./wip/py-rns, Self-configuring, encrypted and resilient mesh networking stack

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.5.0, Package name: py310-rns-0.5.0, Maintainer: gdt

Reticulum is the cryptography-based networking stack for building local and wide-area
networks with readily available hardware. It can operate even with very high latency
and extremely low bandwidth. Reticulum allows you to build wide-area networks
with off-the-shelf tools, and offers end-to-end encryption and connectivity,
initiator anonymity, autoconfiguring cryptographically backed multi-hop
transport, efficient addressing, unforgeable delivery acknowledgements and

The vision of Reticulum is to allow anyone to be their own network operator,
and to make it cheap and easy to cover vast areas with a myriad of independent,
inter-connectable and autonomous networks. Reticulum **is not** *one* network.
It is **a tool** for building *thousands of networks*. Networks without
kill-switches, surveillance, censorship and control. Networks that can freely
interoperate, associate and disassociate with each other, and require no
central oversight. Networks for human beings. *Networks for the people*.

This package contains the core reticulum networking code.

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