./wip/jabref, JabRef is an advanced reference manager uses the BibTeX format

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.10, Package name: jabref-2.10, Maintainer: pouya

JabRef is an advanced academic reference manager written in Java that
uses the BibTeX format as its native format.

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   2015-03-14 22:12:49 by Kamel Ibn Aziz Derouiche | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:

Update new version 2.10

Version 2.10 (March 11th, 2014)

    Made IEEEXploreFetcher author parsing work again.
    Added a few more characters in the HTML/Unicode to LaTeX conversion.
    Find unlinked files tool doesn't always use PDF content importer any more, \ 
but the dialog opened when a file is dropped into JabRef.
    Uninstaller doesn't delete whole directory any more. Fixes bugs 1142, 1175, 1212.

Version 2.10 beta 3 (February 12th, 2014)

    Fix GoogleScholarFetcher (patch 207)
    Line breaks in BibTeX fields (e.g., abstract and review) are now kept.
    Fixed completeness indicator in main table for entries with crossrefs and \ 
either/or required fields.
    Fixed [shorttitle] and [veryshorttitle] key generator markers, so they \ 
remove punctuation as described in the documentation.

Version 2.10 beta 2 (June 19th, 2013)

    Patched Windows install script to avoid wrong placement of Start menu items.
    Reintroduced right-click on type label in entry editor to change entry type.
    Fixed compatibility issue with OpenOffice plugin.
    Added Russian as language.
    Fix for bug 1160: Certain DOI references with ?<? characters are not \ 
processed correctly (by Jonathan Powell).
    Fix for bug 1153: Bug in user-specific file paths stored in @comment (by \ 
Thomas Arildsen).

Version 2.10 beta (March 28th, 2013)

    Applied fix for JStor fetcher (patch 202 by Nicolas Brouard)
    Added Settings menu item ?Clear connection settings? in \ 
OpenOffice/LibreOffice panel.
    Added support for specifying a BibTeX file at --importToOpen. This allows a \ 
usage in browsers to directly append downloaded entries to the currently opened \ 
    Added Unicode to LaTeX conversion for Medline imports (feature 721)
    Added Unicode to LaTeX conversion cleanup action (feature 721)
    Added countries, weekdays and months to the case keeper
    Added support for Emacs key bindings at the entry editor. To avoid \ 
collisions of common key bindings, Page up and page down (C-v) are not supported \ 
as C-v is ?paste? in Windows key bindings.
    Added a formatter for units which keeps the case and adds non-breaking separators
    Added a Merge entries functionality
    Added a setting to choose either a DOI link or a URL to be standard (feature 710)
    Added button to change entry type. Removed this functionality from the type \ 
label, and reduced the font size.
    Added Iso690 export including two new formatters: Iso690FormatDate and \ 
Iso690NamesAuthors (patch 123 by Laura Hernández Gómez)
    Added menu option ?Automatically set file links for selected entries?.
    Added new BibTeX label pattern authEtAl
    Added new BibTeX label pattern authForeIne, authorLastForeIni, edtrForeIni, \ 
and editorLastForeIni (patch 199)
    The folder of attachments can now be opened (feature 726, patch by Douglas \ 
Nassif Roma Junior).
    New translation: Spanish. By Jorge Tornero et al.
    Adapted the required and optional fields of entry types according to \ 
    After a search has been done, the first entry of the entry table is selected \ 
(feature 656).
    Entries contained in an .aux file can now be selected (feature 644).
    Number of entries in a group is now displayed in brackets (patch 124). \ 
Feature has to be enabled at the group settings as calculating the numbers takes \ 
a long time at huge databases.
    New entries are now always be added to a group. Fixes bug 1093.
    Configurable: Timestamp is now automatically updated on a change of an entry \ 
(feature 799)
    Re-enabled customization of shortcut keys
    Changed serialization of BibTeX entries:
        First, the required, then the optional and then all other fields are \ 
written. Thereby, fields are now ordered by name. Except the title, which is \ 
written first.
        The second word in of the BibTeX type is capitalized. E.g., \ 
Inproceedings got InProceedings
        Configurable: Start field contents in same column. Enabled by default.
        Configurable: Use camel case for field names (e.g., HowPublished instead \ 
of howpublished). Enabled by default.
        If no field name is given, then UNKNOWN is used. For instance, = {X} \ 
gets UNKNOWN = {X}.
    Saving a part of the database now also writes entries with a crossref field \ 
    Author field is now resolved using @String data.
    A custom proxy can be specified (patch 198 by Michael).
    Default key binding for Write XMP is now ?CTRL+F7? instead of ?CTRL+F4? as \ 
the latter conflicts with ?Synchronize files? (by Adrian Daerr)
    WriteXMPAction now uses database to resolve strings even for selected \ 
entries (by Adrian Daerr)
    Extend XMP privacy filtering to Dublin Core Schema (by Adrian Daerr)
    IEEE search should include author field again (patch 201 by Christopher S. \ 
Lester, fixes bug 1137)

