Archive,
mbox (Unix, Evolution), kmail Maildirs, Icedove, Lotus Notes,
Plain Text and Mailman Archives.

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