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./wip/haproxy, Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.6.9nb1, Package name: haproxy-1.6.9nb1, Maintainer: morr

HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high
availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based
applications. It is particularly suited for web sites crawling under
very high loads while needing persistence or Layer7 processing.
Supporting tens of thousands of connections is clearly realistic with
todays hardware.

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Package options: pcre, ssl

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SHA1: a40a9fb1b2ac409e6afcd2924327c21ac32e7b5b
RMD160: f2c1c2ec78bf72246ad70298712229b05a5e6035
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   2014-09-11 18:44:48 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package removed
Log message:
remove wip/haproxy, net/haproxy is now more recent
   2014-04-13 16:39:36 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Import haproxy-1.5b22 as wip/haproxy. Development version of net/haproxy.
This enables, among other things, SSL termination.

   2012-08-31 15:40:28 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (12) | Package removed
Log message:
Garbage collect obsolete packages.
   2011-04-12 22:40:34 by Sergey Svishchev | Files touched by this commit (4)
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   2010-10-17 21:51:24 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix patch

   2010-10-17 21:38:04 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Update to new version.


2010/06/16 : 1.3.25
    - [BUG] appsession should match the whole cookie name
    - [BUG] cttproxy: socket fd leakage in check_cttproxy_version
    - [BUG] client: don't add a new session to the list too early
    - [BUG] proxy: connection rate limiting was eating lots of CPU
    - [BUG] frontend: always ensure to zero rep->analysers
    - [DOC] document the "dispatch" keyword
    - [BUG] config: disable "option forceclose" in non-http instances

2010/03/30 : 1.3.24
    - [BUG] Clear-cookie path issue
    - [BUG] http: switch to tunnel mode after status 101 responses
    - [MINOR] config: fix too large ssl-hello-check message.
    - [BUG] config: reset check request to avoid double free when
      switching to ssl
    - [BUG] config: report unresolvable host names as errors
    - [DOC] fix a typo about timeout check and clarify the explanation.
    - [BUG] logs: don't report "last data" when we have just closed
      after an error
    - [MINOR] report total number of processed connections when stopping
      a proxy
    - [DOC] be more clear about the limitation to one single monitor-net
    - [MINOR] stats: don't send empty lines in "show errors"
    - [BUG] url_param hash may return a down server
    - [MINOR] force null-termination of hostname
    - [BUG] stats: don't abort if the client closes before the response
    - [BUG] init: unconditionally catch SIGPIPE
    - [DOC] indicate in the doc how to bind to port ranges
    - [MINOR] cli: "show errors" should display "backend \ 
<NONE>" when
      backend was not used
    - [MINOR] config: allow "slowstart 0s"
    - [BUILD] 'make tags' did not consider files ending in '.c'
    - [MEDIUM] checks: add the ability to disable a server in the config

2010/01/28 : 1.3.23
    - [MINOR] server tracking: don't care about the tracked server's
    - [MEDIUM] appsession: add the "request-learn" option
    - [BUG] Configuration parser bug when escaping characters
    - [BUG] appsession: possible memory leak in case of out of memory
    - [MINOR] config: don't accept 'appsession' in defaults section
    - [CLEANUP] Keep in sync "defaults" support between documentation
      and code
    - [BUILD] warning ultoa_r returns char *
    - [CLEANUP] format '%d' expects type 'int', but argument 5 has type
      'long int'
    - [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names, again
    - [DOC] trivial fix for man page
    - [BUG] config: fix wrong handling of too large argument count
    - [BUG] config: disable 'option httplog' on TCP proxies
    - [BUG] config: fix erroneous check on cookie domain names
    - [BUG] config: cookie domain was ignored in defaults sections
    - [MINOR] config: support passing multiple "domain" statements to
    - [BUG] x-original-to: name was not set in default instance
    - [BUG] config: fix error message when config file is not found
    - [MINOR] config: don't report error on all subsequent files on
    - [BUILD] Makefile: make without arch-specific optimizations
    - [BUG] halog: fix segfault in case of empty log in PCT mode
    - [CLEANUP] second fix for the printf format warning
    - [BUG] check_post: limit analysis to the buffer length
    - [MINOR] http: typos on several unlikely() around header insertion
    - [CLEANUP] buffers: wrong size calculation for displaced data
    - [MINOR] config: option forceclose is valid in frontends too
    - [BUG] http: fix cookie parser to support spaces and commas in
    - [MINOR] config: some options were missing for "redirect"
    - [BUILD] appsession did not build anymore under gcc-2.95 (cherry
      picked from commit 1fac75385abdfe03d7d3c4c5b04eb95a0db1bc74)
    - [MINOR] http: fix double slash prefix with server redirect
    - [MINOR] http redirect: add the ability to append a '/' to the URL
    - [MINOR] config: indicate that timeout appsession should not be
    - [DOC] remove several trailing spaces
    - [CLEANUP] stream_sock: MSG_NOSIGNAL is only for send(), not recv()
    - [BUG] check: we must not check for error before reading a response
    - [CLEANUP] buffers: remove remains of wrong obsolete length check
    - [CLEANUP] http_server_error() must not purge a previous pending
    - [MEDIUM] add the "force-persist" statement to force persistence on
      down servers
    - [MINOR] http: logs must report persistent connections to down
    - [MINOR] buffer_replace2 must never change the ->w entry
    - [MINOR] buffers: buffer_insert_line2 must not change the ->w entry
    - [MEDIUM] checks: make the HTTP check code add the CRLF itself
    - [MEDIUM] checks: add the server's status in the checks
    - [DOC] add some build info about the AIX platform
    - [CLEANUP] config: do not allocate an empty argument for rsp*
   2010-03-03 11:16:40 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
set MAINTAINER to my NetBSD mail
   2009-12-22 12:00:43 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Changes 1.3.22:
* Bug fixes