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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.0.49, Package name: munin-master-2.0.49, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Munin is a tool for graphing all sorts of information about one or
more servers and displaying it in a web interface. It uses the
execellent RRDTool (written by Tobi Oetiker) and is written in Perl.
Munin has a master/node architecture. The master connects to all the
nodes at regular intervals, and asks them for data. It then stores
the data in RRD-files, and (if needed) updates the graphs. One of the
main goals has been ease of creating own "plugins" (graphs).

Required to run:
[sysutils/p5-File-Copy-Recursive] [www/p5-URI] [www/p5-HTML-Template] [databases/rrdtool] [lang/perl5] [shells/bash] [security/p5-Net-SSLeay] [time/p5-Time-HiRes] [devel/p5-Date-Manip] [devel/p5-Log-Log4perl] [net/p5-IO-Socket-INET6] [wip/munin-common] [www/p5-CGI-Fast]

Required to build:
[time/p5-Time-HiRes] [devel/p5-Module-Build] [devel/p5-CPAN-Meta] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

SHA1: 48531b84c4382983cf4fe64a7c3ad22a86cbdc2e
RMD160: 0e13eb4dfd01ea122476d041f51233612db00cfd
Filesize: 2199.563 KB

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   2015-01-14 16:22:23 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Fix non-privileged stage-install problem.
   2015-01-13 16:36:02 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (32) | Package removed
Log message:
Update munin to 2.0.25.

Rework all Makefiles to make future updating easier (readability, single
set of patch files, re-use of definition blocks...).

Upstream changelog (since 2.0.7):

munin-2.0.25, 2014-11-24

Bugfix release.
Closes: GH:304, D:769415, D:770745, D:770746, D:770826

munin-2.0.24, 2014-10-26

Bugfix release. It reopens D:675318, as it wasn't really fixed anyway.
Closes: D:696981
Reopens: D:675318

munin-2.0.23, 2014-10-17

Bugfix release. It enable the use of Perl 5.20, which broke CGI.
( commit 9fabbe7 was forgotten in the previous release )
Closes: D:762796

munin-2.0.22, 2014-10-15

Bugfix release. It enable the use of Perl 5.20, which broke CGI.
Closes: #1224, D:675318, D:711465, D:750954, D:751190, D:753506,
D:761841, D:762904

munin-2.0.21, 2014-04-22

Bugfix release. It fixes the regression on nested groups.
The offending commit is only reverted, so the bug is here again.
Reopens: #1224

munin-2.0.20, 2014-03-28

Bugfix release. It fixes the "start should be less than end" bug.
Closes: #1358, #1350, #1434, #1224

munin-2.0.19, 2013-12-07

Bugfix release, aimed at fixing 2 bugs for Debian 7.3.
Thanks again to Christoph Biedl for both (reports & patchs)
Closes: #1394, #1395

munin-2.0.18, 2013-11-12

Bugfix + secfix release.
Note that this release has 2 security fixes :
* Avoid a node DoS on bad plugin (CVE-2013-6359)
* Avoid an OOM in HTML generation on bad multigraph data (CVE-2013-6048)
Closes: #910, #1397, D:728840, C:CVE-2013-6359, C:CVE-2013-6048

munin-2.0.17, 2013-07-19

Bugfix release.
Closes: #1305, D:710899, D:712793, D:717265

munin-2.0.16, 2013-06-03

Bugfix release.
- Fixed a spurious WARNING in GFX cgi

munin-2.0.15, 2013-06-01

Bugfix release.
- Fixes for ip_ handling
Closes: D:710527, D:710529

munin-2.0.14, 2013-05-10

Bugfix release.
- Fixes for state handling
- Fix the limits for ABSOLUTE

munin-2.0.13, 2013-04-26

Bugfix & perf release.
- Fixes for munin-async
- Enhanced perf for munin-html
- Relaxed the timeout for munin-node
  2.0.12 fixed the timeout code. But it had a nasty side-effect as the timeout
  setting is shared for global timeout and plugin timout. This version
  decouples both by introducing a new global_timeout munin-node.conf variable
  that defaults to 15 min.
Closes: #775, #947, #1267, D:558800

munin-2.0.12, 2013-03-21

Bugfix-only release.
- Fixed TLS/SSL transport
- Fixed extra logging
Closes: #1251, #1258, D:699803, D:689291, D:687912

munin-, 2013-02-09

Ironically, asyncd is broken in .11, as a typo makes it uncompilable.
This is a patched release, and I'll remove any .11 tgz as it's not-working.

munin-2.0.11, 2013-02-01

Bugfix-only release.
- Important async fixes
- Many fixes
Closes: D:698079, D:697907

munin-2.0.10, 2013-01-09

Bugfix-only release.
- The --force flag of munin-limits is back, sorry for the disruptive API
  change in the 2.0.x series.
- Many fixes
Closes: D#615957, D#671448

munin-2.0.9, 2012-12-05

Small bugfix-only release.
- Many minor fixes

munin-2.0.8, 2012-11-08

Small bugfix-only release.
- Many minor fixes
   2013-07-17 22:34:36 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
Make pod2man happy by setting encoding for files with UTF-8 characters.
   2013-03-27 16:21:30 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
Fix regression where some paths were not patched properly and couldn't be
configured via normal pkgsrc controls (e.g. /var/run/munin).
   2012-11-03 20:43:28 by Francois Tigeot | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Update to version 2.0.7

Major changes:
* Native IPv6 transport
* Native SSH transport

Many bugfixes and minor improvements

Complete Changelog:
   2012-05-11 12:56:32 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (13)
Log message:
Fix the munin packages to make them build, install and work:

- Fully configurable OWN_DIRS paths.
- User/group ID no longer determined at build time.
- Installation fixed to use all essential files, populate
  PKG_SYSCONFDIR as expected by the Munin scripts.
- Other minor bits.
   2011-02-27 15:33:39 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix paths and inclusion order.