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Self is a prototype-based dynamic object-oriented programming language,
environment, and virtual machine centered around the principles of simplicity,
uniformity, concreteness, and liveness. Self includes a programming language, a
collection of objects defined in the Self language, and a programming
environment built in Self for writing Self programs. The language and
environment attempt to present objects to the programmer and user in as direct
and physical a way as possible. The system uses the prototype-based style of
object construction.

Self contains a user interface and programming environment designed for serious
programming, enabling the programmer to create and modify objects entirely
within the environment, and then save the object into files for distribution
purposes. The metaphor used to present an object to the user is that of an
outliner, allowing the user to view varying levels of detail. Also included in
the environment is a graphical debugger, and tools for navigation through the

The first version of the Self language was designed in 1986 by David Ungar and
Randall B. Smith at Xerox PARC. A series of Self implementations and a graphical
programming environment were built at Stanford University. The project continued
at Sun Microsystems Laboratories until 1995, where it benefited from the efforts
of Randall B. Smith, Mario Wolczko, John Maloney, and Lars Bak.

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