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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.7.0nb1, Package name: uqm-0.7.0nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Ur-Quan Masters is a port of the original Star Control 2 for 3DO Consoles.

The project started in August 2002, when Toys For Bob released the partially
ported sources of Star Control 2 3DO version to the fan community. Our goal
is to port this wonderful game to current personal computers and operating
systems. It is and will remain 100% free of charge, and anyone can contribute
to the project and thus help make it even better.

Required to run:
[graphics/SDL_image] [multimedia/libogg] [audio/libmikmod] [audio/libvorbis] [devel/SDL]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/gmake] [devel/pkg-config] [x11/renderproto] [x11/randrproto]

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   2012-10-07 19:41:39 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (52)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2012-08-18 12:06:55 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
o Add proper comments in order to document all hacks, workarounds, etc.
o Do not ignore custom CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, this will eventually make the add
  of pkgsrc option much more easier.
o Avoid the ugly workaround to provide DESTDIR support, it's better to do it
  fixing installsome() function in ${WRKSRC}/build/unix/build_functions. Now
  ${WRKSRC}/ honors DESTDIR environment variable.
  This should also fixes the paths in the ${PREFIX}/bin/uqm wrapper script.

An huge thank you to wiz@ that kindly reported me the latter problem in
private mails.
   2012-08-17 22:06:50 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Add a brief comment regarding why LICENSE is commented.

configure stage is no more interactive (this should be committed a month ago
during the update to version 0.7.0).
   2012-06-10 13:54:47 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Update wip/uqm to uqm-0.7.0.

While here remove TODO... DESTDIR now is supported and the configure process
is no more interactive and OpenGL support is disabled.

Drop maintainership.