Version 2.9.2 (January 12th, 2013)

    Fixed handling of empty author parts in rare cases. Fixes bug 1124.
    Fetchers work again: Import inspection dialog is not modal any more.

Version 2.9.1 (January 1st, 2013)

    Command line option --importToOpen now also adds to an open tab when JabRef \ 
is launched.
    Importing of entries works again. Fixes bug 1121.
    Import inspection dialog is now modal.
    Replaced Java launcher by launch4j. Fixes bugs 1100, 1103, 1123.
    Menu font size can now be changed again. Help contents are also enlarged \ 
accordingly. Fixes bug 1122.

Version 2.9 (December 15th, 2012)

    Fixed bug: in OO/LO reference lists, entries may fall out when multiple \ 
entries with same author and year are cited.
    Added support for converting HTML combining accents to LaTeX
    When generating subdatabase from AUX file, preamble and strings are now \ 
included from the source database.
    Added cleanup action for removing redundant $, {, and }
    Fix for removing starting and ending spaces in the page number cleanup action
    Fix for a more liberal detection in the month cleanup action

Version 2.9 beta 2 (November 18th, 2012)

    Added DiVA fetcher
    Can control if the HTML converter should create subscripts and superscripts \ 
as text or an equation via the preferences
    Added initial support for adding curly brackets {} for certain key words to \ 
keep the character case independent of .bst, e.g., for names and abbreviations \ 
(use via "Cleanup entries") and can be controlled via preferences if \ 
it should be used at searches
    Fixed author and DOI import from IEEE Xplore
    Improved import of equations in IEEE Xplore titles handling images, (sub) \ 
and /spl / representations
    Rewrote the HTML import in a more general way. A few characters need to be added.
    IEEE Xplore abstract fetching should now be working again.
    Added DOI to BibTex entry fetcher.
    Added ADS (The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System) fetcher by Ryo Igarashi \ 
(patch #120).
    Reintroduced Google Scholar and ACM portal fetcher with entry preview to \ 
reduce server load.
    Added alternate entry fetcher type where a preview can be displayed so the \ 
user can choose which entries to download. This can reduce server load \ 
significantly and prevent users from getting locked out of search services.
    Fix for exception and minor bugs in HTML import parsing (patch 3575998 by \ 
Daniel Sv�rd)
    HTML import handles more characters. Cleanup can also do HTML cleanup. \ 
(Patch 3582375 by Oscar Gustafsson)
    During file renaming: More illegal characters are removed (idea by Sarel Botha)
    Rudimentary support for IEEEtranBSTCTL added (patch 3582376 by Oscar Gustafsson)
    ":" is not filtered from the BibTeX keys any more (patch 3582376 \ 
by Oscar Gustafsson)
    Changed internal look&feel setting (based on patch 3580605)
    Custom importers nested in jars should be supported now (bug 3582838)
    PDFContentImporter uses the DOI fetcher to fetch the BibTeX for the entry \ 
(if a DOI exists at the first page).
    Moved migration of legacy PDF/PS fields from legacy tools to clean up dialog.
    MHT files can now also be linked by drag'n'drop without the need to \ 
configure "external file types".
    Adds support for Ubunut's global menu and HUD integration by using \ 
java-swing-ayatana (feature #796).
    Updates PostgreSQL support to PostgreSQL 9.2
    New Mac OS X icon (patch #61)

Version 2.9 beta (October 24th, 2012)

