./wip/mrust-rustc, Rustc--built from rustc src, using mrustc toolchain

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 20210912a, Package name: mrust-rustc-20210912a, Maintainer: pkgsrc-mrust

Mutabah's Rust Compiler

_In-progress_ alternative rust compiler. Capable of building a
fully-working copy of rustc, but not suitable for everyday use
(due to terrible error messages).

This project is a "simple" rust compiler written in C++ that is
able to bootstrap a "recent" rustc, but may eventually become a
full separate re-implementation.

`mrustc`'s primary goal is bootstrapping `rustc`, and as such it
tends to assume that the code it's compiling is valid (and any
errors in the generated code are mrustc bugs). Code generation is
done by emitting a high-level assembly (currently very ugly C, but
LLVM/cretone/GIMPLE/... could work) and getting an external tool
(i.e. `gcc`) to do the heavy-lifting of optimising and machine code


This is the mrust rustc package. It builds rustc from rustc's own
source code using mrustc, minicargo.

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