./wip/choosefont, Choosefont permit you to choose fonts out of a big amount of fonts

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.3, Package name: choosefont-0.3, Maintainer: francksys

Choosefont is a program for selecting the font you need out of a big ammount of
fonts. If you have a hell lot of fonts, and you have to find the one you need,
eg in a graphical application, but the entry where you choose the font name does
not have previewing capabilities (eg.: once you selected the font you can
preview the font, but you first have to select it).
Choosefont alows you to select the font in a list where the fonts are displayed
in it's own fontface. Once you selected the font you can copy it's name, or css,
html,... code for it to the X clipboard. Adding extra languages is extremely

In the future Choosefont might also have capabilities to install and remove
fonts and I might also extend it to be usable as a font seletion dialog in other
tcl/tk applications. I will also add capabilities to select bold, italic,...

Choosefont requires the tix extention that can be found at http://tix.sf.net

Required to run:
[lang/tcl] [x11/tk-Tix]

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