- Build with debug info in strict-debug mode (bug #1127), from Scott A. Colcord
- Added spoken Slylandro probe coordinates (bug #732) - Nic, Alex
- Added the missing bits to the no-voice versions of Mycon, Syreen and
  Utwig dialogue (bug #327) - Alex
- Syreen dialog tree no longer resets after visiting the Syreen Vault
  for the very first time (bug #891) - Alex
- Fixed lander report at the Syreen Vault inconsistency (bug #1121) - Alex
- Added lander reports for Supox ruins and Ultron. The reports text
  is new content from TFB. (bug #1120) - Alex
- Fixed 'caster comm with Ilwrath after they die off (bug #850) - Alex
- Fixed Syreen Vault lander report infinite loop (bug #1118) - Alex
- Same captain names are used on both net sides (bug #989) - Alex
- Fixed sync loss in netplay games having duplicate ships (bug #1081) - Alex
- Fixed loading of melee.cfg (bug #1099) - Alex
- Fixed the 64KB size limitation on key-value files (bug #1112) - Alex
- Update download paths for the new SourceForge File Release system - Michael
- Fix UAC issues with installer for cleaner Vista/Win7 installs - Michael
- Fixed compilation with Netplay disabled (bug #1091), from Sze Howe Koh
- Fixed ship picking order after a simultaneous destruction, e.g.
  Shofixti picks last after Glory device (bugs #1087, #1088) - Alex
- Game no longer locks up after quickly escaping melee (bug #1003) - Alex
- Reset input delay upon leaving Supermelee (bug #1022) - Alex
- Properly account for simultaneous destruction of last ships
  in each fleet in Supermelee (bug #437) - Alex
- Do not match singular stars when given a prefix in star search
  (bug #1071) - Alex
- Preserve character case when editing with joystick (bug #1080) - Alex
- Fixed misaligned cargo count (bug #1092) - Coredev
- Fixed the network SuperMelee team configuration protocol - SvdB
- Fixed fuel reserve bounds checks - SvdB
- Fixed a crash when filling fuel tanks over 10 (bug #1082) - Alex
- Got rid of many warnings - SvdB
- Clean up and some refactoring of the SuperMelee code - SvdB
- Fixed concurrent screen fades regression (bug #1079) - Alex
- Removed some legacy source code files related to resources - SvdB
- Put SuperMelee source files in separate subdirectory - SvdB
- Added additive and alpha drawing modes to graphics lib - Alex
- Fixed black pixel gaps between the planet and shield when entering the
  orbit of a shielded planet (bug #32) - Alex
- Split off SDL-specific colormap bits into SDL domain - Alex
- Fixed planet blinking when exiting scan (bug #799) - Alex
- Restore menu sounds after editing a control set name (bug #1066) - Alex
- Use an own 'UniChar' rather than 'wchar_t', which may not be large
  enough, depending on the platform - SvdB
- Added 'COLOR' resource type - SvdB
- All graphics operations use 24-bits colors at the game level too now,
  instead of 16 bits colors. - SvdB
- Cross-platform safemode (ignores uqm.cfg, bug #946) - Michael
- Correct Chmmr response when asking about Sa-Matra (bug #1073) - Alex
- Refactored universe generation - SvdB
- Comm animation processing rewrite, bugs fixed - Alex
- Added graphics context debugging function - SvdB
- Thread down-throttling and game sleep when inactive (currently disabled),
  (bug #1070), from Flandry
- Internal changes: GOOD_GUY/BAD_GUY ship flags retired - Alex
- Fixed Melee menu timeout when both sides are Cyborgs (bug #1067) - Alex
- Fixed AI ship not moving on warp in (bug #648) - Alex
- Revert gfx settings entirely when a mode switch fails (bug #1056) - Alex
- Fixed the Syreen lights-out scene timing (bug #1011) - Alex
- Added a native error box for MacOSX (like we have for Windows) - Alex
- Fix for weird colors problem on MacOSX w/ SDL 1.2.14; also improves
  overall compatibility on all platforms - Alex
- Unix build system cleanups, fix detection of SDL, libmikmod, pthread - SvdB
- Make DoPopupWindow() work over faded out screens. - SvdB
- Trackplayer rewrite; fixed many bugs - Alex
- Source tree reorg: libs/ moved out of sc2code/, msvc++/ moved to
  build/msvc6/, src/sc2code/ renamed to src/uqm/ - Coredev
- Druuge no longer turn hostile after attempting a salvage (bug #1013) - Alex
- Process subtitles correctly with no timestamp file (bug #1060) - Alex
- Lander will no longer hang when killed on planets with a lot of
  natural disasters (bug #584) - Alex
- Canceling load from the main menu returns to main menu (bug #679) - Alex
- Fixed inputting numbers with the numpad, except directx (bug #934) - Alex
- Better location description in savegame summaries (bug #844) - Alex
- Fixed crash when saving a game into the last slot while having
  too many devices on board - Alex
- Allow any sound data format to be graphed by comm oscilloscope; also
  auto-adjust the scope for different gain levels (bug #1064) - Alex
- Game settings Quit menu now delegates to F10 quit (bug #462) - Alex
