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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.6.0, Package name: go-goquery-1.6.0, Maintainer: kamelderouiche

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# goquery - a little like that j-thing, only in Go
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goquery brings a syntax and a set of features similar to [jQuery][] to the [Go language][go]. It is based on Go's [net/html package][html] and the CSS Selector library [cascadia][]. Since the net/html parser returns nodes, and not a full-featured DOM tree, jQuery's stateful manipulation functions (like height(), css(), detach()) have been left off.

Also, because the net/html parser requires UTF-8 encoding, so does goquery: it is the caller's responsibility to ensure that the source document provides UTF-8 encoded HTML. See the [wiki][] for various options to do this.

Syntax-wise, it is as close as possible to jQuery, with the same function names when possible, and that warm and fuzzy chainable interface. jQuery being the ultra-popular library that it is, I felt that writing a similar HTML-manipulating library was better to follow its API than to start anew (in the same spirit as Go's `fmt` package), even though some of its methods are less than intuitive (looking at you, [index()][index]...).

## Table of Contents

* [Installation](#installation)
* [Changelog](#changelog)
* [API](#api)
* [Examples](#examples)
* [Related Projects](#related-projects)
* [Support](#support)
* [License](#license)

## Installation

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