./wip/lci, A LOLCODE interpreter written in C

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.11.2, Package name: lci-0.11.2, Maintainer: cfkoch

lci is a LOLCODE interpreter written in C and is designed to be correct,
portable, fast, and precisely documented.

- correct: Every effort has been made to test lci's conformance to the
LOLCODE language specification. Unit tests come packaged with the lci
source code.

- portable: lci follows the widely ported ANSI C specification allowing it
to compile on a broad range of systems.

- fast: Much effort has gone into producing simple and efficient code
whenever possible to the extent that the above points are not

- precisely documented: lci uses Doxygen to generate literate code
documentation, browsable here.

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SHA1: 6c5b996bb4defb77542a8fb525df9991b21139f9
RMD160: 5ff8c426b75d94a1e349e3e3ad96af32d702d224
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