- Do not pause the game in places where not relevant (bug #984) - Alex
- Fixed crashes and potential weirdness when loading savegames from
  a Homeworld encounter screen (bug #997) - Alex
- Cleanup of GLOBAL(ShipStamp.frame) abuse; fixes bug #1054 - Alex
- Game attempts to exit cleanly under normal circustances (bug #52) - Alex
- Fixed Mmrnmhrm's X-Form transformation without energy use (bug #1004) - Alex
- Added missing sleeps in DoInput() functions (bug #893) - Alex
- Starmap unit conversion corrections; fixes bug #970 - Alex
- Rounding-error correction in log(x|y)ToUniverse (bug #1046), from Nic
- Change hardcoded Starbase and Sa-Matra values to pretty enum values
  (bug #1047), from Nic
- Load override.cfg from user's dir to add or override menu controls - Alex
- Allow addons to override any content by placing zips into their
  'shadow-content' dir - Alex
- Content reorg: font chars now use hexadecimal numbering - Alex
- Content reorg: some race comm and ships renamed, ship files renamed,
  many ani files renamed, new naming scheme for ani frames and voice - Alex
- .cfg files are now kept as subtrees of the resource map - Michael
- Flight control data no longer unnecessarily copied to config directory - Michael
- Index loading/saving now can operate on subtrees - Michael
- Videos vs. slide now controlled by a '3dovideo' addon - Michael
- New video resource type for 3DO videos - Michael
- Allow reaching 999.9:999.9 in HyperSpace (bug #628), from Nic
- Use system getopt_long() when available - SvdB
- Added --addondir commandline option - Mika
- Case insensitive matching when looking for .zip/.uqm/.rmp files - SvdB
- Added read-ahead buffering when reading zip index files. - SvdB
- Added support for packed ani and font files - Mika
- DrawTracedText abstraction (bug #1029), from Nic
- Experimental support for Symbian S60 3rd edition - Mika & SvdB
- Pthread support - Mika
- Content Dirs completely reorganized; 3DO and PC segregation - Coredev
- Voiceovers controlled by a synthetic '3dovoice' addon - Michael
- CONVERSATION explicitly names text/voice/timestamps - Michael
- Replaced stricmp() by the POSIX compatible strcasecmp() - SvdB
- Split STRTAB further into STRTAB and CONVERSATION - Michael
- INT32, BOOLEAN, and STRING resource types - Michael
- UNKNOWNRES is now safe to load, and "loads" as its resvalue - Michael
- CODE is now SHIP, and uses an integer descriptor instead of a one-byte
  .cod file - Michael
- ResourceLoadFun is now descriptor-based, not stream-based - Michael
- Removed RES_TYPE enum, folded into ResourceDesc - Michael
- Split STRTAB into STRTAB (strings) and BINTAB (color/xlat tables) - Michael
- Removed internal references to defunct resource types - Michael
- Revamped resource system to only use .rmp files - Michael
- Isolated all constructed resources into cons_res.c - Michael
- Fixed a crash when conversing with music disabled - Michael
- Moved all resources into starcon.ls2 - Michael
- Fixed compile errors when compiling without joystick support - Michael
- Added endian-aware integer read functions to uio - SvdB
- Introduce the concept of an "InputContext" - SvdB
- Don't use alloca() in uio. - SvdB
- Replace PlayerOne/PlayerTwo by PlayerControls[0]/PlayerControls[1] - SvdB
- Moved comm resources into starcon.ls2 - Michael
- Repackaged static comm/ship data to it all uniquely named - Michael
- On MacOS X, search for the content in the application bundle, from Nic
- Planetside resource names are now consistent and generatable - Michael
- Androsynth ruins freeing condition now uses cycles (Bug #1028) - Michael
- .rmp files now carry the types of the targets - Michael
- Joystick threshold defaults to 10,000, not 0 (Bug #1046) - Michael
- Remove MEM_HANDLEs from everywhere outside of memlib - Michael
- Split out RESOURCEs from the loaded data in RACE_DESC and LOCDATA
  structures - Michael
- Prevent overflow for planet weight when scanning a planet (bug #1025)
  - from Benjamin Alan Weaver
- Support for Windows CE. - SvdB with Pavel Chernikov
- Added support to the unix build system for explicitely specifying the name
  of the define to set to show when a symbol is found.
  Also a fix for when 'strcasecmp' is #define'd by the system. - SvdB
- Rewrote mapres.c to use uio's hashtables instead of its own
  association lists - Michael
- Added a Remix option to the setup menu - Michael
- Addon zips can live in content/addons directly - Michael
- 3DO music separated into an addon pack - Michael
- Major change in resource index scheme - Michael
  - .lst replaced (mapping to IDs instead of to files)
  - .rmp files give the mapping from IDs to files. 
  - Addons provide additional files instead of overriding UIO
  - Addons must provide .rmp files to do the necessary overrides.
- Removed unnecessary _ALIGNED_ON macro usage - SvdB
- The current directory is now among the locations searched for the content
