./wip/p5-Perl-Unsafe-Signals, Enable unsafe signal delivery for short periods of time

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.03, Package name: p5-Perl-Unsafe-Signals-0.03, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Allows to enable unsafe signal delivery just for a short period of time.

In Perl 5.8.0 the so-called "safe signals" were introduced. This
means that Perl no longer handles signals immediately but instead
"between opcodes", when it is safe to do so. The earlier immediate
handling easily could corrupt the internal state of Perl, resulting in
mysterious crashes.

It's possible since perl 5.8.1 to globally disable this feature by
using the PERL_SIGNALS environment variables (as specified in
perlrun/PERL_SIGNALS); but there's no way to disable it locally, for a
short period of time. That's however something you might want to do,
if, for example, your Perl program calls a C routine that will
potentially run for a long time and for which you want to set a

This module therefore allows you to define UNSAFE_SIGNALS blocks in
which signals will be handled "unsafely".

Note that, no matter how short you make the unsafe block, it will still
be unsafe. Use with caution.

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