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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.18, Package name: wayland-protocols-1.18, Maintainer: nykula

Extensions of the Wayland core protocol. Window that can be dragged,
resized and maximized. Popup menu. Full-screen surface. Primary clipboard,
where you just select text in order to allow copying. Graphic tablet with
multiple removable tools, pressure, distance, slider, tilt, rotation and
wheel rotation. Touchpad swipe and zoom/rotate.

Out-of-process dialog above sandboxed client's surface. Request compositor
to draw controls, inhibit screensaver, forward keyboard shortcuts. Confine
pointer to a region. Support for input methods, removing the need for
applications to directly process hardware key events and compose UTF-8
text out of them.

Presentation timing feedback to ensure smooth video playback while
synchronizing. Dmabuf-based wl_buffer. High-resolution input timestamp.
Relative pointer not obstructed by monitor edge. Compositor acting as
input method and sending text to application.

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SHA1: aa2f132c082f3c790bd046283b3ef7ce3fb11370
RMD160: f59c063d4965300b46eb37047d430f40512a9357
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