    Replaced notification dialog after moving/renaming linked file by status message.
    Replaced dialog warnings about empty/duplicate key in entry editor by status \ 
line messages, to prevent lockup if Save button is pressed directly.
    Replaced window icon with 48x48 image.
    Added local undo/redo handling for entry editor text fields.
    Added special field functionality for ranking, marking as relevant, marking \ 
as quality assured, and prioritizing. Can be enabled by "Entry table \ 
columns". Based on the work by Igor Chernyavsky, Florian Straßer, and \ 
Marius Kleiner.
    Added PDF preview functionality to the preview panel. Configurable via \ 
"Entry preview" settings.
    Group edit dialog now closes when Escape is pressed.
    Fixed MS bib import, month was lost on import.
    Generate key action in entry editor now honors key overwrite settings.
    Fixed bug when importing XMP data from PDF, file will now be linked from the \ 
new entry.
    Fixed bug in layout processing - quoted formatter argments are now handled \ 
    Fixed bug 3545394: null and curly brackets in custom export filter.
    Added "Manage keywords" popup menu to manage common keywords of \ 
selected entries.
    Added support for pushing citations to TeXstudio (requires TeXstudio >=2.4)
    Text-based citations can now be imported using FreeCite by Brown University. \ 
By Kai Mindermann and Daniel Maurer.
    JabRef supports synchronization of unlinked PDFs. Feature request \ 
"[2163626] Scan database - find unlinked files". Based on patch \ 
    Added command line argument -d/-prdef for resetting preferences to default \ 
values. Can reset a comma-separated list of preference values, or all values.
    Added small right-click popup menu at each tab
    A PDF can also be dropped to the preview panel to trigger linking it
    Drag'n'drop of text from the preview panel to other applications is now working
    Added highlighting in preview area for search text (based on patch 3121914 \ 
by Maximilian Lengsfeld).
    New context menu option "Switch preview layout" in the preview panel.
    BibTeX key generator patterns can now be stored in per database (implements \ 
feature 3495993)
    Braces around author names are now dropped internally. They remain in the \ 
.bib though. Effects (incomplete list): Authors in the main window are shown \ 
without braces, autocompletion does not show these braces
    Autocompletion: ";" is now also a delimiter allowing \ 
"keyword1; keyword2" in the keyword fields
    Autocompletion: the amount of characters to trigger autocompletion may now \ 
be configured (default is 2)
    Autocompletion: in case lower case letters are used, the search is \ 
case-insenstive, otherwise the search is case sensitive.
    Autocompletion: new preference to choose how to deal with first names \ 
(always full/always abbreviated/both full and abbreviated)
    Added functionality "clean up entries"
        Includes clean up DOI functionality by Florian Straßer and Marius \ 
Kleiner (move of DOIs from ee, note, and url field is supported)
        Option to rename PDF of entry according to configured PDF-naming-scheme \ 
(by Florian Straßer and Marius Kleiner)
        make file paths relative
        clean up month (functionality based on patch 3470076 by Mathias Walter)
        clean up pages
        fix superscripts
    New "ISBN to BibTeX" fetcher. Uses the online "ISBN to BibTeX \ 
Converter" service by Manas Tungare.
    Added support for drag'n'drop of tabs by Florian Straßer and Marius Kleiner.
    PDF import dialog now always stores settings: checkbox removed
    float search now also jumps to first entry if entry editor is opened
    usability improvements of "content selectors"

Version 2.8.1 (July 4th, 2012)

    New DBLP fetcher. Patch 3462232 by Sascha Hunold.
    Disabled ACM portal fetcher to avoid users of getting banned.
    Fixed bug in PostgreSQL export/import.
    Improved handling of file fields written in the style exported from Zotero.

Version 2.8 (May 14th, 2012)

    Applied Oscar Gustafsson's fix for IEEEXplore fetcher.
    Added capability to remove databases from SQL database.
    Fixed customization of entries in Biblatex mode.

Version 2.8 beta 2 (March 14th, 2012)

    Improvements to SQL export and import. Fixed bug where subsequent exports to \ 
same database would fail. Can now save multiple bib bases to a single SQL \ 
    "abbr" modifier in BibTeX key generator now skips parentheses.
    Minor change to FirstPage formatter. Now splits at spaces as well as \ 
hyphens, and returns original field content if only one page number is found.
    When using the preferences import command line option, preferences are now \ 
imported before load/import/export operations are handled.
    Applied Nicolas Pavillon's patch for proper keystroke handling on Mac OS X.
    Applied Ivanilton Polato's patch for handling multi-line fields in CSV export.
    Fixed bug: "Send as Email" did not handle absolute paths correctly.
    Fixed bug 3472991: Search: "Highlight Words" inconsistent.
    Fixed bug 2933201: Exporting InProceedings to Word 2007.
    Fixed bug 3146059: Error in translating author field to MS Office.
    Fixed bug: entering field names containing capital letters in table columns \ 
tab in Preferences makes the columns empty.

