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./wip/go-gospel, GO SPEcial Library

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.0.20190922nb3, Package name: go-gospel-0.0.20190922nb3, Maintainer: ng0

Gospel ("GO SPEcial Library") is a Go library which includes the
following packages:
- gospel/parser: Read/access/write nested data structures
- gospel/network: Network-related functionality, services, packet
handling, TOR, SOCKS5 connection handler, SMTP/POP3 mail handling
- gospel/bitcoin: Elliptic curve crypto (Secp256k1), Bitcoin
addresses, key exchange, raw transactions, hash functions (Hash160,
Hash256), base58 encoding
- gospel/bitcoin/wallet: HD key space, BIP39 seed words
- gospel/bitcoin/rpc: JSON-RPC to Bitcoin server
- gospel/bitcoin/script: Bitcoin script parser/interpreter
- gospel/math: Mathematical helpers, Fast Fourier Transformation,
Arbitrary precision integers with chainable methods
- gospel/crypto: cryptographic helpers, secret sharing, prime fields,
PRNG, Paillier crypto scheme, cryptographic counters
- gospel/logger: logging facilities
- gospel/data: useful data structures like stacks, vectors,
Marshal/Unmarshal Golang objects, Bloom filter

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [textproc/go-text] [security/go-crypto] [devel/go-sys] [lang/go113]

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