./wip/nanoget, Extract information from Oxford Nanopore sequencing data

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Nanoget provides functions to extract useful metrics from Oxford
Nanopore sequencing reads and alignments.

## Functions

Data can be presented in the following formats, using the following

- A sorted bam file `process_bam(bamfile, threads)`
- A standard fastq file `process_fastq_plain(fastqfile, 'threads')`
- A fastq file with metadata from MinKNOW or Albacore
- A sequencing_summary file generated by Albacore
`process_summary(sequencing_summary.txt, 'readtype')`

Fastq files can be compressed using gzip, bzip2 or bgzip. The data is
returned as a pandas DataFrame with standardized headernames for
convenient extraction. The functions perform logging while being
called and extracting data.

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