Version 2.8 beta (January 5th, 2012)

    Fixed issues with ACM portal fetcher using Benjamin Langmann's patch, plus \ 
an additional minor fix.
    A large list of journal abbreviations is now loaded by default.
    Added global option to allow file links relative to the bib file location, \ 
in addition to the global or database- or user-specific file directory.
    Fixed bug 3434674: Reviewing changes overwrites groups.
    Integrated the plugin for interaction with OpenOffice/LibreOffice as a \ 
standard part of JabRef.
    Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down to move file links up and \ 
down in a list of external links in the entry editor.
    Applied "bjoerntm"'s patch for making the loading of group \ 
information less sensitive to white space, in order to prevent trouble loading \ 
files written by other tools.
    Added optional autocompletion of author/editor last names in search field.
    Changed entry fetcher system so all fetchers are accessed from a single side \ 
pane component with a selector.
    Added INSPIRE fetcher by Sheer El-Showk.
    Improved error handling when importing in specific format.
    Prevented crash when calling invalid import format on startup.
    Improved duplicate detection.
    Added markers \filename and \filepath for ".begin.layout" and \ 
".end.layout" files in order to output the name or full path of the \ 
bib file of the exported database.
    Fixed possible array index exception in LastPage formatter.
    Improved author/editor normalization in entry editor.
    Added metadata extraction from text when PDFs are dragged into JabRef.
    The filename pattern for renaming a file when dropping a PDF can now be \ 
configured at \ 
"Options"/"Preferences"/"Import"/"File name \ 
format pattern".
    The defaults of the ImportDialog shown when PDFs are dragged into JabRef can \ 
now be configured at \ 
"Options"/"Preferences"/"Import". It is possible \ 
to override showing the ImportDialog.
    An entry can be sent by a right click on an entry and select "Send as \ 
Email" (patch 3306271).
    Added option to "copy BibTeX key and title" (patch 3370471).
    The command for pushing to emacs can be configured now. New command for \ 
Emacs 23. New default for Windows: emacsclient.
    Added export support for DIN1505 style (based on patch 1874662).
    Added support for PostgreSQL import/export (patch 3368760 by Fred Stevens).
    Added formatter "JournalAbbreviator" (patch 3013311 by Meigel).
    RTFExport: Replaces ligatures `` and '' with RTF control sequences \ 
{\ldblquote} and {\rdblquote}. (patch 2905383 by Russell Almond).
    Bugfix for NullPointerException in Biblatex mode (patch 3222388 by Matthias \ 
    ToggleButton added to GroupSelector to ease adding/removing references \ 
to/from groups (based on patch 3313564 updated by Andreas Schlicker).
    Export filter "tablerefsandbib" updated to contain links to files \ 
and notes (patch 2787096 by Thomas Arildsen).
    "of" added to the list of skip words (patch 2781830).
    Added cli-function for exporting entries filtered by a search term (patch \ 
1817093 by Silberer, Zirn)
    Added highlighting in textarea for search text (patch 3117881 by Ben). \ 
Slightly modified to cope with words[]={""}, support for "BibTeX \ 
source" tab, and that "Clear" also clears the highlighting.
    Added highlighting in preview area for search text (based on patch 3121914 \ 
by Maximilian Lengsfeld).
    Switched from PDFBox 0.7.3 to PDFBox 1.6.0.

Version 2.7.2 (November 1st, 2011)

    Fixed bug that prevented search functions from working under Java 7.

Version 2.7.1 (October 21st, 2011)

    Fixed problem with search function under Java 7.
    Made Database properties dialog modal to prevent database from being closed \ 
while properties window is open.
    Fixed error handling in custom import dialog when invalid jar files or class \ 
files are specified.
    Added OR operator for conditional export formatting.
    DocBook export format switched to 4.4 (based on patch 3313898).
    Fixed bug that made the key generator combination [shorttitle:abbr] return \ 
only a single letter.
    "of" added to the list of skip words (patch 2781830).
    Bugfix for NullPointerException in Biblatex mode (patch 3222388 by Matthias \ 
    RTFExport: Replaces ligatures `` and '' with RTF control sequences \ 
{\ldblquote} and {\rdblquote}. (patch 2905383 by Russell Almond).
    Fixed bug that made menu items for marking in specific colors invisible \ 
under Windows 7.
    In case a new entry is added, this entry is highlighted and the editor is \ 
opened if configured in the settings (patch 3370466). The UI behavior of adding \ 
an entry at "new entry from plain text" is now similar to "new \ 
    Fixed bug in focus handling that affected some actions.
    Running JabRef under the Oracle JVM will no longer give a warning.

