./wip/py-swh-loader-npm, Software Heritage loader for npm packages

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.0.7, Package name: py38-swh-loader-npm-0.0.7, Maintainer: kamelderouiche

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Software Heritage loader to ingest [`npm`](https://www.npmjs.com/) packages into the archive.

# What does the loader do?

The npm loader visits and loads a npm package [1].

Each visit will result in:
- 1 snapshot (which targets n revisions ; 1 per package release version)
- 1 revision (which targets 1 directory ; the package release version uncompressed)

[1] https://docs.npmjs.com/about-packages-and-modules

## First visit

Given a npm package (origin), the loader, for the first visit:

- retrieves information for the given package (notably released versions)

Master sites:

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