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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2020.8.13, Package name: py37-pipenv-2020.8.13, Maintainer: kamelderouiche

Pipenv is a tool that aims to bring the best of all
packaging worlds (bundler, composer, npm, cargo, yarn,
etc.) to the Python world. Windows is a first-class
citizen, in our world.

It automatically creates and manages a virtualenv for
your projects, as well as adds/removes packages from
your Pipfile as you install/uninstall packages. It also
generates the ever-important Pipfile.lock, which is used
to produce deterministic builds.

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SHA1: 9236b379be059ff9a139f72cd7512d3b1a81ae92
RMD160: 35a3af49ee09b66ec9f6ed7faa61fcd31938c6a4
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