Version 2.7 (August 09th, 2011)

    Medline importer now wraps multipart last names in braces.
    RIS importer now handles multiple title fields by concatenation.
    Disallowed "comment" as entry type name, since this conflicts with \ 
the BibTeX format.
    Fixed handling of suffix name parts (Jr, etc.) in Medline importer.
    Added optional second numeric argument to Authors formatter, which \ 
determines how many authors are shown if the maximum number is exceeded.
    Added content selector for "review" field in entry editor.
    Improved detection of file type when adding new link. Can now recognize \ 
double extensions such as ".ps.gz".
    Improved autocompletion of author names. Added options to complete either in \ 
'Firstname Lastname' or 'Lastname, Firstname' formats, or in both.
    Fixed bug in import function if no suitable import filter is found.

Version 2.7 beta 2 (May 09th, 2011)

    Added support for MrdLib lookup or metadata extraction when PDFs are dragged \ 
into JabRef.
    Added option under "External programs" for disabling the automatic \ 
opening of the Browse dialog when creating a new file link.
    Fixed shortcut key collision. Shortcut for Import to new database is now \ 
    The "Open URL or DOI" action now uses URL links in the \ 
"file" field as fallback if no links are found in the "url" \ 
or "doi" fields.
    Restricted remote listener port numbers to interval 1025-65535.
    Added Japanese translation by Koji Yokota.
    Added scrollbar to entry editor when it is too high to fit in its panel. \ 
Patch by Matthias Erll.
    Made it possible to copy entries from the search dialog.
    Added proper error message when trying to search with invalid regular expression.
    Added error dialog on startup if custom look and feel cannot be loaded.
    Applied Alexander Hug's patch for correctly importing doi from ScienceDirect \ 
RIS files.
    Removed potential NullPointerException in SearchExpressionTreeParser.

Version 2.7beta (January 16th, 2011)

    Some improvements to MS Office export filter.
    Introduced three choices for ensuring unique generated keys. The default one \ 
(marking with a, b, etc.), a modified one (marking with b, c, etc.) and always \ 
adding a letter (a, b, etc.).
    Font and background colors are now customizable in the entry editor (Options \ 
-> Preferences -> Appearance).
    Window title now includes the full path to the current file.
    Entries can now be marked in a series of different colors. Automarking of \ 
imported entries is now done in separate color without affecting other marked \ 
    Added new feature (Tools -> Scan database... -> Resolve duplicate \ 
BibTeX keys) to search for duplicate keys and offer to generate new keys to \ 
resolve the duplicates. Instead of being listed in a warning dialog after \ 
opening a bib file, duplicate keys now trigger a dialog asking whether the user \ 
wants to resolve the duplicates.
    Added check that ensures that application doesn't quit while a large save \ 
operation is still in progress. Shows wait message with cancel button.
    Added apostrophe (') as illegal character in BibTeX keys.
    BibTeX strings that refer each other are now sorted correctly when saving \ 
bib file.
    Fixed bug in merging external changes - file would still be reported as \ 
modified externally after merging changes.
    Fixed bug in Move/rename file link feature that could cause the wrong link \ 
to be stored for certain directory structures.
    Fixed bug: curly braces can now be used in arguments to formatters.
    Fixed lockup bug when generating key for entries with crossref fields.
    BibTeX strings are now resolved before attempting to (un)abbreviate journal \ 
    Modified [shorttitle] and [veryshorttitle] key generator markers so they \ 
consider a hyphen a word boundary, and remove punctuation characters (keep only \ 
numbers and letters).
    deprecate various export formatters with new Authors formatter, which \ 
provides flexible formatting options.
   2012-10-01 23:43:20 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (31)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2010-05-23 13:45:11 by Pouya Tafti | Files touched by this commit (4) | Imported package
Log message:
Import jabref-2.6 as wip/jabref.

JabRef is an advanced academic reference manager written in Java that
uses the BibTeX format as its native format.