./wip/p5-File-Map, Memory mapping made simple and safe

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.67, Package name: p5-File-Map-0.67, Maintainer: wen

File::Map maps files or anonymous memory into perl variables.

Required to run:
[lang/perl5] [devel/p5-XSLoader] [devel/p5-Sub-Exporter-Progressive]

Required to build:
[devel/p5-Module-Build] [devel/p5-Test-Fatal] [devel/p5-Test-Warnings] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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SHA1: 42133e075b1cc923d47fb514e7bc0f4dd8f99060
RMD160: c7823ece3cc1b0ba3ea438eba18e3496f0e1ff2e
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   2014-01-04 15:10:49 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.61

Upstream changes:
0.61      2013-10-04 21:36:19 Europe/Amsterdam
          Improve 64 bit pointer logic on Windows

0.60      2013-08-11 01:20:06 Europe/Amsterdam
          Upgrade dependency to Test::Warnings 0.005

0.59      2013-08-09 11:04:45 Europe/Amsterdam
          Explicitly depend on Test::Warnings 0.004

0.58      2013-08-08 23:18:15 Europe/Amsterdam
          Converted from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
          Converted Test::Warn and Test::NoWarnings to Test::Warnings

0.57      2013-05-25 23:48:07 Europe/Amsterdam
          Use correct maximum length on 64-bit Windows
          Re-add perl version suggestions
   2013-04-13 10:55:38 by Hiramatsu Yoshifumi | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
   2013-04-13 09:50:28 by Hiramatsu Yoshifumi | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update p5-File-Map to 0.56.

Changes from previous:
0.56      2012-12-20 23:49:14 Europe/Amsterdam
          Don't run threading tests with tainting #82017
          Actually use ppport.h #82017

0.55      2012-12-14 14:04:49 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix SV_CHECK_THINKFIRST_COW_DROP on 5.8.x

0.54      2012-12-13 23:47:47 Europe/Amsterdam
          Deal better with copy-on-write
          Remove Const::Fast dependency

0.53      2012-11-07 11:45:09 Europe/Amsterdam
          Switch to Sub::Exporter::Progressive
          Moved protection flags into XS

0.52      2012-07-17 18:10:48 Europe/Bucharest
          It's called HAS_STRERROR_R and not HAVE_STRERROR_R
          Make sure pTHX is available for sterror (5.8.7 compatibility)

0.51      2012-06-13 21:06:41 Europe/Amsterdam
          Remove threads.pm from dependencies
          Disable pin and unpin on VMS
          Enable compilation with -Werror=format-security

0.50      2012-05-01 22:37:41 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix building on threadless Linux

0.49      2012-04-26 00:06:36 Europe/Amsterdam
          Revert to old error code on Windows

0.48      2012-04-23 02:27:01 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix madvice on old cygwin versions
          Made strerror_r/strerror_s usage more robust

0.47      2012-04-04 23:17:55 Europe/Amsterdam
          Restore fileno in sys_map; this fixes #76253: non-anonymous sys_map \ 
was useable since e102d034
          Switch to using PodWeaver

0.46      2012-02-26 17:59:33 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fix madvise on cygwin
          Disable advise on VMS
          Add mergeable and unmergeable advices for Linux

0.45      2012-02-22 20:17:29 Europe/Amsterdam
          Replace round() by floor() + 0.5. The former is C99, the latter in C89...
          Test a bit more leniently on perl 5.8.7

0.44      2012-01-27 14:27:27 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fixed use of BITS32_MASK on Windows

0.43      2012-01-27 12:42:27 Europe/Amsterdam
          Upgrade utf8 mappings before marking them as readonly (fixes #74436)

0.42      2012-01-24 23:24:29 Europe/Amsterdam
          Redone offset handling to be more 32bit compatible
          Add large file support on Windows

0.41      2012-01-14 13:14:23 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fixed bug on Windows when using offsets

0.40      2011-10-24 20:41:19 Europe/Amsterdam
          Made STDOUT test more portable
          Remove all mentioning of VMS

0.39      2011-10-17 21:57:47 Europe/Amsterdam 
          Converted module to Dist::Zilla
          Fixed various issues in unit tests

0.38    2011-08-21
        Taint memory maps when tainting mode is on (fixes RT#68787)
        Explicitly test error messages in "C" locale
        Give better errors on mapping zero length nonfiles
        Handle SV-flags more intelligently

0.37    2011-05-02
        Fixed permission in remap test
        Silenced warnings on modern Test::More's

0.36    2011-01-26
        Fixed tests on Windows and on perl < 5.8.7

0.35    2011-01-16
        Added proper support for PerlIO layers, in order to:
         * reliably detect crlf transformations
         * detect and handle utf8 layers
        Use sterror instead of strerror_r when the latter isn't available

0.34    2010-12-04
        Skip remap tests as soon as possible, to avoid failures on non-Linux
        Fixed anonymous mapping on Windows
        Fixed warning on perl < 5.8.8

0.33    2010-12-01
        Made remap actually useful (will now try to move the map if necesary)
        Added tests for remap
        Made code C89 compliant again
        Fixed minor issues with strerror_r
        Added Test::NoWarnings to tests

0.32    2010-11-09
        Skip localization test when localization is not availible
        Reject scalar string handles

0.31    2010-09-20
        Only add MGf_local to mg_flags if MGf_local is defined (5.8.9 and up)
        Fix memory leak in empty maps (found by Test::Valgrind)

0.30    2010-09-13
        Fixed regression in mmap_info allocation on Win32 introduced by 0.28
        Replaced Readonly by Const::Fast
        Replaced Exporter by Sub::Exporter
        Handle undefined assignment more cleanly
        Throw an exception on localization
        Demoted exception on non-binary handles a warning, added tests and \ 
documentation for this

0.29    2010-08-25
        More fixing related to RT#60710

0.28    2010-08-25
        Made truncation warning do the right thing, unbreaking it on 5.13.3+ \ 
(fixes RT#60710)
        Allocate mmap_info in a thread safe manner, preventing a weird class of bugs.
        Removed threads.pm from dependency list (fixes RT#60708)
        Fixed length wrap around bug (RT#56643)
        Added an example: fastsearch
        Suggest to use 5.12 for less buggy behavior on large strings

0.27    2010-04-25
        Allow crlf as a binary layer for now, until a proper check has been developed
   2012-10-04 12:45:25 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2010-04-21 17:26:33 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (3) | Imported package
Log message:
Import p5-File-Map-0.26 as wip/p5-File-Map.