./wip/nanopack, Long read processing and analysis scripts

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This is a meta package that depends on all components of NanoPack.

NanoComp: comparing multiple runs on read length and quality based on
reads (fastq), alignments (bam) or albacore summary files.

NanoFilt: Streaming script for filtering a fastq file based on a
minimum length, minimum quality cut-off, minimum and maximum average
GC. Also trimming nucleotides from either read ends is an option.

NanoLyse: Streaming script for filtering a fastq file to remove reads
mapping to the lambda phage genome (control DNA used in nanopore
sequencing). Uses minimap2/mappy.

NanoPlot: creating many relevant plots derived from reads (fastq),
alignments (bam) and albacore summary files. Examples can be found in
the gallery on my blog. NanoPack is also available with a graphical
user interface in NanoGUI or as a web service.

NanoQC: Generating plots to investigate nucleotide composition and
quality distribution at the end of reads.

NanoStat: Quickly create a statistical summary from reads, an
alignment or a summary file.

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