  when no explicit location has been specified. (bug fix) - from Nic
- Non-3DO Shipspin anims now use Presentations - Michael
- Added presentation commands TEXT, TE (text effect), MOVIE - Alex
- Increased the size of display queue (elements were sometimes missing
  in e.g. Nemesis vs. Nemesis battles with many marines out) - Alex
- ShowPresentation() no longer clears the screen by force; presentations
  now do this by request - Michael
- Added match_matchPatternOnce() - SvdB
- Fixed a problem with blue ships after Avatar's tractor beam,
  along with some other fill-stamp situations; bug #929 - Alex
- Added TFB_Canvas_Lock(), TFB_Canvas_Unlock() and TFB_Canvas_GetStride()
  - SvdB
- Scaling images with respect to their hotspots: stabilizes compound
  Melee objects; re-added bilinear Melee scaler; zooming planet uses
  bilinear; fixes bug #685 - Alex
- Added --keepaspectratio to keep correct aspect ratio when using
  custom resolutions in OpenGL mode - Mika
- Add /var/tmp as possible location for temporary files. Don't try
  /tmp and /var/tmp at all on MS Windows (Cygwin excepted) - SvdB
- Added fullscreen/windowed toggle key F11 (bug #578) - Mika
- Allow building without ogg vorbis support (bug #852) - SvdB
- Reworked SuperMelee fleet loading (fixes bug #823) - SvdB
- Fixed enemy ships getting recrewed between ecnounters in HyperSpace
  (bug #996) - Alex
- Removed mouse_err.c since DoPopupWindow() is used now - SvdB
- (debugging) Fixed instant-move towards the current location - SvdB
- Fixed wrong Sa-Matra guards icons after Kohr-Ah win (bug #1001) - Alex
- Internal ship structures and queues refactoring and cleanup - Alex
- Fix quitting out of IP before the IP is fully set (bug #987) - Michael
- Fixed speech looping with long tracks at high sampling rates;
  scope supports higher rates for speech now; bug 999 - Alex
- Basic support for .ani-based shipspin animations - Michael
- Fixed some Melnorme history info timestamps - Alex
- Fixed Ur-Quan story timestamps, from Vlad-Ceru Opran
- Removed the 256-frame limit on .ani files - Michael
- Renamed PlaySpeech/StopSpeech to work around name collisions
  on OSX - Alex
- Ending the battle with a simultaneous death no longer triggers an
  assertion - SvdB
- Concurrent supermelee ship selection - SvdB
- New generic, unthreaded flashing code - SvdB
- Cleanup of 3DO ship spin support; spin speech works now - Alex
- No longer creating and mounting a temporary directory. It is no longer
  used, but it might be again at some point, for loadable modules. - SvdB
- Added RNG functions that work on a supplied state - SvdB
- Fixed a crash on startup if uqm.cfg did not exist, flagged and fixed 
  by jdorje - Michael
- Support for 3do "ship spin" videos (Bug #733, patch by Jan Lönnberg) 
- Major refactoring of input configuration to use the resource system 
  instead of custom files (bugs #961 and #949) - Michael
- Added ability to remove entries from ALists - Michael
- Cleaned up FRAME, CONTEXT, and FONT abstraction layers - Michael
- Added Input Frames to pause code to stop infinite loops - Michael
- Added more netplay debug code - SvdB
- Added uio_fprintf() and uio_vfprintf() - SvdB
- Any input will register for at least one frame (Bug #864) - Michael
- Many VControl cleanups - Michael
- Fix compilation without Netplay support - SvdB
- Added limited AIFF sound file decoder for playing 3DO originals;
  SDX2 decoder by SvdB - Alex
- Typo fix in Starbase speech (bug #959) - Michael
- (MacOS) Don't package up .svn dirs with ' uqm install' (bug #958),
  from Nic.
- No more extra newlines to log_add() calls for libs/network/ code - SvdB
- DUCK videos now play correctly after a video mode change; bug #734 - Alex
- Cancel key will now quit out of the Manifest Menu (Bug #838) - Michael
- Added -w and -x commandline options, to counter -f and -o; used these 
  to implement "Safe Mode" links in the Win32 installer (Bug #946)
  - Michael
- OpenGL texture loading uses surface pitch instead of screen width.  
  This should head off future bugs similar to Bug #740 (this issue was 
  reported as Bug #956) - Michael
   2010-06-14 00:47:10 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (235)
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for libpng shlib name change.
Also add some patches to remove use of deprecated symbols and fix other
problems when looking for or compiling against libpng-1.4.x.
   2010-01-18 10:38:31 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (75)
Log message:
Second try at recursive PKGREVISION bump for jpeg shlib major bump (jpeg-8).
   2009-10-11 12:45:10 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (261)
Log message:
Remove obsolete @dirrm lines.
   2009-09-07 01:06:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove NetBSD-1.6 todos.

. destdir support broken: destdir is leaked into bin/uqm
. missing rpath: with native X, isn't found